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The Sims 3: Journalist/Star News Anchor Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

Today I'll be writing about a Sim pursing the Star News Anchor lifetime wish. The Sim, Lisa, will try to get promoted to the tenth level of the journalism career track. She'll be an accomplished writer and general schmoozer. I selected the following traits for her, which I feel are the best traits in the game for a journalist:

The Charismatic trait will help her to raise the charisma skill, and in turn help her make more friends. It's vital to a news anchor.

The Schmoozer trait will improve her ability to socialize further. She'll be especially good at making friends at work, which can go a long way toward increasing the total friend count for the purposes of raising the charisma skill.

This will help her to write faster and produce better quality books and articles.

This is one of my favorite traits for career-oriented Sims. Workaholic gives her a mood boost while at work, and lets her work harder. This will help her to gain promotions and enable her to work from home.

More happiness points for completing wishes and a drive for success. This is very helpful to many working Sims.

Lifetime Wish: Star News Anchor
Her lifetime wish is to make it to level 10 in the journalism career track.

Refining her writing skill for the journalism career in the Sims 3As with all of my lifetime wish walkthroughs, my Sims begins her life with a humble home as a young adult. I make her home on Dogwood Lane in Riverview. She doesn't need too many ameneties, she's after all going to spend most of her time socializing and writing once she reaches the fourth level of the journalism career track. All she needs is a computer for entertainment and writing. Otherwise, I buy her a nice single bed that will help her raise her energy much faster.

On Lisa's first day, I have her join the journalism career at the business building in town. Afterward, to fulfill her wish and give her a boost to the writing skill, I let her take a writing class. Afterward, she goes home and works on her writing skill. She gets it to level two and writes the better part of a non-fiction novel. The next day, she's not able to get a promotion at work. She fills the bar almost full. The work day is a bit shorter, so it's to be expected.

Chatting it up at the library in the Sims 3She finishes her novel that day, and racks up a lot of lifetime happiness points. She has enough after the next day's promotion to afford the office hero reward. I want Lisa's co-workers to gradually become her friends, to help her raise the charisma skill. This works like a charm, and since she's presently unable to get promoted fully in one day, or would have to compromise skill gains in order to do so, she uses the time to make pals. Within a couple days using the meet co-workers and discussing news with them, she's befriended both of her co-workers. This also seems to help with sucking up to the boss.

Making these friends served only one purpose -- unlocking charisma levels. At writing level 3, the journalism career track begins requiring reports. I know that writing positive reports will help relationships, so this will go well with Lisa's upcoming efforts to master the charisma skill. After work, her new ritual is to invite over someone she's met and write a positive report on them.

The first weekend, she finishes a novel, and reads a couple books to fulfill some wishes. She needs more reward points. She raises writing by one level by writing an article, and meets someone at the library after reading a charisma book. She's able to make this Sim her friend and write a report on him the same day. This brings her to four total friends. She needs more relationships total in order to raise charisma past level 5.

The next day at work, I learn that writing good reports can really help to boost job performance. She gets a nice chunk of progress toward the next journalism job because her boss liked the article. I know now that articles can bring in good money, while contributing to promotions, but writing stories about other Sims is helping her relationships so I make her stick with that route.

At the sixth level of journalism, the Charisma begins to really matter for promotions. Thankfully, my reporter has already made it to the sixth level in the skill, which means her metric is already in the green. She continues to interview Sims, but begins using work time for practicing writing. She's accumulating friends outside of work, and raising writing while she works. This combination works great, and it helps her gain promotions reliably every two work days.

My Sim has finally been promoted to Star News AnchorAt level 7, something odd happens -- the stories metric disappears from the job requirements. Weathermen don't need to do reports. This makes sense, but seems to be an odd break in the career track. After weatherman, with the multi-tasker lifetime wish, job performance increases steadily keeping two job metrics in the green. The others are average. She makes a lot of money specializing in articles. While they don't make a lot on their own, she can write two a day, building weekly income and total book count very rapidly.

From here, Lisa quickly makes the leap to Star News Anchor job and completes her lifetime wish of reaching level 10 in the Sims 3's journalism career track.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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Brittany says...
Hi. My sim is a Star News Anchor, but I was wondering... do your sims get on T.V. for this? In reality, that's what a News Anchor does! Help!
No your Sims will never been seen on a TV in another Sim's house.  The video shown on in game televisions is old footage from Sims 2.
14th June 2013 1:13pm
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