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Finding and Adopting Unicorns and Their Special Powers

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The Sims 3 Pets: Unicorns running

This guide will teach you many things about Unicorns in The Sims 3 Pets, a new type of life form that can join your family. The information about these magical horses was organized by VampirePlasma on our Sims 3 forum. Members contributed information on our boards in various threads. Vamp assembled all of this and made it much easier for me to write. In the guide, we'll reveal how to adopt a Unicorn, where to find them, breeding, special attributes, and the powers they can use to help your Sim's household.

Finding Unicorns The Aurora
Unicorns reportedly have a 40% chance to appear each night. They will be under an aurora that appears in the sky and streams down to them. Check map mode at 8:00 PM with time running, so that the aurora can render. Scan the map. If there isn't an aurora, you will not find a Unicorn that night. Keep checking back and one will eventually show.

If your Horse has the Friend of the Herd Lifetime Reward, Wild Horses will sometimes visit your lot and Unicorns can be among them.

The Sims 3 Pets: The Unicorn is under the aurora borealis

The fishing spots out of town are common areas for Unicorn sightings especially the Water Treatment and Cinnamon Crest Falls in Appaloosa Plains.

Unicorns only stick around from 8:00PM to 5:00AM, so you will need to encounter the same Unicorn a few times to befriend it. Prepare your Sim for a long night by getting plenty of sleep and eating before he sets out.

The Sims 3 Pets: petting a Unicorn

Befriending Unicorns
A crucial step in the process of adopting a Unicorn is befriending the mythical creature itself. You can't just walk up and invite it to your household. Friends status is required to get the option to invite them. If it's not there, keep pressing with the social interactions.

Start with watching the Unicorn, and when your Sim has made acquaintances with it, approach and let it sniff your hand. When your relationship is better, move up to rub neck and pet interactions which will move the bar quickly.

Unicorns are magical creatures and will either bless or curse your Sim when you encounter them. This will result in a very strong positive or negative moodlet. Regardless, you should persist and keep your Sim interacting with the Unicorn, even if it is only watching. Later, you will be able to use these magical powers for your own benefit.

The Sims 3 Pets: Adopting a Unicorn, and it said yes! She's a friend to all animals.

Requirement to Invite
When you ask the Unicorn to join your house, it will tell you that you must prove yourself a friend of all creatures. So, make it to best friends forever with three creatures Sim, Cat, Dog, or Horse. When you have multiple BFFs the Unicorn will accept your invitation to join the household.

You should see the same Unicorn every time it spawns, which seems to be a game mechanic to make it easier to befriend them. When you have invited the Unicorn into your home, another will have a chance to appear each night. Perhaps a Unicorn of the opposite gender, so that you can breed more!

Taking Care of Unicorns
Taking care of a Unicorn is just like taking care of a horse, but easier because its needs deplete slower. You should have a means of drinking water, food, and time to interact with the Unicorn. It will need exercise as well. If you ever want to breed, you'll need a stall, which is quite large, so be sure to have room on your lot for the Unicorn's needs.

Unicorn Traits
Unicorns share their trait set with Horses. You can learn about new pet traits, and encouraging/discouraging their development at the pet trait list.

The Sims 3 Pets: A unicorn scratches his back

No Selling Unicorns or Mare/Stud Services
You can't sell a Unicorn or put it up for adoption. After all, they are powerful creatures and you invited it to join your home. The only way to get rid of them is to release it back into the wild with the Sim, or by controlling the Unicorn and selecting Return to Wild.

Unicorns can't be put up as studs, nor can you get a mare pregnant at the Equestrian Center. Really, the only purpose of that place for a Unicorn is to race!

The Sims 3 Pets: A Unicorn blesses a dog

Unicorn Powers
Unicorns get several abilities that can benefit your household, and others that are mean and destructive. First, they can Bless Fauna, which will give a powerful +40 Unicorn's Blessing moodlet. The opposite is found under mean interactions, where Unicorns can Curse Fauna to punish Sims and other animals. This delivers -40 mood. Both the blessing and curse moodlets last 8 hours. The target of these will either sparkle or eminate a dark curse effect.

Another power that is very helpful in the gardening skill is Bless Flora, which will advance a plant to its next stage of growth. You can use this about three times with a max charge. Blessed plants have a chance to turn into Life Fruit. This spell will also revive a dead plant. Unicorns can also Curse Flora, which will kill a plant instantly. I am not sure why you'd want to use this, but you have the power!

The Sims 3 Pets: A Unicorn can make a fire, but it can also put them out

Unicorns are able to Teleport, but it will use a little energy. If the Unicorn is mounted by a Sim, the rider will come along.

Unicorns can make fire but you probably won't use this often. They can also put out fires, by conjuring a small cloud and rain over the area. Finally, Unicorns can also cast cure on a dog, cat, or Sim with fleas.

The Sims 3 Pets: Unicorns blessing plants

Unicorn Power FailureAll power use is limited by the Unicorn's Magic Capacity, which you cannot see. If you use them too much, you will run out and the Unicorn will need to recharge. This takes several hours, but they are always recharging. You can tell when your Unicorn is at half power by the appearance of the Power Shortage moodlet, which gives no mood impact. The Power Failure moodlet will come later, if you keep using powers. This gives a small -10 mood hit. If you use the powers once every few hours you won't run out. Powers like Teleportation and create fire are really cheap, but Blessing Sims and Flora can only be used three times with max energy. Extinguishing fires takes no energy.

Whatever you do, don't remove the Power Failure moodlet if you're cheating. Your Unicorn might lose the ability to generate magic. I suspect power fills after the moodlet is gone. I had a Unicorn go three days without any magic during playtesting. The problem was not resolved.

Unicorn motive bars are white and decay slower than a regular Horse's. They also possess super speed and leave a sparkling trail while running. Because of this ability, they start with level 10 racing and jumping skills, although no skill challenges are compled. This makes them ideal for racing and jumping competitions at the Equestrian Center.

When a Unicorn is grazing, a rainbow will sometimes appear, as in the screenshot below.

The Sims 3 Pets: Unicorns emit a rainbow when grazing

Unicorn Appearance, Glows and Beards
Unicorns glow in the moonlight, and will sometimes get a moodlet from it. It appears to do nothing, but the glow itself is very pretty to see. You can't see it very well on a black horse, but grey or white will really shine.

Unicorns in the wild will be black, silver, or white. This has no impact on their gender. Male Unicorns will have a lion tail and beard, while females will not.

The Sims 3 Pets: You can customize your Unicorn's color in the edit saddle menu

If you click your Unicorn and go into edit saddle mode, you can change it to any color you like and alter its saddle and bridle. Change hair, tail styles, and whether the Unicorn has a beard. You can also change the color of its horn. I said that Unicorns in the wild will be black or white, but you can have a pink or brown steed if you like. The color of the parents will come into play when breeding, however.

Breeding Unicorns
To breed two Unicorns, you'll need a stall. There are a couple of options in the Buy Mode Sort by Function's Pets menu. To get the option to come up easily, first build up a relationship between the two Unicorns, then send one into the stall and use the other Unicorn to Try for Foal. This option will appear later as a romantic interaction, but I got it to appear faster this way.

It may take multiple tries for your mare to get pregnant. Wait until you hear the rock-a-bye-baby chimes. When she is pregnant, the option should disappear. Three days after the appearance of the Pregnant Moodlet (a while after chimes), a Foal will be born. While the mare is pregnant, your Sims cannot ride.

Foals don't get access to the magical abilities, but do leave a trail when they run like an adult.

Horses and Unicorns can mate. When you breed them, there is a 50% chance of you getting a Unicorn with powers, vs a regular horse. Of course, two Unicorns breeding guarantees a magical foal.

The Sims 3 Pets: Unicorns try for a foal. Woohoo!
The Sims 3 Pets: Unicorns are incredibly fast.

Comments (126)

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simsaddict says...
This was so much help! Thanks!
11th September 2012 7:42pm
Jennifer Tyson says...
I no that was so helpful :) THANKS
15th February 2013 4:22pm
its me says...
it was so helpful but im best friends with a unicorn and it told me that if he is going to join my household i need to prove i am friends with all nature how do i do that
6th April 2014 4:11pm
Belle says...
that was awesomely helpful but how do you become BFF's with 3 sims? it is like impossible
16th September 2012 10:17am
Mary says...
If you want the become BFFS the fast way is to hit ctrl+shift+C and type in testingcheatsenabled true. Then go in the the friends section for your sim and pull the relationship bar to 100% the hard way is to keep interacting.
18th September 2012 12:11am
Sophie Knight says...
Wow, that would've been helpful. I became BFFs woth like 5 sims because I really really wanted to. It took so long!!!!
30th September 2012 4:02am
Hello says...
With testing cheats enabled true also, as soon as you see the unicorn you can shift click it and you have the option to "add to active family" and you don't have to do any of that.
29th December 2013 1:45pm
Vicky says...
You can add a unicorn with the testing cheats enabled but, speaking out of experience, it will not like it and you will not be able to ride it or have it bless you, it's like it's angry all the time. The best way to make use of the testinscheats cheat is, when you are near it and you are interacting with it, it will appear first on the acquantances list. That way, you can max the likenes by dragging the meter.
29th March 2014 11:58am
Juliana says...
or you can just; ctrl-shift-c- then you type in testingcheatsenabled true, and finally you shift-click the mailbox in your front yard and select make me know everyone. it may take a while but afterwords you know everyone in your city and you just scroll through and make you me bff's with the Unicorn.
23rd October 2012 10:12pm
Hello says...
But how do you turn off the cheat?
24th March 2013 11:36pm
Woof Woof says...
testingcheatsenabled false :)
29th March 2013 6:12pm
Sylvester says...
You probably already figured this out, but to turn off the cheat just type
"testingcheatsenabled false" and it should disable the cheat.
29th March 2013 11:27pm
TheDoomeh says...
Hmm, I tried it, and now it does not work anymore...
30th January 2014 5:24pm
Lily says...
an easy way to become bffs is to adopt three horses from animal shelter (they are free and u can get rid of them later)pet and become friends with all of them by using the affection and care options until ur friends. after your friends the horses will have the option to choose your sim as BFFs. click on that and then once all three of them are ur bffs u can place them for adoption. dont go to edit town to delete them cuz it will be like they never existed so they wouldn't be ur friends.

this was the easiest way for me to become friends with three sims hope i helped!
1D rox!
9th October 2012 10:32pm
Kfizzle says...
OMG thats what I did
10th November 2013 11:02am
Elena says...
Did you just say 1D rox aka one direction
7th December 2013 6:21pm
E says...
Its not three sims its a sim, a dog, and a cat. three different creatures entirely.
22nd October 2012 3:55pm
Horsegal123 says...
just keep playing with you dog, cat, or horse until you build up enough friend points that in the memo bar will say " awww, look ______ and _______ are now BFF'S!
Just play with them often and scolding them does to give you a boost in love!!
2nd January 2013 4:48pm
Katie says...
You can press ctrl and shift and there should be a blue box at the top of the screen. click on the box and type in testingcheatsenabled true then press enter then go on your sims friends and where it says like stranger or something like that, you click on the tiny relationship bar and slide it all the way. And then it says best friends forever, bestfriends,friend and there you have it!
21st April 2013 7:14am
Gabby says...
You don't have to be BFFs with 3 sims specifically, just 3 different people. Like a Sim, a cat, and dog. Or a Sim, a cat, and horse! Any works! Hope this helped! :)
7th July 2013 4:40pm
Annie says...
I tried this. My Sim reached BFF level with three horses, but the Unicorn still didn't say yes.

Do I have to reach BFF level with one Sim, one Horse, one Cat, and one Dog?
17th September 2012 7:10am
binah06 says...
Of course you do. Well, just a sim, a dog, and a cat.
12th January 2013 12:39am
Eden says...
You have to become Best Friend Forever with anything sim horse dog and cat :)
14th February 2013 7:22pm
Jade says...
This was so much help thanks heaps... im lookin forward to hopefully getting a unicorn!!!!! and when i was looking for the cloud at night, i was trying to do it while it was paused...thanks again
23rd September 2012 11:55pm
Tyla says...
You might also be able to find a unicorn in daylight, I did!!!
19th October 2013 12:54am
S says...
I need some help here, and I don't know where else to turn. I'm tearing my hair out after adopting some two dozen unicorns and only getting silver and black ones. I want a white one! I don't mind playing the game for it but this is bordering on absurdity now. Do you know a console command to spawn a white unicorn? Or if they're not avalible in Moonlight Falls? :| Please help, if you can. :) /S
24th September 2012 5:19pm
Annie says...
After adopting a Unicorn, you can use a cheat to edit it in Create a Pet.

The TestingCheatsEnabledTrue cheat.
Shiftclick the Unicorn, and select 'Edit in Create a Pet.'

The TestingCheatsEnabledTrue cheat works differently for every computer, so try these different versions.


TestingCheatsEnabled true


There are a few others, but these are the main three.
26th September 2012 11:13am
katy says...
i can only find a white unicorn in apaloosa plains.... i havent gone anyone else though..... so if want it then try it there! (;
28th December 2012 11:44pm
maki says...
this would help but ive been playing the sims 3 pets and so far not one unicorn has appeared
1st October 2012 10:03pm
Mykl says...
Hi Maki! Unicorns come with the Supernatural expansion.
Pets, actually!
6th October 2012 1:49pm
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