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The Sims 3: Pets

The Jockey Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

By Tom "Metro" Schlueter

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With a whopping seven new Lifetime Wishes to choose from in the Pets expansion, there's certainly a longterm goal for all animal lovers. The Jockey LTW is aptly named and is obviously the one to choose if you want a horse-focused game. The requirements to complete this new LTW are simple and straightforward: max the riding skill as well as win/earn $40,000 simoleans from horses.

I always like to offer up unique personalities to serve as hosts for my little stories. I could have created a famous jockey like Willie Shoemaker who rode Secretariat into the history books. But, then I remembered the legend of the Shorts brothers, Jockey and Boxer. These are little known trainers from who knows where who arrived in Appaloosa Plains who knows when, so I'm guessing you have not heard of them. The important thing about these guys is they're here now and they're about to reveal themselves.

The Shorts brothers Jockey on the left (feeling uncomfortable) and Boxer on the right (quite content). Jockey is riding (smothering?) the looser fitting brown Arabian, Short Shorts. Boxer prefers riding on the tighter black Friesan, Boy Shorts.

Perfect Fitting Traits for Your Jockey
I gave the Shorts borthers identical traits to make pursuing their Jockey Lifetime Wishes a little easier bottom line is there's less binding and more air circulation with these traits:

Ambitious (to earn more happiness points for completed wishes)

Loves the Outdoors (I never built them a house and their jobs require them to be outside all the time anyway, so that constant Enjoying the Outdoors moodlet kept the Mood Meter high)

Friendly (if you're going to rub shoulders with Appaloosa Trails' hoi polloi in your underwear, then being friendly is a helpful diversion)

Lucky (this may or may not influence your win ratio when racing your horses. It may also prevent our hosts from getting a citation from the local neighborhood watch group)

Equestrian training and building relationships with horses are just a natural for Equestrian Sims. It's as simple as one...two...three...pants off!

LTW: The Jockey provides 30,000 happiness for raising racing to level 10 and earning 40,000 Simoleons from horses.

Boxer demonstrates the Flap in the Back mounting technique he pioneered long ago (when underwear was first invented).

Getting Started on the Right Foot (i.e. putting the right leg in the proper hole)
As I mentioned in the Horseman career article there are several ways to make money with horses: 1) Horse sales. You can really turn a profit by adopting a horse for free, spending a few days training it and boosting its skill levels in racing and jumping, and then selling it for thousands of simoleans; 2) Stud service you can take your stallions to the Equestrian Center where you will be paid a fee for your stallion to...well, you know. 3) Racing. The third and final leg in the heavyweight Jockey Shorts money-making program. When Boxer and Jockey Shorts would get to the point of entering two competitions a day, they would be beating the pants off of their fellow horsemen. The important thing to note though is for the Jockey LTW the only thing that counts towards the requirement is race earnings, but I still had the brothers do all of the above.

So, the main thing I wanted the Shorts brothers to do was immediately get started on their riding skill in order to race as soon as possible both horse and rider require skill levels for competition.

Boxer uses his uses his Poly/Cotton jumping reinforcement technique on Boy Shorts while Jockey nervously waits for the Pepto Bismol to kick in before attempting the jumping course. I mentioned this in the general Horse overview, but it bares, I mean bears repeating when training your horse start with jump training and stick with that until a horse's jumping skill is racing for last because a horse's racing skill gets pumped in the background anyway while a horse "Runs the Jumping Course."

Success! Jockey's Pepto Bismol not only is allowing him to rapidly advance in the riding skill, but it caused nearby Jazlyn Parrott to spontaneously go into labor.

Nearby onlookers could not help themselves and were understandably critical of the brothers' complete disregard for standard training practices and appropriate attire...

Whitey: "What are you doing in your underwear, man! You're insane!"
Boxer: "Look, Whitey, I'm training here."
Whitey: "That's Mr. Tighty Whitey to you, smartypants!"

Doing Your Business and Finishing up the Lifetime Wish
What? We're approaching the end of the article already? There's only so much fluff I can throw at you before the fluff factor has reached maximum fluffiness. Seriously, the Jockey is a very simple LTW to achieve. The riding component of the LTW was maxed naturally as Boy Shorts and Short Shorts were trained for racing and jumping. In short, briefs, there's no need for you to choose the Jockey training mode while race training.

The money component of the LTW hinged on both brothers' total race winnings over the span of about three weeks. But, horse sales also helped pay the bills and I found that a horse's traits do make a big difference in horse sales. I think the following traits are winners if you're seeking max money: Agile, Fast, Friendly, Genius, and Brave. After 3 or 4 days of wish fulfillment your horse should have the happiness points to get a trait makeover when it comes to sale time. Stud service from Short Shorts and Boy Shorts was also part of the money plan...

Boxer and Jockey drop off their Shorts at the Equestrian Center for stud service. Wait a minute...that did not sound right. Okay...Boxer and Jockey drop off their Shorts at the Equestrian Center for professional and discreet stud service.

As a public service I felt responsible for not allowing Boxer Shorts or Jockey Shorts to be responsible for any breeding on their home lot, but you can certainly stretch out the whole process and turn your operation into a full service horse farm including breeding mares as is the case with forumer MaryMarsh. Check out this thread for more information on the amazing results she has had with horses. If any of your are having difficulty winning at the International competitive bracket, she offers up some great tips: 1) make sure your horse has on the right saddle (jump saddle for jumping and cross-country and race saddle for racing), 2) before attempting International competition make sure your horse has won a handful of advanced competitions of the same type, and 3) use the Take Risks mode for half of the race and Go For Broke the 2nd half of the race if the competition is racing; for cross-country and jumping at the International bracket try Go For Broke the whole time.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

Comments (3)

Cheng Gong says...
how do you make those pictures?
8th December 2013 1:47pm
Roos says...
press f10 and after that c ;)
29th May 2014 6:35pm
susan says...
I thought you aught to know, whether it's a glitch or not, I achieved the lifetime wish through the horseman career before making 40,000. The minute my self-employed horseman reached Warm-up Jockey, which is level seven, he got the points. A very, very simple lifetime wish.
29th January 2014 6:58pm
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