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The Sims 3 Seasons: Aliens

Brain Powers, Finding Aliens, Abductions, and Alien Babies

The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack
Aliens in The Sims 3 Seasons
An Alien Male and Female Sim and their Galaxa Space Car

Aliens are a new type of non-Human Sim available in The Sims 3 Seasons. These extraterrestrials visit the neighborhood to learn about Sims on Earth and may even abduct them and perform experiments. This guide will teach you how to get an Alien, Alien babies and Male Sim pregnancy, and the special abilities Aliens get in The Sims 3.

Finding Aliens

How to Get an Alien to Visit
Aliens have a chance to visit each night between 12am and 3am. A visit lasts only an hour and a half to two hours. Visits are distinct from abductions and allow your Sim to socialize, possibly befriend, and even ask an Alien to move in with them.

The base chance of a visit is 5%. Collect space rocks and store them on your lot. Once you've got five, aliens have a +15% additional chance to come to your lot. Once you've made friends with one, there will be an even greater chance of visits. If an Alien doesn't visit your home lot, there's a 20% chance each night they'll appear somewhere around the neighborhood and leave behind a few space rocks. When you've met an Alien, you can invite them over using the phone, so making friends with them is easy.

Alien visitors once befriended may be asked to move into your household. They always start with level 10 logic and level 7 handiness. This will give you permanent control over the Alien, along with their Galaxa Space Car.

An Alien abducts a Sim in The Sims 3 Seasons
An Alien Abducts a Sim

Alien Abductions
Aliens are more likely to abduct a Sim than to visit, simply because of the powerful effect collecting space rocks has on this. To trigger an abduction on your home lot, having a Sim use a telescope is a good place to start. The base chance of an abduction is only 2%, but using a telescope that day adds a +13% chance they'll visit on a given night. Collecting up to two space rocks will each add a 37.5% chance to the visit for a whopping 90% chance of a visit. This seems to reset so that you don't always find your Sims getting abducted, giving you a little bit of control over how often it happens.

When a Sim is abducted, they'll have a bad Abducted moodlet for about twelve hours. Nothing too bad will happen to a female Sim, although a male has a 33% chance to have the pregnant (Unexpected Weight Gain) moodlet when the Abducted moodlet wears off. If you want to ensure your abduction results in pregnancy, save before this moodlet wears off and reload until the Unexpected Weight Gain moodlet appears.

Alien Babies and DNA

A male Sim in Seasons - Pregnant with an Alien
A Pregnant Male Sim will Have an Alien Baby

Male Pregnancy and Alien Babies
After a male Sim has been abducted and has later had the Unexpected Weight Gain moodlet appear, you know he is pregnant. The Sim will put on weight quickly as the baby grows, and birth will occur 48 hours later. You'll be asked if you want to keep the Alien Baby or send it back to its Homeworld. The choice is yours. If you keep the baby, you'll get to pick the traits. Raising an Alien baby is no different than a normal one.

An Alien Baby in The Sims 3 Seasons
An Alien Baby with Her Father

Alien Pregnancy & Passing DNA
Of course, the Abduction pregnancy is not the only way to get a Sim with Alien powers in your household. Human Sims and Aliens can Woohoo and make babies. So long as the baby's DNA is at least 50% Alien, they will have access to alien telepathy powers and use the Brain Power motive instead of Energy. Supernaturals like Fairies and Werewolves can reproduce with Aliens, and may appear quite interesting (having mixed features of the parents), but the occult DNA will make the Alien powers unusable.

Alien Powers and Features

The Sims 3 Seasons' Alien Galaxa Space Car
An Alien Pilots a Galaxa Space Car

Alien Ship: The Galaxa Space Car
Aliens you invite to move in will come with their ship in their inventory. This is the fastest way to get around, as it can warp from one location to another in the blink of an eye. These can be upgraded with one of two upgrades, each requiring level 7 Handiness (which your Alien has). You can outfit them with laser cannons, which will let them use the craft to invade a lot of your choice. This is just for fun, and the user will indeed get a good moodlet out of it - that is, while the targets on the ground have their clothing singed off.

The Other upgrade seems silly - Space Travel. Can't it already do that given it's in your neighborhood? Oh well. Either way, outitting the spacecraft with this upgrade will allow the Sim to visit one of three places: The Moon, The Asteroid Belt, or The Planet Sixon to go on Rabbit-hole style text adventures which can reward valuable metals, gems, and a wide variety of items.

You can buy the Galaxa Space Car using the buydebug cheat.

An Alien Invades a Festival Lot with Laser Cannons on their Ship in The Sims 3 Seasons
An Alien Invades the Festival, Ship Upgraded with Laser Cannons

Alien Brain Power
Aliens use Brain Power instead of the energy motive. They get to use Restore Brain Power (click the Alien) to restore this, much like meditation. They can fill their bar in 5 hours. They won't get a well rested moodlet, so popping into a bed for a few minutes can give them that mood boost. They'll also restore energy by consuming Space Rocks. The bigger the rock, the more power restored. The drawback to recovering their energy so quickly is that it's used to fuel their special abilities. They have one more major trick though, which can be used to help themselves or others:

Bio Boost and Bio Drain
Using Bio Drain on a Sim will sap his or her Social, Hygiene, and Fun motives and transfer them to the Alien over one hour. This refills about a third of each of these bars. The Alien could even use Restore Brain power or eat a meal after doing this to have four motives moving upward at once. The Alien may be giving, and use Bio Boost on a Sim to do the opposite and channel their needs to aid the target Sim in recovering theirs. Bio Boost and Drain can't be used on other Aliens.

An Alien transmutes a gem in The Sims 3 Seasons
An Alien Using the Transmute Brain Power

Transmute Object
Aliens can transmute Gems and Metals to make them higher value, or bump them up to the next most expensive item of that type. This is much more orderly than the Witch's transmutation. The odds of an item failing to transmute is determined by the value. An item under 100 Simoleons only has a 5% chance of failure, while any over 500 will fail 30% of the time. The mood of the Alien using this helps or hinders as well.

Forum member LordHellscream contributed a tip to making loads of cash with Seasons' Alien Transmute if you also have World Adventures installed. Learn how to use transfiguration to get filthy rich.

Repair Broken Objects
Aliens don't need the Handiness skill to repair broken household appliances and plumbing, they can do so with their minds. Quickly.

Scan and Probe Sims
Aliens can pull a joke on other Sims by whipping out the Probe, which will give them a scare before they hopefully laugh in relief. Their more useful ability is to Scan - which consumes brain power but will teach you one of the target Sim's traits.

Summon Meteor
This requires The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack. Using a lot of Brain Power, an Alien can call down a meteor strike onto an area. This works just like the random meteors that may strike with Ambitions installed, only the Alien knows it's coming and can stand back and observe. This is a good source of Space Rocks for recovering Brain Power, and occasionally as a particularly catastrophic way to make money. People who don't have Ambitions can collect space rocks from the world and use the Steal Space Rocks option below.

An Alien Probes a Sim in The Sims 3 Seasons
An Alien "Probes" a Sim

Steal Space Rocks
Clicking the Science Lab between 8pm and 6am with an Alien Sim will allow them to go in and steal four Space Rocks. There's about a 60% chance they're tiny, 25% large, and 15% gigantic. This never seems to fail and is a neverending supply of cash for Aliens.

Sell Alien Secrets
At the Military Base in town, your Alien can sell what they know to betray their kind but profit nicely in the process. This can be done every 36 hours and will get you between 1500 and 2000 Simoleons. The interaction is available between 6am and 8pm.

Part-Time Career: Alien Test Subject
A new Part-time career exists only for Aliens. You can sign up at the Science Lab in town. There are three levels here, with mood being the only metric. All work M-F from 4-7PM. Associate Probe Testers make $64/hour, Specimen (Living) makes $84, and Organ Farms make $114 an hour. There's a 20% chance your Alien will be nauseous after work from all the strange experiments. Overall, stealing samples is more profitable than these jobs.

Comments (241)

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J says...
For the frustrated ones who have yet to encounter any aliens, this is a surefire way to get an alien in your household using the 'Make me know everyone' cheat:
- Assuming you don't want any of your current sims to actually know everyone, go to Edit Town and add any sim to your household
- Using the newly created sim, select the 'Make me know everyone' cheat at the mailbox (via testingcheatsenabled true)
- Next, scroll along your Friends list and you will spot at least a few aliens. Select an alien from the list and you can Invite Over any desired alien
- After the alien arrives, you can either 1)Shift-click him and Add to current household 2)Have a high relationship with the alien and the 'Ask to move in' option in Friendly interactions will appear
- Remove the sim who 'Knows everyone' if desired
Hope I helped
Thanks for sharing this :)
18th December 2012 3:39am
DaSimsManiac says...
THANKS FOR THE TIP! now i dont have to bother myself to get space rocks and actually "meet" an alien. I absolutely did it like thrice and now i have a whole alien household! seriously thanks!
18th February 2013 10:20am
ANnoyin says...
I acutly tries this and DIDN'T WORK!!!!
9th March 2013 5:07am
Meme says...
You probably didn't use the testingcheatsenabled true cheat, because it does work....
22nd March 2013 5:30pm
Frogfart says...
Everytime I have activated the cheats, it has worked for me.
21st June 2013 8:56am
Kale says...
then you are doing something different than what I just tried.

Did what the OP said, enable cheats, make trash sim, make me know everyone, yet no aliens show up in the list.

Maybe it takes a few days or something, but right now it looks like the only quick way to get an alien is to pray to the RNG.
22nd July 2013 8:45pm
Anna says...
Test it on a new town. You don't have to save the town, just pick a sim and make them know everyone to see if you get aliens on the list. If not, your Seasons is probably glitching and needs to be reinstalled. My brother had the same problem, and reinstalling the Seasons expansion fixed it for him. Hope this helps! :)
25th July 2014 8:47am
Shona Black says...
I have the cheat on but what do i do after to be abducted? PLEASE HELP!!!
19th May 2014 2:36pm
Anna says...
You don't need the cheat, I think, if you want to be abducted. You can just pick up a lot of space rocks (tiny, large or gigantic, doesn't matter which so long as it's rocks) or use the Search Galaxy interaction on a telescope. On all the lots I use, abductions usually happened at around 11pm to 3am and last about 2 hours. My children never get taken, the people (teen/young/adult males and females) abducted are never the same in a row, and the men don't always get pregnant but I've seen it happen twice (to different male Sims), so picking space rocks and using the telescope works for when I want someone to get abducted. Hope this helped! :)
25th July 2014 8:44am
Tamara says...
hey, i tryed this and it didnt work, did i do something wrong?
i put in the testingcheatsenabled true cheat and then went to click on the mail box and nothing. Please can you help?
make sure you are Shift+Clicking the mailbox to pull up a lot of different cheat options.
13th June 2013 11:45am
Kassandra says...
U have to shift -click ur mailbox in order to get the option :)
18th June 2013 2:05am
tamara says...
it wont let me use the cheat.... whenever i type it in it doesnt acsept it
16th September 2013 9:03am
A Random Epic Dude says...
You have to do the testingcheatsenabled command in the main menu. That confused me too, when I first tried it.
18th June 2013 11:14pm
Shh I'm an Anon says...
I've done this before, without the intent of knowing aliens, and I didn't need to enter before loading my town. Do some people have to enter testingcheats in the main menu? I thought the only time I had too was when I wanted lifetime hapiness via cheat.
7th August 2014 1:18am
Amy says...
Thanks, my female sim,Poppy had an alien baby, but now that he is a child, he doesn't have the alien powers. I don't know ifhe will get them when he gets older???
Does he talk like an alien? You won't notice the ability to do most alien things until teenhood.
9th July 2013 12:11pm
Coriander says...
Aliens should be like Vampires; They don't get it until their teens.
17th January 2014 2:26pm
ML says...
Also, you could have WooHoo with any sim and an alien for a surefire alien child, getting that alien from your method.
28th October 2013 8:13pm
LuckieBlackKat says...
I made a family with a dad and 2 teenagers. He wanted to get into the gardening career, so naturally I had him looking for seeds and found space rocks as well. He analyzed them all, got abducted, but nothing happened. Found some more, then was pregnant the next abduction. The teenage son was also abducted (thankfully not pregnant, that would be awkward to explain.) As he has found bigger and more rare rocks he was abducted and pregnant again. I have yet to have them even use a telescope. I think that a sim is more likely to be abducted if they are outside during the times aliens usually visit. If you get the treasure chest from Shang Simla it's great for storing all the rocks and keeping your sims inventory tidy.
5th January 2014 11:07pm
SSS says...
i understand that sims can have alien babies, but can they have twin aliens?
15th April 2013 1:27pm
Hello says...
Yes my sim just got a alien twin (sorry for bad spelling)
8th March 2014 4:11pm
SBNao says...
So I currently have an elderly male Sim who's maxed out on his life span, as in he is at the end of the bar and I'm just waiting for him to die. He was abducted twice with me doing nothing special; now he's Alien pregnant and I'm flabbergasted!
16th September 2013 2:32pm
Charles Mathis says...
I put in buydebug but it says unknown command what I'm I doing wrong
27th March 2013 2:22am
SimsGirl says...
You need to write "testingcheatsenabled true" first, and then the "buydebug".
29th May 2014 11:44am
Noel says...
At first I didn't like the aliens but now that I have read this it seems cool xD thx!
26th March 2013 7:30pm
Harriet says...
If your male sim doesn't get pregnant when he is getting abducted then maybe save up your opportunity points and get the fertility treatment one. I read that can help if you are having trouble? :)
24th March 2013 12:18pm
Tracy says...
Hi! My female Sim met a male Alien. I got them to "Romantic Interest" but couldn't further. Even if they think the other one is being extremely irresistible. So my question is, since it is a Human and Alien relationship, can they get married? Thanks! (She is already pregnant.. So I guess they can). Thanks!
5th May 2013 2:46am
Gina says...
Their outfit looks like those of a peacekeeper from Thee Hunger Games trilogy
6th April 2014 3:05pm
Kat says...
Does anyone know if 2 aliens can have a baby together? Has anyone been successful? All of my attempts have failed.
23rd February 2013 7:43pm
Ashley says...
I was just petting my cat in the game after first getting sims season when i heard a strange sound. I looked outside and a random alien dude was just walking out there. My sim instantly fell in love with him when everybody else didn't like her. Aliens are weird XD
9th February 2013 12:47am
Angelique says...
I have been waiting for aliens to visit me and with about 15 space rocks in my garden they still didnt come, I read on here that you have to put the rocks around the telescope and I did that and the first night I got an alien visit and two nights later another one. Dont know if its a coincidence or not but definitely worth a try if you havnt had a visit yet :) this really is an amazing site
27th May 2013 9:05am
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