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Great explorer Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

Great Explorer Lifetime WishIn this Sims 3 character walkthrough, I'll be providing tips to completing the Great Explorer lifetime wish that comes with World Adventures. This will send him to each of the travel spots in the expansion, as he must fully explore six tombs in each locale. Choosing good traits for this wish can speed up the process. Due to the length of time it takes to complete this wish, I'll be summarizing what I did with my Sim, Erik, to complete this wish faster and pick up plenty of good adventuring rewards along the way.

Athletic TraitAthletic
Pushing open old doors in tombs and crossing traps relies on the athletic skill. The higher their level, the better the chance for success. Taking this trait will allow Erik to raise the skill faster. This will happen naturally as he progresses, and he can spend some time in between adventures doing exercise.

Adventurous TraitAdventurous
This reduces downtime in between adventures and allows a Sim to get a positive moodlet while adventuring.

Loves the Outdoors TraitLoves the Outdoors
After his long time spent exploring tombs, my Sim will enjoy a simple life outdoors excavating dig sites to complete his relic collections and maintain a steady income.

Over Emotional TraitOver Emotional
This will boost any positive moodlet he has, which overall will help him to gain more lifetime happiness points. I just need to watch his moodlets to ensure he's not suffering a negative impact.

Charismatic TraitCharismatic
Many adventures require Sims to interact with locals. Training charisma a little will help him to befriend other Sims faster, which is helpful for saving time while traveling.

My goal with Erik is to own as many high-Simoleon relics as possible while pursuing his Great Explorer lifetime wish. I decide the best way to get started is to skip building a house, learn the Charisma skill then head off to get started exploring. I'm in luck as his first travel wish is to Egypt. I want him to get the Tear of Horus as quickly as possible, and it requires VISA level 2 there along with 1600 ancient coins. It's impossible to get that many coins in a single trip, but he can make great progress toward this first goal by exploring some tombs. Naturally, I have him focus on adventures during his stay. It's impossible to explore six tombs without doing at least a few. He lives on dried food and sleeps anywhere his Colesim tent will fit, while relying on shower in a can for hygiene. This will save him time by preventing trips to the base camp. I grab a small tent so that he can have a spare should the larger tent varieties not fit in a tomb due to a low ceiling. It can take quite a while to get around foreign travel destinations, so a lot of time can be saved by dealing with needs on the spot.

While the first trip doesn't see Erik to VISA level 2, he partially explores the Tomb of the Burning Sands and has made multiple contacts in Al Simhara. These contacts will come in handy if he encounters future adventures that require him to talk to locals. Returning to Sunset Valley, he focuses on training the athletic skill and learning photography with the expensive camera he purchased in Egypt. He doesn't even visit his home lot. The adventurous trait gets him on the road faster, and after a mere 2 training sessions at the gym he's ready to hit the road again, this time with the prepared traveler lifetime wish, boosting his stay at all VISA levels by 3 days.

The Eyes of Horus

The Second trip to Egypt could be much better as he had 8 full days, but several were wasted attempting to collect mummitomium. He nearly completed five tombs with the Pyramid of the Sky, but was forced to return home before he was done. I picked up the steel bladder reward for him, so that he'd never again have to worry about the bladder need while exploring. The next trip was great, and with the Pyramid completed he was free to explore Abu Simbel and collect the Eyes of Horus. This is a tricky tomb. One must remember to place offerings at both of the pedestals before snagging the eyes or their Sims could be trapped. This one is really meant to be done after other tombs have been cleared due to the cost of the offerings. The eyes allow teleportation between two points, so they may come in handy later, especially with reaching a favorite dig or collection site that is off the beaten path. Once Erik is done with his exploration, I collect some extra ancient coins to afford the Tear of Horus, which reveals all dig sites and relics on the map. Ancient coins, nectar bottles and other collectibles also glow brightly. It's extremely useful in tombs because it can highlight hidden rooms by revealing the treasures inside.

In all, he cleared Egypt's Tomb of Discovery, Pyramid of the Burning Sands, Criminal Headquarters, Ancient Library, Pyramid of the Sky, and Abu Simbel. Once it was all through, he could afford the Learned Relic Hunter lifetime reward, which boosts the value of any relics found. This also seems like it might affect ancient coins.

With Egypt out of the way, and free to pursue the other destinations, Erik heads to China where he immediately clears the intro Tomb, Halls of the Lost Army. I intend to have him unlock as many Adventures as possible so he can pursue Pangu's Axe. This works like a charm. After a half dozen collecting and errand adventures, he finally gets the Confounded Boulder! adventure and is able to enter the Temple of Heaven. His adventure ends, but he's able to pick it up on his next trip.

On the second visit to China, Erik finishes Pangu's Haven at the Temple of Heaven and proceeds to clear the Hot Springs Cave and the Annex of the Resolute Fist Retreat. He scores major loot in these areas and has a ton of ancient coins. To boost future coin collection, I purchase the Master Thief's Coin from the Special Items vendor. At only 750 ancient coins, it's sure to pay for itself over time as Erik has plenty of tombs left to explore. Pemmican is now easily affordable and replaces all other dried foods as his primary form of subsistence. He can additonally afford a Sultan's Tabernacle, which is great for sleeping. Erik pursues the Dong Huo's Treasure Trove line, and manages to do both adventures before his second trip to China is complete. The Market Caverns and the Trove are both done, bringing him to six total tombs explored in China. Starting with 11 days travel at VISA level 2 is very helpful. I love Prepared Traveler. He's able to snag a couple additional rewards along the way, Hardly Hungry and Attractive. Convincing Sims in France will be much simpler with level 5 in the Charisma skill and the Attractive lifetime reward.

After a trip home, it's time to head to France. The first stop is naturally the introductory adventure tomb. He camps outside this burial ground and uses the footplate near the broken wagon to explore the Smuggler's Cavern. Smashing the nearby boulder reveals a second, leading to the Maze of the High Ruler. He clears three tombs in three days. The remaining time is spent under the Museum Catacombs, on an adventure where he delivers the remains of the curator to the local cemetery.

On the second journey to France, Erik clears Tuatha's Garden (the little island) by smashing the boulder covering the passageway and begins the Nectar Research Assistant chain. This leads him to Egypt once more. He spends some time excavating after completing the adventure there. This unlocks the Nectary Cellars, where he completes the final tomb required to fulfill his lifetime wish.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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garret says...
choose the opportunistic and prepared traveller happiness rewards as soon as you can if you have this wish. I sent a sim with these two rewards on her first trip to china with a friend who also had prepared traveller, so that we had nine days instead of three, and by the time we went home, her visa was level 2 with a quarter twords level 3. she didnt even have the adventurous trait.
21st September 2013 10:57pm
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