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Bottomless Nectar Cellar Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

By Tom Schlueter

This is a walkthrough to a Lifetime Wish only available with the World Adventures expansion.

Who better to make nectar for the gods than the god of gods himself and his queen? Zeus and Hera are going to show you, lowly mortal, what it takes to earn so many simoleans at Nectar Making, you'll think you died and gone to heaven...or Olympus!

Meet the Olympias. Zeus and Hera Olympia have the following traits:
Zeus: Ambitious, Green Thumb, Handy, Loves the Outdoors, and Over-Emotional.
Hera: Ambitious, Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook, and Over-Emotional.
Both have the Bottomless Nectar Cellar Lifetime Wish. Naturally.

A Change of Pace. I decided to plop down our godly couple in Riverview instead of Sunset Valley. This was a first for me and I welcomed the change. Riverview's rural setting just seemed a natural fit for all of the grape squishing Zeus and Hera had to look forward to. 100 Ely Rd is a beautiful lot with the large river running right up against the backyard. And at $1200 it's a great deal.

Apples, Apples, Apples. I wasted no time in putting our gods to work. My goal was for Zeus and Hera to max gardening asap. On Day 1 both of them planted 36 Apple Trees and fertilized with 36 Garlic. In between gardening sessions Zeus worked on his handiness skill and Hera worked on cooking.

Thursday of Week 1 saw Zeus and Hera harvesting their first apples and putting the 2nd generation in the ground. So, now each of them had 2 gardens of 36 plants each on opposite sides of the house. I wanted to keep the gardens separate so Zeus and Hera wouldn't waste their time bumping into each other.

At the end of the first week the Olympias were visited by a burglar, Sammy Jeckars. Sammy's clearly not the brightest bulb in the room. Actually, let's hear the tape from the hit game show, Riverview Crooks: It's All Greek To Me

Announcer: "And now for our bonus round question. This one's for you, Sammy Jeckars. Sammy, what happens when you rudely wake up 2 gods from their peaceful slumber?"
Sammy: "Ummmm..."
Announcer: "Ohhhh, so sorry, Sammy. No answer is the same as a wrong answer. The response we were looking for was "I will be turned into stone for all eternity." For those of you playing along at home, just move Sammy's token to the Medusa cave. Thanks for playing, Sammy."

Week 2 was huge. Both of them mastered gardening and completed the Master Farmer skill challenge. They both also received the Uncommonly Good Opportunity from the restaurant, but I saw no need to take that opportunity beyond the first step. Finally, Week 2 was capped off with Zeus and Hera earning the Super Green Thumb reward. Aside from giving Hera a Collection Helper reward towards the end to aid in finding Special Seeds, the SGT reward was all I gave them.

Carl gave me a useful tip: stock up on the early junk fruit to raise the nectar-making skill before later switching to the valuable life fruit/pomegranate combo for the big bucks. So, I took the advice and did just that and had an enormous quantity of apples in reserve for when the Olympias eventually returned from France.

My goal was to postpone the trip to France until the first 36 trees on each side were barren. I started getting a bit restless and thinking that point would happen sooner, but the apple trees coughed up harvest after harvest. Finally, all the first generation of apple trees were barren and at the beginning of Week 3 it was time for phase 2 off to Champs Les Sims, France...

Zeus: "Hera, it's time we depart Riverview and journey to France."
Hera: "You are wise, my husband. Let us not delay."
Zeus: "Curse you, woman. How dare you deny my request. I'll..."
Hera: "Put a sock in it, Zeus, the translation means yes."
Zeus: "My bad."

There's not much to report on the trip itself. There were plenty of cold hard simoleans to go around, so the Olympias purchased a whopping 4 nectar-making machines. If you can save up for multiple machines, I recommend going that route because while one machine is processing nectar you can move your Sim to another machine to begin the process again. While in France I wanted to find pomegranates, a key ingredient in the above mentioned high value nectar recipe I was going to put to good use for the endgame. At first, I couldn't find pomegranates, so I surrendured to Carl's Plant Guide and found the house next to the cemetary. Time to return to Riverview and begin building a nectar empire...

With 28k Simoleons still in the kitty after the Olympias returned home I didn't just throw the 4 nectar-making machines in the basement. I built the Olympias a god-like nectar-making altar in the backyard. There's lots of work yet to be done for our dynamic duo, so they might as well have a nice view.

My generosity didn't stop with the backyard work area. The profits from over 1000 apples also funded a pretty cool looking home. It was nice to actually build a home. My last few walkthrough and challenge characters have opted for the outdoorsman lifestyle. The main floor echos Zeus and Hera's white god-garb which of course I forgot to have them change into for the shot (DOH!). But, it's all about purity and goodness. The stone walkway continues right out to the nectar-making area. The enormous double staircase leading to the nectar cellar takes up so much floor space that the Sleep-Slave Double Bed had to be relegated to the lower level along with the nectar racks. "Hey, c'mon, Hera. You're the queen of all gods, and all you can think about is money?" Look carefully in the background and you can see the puffs of smoke from the trains, er, I mean nectar-making machines.

I designed the lower level as the antithesis of the main floor dark wood paneling and a dark floor to blend in with the dark nectar racks. Sort of a Hades theme. Did I mention how dark the basement was?

Time to Get the Feet Wet. Week 3 and it's full speed ahead. Zeus' handiness was immediately put to use with the Improved Pressing upgrade for all 4 nectar-making machines. The only problem was that took 2 solid days of work and Hera was the only one who got the jump on nectar-making. But, after Zeus completed all the upgrades Zeus and Hera flip-flopped with their nectar-making skill level: Zeus shot ahead because I needed Hera to continually garden and search for Special Seeds in hopes of more Life Fruit plants. Zeus ended up maxing nectar-making first, but Hera followed only a day later.

Fast forward to Week 5. "Whoa, Metro, aren't you leaving out a bunch of stuff?" Yes, I am. Intentionally. Things like screenshots of Zeus and Hera squishing cheap apples in pursuit of cheap nectar is not important. It's no biggie. Trust me. The bottom line is it took all of weeks 3 and 4 to prepare for what would be a Lifetime Wish achieved in only 4 days (Week 5). Lots of work was done in those 2 weeks: namely, Zeus and Hera maxed nectar-making and made great strides towards finishing the two relevant challenges: Master of Nectar-Making and Flavorful Feet. The first challenge is important for this LTW because you get more bottles per batch. Completing the 2nd challenge increases the value of your bottles, so it's worth doing if nectar-making will be a serious monetary endeavor for your Sims.

Okay, okay. You knew I couldn't resist giving you at least one nectar-making shot.

Zeus: "Surely this activity is better suited for mere mortals and not gods. Isn't Hercules on the schedule for some manual labor?"
Hera: "You're showing the other gods that you're compassionate and not above them."
Zeus: "But, I AM above them! Besides, I feel so...dirty now."

All the legwork of week 3 and week 4 was done. Everything was coming together. Zeus and Hera had just completed both the Master of Nectar-Making and Flavorful Feet Challenges. Time to put on the big boy white robes and aim high. Up to this point I have been putting Apple Nectar into the basement racks. Zeus and Hera finally have enough Life Fruits to make some profitable nectars and I completely emptied all racks and started from scratch. Why? I certainly didn't need to do this. In fact, I could have fulfilled both requirements of their Lifetime Wishes (50 bottles in stock and $10k in nectar collection value) a few days early, but it just didn't seem worthy of these Sims. For Christopher Steel, yes, Apple Nectar is fine. But, we're talkin' Zeus and Hera, people. So, only the pinnacle of nectars will do: Life Fruit/Pomegranate.

Hera was the lucky one who got to make the first real money batch. She dumped in 9 Life Fruit and 1 Pomegranate and for the first time I chose Extended Nectaration. I didn't put the clock on this option, but I'm guessing it's double the time of a regular batch. So, probably around 4 hours. "This batch of nectar is absolutely amazing! What do you want to name it?" I had to come up with something worthy of the whopping $2150 that batch of 5 bottles fetched: I decided on Tastes Like Chicken.

Nine more batches. That's all I needed for the 50 bottle requirement. The $10k requirement was actually achieved very quickly after only 4 batches. I think the first batch alone went up $400 the first night. So, depending on how much Life Fruit I had on hand from a given harvest I was able to crank out either one or two more high-value batches in a day. Some of the other nectars were dubbed: Release the Kraken! Hera's Little Helper, What now, Achimedes?! Kneel before Zod, Where's the Beef? and I'll Meet You at the Porcelain Throne with Sparkling Effervescents.

It was Hera who shouldered the responsibility of making the final batch. Was the queen goddess up to the task? Or was she too tired from the previous night's extra-curricular activities in the basement? Nope. Hera was good to go and took one for the team. She squished. She squashed. And she turned that circular handle like a pro. Proudly taking the nectar from the machine she strode down to the basement where Zeus was waiting. This was it. When Hera put bottles #46-#50 in the rack it was game over. Zeus was so proud of his wife, he embraced her immediately. After achieving simultaneous Lifetime Wishes Zeus could barely contain his excitement. He gently kissed Hera, and summoning the wisdom and both Aristotle and Socrates said, "Hera, that's a great rack."

Our god heroes wish to say farewell now. Zeus with a sly grin pulled out some secret nectar and told Hera,"Meet me by the River."

Hera: "What's that?"
Zeus: "You'll see."
moments later....
Hera: "This is my absolute favorite: Release the Kraken! Did you add more Kraken in this batch? It' strong. But, you know I'm trying to watch my figure."
Zeus: "I know. Here's the kicker. It's Diet Release the Kraken."
Hera: "You're amazing."
Zeus: "I get that a lot."

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

Comments (3)

ewoman says...
how are there no comments?!?! this was a quality story with just the right amount of humor sprinkled in :) well done tom :D
4th July 2013 12:24pm
liz says...

I agree! So many of these walkthroughs are pure comedic gold as well as ridiculously helpful! I had struggled with this one...but it takes time. 35 days in total, if you manage it at the end of week 5. Ad my sims are on the medium life span (70 days I think).
1st January 2014 9:20pm
Kerryis2col says...
What are some good mixes?
22nd July 2014 5:04am
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