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A Review of Mobile version with Tips to Help Simmers

By Leto85

For around 2 Dutch Euros I had bought a few months ago The Sims 3 for the mobile phone. And I actually liked it pretty much.

You can create a Sim, modify its appearance, give him or her a name and give it traits. These are indeed the traits from the Sims 3 PC version, although not all of them.

Your Sim will live after his creation in a town that looks quite familiar to you. It's a bit like Sunset Valley, without most of the buildings. You can't zoom in and you can scroll to another perspective.

You have the science lab, next to your house, the Bistro, a Shop, the Bookstore, a park where you can fish and there is a secret building that says to be closed every time I knock on the door. In the Bistro you can eat and start the culinary career, and in the shop and bookstore you can buy food and a fishing and repair pack.

A quick Google search told me that you have to complete every single wish a Sim can have in this game (and that is A LOT, I can tell) in order to unlock the secret building. Rumors have said that opening that building will give a Sim the opportunity to start the criminal career but I can not confirm that. And, I probably never will since my game has a glitch in every save file and every new one I've created.

You need to know that there is a buy mode but no build mode in The Sims 3 Mobile. If you want a bigger house you have to upgrade your old one through the phone, which will cost you $500. After the first upgrade you will have a bigger home but also a little garden to plant some plants to work on your gardening skill. Seeds can be bought in the store and the outcome of it can either be sold to get quick money or used in food.

Different recipes require different ingredients and those can either come from your own garden, from the Store or you can go fishing for them in the park. Just as with cooking and repairing furniture once occasionally broken, also fishing will start a little mini game where the outcome of it depends more on the player's reflexes than if the Sim has mastered the skill or is a fresh starter.

Fishing and gardening are important to make progress through the science career, but you have to watch out with that job. My Sim has once died there and that actually means game over for you.

Once you upgrade your house a second time (save up to $1000 and until you get a notice that the upgrade is available) your home will probably be bigger. But I cannot tell because that is where my game glitches every time I tried, and in every save file I had loaded.

Your Sim can of course build up friendships with your neighbours, and even that can turn out to be a steady income sometimes. Because some Sims don't like each other and you will probably be asked more than once to slap that Sim or kick over his thrash can for $20 and just like in real life you better not refuse. After all, friendship is very important, now isn't it?

Suck up to your boss isn't an option while at work (the game will skip the time until your Sim comes out of his or her working building) but you can actually build up a relationship with your boss and being his favorite employee once you've figured out where he or she lives to start a little stalking... I mean chatting!

Love interactions are of course available to you and so is cheating but you better not do that. Once digital love has started the Sim can move in with yours, not vice versa, and will start plundering your refrigerator. But don't worry, that won't cost you a penny.

So what else can I say? This is a lovely game, especially for it's low price compared to the things you can do and even the graphics are very good for a mobile. The only two things I don't like is glitching and battery power. Especially because getting your house upgraded to the max is one of the wishes that is needed to unlock the building, the criminal career and even the ability to drive a car. I will not be able to do that in my game.

But those criminal stories are rumors people, just rumors! But it does sound promising, right?

The other thing that is not nice is that this game will suck dry your battery in no time. And that's really fast. So buy it, play it, have fun with it and hopefully don't glitch it.

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