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The Sims 3 Writer - Professional Author Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

In this Sims 3 character walkthrough, you'll learn what it takes to be a very wealthy author in the Sims 3. I'll give you a detailed log of my Sim's journey from hobbyist to rich pro writer. I made a new Sim to get started, and set up his traits with some of the best that you can pick for a writer:

Bookworm raises the speed Sims read books. It also helps them easily take an interest in reading. The number of books read increases the likelihood your Sim will produce hits and best sellers from their writing efforts.

Computer Whiz
I took this so my Sim will be able to have fun quickly on his computer. It doesn't do much else for him.

Couch Potato
Couch Potato Sims get a double bonus to the comfy moodlet. Very useful for authors sitting for 48 hours writing masterpieces!

Hates the Outdoors
My Writer will never go stir crazy from being indoors, which he's going to do. A lot.

Less need for social interaction is a huge perk, and Loner Sims also get an enjoying solitude moodlet that boosts mood.

Professional Author
My Sim wants to make his living from writing books. He wants to bring in a total of 4,000 simoleons a week in royalty checks. Read below to see just how I did that, and went far beyond.

An Innate Drive to Be a Writer
My Author wants to take a class in the writing skill, learn the writing skill, and write a novel worth at least $30 a week in royalties before I've even built his house. I decide to set aside the money to take the class, because it will quickly fill two of thos objectives. His house is plain at first, with only a computer for entertainment. I do opt to not take the cheapest stove and refrigerator. I want my writer to be able to cook good food to help his mood. There are no decorations in his house.

Writing books takes some time, but it's one of the more profitable pursuits in the Sims 3Learning Writing
My Sim heads to the writing class, which is located in the business building, where Sims can also join the Journalism career. He learns the first level of writing and heads home. To help with the odds of him writing a decent book, he plays computer games until he's had a blast then begins his non-fiction novel. Pushing out the book in one days is a cinch, as it's only 86 pages. Later, some books will take ten times as long to write.

Setting New Records
Somehow or another, my Sim has managed to gain a whopping 4,000 lifetime happiness points in his first day. I suppose it was that chain of writing wishes he completed. His wish panel is full of writing wishes that are worth around 1,000 happiness each, related to minimum royalty value and weekly royalty income. The second day, he manages to write two books: one fiction and one non-fiction.

Diversifying and Fulfilling Wishes
The third day, my Writer manages to push a fiction book and over 90% of a much larger drama novel. I expect the drama to finally set his weekly royalties over the edge so he'll clear his wishes.

I'm right about the drama. It manages to pull $322 simoleons a week in royalty checks. This pushes his total to $462. A sci-fi novel sets him over $500 and he has gained even more lifetime happiness points in this short amount of time.

He writes several more books over the next couple of days. I'm able to afford to buy him something. Buying the most expensive desk chair is my first purchase, as it will boost his mood by double with the couch potato trait, helpful to keep him happy while writing. It would cost a lot of cash to afford enough decorations to get the +25 mood boost he gets from sitting in this new chair.

Bookworms in the Sims 3 should read in the library to boost their reading speedUtilizing Bookworm
I've been saving up his books, the complimentary copies that come in the mail after he writes a novel. I make Sunday his first day of rest, after I see that he's now at $1300 a week in royalties. He wants to go to the bookstore. I send him there, but don't buy any books. I take him to the library with his huge inventory full of the books he'd written in the past week. Since many of them were short, my author manages to read a total of 7 books that day in the library. The more books read, the better. This is an excellent strategy, and I intend to continue with it as long as he is writing short books. When he moves up to masterpieces I will switch him to using the library books, so he can get the total book count up faster.

Once he's done reading books, I sell them using the simoleon box in the inventory screen. That way, I'll know what ones he's already read at a glance. This picks him up some change. Unfortunately, his books weren't very valuable.

I see that he has written three non-fiction novels, so I have him write a fourth. Once it's done, he won't write any more of those, ever. I don't want to write five books in that genre and specialize in it. I want him to specialize in masterpieces.

Going with the Tide
My Writer Sim is doing very well. Now he has the best desktop, the most expensive desk/chair combination and a few decorations. His wishes determine my course. If he wants to write many books, I focus on the smallest types with the lowest average number of pages. After fiction and non-fiction are at 4, I make sci-fi books. If he wants to write something worth hundreds of simoleons a week in royalties, I write a drama or mystery novel. Completing all these wishes allows him to afford the acclaimed author lifetime reward. This boosts the income from all book types, and will certainly be helpful in completing his lifetime wish.

It does not take long after reaching level 10 in writing to meet the $4,000 a week mark. The occasional long book, like mystery and romance, up the tally with just a few books. In fact, he completed the lifetime wish within another week.

My Sim has completed the Sims 3's Professional Author Lifetime Wish, and will now go on to specialize in writing masterpieces.Completing the Wish and Mastering Masterpieces - How much Money can you Make as an Author?
At his 25th book, he's finally got the skills required to pen a masterpiece. It takes a whopping 48 hours of writing to finish a masterpiece. I checked this with the Speed Writer challenge completed. So, with around 13,000 per week for 6 weeks, and an initial payment of 13,000 he makes a total of 91,000 simoleons from writing one. That's a lot of money. What's the hourly rate? 91,000 divided by 48 hours equals 1,895 an hour. Not bad huh? It blows away even world renowned surgeon away in terms of pay rate. If your Sim can do one book a week, at 12 hours a day for four days, they can bring in a massive 78,000 a week in royalty checks. They'll be millionaires, without cheating, in no time.

Of course to get the most out of masterpieces, you want to specialize in them (make it the first book you write five of, then keep writing them). Also, you'll definitely want speed writer, so gradually work your Sim up to a total profit of $30,000 for writing. Acclaimed author is also a must.

Since it takes 48 hours for a Sim to write a masterpiece, I also consider Steel Bladder, Hardly Hungry, and Dirt Defiant absolute essentials. They should be purchased as soon as possible, but not before acclaimed author. Imagine how many bathroom breaks, showers, and meals are going to need to be cooked in 48 hours' worth of writing.

Those of you who read through this guide, in combination with my Writing Skill Guide, should now know exactly what you need to do to be an Author in the Sims 3. It is definitely one of the most profitable pursuits to take up in the game.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!


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