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List of Minor Pets, Birds, Wild Horses and Animals

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The Sims 3 Pets: A guide to minor animals. This is a chinchilla.

With The Sims 3: Pets, not only do we get the ability to own large animals, but also the small ones we see in the world and at pet stores. Sims can own snakes, lizards, rodents, turtles, and large/small birds. These can be found just like collectibles, and are scattered all over the world. You will see racoons and deer in the game, and Sims can adopt wild horses with the riding skill. Unicorns can be adopted as well, provided you have befriended enough creatures, Sim or animal.

Sims with the new animal lover trait will have a higher success rate when doing certain interactions with animals. This makes them easier to befriend, because you can do things like sniff hand earlier in the relationship with ease. This has no impact on small animals and birds, but does help a lot with stray cats, dogs, and wild horses.

There are two options that can help you to find wildlife easier. First is a cat. They can track small birds, and the other types of prey at around level seven in their hunting skill. Your Sim can go to those locations for a guaranteed way to pick them up. Cats can sometimes fail.

The second option for finding animals, the Collection helper lifetime reward, has been upgraded with Sims 3: Pets to support tracking of all collectible wildlife. Unlike the cat, this also includes large birds. If you want to do this early in a game, you'll have to search the world just as you would for metals, seeds, and bugs. There are places in the world that are hotspots. If you find a rare animal there, check back later for a chance at another. Unfortunately, the collecting skill journal has not been updated to track the number of small animals your Sim has found.

There are a few wild animals in The Sims 3: Pets that do not fall into the pet category. Racoons and deer can be watched and even interacted with. You can buy a mysterious mister gnome to ward wild animals away from your lot. It's found in the pets category in buy mode's sort by function, under miscellaneous.

Wild horses can be brought into your household and used like any other horse. You will need a lot of patience to befriend one. Start by watching them, then gradually sniffing hand, feeding (if they're hungry) and rubbing their neck. When your friendship level is high, and you've got a level 8 riding skill to match, you can take them for your own.

Befriending a unicorn requires you to have three best friends forever, be they Sim, large animal, or large bird. You can learn more about unicorns in our guide.

The Sims 3 Pets: You can't teach a falcon to talk

The only animals you can befriend here are large birds and, of course, wild horses. They are big enough and smart enough to qualify. They even count as friends toward the charisma skill challenges, and the requirements to befriend a unicorn. This includes dogs and cats, as well.

When you have caught an animal, you can either store it in the appropriate terrarium, or cage. You will need to take care of them, or they can die. Feed them and maintain a relationship with them to ensure they stay healthy. Even at Best Friends Forever, a wild animal can sometimes bite you while playing, causing a small mood hit for a few hours.

Your most likely use of these critters is to sell them. You can do this by dragging them onto the sell icon in the inventory tab. Unfortunately, they cannot be sold at the Consignment store. I guess that would not be easy for them!

Following are lists of the wild animals you can find. As with other collectibles, the values of minor pets can range higher or lower than what I have stated. They obviously have a range but this information is enough to display their relative values.

Clicking birds will sometimes only offer you the watch option. You simply can't catch them. Even with many wildlife friends and loads of experience at the reported hidden skill, you will come across a common African Grey parrot that just won't be caught. Move on to the next bird. It is possible you'll find this happens less often as you go along. Fear not, for the un-catchable bird will eventually disappear and be replaced by another.


The Sims 3 Pets: A bluebird

Small Birds
Small birds can fit inside a cage and are a little cheaper to own. All birds can fly about the house freely, as long as they have archways to pass through. They can't go through doors.

Small Birds
PetRarityValue est.
Lilac Breasted Rollerrare$950

Large Birds
Large Birds in The Sims 3 Pets can learn to talk. They can learn from a variety of types of phrases, and can gradually memorize them all. These guys are big and require a large limb as opposed to a cage.

The Sims 3 Pets: A falcon
Large Birds
PetRarityValue est.
African Greycommon$34
Blue-Gold Macawcommon$46
Catalina Macawuncommon$139
Yellow-Naped Amazonuncommon$532
Spotted SixamRare$1023

Small Animals

The Sims 3 Pets: a chameleon
PetRarityValue est.
Anole Lizardcommon$20
Agama Lizarduncommon$90
Pygmy Komodo Dragonuncommon$127
Texas Horned Lizarduncommon$329
Ancient DragonRare$950

PetRarityValue est.
Pygmy Hedgehograre$654
The Sims 3 Pets: A Spiny Turtle
PetRarityValue est.
Red-Eared Slider Turtlecommon$7
Western Painted Turtlecommon$13
Eastern Box Turtlecommon$23
Indian-Roofed Turtleuncommon$99
Barbour's Map Turtleuncommon$139
Spotted Turtleuncommon$311
Pygmy Tortoiserare$699
Spiny Turtlerare$925
The Sims 3 Pets: An Iridescent Shieldtail Snake
PetRarityValue est.
Garter Snakecommon$6
Emerald Tree Boacommon$15
Mini Python Snakecommon$25
San Francisco Garter Snakeuncommon$100
Malayan Krait Snakeuncommon$137
Yellow Chondro Pythonuncommon$311
Scarlet King Snakerare$681
Iridescent Shieldtail Snakerare$882

Comments (38)

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Fancy says...
It's really dumb that they included womrats, squirrels, and chinchillas, but no hamsters, guinea pigs or HELLO, rabbits. People usually own a rabbit or guinea pig, not a freakin squirrel.
10th January 2013 5:45am
LadyNight says...
Hello Fancy,
the Womrat is a guinea pig :) I wish they had rabbits as well :( but I guess that would be harder since they would need a bigger cage... ^_^
29th January 2013 3:15am
Dania says...
I completely agree. There are mods for different animals though on other websites.
31st October 2013 8:51pm
Hamsterlove says...
agreed...hamsters dont need big cages.....and they come in,what,Campbells,Winter white,Syrian,Chinese,Robo...-tell me if i missed any- so lots of verity.
30th July 2014 7:17am
omar says...
i want pets
29th March 2014 5:14pm
Kitty cats rule says...
Wow I knew all of this and I have a question can you mak your own bird on sims supernatural sims 3 pets or sims 3 :D
15th May 2013 11:06pm
SpaceCase says...
Nope. You cannot make or create minor pets.
16th January 2014 12:51am
Jazmine says...
Can snakes hurt your sims if they bite them?? They might be poisonous...
Dying by snake poison is not an option. It has a negative moodlet but there are no ill side effects.
1st July 2013 11:47am
SamHetfieldM says...
Hey there guys..just wanted to ask...i saw a falcon once but when i click on it says watch!! Ho lq can i catch it??!!
25th May 2013 9:41pm
B.Houghton says...
You have to watch it to be able to catch it!! You must gain its trust! After you watch it once or twice, you can catch it, but I think for large birds it says "Befriend"
7th June 2013 6:51pm
Rider says...
I once saw a cockatoo at midnight. So I got my sim up and when I clicked on the bird it said "befriend". When I did this it put the bird in my inventory.
11th June 2013 12:35pm
Gabi says...
I cant get the falcon to be befriended. Im off my home lot and im watching him over and over again! Whats wrong?
5th April 2014 8:19pm
Shin kurt says...
U can get chinchilla if u cheat like buydebug :)
20th April 2014 1:31am
Maple says...
1st August 2014 10:08am
StarJonesxoxo says...
on my sims 3 pets i dont have all the animals you listed i only have cats and dogs..
Perhaps you have the Xbox or PS3 version?
28th December 2012 3:18am
Pegasaurus2 says...
They are in the buy mode in the pets area. You buy the tank and then the individual sim stocks them
4th January 2013 1:50am
well i have pets on ps3 with just cats and dogs and they have the choice to fight in the 'mean' social area and cats can hunt small animals like lizards and spiders and occasionly you get cats eating spiders but on the pc....i dont know i only have generations and supernatural expansion
12th April 2013 3:41pm
You can get birds says...
Btw you can get birds by purchasing the bird cage in the sims pets folder! If you as me I can give you proof!
2nd June 2013 10:53am
shane says...
yeah i only have cats and dogs i whant the truth how do you get minor pets ?
You have to pick them up at spawners. They aren't playable. They're like beetles or fish.
25th July 2013 6:08am
cody says...
Its talking about the expansion pack so maybe you don't have it
30th December 2013 11:15am
Aspen says...
Cats, Dogs, and Horse are the only ones you can make the other pets like birds, snakes, turtles, and rodents you can't make you have to find the like in a pets stores or just walking around.
26th January 2014 12:06pm
Alice says...
The minor pets are in buy mode
17th February 2014 6:50pm
Melanie says...
I have been watching the same bird for quite some time now, but I still can't seem to get it. What should I do?
20th December 2013 8:44pm
jessica says...
Well you can only get cats and dogs on sims 3 pets xbox but the best thing is the inventing bench get to lv 10 wait a couple of weeks and you will get rung for an opportunity and then get 10 life fruits which you can get from growing a plant and 1 pink heart cut diamond and palladium (a gem)and something else but you can make simbot WARNING DO NOT BATHE IT but they are basically a robotic sim
2nd March 2014 4:53pm
jessica says...
So der of course
2nd March 2014 5:22pm
Rowena Ravenclaw says...
I am sad we cant have rabbits, I was looking forward to creating/finding The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
14th July 2014 11:10am
jessica says...
Well I love these games but minor pets arent available on sims 3 pets xbox plus add me airsnipes 8 (xbox)
2nd March 2014 4:07pm
wendy says...
I was on vacation I got a rear bird he bite the hell of my sims finger and I had a snake the snake was friendly than the bird LOL anyway I can't seem to find a caige to put my bird in I also don't know where to find food for them can anybody help plz heheh
25th February 2014 12:33pm
Courtney says...
you can purchase a cage in animals purchase area you just have to select miscellaneous and they will be there also you don't buy food you just click in the cage and it says feed..Parrot
28th February 2014 6:26am
TheTimeVortex says...
Probably he/she does, or maybe hasn't found the animals yet. But that's why I prefer PC version - so much easier, with more variety & you can get CC :o
11th January 2013 10:44pm
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