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The Sims 3 Hacker / The Tinkerer Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

This Sims 3 character walkthrough is a summary of the life of Max Lorean. It doubles as a guide to playing a hacker seeking the tinkerer lifetime wish in the Sims 3. He is the descendant of a long bloodline of evil geniuses, bred on a dark world far, far away. He wants to live a life in solitude on earth to escape the pattern of early demise at the hands of heroes that has plagued his family. Here, he'll live on money stolen through hacking. Rather than ordering minions to do his bidding, he strives to become a master tinkerer who has a highly automated house that takes care of itself. He'll live a life of luxury and enjoy all the pleasures this world has to offer.This guide may provide information helpful to newbies to the Sims 3.

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Max will pursue the tinkerer lifetime wish, while posessing the following traits: Genius, Computer Whiz, Handy, Evil, Bookworm. His favorite food is lobster thermidor and he enjoys classical music. Of course, he likes blue!

Rather than construct an evil lair, Max purchases the pre-fab home in Sunset Valley for $12,000 Simoleons. He doesn't require luxuries yet, he just knows he needs a computer. He's happy to live in this furnished home, he'll just have to spruce it up a bit. After a little remodeling, it looks decent enough and has more open floor area for a single Sim, its major shortcoming. Since Max can't hack during the day, he spends his time on the expensive computer he bought, trying to solve the unsolvable and improving his logic skill by a couple of levels and earn a little money. He'll be laughed at sometimes, but he doesn't care because he knows the world knows nothing of his true potential.

Max takes naps in the afternoon to ensure he's at his best for a long night spent hacking. He can hack from 9pm to 7am, so a trip to the toilet before he begins is a must to avoid natural interruptions. The first night he hacks, he earns nearly 700 Simoleons. He had a few big scores, that were far above average or it may have been much less. He hacks most every night, taking few off to study. Some nights are better than others. He wants to afford better things in his home, so that he can live a higher quality life.

The first big improvement to Max's life is buying the most expensive, most luxurious bed. If he could get by on less sleep, he could afford to spend more time studying logic and handiness. He chases wishes that are related to hacking, reading, and money. Doing this he stores up lifetime happiness points for the fast learner lifetime reward. He occasionally visits the library to study either handiness or logic books. Cooking helps too.

Max has to stoop to some new lows to get by in the beginning. This type of labor isn't fit for an evil genius.

Once Max has bought the fast learner reward, he makes his trips to the library more frequently. His home is now nicely decorated, and he listens to classical music while he chats and hacks on the computer. His hacking skills get better and better over time. Once he's got around level seven in handiness, Max makes it a point to upgrade most items in his house. He takes a bit of time off. The desires to upgrade five objects, and raise handiness further, help get him more lifetime happiness points. Max is starting to achieve his potential.

I start to decorate Max's house a bit. I'm liking the small, miscellaneous decor. This is the stuff that makes a room look full. Kitchen utensils and even paper towels on the counter make the place look better and help to boost mood while around them.

Max masters the handiness skill first, from upgrading all his things. His stereo has improved speakers, his computer is unbreakable for uninterrupted hacking, and all his plumbing is self-cleaning. Once he completes the plumber challenge, he'll have unbreakable plumbing as well. When he masters handiness, I realize he has a lot of lifetime happiness points. I use them to buy Max the steel bladder and dirt defiant rewards.

Max is making a lot of money, and running out of room in the Pre-fab house. I decide Max should have the walls extended, which I do. He has a few hundred extra square feet of space to work with and the Pre-fab has never looked better. It's quite a metamorphosis. Max is rolling in lifetime reward points because more and more make X money hacking wishes keep coming up. I again make a purchase, getting him the hardly hungry reward. Now he's truly efficient.

With handiness already mastered, and logic at level 8, Max pushes for the finish line and completes the tinkerer lifetime wish. He's quite rich from hacking, and usually able to bring in about $2500-$3000 a night. He can now live a happy life and do whatever he wants.

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The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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DonkeyBalls says...
Traits I used for my hacker sim who makes 4000 a night. Genius, Computer Whiz, Flirty, Friendly, Funny. (I gave his girlfriend who is now his wife handiness, and a few other unimportant traits.) My guys brother in law is a five star/A-List celebrity, who wouldn't be with Charisma,
and lifetime goals such as being a movie director.
24th December 2013 9:01am
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