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The Sims 3: Musician / Rock Star Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

By Pam Marsden

I have to be honest and say that Rock Star hasn't been my favorite Lifetime Wish in the Sims 3. But when I got the idea to make a Sim of Adam Ant, I jumped on it! I'm a longtime Ant Fan and just the thought of this Sim makes me laugh. Say hello to Adam and his sister, Pam.

Adam Ant's Traits:

This trait is mandatory for the guitar playing. Adam will play the guitar better and move through the levels faster than an ordinary Sim.

Adam will easily make friends and people will love him. Keeping the fans happy is what the job is all about. Charisma skill levels will be easier to gain..

Adam will stay focused and always desire to advance, whether it's promotions at work or levels on the guitar.

Little things will make Adam excited and this will keep his mood up, which makes it better for job performance and learning skills.

Party Animal
This trait is just funny. And how can you have a Rock Star that's not a Party Animal? You can't, that's what.

Pam Ant:
Pam is the utility Sim and she has my basic household traits of Neat, Handy, Green Thumb, Natural Cook, and Angler. Her job will be to keep Adam's world comfortable so that he does well in his career. She's his biggest fan, of course, and will do anything for her brother.

The Ant duo bought a scenic lot on the beach in Sunset Valley and built a small one bedroom house and decorated it in their favorite color. Everything in the house is turquoise. It doesn't make a difference in their mood, however, but it's pretty. The siblings started out with just one bedroom with two high quality single beds. They had $686 in funds after construction was complete, which is plenty for them to live on until Adam starts bring in good money.

Adam grabbed the newspaper and found a job as a Fan in the Music career making $21 per hour. The only things he has to worry about right now for job performance are his mood and his guitar skill. He started playing his guitar right away and his natural talent came through. With good sleep and yummy meals, his mood is always very good when he goes to work.

Pam got started on the garden and studying for her Cooking skill. Even her worst meals are still Normal and create a Good Meal moodlet. She'll also clean the entire house with just one mouse click, which is very convenient and tidy of her. She cleans everything and even makes her brother's bed every day. Then she always has a nice meal for him when he comes home from work. Sometimes he eats leftovers, but they also create the Good Meal moodlet as long as they get eaten before they spoil. They started with a higher quality refrigerator so that leftovers will keep a little longer.

Adam spends almost every waking hour playing his guitar and it earned him a promotion on his second day of work. As a level 2 Roadie at $28 per hour, he still has only Mood and Guitar for his performance markers. Easy peasy. It took only a couple more days on the job for him to gain another promotion to level 3 Stagehand at $33 per hour. Now Adam has to consider his Band Members along with his Mood and Guitar. He threw a party for them at his house and spends time chilling with them during work hours. They love him! Next came level 4 Band Manager at $51 per hour and Level 5 Music Talent Scout at $60 per hour. Adam's performance markers stayed the same through these levels.

Once Adam reached level 5 in his Guitar skill, he was able to play for tips. This is a very important money making activity. It can be quite lucrative if done right. Adam spent time performing the individual compositions to bring the amounts of the tips up. After playing the compositions about 60 times, his tips are close to $200 each. He can easily rake in $7,000 on a good day. I tried to combine his desire to party with his tip playing. I had him throw a party at a remote location and then play tips for his friends at the party. This just doesn't work as well as I always hope. Instead of throwing money at him, they mostly dance with each other. I just can't seem to get them interested in giving tips.

While all of this is going on in Adam's busy life, his sister met a man who shares some of her interests, namely cooking and fishing. Needless to say, they get along famously. Pam's wish to woohoo promoted the construction of another bedroom and new double beds. She tried to go see him at his house, but nobody was home. She went up to Redwood Parkway to gather stones and wound her way up to Crystal Springs. Lo and behold, there was Christopher up on the rocks fishing. She joined him and they fished all night. Well, that's definitely a sign that she's found Mr. Right and the new beds arrived the very next day. She ended up getting pregnant and had a wish to propose to Christopher right after having a baby boy (named Fire Ant). After proposing, she had a wish to move in with him, so the wedding took place on the spot and Christopher moved in.

Adam found himself living in the midst of a lot of domestic family life and that's not quite what he had in mind while becoming a Rock Star. He had a second level added to the house just for him. Now he has a large bedroom with a private bath and a nice loft area all to himself. He also has the only balcony and it looks out over the ocean.

When Adam completed level 5 in his Music career, he had to decide between the Rock label and the Symphony label. He obviously chose Electric Rock and was promoted to level 6 Lyracist for $100 per hour. In addition to mood, guitar, and band members, Adam now has to also be up to speed on performances in order to advance quickly through the second half of his career. He's got an option while he's at work to perform and I selected it almost every day he was at work unless his band members needed some attention. He also performed at the theater on his nights off. I queued up three or four performances and he would perform them back to back until the theater closed for the night. This helped his performance markers, but he didn't get paid anything extra for the performances at the theater. It's considered part of his job and he's still working hard to be noticed. The performance markers will stay the same through level 9.

Adam played his guitar every day as much as possible until he reached level 10 in guitar skill. He got a nice certificate in the mail which he proudly hung over his bed. Now that he's at the top level, he can spend some time doing other things... like chasing girls. He got flirty with Zelda Mae, but it didn't go very far. He'd seen Bella Bachelor around the park a few times, but didn't get a chance to introduce himself until he invited her to a house party. When he did, he tried out his pick up line on her and it was a smashing success. She's flirty and they got along famously. In almost no time, they were engaged in an awesome party makeout and snuck upstairs to his room. Before he knew he was going to be a dad, Adam got flirty with Jamie Jolina, too. But once little Angelina was born, she was the only girl in her dad's life. She came to live in the house as a toddler through the Edit Town function. Her mother, Bella, comes around to see Adam sometimes and appears to have no interest whatsoever in her daughter.

Adam's rock career continued to move forward steadily. At week 3 day 3, he made it to level 7 Backup Vocalist at $129 per hour. By now, he's got the tour bus to drive him around town whenever he needs it. He continued to perform as much as he could as this was the lowest performance marker for him. His work paid off and he was promoted to level 8 Lead Guitarist on week 3 day 7. At this point, it slowed down for Adam. He didn't work as many days a week now, so it took him longer to advance. He started out working five days a week and now he was only working three days a week. He pushed and worked hard, squeezing out a promotion to level 9 Pop Icon on week 4 day 6. It took him almost a week to get that promotion!

Just before he entered level 9, Adam got an opportunity to read a book called "Good Rock Habits" for an increase in job performance. He read it the night before he started work at level 9 and the extra boost from the book plus working hard gained him the long awaited promotion to level 10 Rock Star. Adam's performance markers are now mood, guitar, and performances. No more band members to worry about. He's the king and can do what he wants. He also doesn't have a regular salary now and makes his money from performing concerts and playing for tips. He can have autograph signing sessions, which are a lot of fun, and if he plays for tips immediately afterward he easily makes $25,000. He continued performing compositions, so his tip money is substantial. The tour bus was replaced by a private blue limo for Adam's daily use.

Angelina, the love of his life, ages up to child tomorrow. I think she's going to have a fabulous life because, after all, daddy is a Rock Star!

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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AspenLee says...
I love what you did here. I can't wait to try it on my sim!
4th October 2013 4:42pm
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