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The Sims 3 Social Interactions

The Basic Interactions for Building Friendships

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Sims Friendly Interactions Guide

In the Sims 3, you unlock more Friendly Social Interactions as you increase relationship standing with another Sim. Here I'll list at what stage certain interactions unlock. Generally the higher level ones are a bit better at moving the relationship bar. This is helpful for battling relationship decay and moving up to a better level as friends. Note that some of the best interactions don't move the bar as much in a single jump, but are very quick allowing for rapid-fire conversation tactics that make many small gains in the bar. We'll also cover Funny interactions, but they work differently so are separate.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of all of the Social Interactions. I simply want to talk about the base options that most players have. Many additional options will pop up depending on other Sims who are around, the environment, and how the Sim feels. Many traits also provide conversation options - they won't be listed here. Many of them are simply generic things to talk about that may or may not impress other Sims. However, when two Sims have a trait in common they can really hit it off.

Traits can improve the effectiveness of certain interactions. Charismatic makes the most difference, while Friendly and Good also have many merits. As far as jokes go, Good Sense of Humor and Charismatic will both offer boosts. Good Sense of Humor simply boosts more of them.

Friendly Interactions

These social interactions are all found under the friendly category. Most of these will be available from the start under the special menu if you have the Friendly, Charismatic, or Good traits and possibly a couple of unique options. While the system does operate similar to Romance and Humor in that the tone of a conversation helps determine the interactions, there are only a few differences. The three stages are Okay, Being Sociable and Being Friendly. All of them are unlocked when your Sim is viewed as being Friendly, but I'll label which ones rely on it.

The biggest factor here is the friendship level, although the interactions from Friend and up do not vary much. As you go up, it becomes easier to increase standing with a Sim. Talking about something the Sims have in common can provide larger jumps to relationship, and some interactions like express fondness, admire, and get to know all work very quickly and still move the bar. Here are the interactions categorized by friendship level. I'll only list what changes with each step up.


Ask About Career One-time use. Unless they're unemployed you should get some other Conversation options.
Get to Know: Likely reveals a trait. You can use it up to five times then, and it's fast. Mix it in with other options to avoid boring or angering the other Sim.
Compliment Good and fast when it works
Chat The basic go-to for keeping a conversation rolling
Tell Story (Being Sociable)
Tell Dramatic Story (Being Friendly)
Ask to Stay Over If it's later into the day and your Sim is seen as being Friendly.


Admire Great, when it works.
Express Fondness
Friendly Hug A fast action for improving relations
Ask to Move In (Being Friendly) If they like your Sim enough, they can join your household.
Deep Conversation (Good Friends Status)
Reveal Secret (Best Friends)

Humor Interactions

Remember that most of these will be available from the start with the Good Sense of Humor Trait. Just like above, the relationship level and conversation tone matters. The conversation tones here are Amusing, Being Funny and Being Hilarious although the first changes don't take places until Being Funny. More Funny Social Interactions unlock as your Sim tells more jokes in a given conversation. Let's just be glad real Stand-Up comics don't start their gigs by making a funny face.

Jokes can be powerful tools for making friends, as the interactions are all fast. If you have Good Sense of Humor, most any Sim who doesn't have the No Sense of Humor Trait will be easy to befriend. The Amusing/Hilarious Greet abilities offered by Charisma can be very helpful for starting a conversation in the right direction for telling jokes.

Make Silly Face
Tell Funny Story
Goof Around Being Funny
Tell Joke Being Funny
Tell Inside Joke (Friend/Being Funny)
Impersonate Celebrity (Friend/Being Hilarious)
Tell Dirty Joke (Friend/Being Hilarious)
Joke About Old Times (Good Friend/Being Hilarious)


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