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The Bathroom Furnishings & Items

The Sims 3 Buy Mode Bathroom Objects
The Sims 3 Bathroom Objects

The Sims 3 Buy Mode Objects Guide
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The Bathroom is an important pit stop for Sims throughout the day. Their time within these walls can be more productive with more expensive furnishings. Every Sim's home should at the very least contain a toilet. Some people might be just crazy enough (or broke enough) to use the showers at the gym, but bathroom breaks come all too frequently without the Steel Bladder reward. The bathroom has plenty of objects that can be upgraded, and is helpful to Handy Sims looking to get the plumber reward and otherwise increase the number of upgrades they've completed.

The cheaper the toilet, the more often it's going to break. They all relieve bladder the same way, but the Porcelain Throne increases environment and never breaks. If your Sim has experience with Handiness it can be made self cleaning. However, that is a lot of money to drop on a toilet. Any object repaired by a Sim with the plumber handiness challenge becomes unbreakable, so all bathroom items will eventually get the self cleaning upgrade and do both. So if your Sim is going to be a tinker, there's no need to shell out for an expensive toilet like the Porcelain Throne.

Tubs & Showers
Showers are faster, but Tubs provide better benefits. I generally choose time efficiency over the minor boosts my Sim gets from using a tub. Your Sim can relax with a rubber ducky and bubble bath in the tub, but the moodlets won't last that long and the dirt defiant reward makes your Sim less likely to need to bathe often. Tubs have a secondary benefit of relieving stress -- that is, taking away the stress of a Sim who's been writing or stressed from working their career. The best value of all is the Shower of Power for $1,600 as it serves as a tub and shower, the best of both worlds.

Sinks & Mirrors
Most bathrooms have a Sink and Mirror. It helps Sims to get ready for work and school just as it does humans in the real world. Sims can brush their teeth, gussy up, and prepare themselves for the day with quickly-acquired moodlets they get from these two. A pretty mirror can be a nice environmental boost for the room, as well.

There are a lot of items in the Bathroom for that extra touch. Toilet paper rolls, magazine racks, medicine cabinets -- it's all there and waiting for you to use. The extra effort will pay off with a better looking room for you, and a mood boost for the Sim.

Ambitions Laundry
If you have Ambitions, the Laundry Equipment can be found in the hamper under the bathroom category.


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