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The Sims 3 Medical Career: World Renowned Surgeon Lifetime Wish

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This Sims 3 Character Walkthrough will focus on the Medical career track. I'll be making a Sim who pursues the World Renowned Surgeon Lifetime Wish. His desire to make it to the top of the medical career track is fueled by dreams of saving lives, his intentions pure and good. His good intentions will be rewarded with a job with one of the highest base salaries for a career in the Sims 3. I built his traits around this wish, and I feel they're the best picks to make the lifetime wish easy to accomplish. If you're playing The Sims 3 Ambitions, the medical career will change into the Doctor Profession. You should read Tom Schlueter's article on the upgraded version of this wish here.

The doctor is a genius. He's simply brilliant, and will gain the logic skill faster. Logic is the only skill requirement of the medical career track, so this is important.

Good just fits his personality. The only real boost he'll gain here is that he can donate money to charities to boost his mood. So he hopes to get rich and donate lots of money to charity to help the poor kids on the other side of the tracks.

No one ever made it through medical school without reading, a lot. In the Sims 3, at the fourth level of the medical career track, Sims need to start reading research journals to get promotions. This should help him to read those faster every night after work.

This will help him keep stress down while working. Medical Sims have to work quite a lot, so this is a big boost. He'll also see an increase to mood while at work, which should help him get promotions when combined with other good effects.

This will help the good doctor rise faster in the medical career. He'll also be more likely to get raises. I hope to complete plenty of wishes with him, as well, and ambitious boosts the lifetime happiness points gained from every one he completes.

Lifetime Wish: World Renowned Surgeon
He has such a strong desire to make it to the top of the medical career track that it's his lifetime wish. As an ambitious Sim, he'll earn 37,000 lifetime happiness points when he meets this goal.

The Hospital in the Sims 3's Sunset ValleyHumble Beginnings
I make my Doctor's house to suit his working needs. He has a bookshelf, a desk and computer as his entertainment options. The bookshelf doubles to give him a small mood boost in his living area. The computer will double as a method of working from home. This is going to be very helpful in getting promotions quickly. He heads to the hospital and gets his job in the medical career track. The first job is not too flattering - organ donor. I guess he's going to learn a bit about medicine by donating a kidney.

Since his first day on the job is 24 hours away, I send him to the library to learn logic. He hungrily gobbles up the entire first skill book. He then has time to read two more books (fun books), and satisfy his bookworm lust for reading. This makes him happy, but it's a very long day spent studying so he heads home to crash and prepare for work the next day.

Studying in the libary is probably the best option for a bookworm doctor to raise logic in the Sims 3.The First Promotion(s)
I'm afraid his cooking skills are inadequate to try making pancakes safely, so he eats bread and jam for breakfast before his first day at work. He then chats on the computer a bit to raise fun and social, and donates $250 to charity just before the carpool arrives. He gets a nice +15 mood boost to donating to charity, so this helps set his mood high since he couldn't eat a good filling meal. Because of his good mood, and excellent logic (for the job), he manages to get promoted from Organ Donor to the second medical career job, Bed Pan Cleaner. A mediocre $3 an hour raise accompanies this promotion. He heads to the library to work on logic yet again. Level 4 is quite good enough to move up to the next level in medicine. He manages to make it halfway to the fifth level before attending a cooking class to learn the cooking skill. I'm not confident in his ability to make pancakes just yet, so I queue up autumn salad before he goes to bed that night.

A thief comes during the night, and steals his food processor and desk chair. These are not too expensive to replace, but it reduces the amount he can donate to charity. The burglar took food out of the mouths of starving children! He is a bit late for work, due to no fault of mine but rather a game bug in which he stood at the mailbox for a full fifteen to twenty minutes before jumping in the car. Thankfully, a medical career opportunity to work overtime presents itself, and he takes it. Overtime?! A workaholic's dream. Accepting this pushes his promotion bar to full and I'm happy knowing he'll get another promotion, another day in a row. He's now a paramedic, and needs logic level 5. I'm glad that I took the time to reach half way to the fifth level in logic, because a short trip to the library is enough to help him meet this requirement.

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The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!


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