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Feline Companions: Hunting and Training

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The Sims 3 Pets: Learn all about cats in our guide to felines and their hunting skill

With The Sims 3: Pets expansion, you can at last own a cat. These cute additions to the household will cost a bit to feed, but can make up for that with their ability to hunt and catch small critters and bugs. This guide to cats will teach you about the feline pets, what they can do, how to train them and ways you can get your own.

Getting a Cat
You can make a cat with your starting family, but it will need to be an adult or elder. Your next option is to adopt one from the shelter by using a phone or computer. The options will change a little each day. You can also befriend strays over time. They won't stay long enough on a visit for you to adopt them right away, but you can build a relationship.

Breed doesn't matter for cats. They can't be sold or traded, so there's no incentive to mating two cats of the same type. That is, unless you want another of the same breed. Tracking down a certain type of cat can be a chore given the limited options at the shelter. What you should really pay attention to are cuteness, its traits, and whether its age and gender are what you want for your household.

The Sims 3 Pets: Cats die of old age but shouldn't get into any other trouble

Cat Life
Cats have three ages: kitten, adult, and elder. The ages of these life spans can be customized through the interface. Elder males can breed, but only adult females can become pregnant. A cat will die some time after it's maxed its elder bar, just like a Sim. Cats shouldn't be dying of anything other than old age. Animal ghosts appear red as though through Death by fire. The only way to extend a cat's life (that I know of at the moment) is the pet young again lifetime reward. You'll want to try to fulfill your cat's wishes if you hope to afford other rewards as well.

We'll publish a guide to behavior soon. Scolding and praising your cat will influence the traits it will develop. You can see the trait that is developing by looking at the icon that appears over their head. Animals can have over five traits and all cats should easily pick up the hunter trait. You can learn more about Cat Traits here.

The Sims 3 Pets: Learn all about cats in our guide to felines and their hunting skill

Cats and dogs can get fleas while outdoors. They should be treated as soon as they come around other animals or your Sim, so that the fleas don't spread. A good flea bath will do the trick, but you'll need a tub to do so. Pets can buy a Lifetime Reward that will take care of their flea problems without a Sim's help.

A kitten in The Sims 3 Pets

Kittens are adorable to have around. You can begin guiding them during this phase, by praising and scolding behaviors. Having them play with objects and explore your home can also lead to trait development. If you want to take the kitten down stairs to get outside or upstairs to another level, you'll have to tell your Sim to pick it up. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a mother cat to pick up a kitten. Thankfully, a Sim can enter a car with a kitten and will take it with him to his destination.

The Sims 3 Pets: Two cats socializing

Cats can't learn tricks, but do get a useful skill in adulthood. Having a cat around is as you would expect. Pet them, have some fun watching them, and maybe breed more kittens to keep the line alive. During this stage of life, males and females can start breeding. It takes a lot of interactions before cats are ready to mate. Use easily accepted interactions like sniff and socialize before you go for more intimate options like nuzzling. The build up here leads to the only cat romance option, try for kitten. For me, this took place in a pet house. After a few days, from one to three kittens will be born. If you are at 5 animals in the house, your cat would only have one kitten.

Cat Hunting Skill

The Sims 3 Pets: Learn all about cats in our guide to felines and their hunting skill

Cats gain the hunting skill just like Dogs, only instead of finding rocks, metals and gems, they are adapted to hunting for small prey. Cats can eat small prey. All you need to do is drag it from the inventory and drop it on the ground. If your Sim wants a pet, you can put the prey into terrariums. But of course the best use may be to sell the animal by dragging it to the sell button in the cat's inventory. Quick money.

The Sims 3 Pets: Learn all about cats in our guide to felines and their hunting skill

Cats can learn how to hunt using a toy from the animal toy box. When they've got out the small mouse, cancel play and use the mouse to practice hunting. Once you've unlocked the skill, you should have your cat hone their abilities outside.

Your felines should all develop the hunter trait if they focus on this activity. While stalk for prey is great, cats can also fish. Fishing doesn't work for cats the way it does for Sims. Instead, the cat will go to the shore and catch one of any kind of fish. For example, while trying to get a death fish, I was catching robot fish, koi, and even crawfish from the pond at the graveyard. That is not to say this is useless, only that you cannot focus your efforts. You can catch all rare fish types, including death fish but it is very random. So having a home near any body of water could allow a cat to make great use of this skill.

The Sims 3 Pets: Learn all about cats in our guide to felines and their hunting skill

Around level five, you can click the cat to locate prey. They can find numerous small prey of each type, and you can queue them to roam the world gathering them. Catching 20 fish, lizards, or bugs will result in unlocking a challenge that will make those catches guaranteed. At 20 rare catches, they can more quickly find new prey.

Cats are fun animals to have around, and can bring plenty of spare money to the household by catching prey with their hunting skill. Having one of these at your side is very helpful to completing the Zoologist lifetime wish as it can help your Sim to locate animals for your collection.

Comments (32)

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FioFio says...
Will you automatically get cats in Supernatural because of witches? Or do you need Pets?
21st December 2012 4:08pm
Vanillin says...
No, you can't get a cat in Supernatural. You only get different life forms like witches and werewolves. Cats come with the Pets expansion pack. However if you have the pets expansion pack and the supernatural expansion pack both, you can adopt or create a cat for your witch sim. A cat will give a witch a +10 moodlet, and will sometimes catch bugs, which can be used by your witch sim to make exilirs.
1st February 2013 1:52pm
Rowan says...
Feeding your pet gourmet food will also lengthen its life expectancy.
15th April 2013 1:30am
Bunny says...
I am in love with your guide! I was wondering if it's possible to adopt another family's cats. Pickles and Muffin Lionheart came over and well, they're getting cared for and are getting along with my "family". Or is it one of those shift click kind of adoptions? Thanks!
4th March 2014 11:21pm
Janee says...
How do I give away the kittens???
5th December 2012 8:20am
RayCatz says...
Use your cell phone and select "place pet for adoption". You can chose which pet and a NPC will come take the pet. When you do this you won't be able to see the pet again so, if you want to visit them you should go into edit town and place the pet in a different household.
28th December 2012 5:46pm
Medikto says...
to give away pets:click on the adult character,select cell phone and there's an option to place pet up for adoption
28th December 2012 9:38pm
Leilani says...
I am waiting for this game to arrive on the post. I got it on eBay, will it have cats?
9th January 2014 10:28pm
Lattes says...
I have neighbors cat in my house. When I select it , it won't give me the option of making it leave. How can I make this car leave?!
12th June 2014 4:03pm
HSJAJ says...
Do dogs and cats fight with each other?
26th November 2013 6:14pm
Yuls says...
Cats can fight with dogs, and cats can fight with cats, dogs can fight with dogs as well. The only thing that matters is the relationship level; if it's low enough, then they can fight, even inter species.
26th November 2013 11:09pm
Phenney says...
My cats wont breed. Is there a certain amount of friendship they need to have a romantic relationship?
4th January 2014 8:52pm
Christina says...
My cat has fleas, but my sim will not give her a flee bath. I already have a tub, but sim will not go near cat. Do I have to have a flea bath first, if so where can I find it. If not what do I do about my sim not giving her a bath?
23rd October 2013 3:37am
Valerie says...
Once your cat gets fleas a "give flea bath" with pop up when your sim clicks on the pet. It's not the regular bath option. Your cat will always take the flea bath. It even shows up as a lifetime want. Just make sure you click the flea bath option. If you have the Pet Hygienator (in the pets lifetime rewards bin for 10,000 points) just direct the cat to wash in their. That will give him a flea bath and the special soap lasts a few days.

There is no "flea bath" soap to purchase. Good luck!
28th October 2013 8:43pm
Dwayne says...
I would like to add that if you have ghosts that appear on your lot due to having a Tombstone or urn, you can click on the ghost while controlling your cat and Scare it back to the tombstone. This will not perma-rid you of the ghost but it will leave for the night.
19th December 2013 1:42am
Yuls says...
Cats are also useful at the beginning of the game, when your Sim is poor, since they gain hunting skill quickly, and you can sell their prey for money. Bugs you should sell to the science facility, other types of prey are fine being sold from their inventory. Also, be sure not to have a hungry cat hunting, as they will often eat the prey. Hope I helped ;)
25th June 2013 4:41pm
Rachel says...
My cat is pregnant and when it is time to have the baby what do I do like is there a vet for a hospital or does it just have them at home??
20th September 2013 8:02am
Brianna says...

The cat should automaticly have the kittens.:) Hope this helped!~
24th January 2014 10:40am
Nici says...
how to make two cats have a kitten help asap
1st December 2013 11:39pm
Yuls says...
Get their relationship level higher. (Interactions such as sniffing, grooming, etc.) When it gets high enough, a "romantic" option will pop up in the menu. Click on it, and then click the subcategory, "try for kittens."
2nd December 2013 4:27pm
Taylor says...
How do I get my cat to scratch ppl?
28th March 2014 12:49pm
Myke says...
I'm having a problem... My cat got the Slither Stalker milestone yet it still misses catching lizards, snakes and turtles. Does anyone have the same problem?
16th September 2013 1:13am
Julie says...
can anyone tell me why the limit in my house is three sims, including pets on sims 3 pets?
It depends on how many animals you have. You can only have 10 in the house including pets and Sims. Up to 8 Sims, up to 6 pets. Roommates also count towards the household size.
8th August 2013 9:02pm
hhggff says...
Umm, I went to go see what my cat was doing and it said it was going to "play" in the bathtub. It hopped in, then disappeared, when I clicked on it to see where it went, it brought me to the middle of the ocean and I cant get it to go home. Any idea on what I can do?
Use the resetSim option on the cat and he will come home.
5th August 2013 4:58pm
sbarnes says...
are there any other skills a cat can learn other than hunting?
No that's the only one for both dogs and cats.
20th July 2013 2:27pm
jalisa says...
Will it let me know if my cat is pregnat I've been having them try for days
You should hear the chimes like you do with Sims and then within the next 24 hours the cat will get the moodlet.
7th July 2013 4:41pm
Abbey says...
I am happy I found this because I have a zoologist sim and a cat and I wanted the hunting skill.
13th May 2013 6:11pm
Amy says...
My cat founded a boa snake and i asked my dad if that snake can murder a cat and he said Yes so i caneled the hunting. Please any one tel me if a boa snake can murder a cat???
27th January 2013 4:27pm
Shannon says...
Amy, Not in the sims.
1st February 2013 4:05pm
Kuro says...
No, not in the game. It counts as a small animal, so no. Not in the game.
2nd February 2013 7:17pm
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