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The Sims 3 Pets: The Zoologist LTW

Lifetime Wish Walkthrough and Tips

by Leto Kersten

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This article was written by Forum Moderator Leto Kersten, and describes his tactic for completing the wish. He uses a good strategy that involves two Sims. This can be done with one, but two will make it easier. In this case, a surprisingly young Sim will tackle the LTW.

Note: Captured animals count toward this wish whether you keep them or not, so you can sell them off if you desire.

Completing the Zoologist Lifetime Wish looks like a piece of cake to me. Just like the Ark Builder LTW, you need to collect animals.

This comes pretty close to that Lifetime Wish, where you need to catch 2 of each animal, but the only difference here is that I need to catch only 20 Minor Pets. So there are no horses, no dogs, cats or even unicorns involved. You could invite them to your home, but I chose not to.

From the beginning, I thought that this would be pretty easy to do, All you need to have are two sims, one who is the 'hunter' and one who is the 'zookeeper.' if you want to keep the live animals and make your own small animal zoo.

For the ones of you who ever have played Zoo Tycoon the zookeeper is actually the babysitter of your animals, he/she takes care of them, gives them love, food and water and that is basically it.

So, the zookeeper in this game will be named Sarah Harding and her traits are going to be: Neat, Animal Lover, Natural Cook, Artistic and Vegetarian. All of these are supporting traits as you can see and for vegetarian? Well, let's just say that if you take care of animals, then maybe you might not want to eat them right? So Sarah will basically eat the same as the animals will do: oats and vegetables. Artistic comes in handy for when she has no pets to take care of at first and wants to have some fun while making money.

Now for the hunter's traits. As I've said before, I think collecting 20 Minor Pets isn't that hard and if you ask me, even a kid can do it. And that is exactly what I am going for: Let's introduce Max El (and yes: that is indeed the Supersim for the ones who read my stories ). He is just a kid now and a real animal lover. For this game his traits are Loves the Outdoors, which is quite obvious as you will find zero animals to collect within four connected walls. He is also an Animal Lover and Lucky (for the possibility that can actually influence the chance of catching Minor Pets. And that's basically it. Kids can only have three traits at that life age, and that's all they actually need for this guide.

So here we go, in a brand new Appaloosa Town at week 1, day 1 and Sarah will take care of the house while Max El will collect 20 animals between going to school and avoiding bullies. Yes, he isn't that popular at school.

Starting the game, the first challenge appeared immediately. The house I've purchased appears to have suffered from a water main breakage. Well that doesn't bother me. I think Sarah can take care of that herself so we can focus on collecting Minor Pets! As week 1, day 1 means a free day off from school!

What I have forgotten at first, which also makes this LTW a bit more tricky is that collecting 20 pets involves also keeping 20 pets in terrariums, bird cages, aquaria and so onÖ Hmm, that will cost a lot of money. The family started with $1557. It was a bit more at first, but I needed to remove a wall first in order to take this third shot.

After Sarah has finished to take care of the broken sinks and had mopped up the floor she already had a few wishes completed (learning the handiness skill and mopping up a puddle). The next thing for to do is to earn money, so there will come money to buy all the required Minor Pet stuff.

It's a good thing she is Artistic, because a job away from home makes it harder to take care of pets.

A Sims 3 Blowfish

For the record: fishes don't count as Minor Pets, which is obvious, otherwise Lana, the Blowfish that came with the house, would already be a bonus.

Now for Max El. The first thing I did with him was searching the landscape across all of Appaloosa Plains in search for crawling or flying little things. Without the Collection Helper that's not really an easy thing to do but we have to deal with it.

There are 42 or more Minor Pets that came with this expansion, according to this link and I only need to get 20 of them. The easiest thing to do is going after small birds. Simply because a bird cage is a lot cheaper than a Bird Tree, the most expensive thing you can buy for Minor Pets. I also placed a Wildlife Stray Gnome at home. That can come in handy. So with that done, let's go on hunting.

A Sims 3 Agama Lizard

And here it is! At week 1, day 2 Max El has successfully captured his first animal: a Agama Lizard, valued for $90 simoleons and an Uncommon catch. One down, 19 more to go! Not long after that he also captured a Spiny Turtle, valued $862,- and a Chameleon, valued $684,-. Both rare creatures, according to their species. A very good catch for the first three tries. You can make some respectable money catching these small animals.

This is a picture of the three reptiles. Those terrariums are very expensive and this family doesn't have a lot of money, so it is time for Sarah to keep on making valuable paintings. Max El will be kept in school, and I will wait before the family has enough money to continue the fulfillment of this LTW.

After 6 weeks and a lot of trial and error my sim finally has captured 20 animals to fulfil the Zoologist Lifetime Wish. After a lot of things that did go bad first (burglar, animals dying, unsuccessful animal captures and so on) I now can give you a little list of tips on how you could do this yourself:

1: Make sure you have a lot of money in your bank: $2.000 to $3.000 simoleons is enough. This is for buying all those cages and terraria, building a place for those items to exist, and most of all for feeding the animals, because they will eat a lot.

2: You could wait to start catching animals until your hunter sim has 40.000 Lifetime Happiness Points so he can buy him or herself the Collection Helper and your zookeeper sim has 25.000 to buy the Animal Expert hidden trait. This will prevent your animals from dying (too fast).

3: Make sure the 'zookeeper' sim is on free mode when your 'hunter' sim is on the hunt because he or she will on himself take care of the animals. The Sim can be set so cleaning will go on auto-mode, he'll love animals so feeding and playing with them will also be done automatically. This allows you to focus completely on catching the animals.

4: While you're looking for animals, be sure to keep an eye out for bugs, butterflies, gems, metals, and space rocks you can collect that can be work loads of money.

5: If an animal escapes from being in your inventory too long, you can recapture it, and it will count again toward the Lifetime Wish.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

Comments (12)

Annika Atlas says...
Sorry, but this tutorial was lame! Where is the best place to find the critters? Do they spawn near anything particular-- water, buildings, rocks, fallen logs? How close to the ground do I need to be to see them, especially if I am scrolling over the terrain? Are there particular times of day and night where they are more common, or easier to find or catch? Do they ever vanish untouched in the wild, like they do when you are trying to re-capture one? How long is the reset period before a new creature spawns in a known spot?
29th September 2013 6:28am
PotatoQueen says...
Hi Annika, if you feel comfortable doing this I have a solution. Hold down Shift Ctrl and C at the same time, a blue bar will show up, Next type testingcheatseanbled true. Now, go to build mode, open the blue bar by doing what I have shown you, then enter Buydegbug on. You will be shown to an extra question mark in the build mode, next click the butterfly tab, you will see white boxes, chose the ones that have the pets symbol by them, then fund the one in which animal you want and place it anywhere!
16th June 2014 3:57pm
Karlyla says...
So how do you find all the different fish? And is it possible to 'make' a bird avery? Thx
Finding the fish can be done with an angler and a collection helper.   For the bird aviary, you probably could just build a spot in your yard to protect them and fill it with birds if you wanted to.  There should be nothing keeping you from doing it.  However, I'm not sure it would be possible to do it as a commercial lot.
9th June 2013 5:46pm
Rikki says...
Do creatures caught by cats count?
14th July 2013 12:54pm
Kate says...
Rikki I believe so. My personal experiences have indicated that any minor pet caught any way will count in the total.
2nd November 2013 8:56pm
meg says...
how often do u get abducted? cos i have been trying for ever to get abducted and not worked yet! i realy want an alien baby
6th August 2013 3:34pm
PotatoQueen says...
Meg, I am sorry to tell you but the alien abduction is found in the Seasons expansion pack. Not the pets, but if you DO have season your sim needs to have a high logic skill and searcch galaxy with telescope around 12-5 am. But if you do not have Seasons, this will not work.
16th June 2014 3:59pm
Nayzhia says...
Can I play for free
5th November 2013 7:12pm
PotatoQueen says...
No, x3 You need to buy the Sims 3 Base game, then buy the Sims 3 Pets. Found on origin or amazon. (Walmart, bestbuy, Gamestop (?)
16th June 2014 4:01pm
RiRi says...
HANDY HINT: If you don't have the cash to buy cages/terrariums, but don't want your animals to escape, pause your game and place them on the floor (so they don't run off without you realizing) then open up buy mode and place them in the family inventory... I've never had any of my animals escape using this method. =]
22nd November 2013 12:25am
Orchid says...
Going to try this. I'm going to use a cat and dog instead for hunting small animals. Much easier and you don't have to control another Sim.
1st May 2014 10:30am
shadowmoses500 says...
wait how do you change fish and stuff (i don't have the game yet i'm just asking)
17th July 2014 4:44pm
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