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The Sims 3 Surrounded by Family Lifetime Wish

Walkthrough by Pam Marsden

Surrounded by family in the Sims 3
The Whole Family (clockwise left to right) Billy, F'nor, Lessa, Brekke, Menolly, F'lar, Robinton, Sharra

In this Sims 3 character walkthrough, I'll be describing how I reached the Surrounded by Family Lifetime Wish. My Sim is Lessa Benden and she wants to raise five children from babies to teenagers. These are her traits:

Family Oriented
This is required to have the Surrounded by Family Lifetime Wish option, although it doesn't always come up depending on other traits chosen. This trait will make Lessa want to have more and more children. It will also make her a better parent and able to teach her children how to walk, talk, and go to the potty faster than ordinary Sims.

Lessa will be able to be a successful painter and will probably also do well in music and writing. I chose this trait so she can still be active and make some money while she's on maternity leave and raising babies.

Green Thumb
This trait will also be nice for the time Lessa stays home to care for the family. She can sell produce, keep it for snacks for the kids, and use it in cooking to save money on groceries. It will take a lot to feed a large family.

Being handy will allow Lessa to do all the repairs and upgrades in the home. It will save money on repairmen and make life easier as the family grows.

Great Kisser
Before Lessa can have a family, she has to find a husband! Being a great kisser will make her more irresistible to the man of her dreams... if she ever finds him.

Lessa arrived in Riverview with $16,000. She bought Tish Cottage, a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath home. With 2 bedrooms, she can begin her family right here in case her future husband lives with a lot of others. She bought it unfurnished. After upgrading the appliances and shower, she bought just the basic furniture, a computer, and a television. She had $823 left in cash. Not a bad deal!

The first thing Lessa did was to use the computer to find a job in the Journalism career. She's got to make money before starting a family and she'll also get maternity leave pay if she works for a company. With the job secured, she visited the art gallery. She'll be spending a fair bit of time there until she can buy her own easel. It'll also be a good place to meet potential husbands who have similar interests. After chatting with the other visitors, Lessa started painting. Her first creation sold for $3. Then it was home for some sleep so she'll be rested and ready to start her new job the next morning as a Paper Girl making $38 per hour.

By the end of her first week at work, Lessa had earned a promotion and had enough money to buy her own easel. She wasn't having much luck finding a suitable husband, however. She met men at the art gallery and at the park, but almost all of them were already married. One didn't even like children! That would never work. Lessa met someone at work named Billy Caspian. She chats with him online and on the phone. Maybe he's worth checking out a little further.

The very next day, Lessa invited Billy on a date at the Gazebo. It all happened very quickly after that, but when you meet the right one, why hesitate? They are both Artistic and it went a long way toward making their friendship strong. With no disagreements, they quickly became close. Lessa got up the nerve to ask if he's single... and the answer was yes! It all changed to a romantic encounter at that point. They were falling for each other hard and fast. Lessa proposed going steady and melted him with a few of her Great Kisses. Next came a marriage proposal. Then a private wedding, all within just a couple of hours. She really wants a family and Billy is great. Why wait?

Once they were married, they had the option of living in Lessa's house or living in Billy's house. It turns out that Billy was living alone in a much nicer place valued at $65,000 compared to Lessa's $12,000 place. They easily decided to live in Billy's house. It's a lovely place with a lot of very nice things, including Billy's top of the line sports car. But it's a bachelor pad with nowhere for babies to grow up. They won't live here long if a baby comes soon, unless they do major house renovations.

Billy's traits are Artistic, Loner, Slob, Inappropriate, and Over-Emotional. You seldom know all of another Sim's traits until you're able to control them through marriage or moving in together. Love is blind for Lessa and it will be interesting to see how she deals with his more bothersome traits.

For the next day or so, newlyweds can woohoo and try for babies without any build up on the romance. The next morning saw them trying for a baby right after breakfast. They were too exhausted the night before to do anything except fall into bed. When trying for a baby, you'll sometimes hear a lullaby chime after the woohoo if they are successful. If you hear the lullaby, you don't have to worry about trying again. A pregnancy is imminent. Lessa will soon find out that her first child is on the way!

Later that day, Lessa started feeling nauseous (there's a moodlet for this). She had to run to the bathroom a couple of times, which is a sure sign that she's pregnant. Next she started craving specific foods and wanting a massage. She was at work the next morning when she realized she's pregnant. Her clothes changed into maternity wear and she was given 4 days off work (with pay) for maternity leave. Spouses can give the necessary massages, but Lessa splurged and got a $50 massage at the spa to celebrate her upcoming firstborn child.

The happiness points for fulfilling parenting wishes pack a large punch. Lessa has a wish to have a child for 4,500 points and a wish to have a boy for 7,500 points. It's definitely worth it to accept these wishes and just wait until the child is born for the reward. It's best to release some older wishes for these big ones.

Lessa quickly started showing her pregnancy and seemed to get larger by the minute. The pregnancy lasted 3 Sim days. She got pregnant Sunday morning and had the baby Wednesday morning. If the mother receives good care and is happy during the pregnancy, you can choose two traits for the baby. If not, the baby will have the traits assigned at birth. On the middle ground, you'll be able to chose one of the traits.

Billy took Lessa to the hospital and she gave birth to baby boy F'lar. A crib had already been purchased and that's all little F'lar will need until he becomes a toddler. Billy had a wish to buy a high chair, which he did, but it won't be needed just yet.

I found that Lessa and Billy weren't able to woohoo during her pregnancy. She even had a wish for it. The option never came up, even when they were in good moods all around. Once the baby had been born, however, woohoo was on! In keeping with Lessa's wish for a large family, they tried for another baby. They have both received the fertility treatment and were successful in getting pregnant again right away. The question now is... how many babies will the fertility treatment produce?

The house has been extended on one side to build a nursery. It will be good for two or three babies, even as they are toddlers. However, when the couple reach the desired five offspring, they'll need a much bigger house. It won't be long.

Caring for infants isn't difficult. They just need to be fed, have dirty diapers changed, and socialized. It's a good idea to snuggle and play with the infant whenever you do a bottle or diaper change. This will keep them happy. Also, as with adults, it's a good idea to make sure the infant is happy with everything before they go to sleep. Try not to let the baby so go sleep hungry or with a dirty diaper. The baby won't appreciate it.

Even though Lessa is already pregnant again, they decided to adopt a baby. It only takes a phone call to Adoption Services, then choosing the gender and age of the child to be adopted. Lessa and Billy chose to adopt an infant girl. Shortly after making the choice, the social worker arrived at the house with an infant carrier. She set the carrier on the floor and quickly departed. Baby Sharra is now part of the family! You do not get to choose traits on an adopted child.

Is everyone keeping count? We have two infants and a pregnant mother. It's about to get a little tricky for awhile. Fortunately, Billy owned a top level sports car that he was able to sell for $63,000. It was replaced with a less expensive and more practical van for the young family. This gave them almost $70,000 in household funds, which is plenty to allow Billy to quit his job as a Paper Boy. He can now stay home to paint, play guitar, and help with the babies.

Lessa gave birth to twin boys for her second pregnancy. She went into labor in the middle of F'lar's birthday party. If there's a dramatic moment for labor to start, the Sim will usually find it. She was exhausted by the time they got back from the hospital. Now there are four cribs in the small nursery, each with a baby. Now that Sharra has also aged up, there are two toddlers and two infants (F'nor and Robinton).

Lessa and Billy already have to keep opposite schedules to care for the babies. It will get more challenging now that they have toddlers who need to be taught how to talk and walk, and how to use the potty chair. Surprisingly, it's Billy who wants another child now. He doesn't have the Family Oriented trait, but apparently he loves being a dad.

It's a circus at the Benden household. Never are all four babies satisfied at the same time. The best the parents can do is take care of the immediate needs of food, diaper changes, and cuddles. Then when it's down to a controlled chaos, spend some time with the oldest toddler to teach the basics (walking, talking, potty). It goes much faster for a parent who has the Family Oriented trait. Parents also tend to put the toddler back in the crib even if the baby isn't sleepy. It's a safe place to put them, but they get bored. Poor baby has to sit in the crib for hours at a time while mom takes a nap. I say, just leave them on the floor to play. They can have a peg box, xylophone, doll house, toy box, and teddy bear to play with on their own. They can even read the child development books on their own.

In the midst of this madness, both Lessa and Billy want another child. Alrighty then. But It'll probably be twins again and they'll end up with 6 kids instead of 5. I guess they could adopt another one to make it 5, but they both want woohoo, too, so I think they want to create their last child the old fashioned way.

Lessa easily got pregnant again. Both she and Billy have wishes for another child, and Billy has a second wish for a child specifically with Lessa. Awww... isn't that sweet? He's a good daddy and changes diapers even though he's a slob and it goes against his nature.

At the beginning of Lessa's pregnancy, both F'lar and Sharra aged up to children. The upstairs level of the house had to be expanded to make two more bedrooms and a second bathroom. The growing family wants to stay in this house as long as possible because it's a nice little place, plus Billy has only just barely started making any money from guitar tips and they need to carefully budget the money they made from selling Billy's sports car.

F'lar and Sharra will need very little care now that they are children. They are very self-sufficient at that age. They take their own baths, get themselves off to school, do homework, and even bake muffins on toy ovens. Both the toy ovens and the blocks play table help them get a head start on the cooking and handiness skills. Lessa and Billy can now concentrate on teaching Robinton and F'nor how to walk, talk, and potty.

The twin girls, Brekke and Menolly, were born on F'nor and Robinton's birthday. I wasn't allowed to choose their traits, probably because poor Lessa was often exhausted from taking care of the other four children. But the last of the Benden family arrived safely and in good health. The house is now full, with the parents and six children: Lessa, Billy, F'lar, Sharra (adopted), F'nor, Robinton, Brekke, and Menolly. Perhaps Lessa and Billy will be able to rest a bit more with only two infants to take care of for awhile.

Lessa had all of her six children with 14 days left until she ages up to an elder. She would have been able to have the desired five children without adopting Sharra. She was supposed to be on maternity leave this whole time, but it appears that she quit her job while I wasn't looking. It's unlikely that she'll go back to work at this point. The family requires all of her time and attention.

Billy has started making some money by playing the guitar for tips outside the theater and in the park. He made $1,100 in one evening, which isn't bad at level 6 guitar skill.

Menolly and Brekke aged up well into toddlers. Menolly was born with the Grumpy trait and she's angry almost all the time. No matter if she's fed, clean, played with, and rested, she's still angry (it became easier to manage when she was a toddler with all the activities to keep her happy). She's really cute, though. So is Brekke. They both have their father's unusual black hair with blond streaks, as do F'lar and Robinton. F'nor has his mother's red hair. Sharra, of course, looks like neither.

F'lar and Sharra are now teenagers and can help care for the toddlers. They did well in school as children, so I was allowed to choose one trait for each of them. They each now have 4 traits. They still have homework, but can now also drive and have part time jobs if they choose. It's difficult for a teenager to have a part time job, though, because it becomes very stressful for them to work and still go to school and keep their grades up.

The challenge with these teenagers becomes when they don't always take care of their business the way they should. You have to watch over them to make sure they do their homework, make sure they take a shower or bath, make sure they stop whatever they're doing on time to make sure they get to have some dinner and some playtime before bed. They have a lot to do around the house between when they come home and their bedtime.

The teenagers have begun making friends of their own at school and you'll often get notices asking if they can go home with one of their friends. If you say no, that friend will likely end up at your place after school.

A house full of 8 people will be a high difficult challenge regardless, but when it's children and teenagers, there's a little more pressure because their grades at school determine whether you'll be able to choose their next trait when they age up. I suggest you stay organized. Have one group meal in the evening so they'll all get dinner at the same time. If there's enough time, also serve a group meal before school. Keep a firm control on all of them, keep them where you can see them, and find a pattern that works well for you.

It can also be a challenge to keep their fun meter high, especially in a poor or middle class family that doesn't have a lot of expensive gadgets. If you can afford it, it's very much worthwhile to invest in a television and video game. In the case of this family, I sold the fireplace, which gave me an extra $1,000 to buy a nice television. The fireplace was seldom used and even caught the house on fire once! Then an extra $750 for the video game. It's great fun for the teenagers and all of them can play together, which increases their friendship with each other. Group activities like this and everyone dining together make it easier to keep them happy and organized.

By now, Brekke and Menolly have aged up into children and look almost identical. With the last of the babies grown into the start of their childhood years, it was finally time to pack away the cribs, high chair, potty chair and toys. (Note that only one potty chair was used for all the toddlers. There were no problems with all of them being able to use it as long as it was emptied at least every other time it was used. Beyond that, you'll have a worse mess to clean up.) The nursery was converted into one last bedroom for the youngest twins. The original bachelor pad now has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It actually worked out nicely with all the renovations and was less expensive than buying a bigger house.

Staying organized is key for a large family in the Sims 3. What works best for me is to serve a group meal at dinner and have everyone eat at the same time. Then have all the kids have some fun time together, like video games or playing in the sprinkler. Make sure all get a shower before bed. Then send them all to bed. Don't wait until their hunger, hygiene, or fun bars get low before you put them on a task. Go ahead and have them do these things at the same time every day and they will stay better organized. Don't worry so much about completing wishes during the week. With 5 or 6 kids, it can get unmanageable in a hurry. You can play individual kids on the weekends to give them their wishes for learning and doing activities. I also ignore the opportunities that the children and teenagers get at school. Again, it would break up the routine of the family and create chaos. When you have only 1 or 2 kids, it's different and they can do the opportunities. But with a large family, keeping everyone on schedule is more important for their grades and school performance, which is what determines whether you get to choose another trait when it's time to age up.

Lessa completed her lifetime wish to be Surrounded by Family when the twins, Brekke and Menolly, aged up to teenagers. Naturally, Menolly's birthday cake caught the kitchen on fire and she had to blow out her candles twice to make it to teenager. But all is well in the end. Lessa has 6 teenage children before becoming an elder. Quite an accomplishment for her!

In the image to the right is the whole family, all grown up. Clockwise left to right: Billy, F'nor, Lessa, Brekke, Menolly, F'lar, Robinton, Sharra.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

Comments (6)

Lala says...
That is surely the best naming theme ever.
8th June 2013 11:30am
Line Velser says...
Hey.. I am in a situation were my female sim has married a male sim with This ltw but Since she already has to children of her own, (two plantsims, one born after their marrige)i cant give him 5 biological children, so i was wondering if his to stepchildren would count towards This ltw? I hope you can help me, because i have been looking everywere.. ;)

thanks, Line ��
18th July 2013 11:39am
Lisa says...
No, step kids don't count. You can always have a kid, age them up rapidly, and then do that over and over again.
12th May 2014 4:28pm
bridget says...
My sims are parents and I picked a lifetime wish for the kids but the lifetime wish will not show up but the pareparent's lifetime wish will... does anyone know why the lifetime wish will not show up for the kids? please help
Lifetime Wishes are for Young Adults, although they can be selected by children or teens who use certain skills often.
31st August 2013 3:01pm
Kalida says...
The naming system made me very very happy and I thank you very very much for that!! I have a question, though, could a child be sent to boarding school and still be counted towards this goal?
29th April 2014 4:32pm
Saga says...
I completed this LTR unintentionally (!) with a male sim - simply by impregnating females around town. Once the kids grew up, with no further work on my part, he completed his lifetime wish. I was all like... "WTF?!?"... :-D
6th August 2014 6:06pm
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