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The Sims 3 Seasons: Fall

Spooky Day, Fall Festivals, Trick-or-Treat and Pumpkin Carving

The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack
The Sims 3 Seasons: Fall - Union Cove
Our Forum's Sims 3 World, Union Cove in Fall - Click the Pic to See High Resolution

The Fall Season in The Sims 3 Seasons features colorful leaves, costumes, and a Festival celebrating Spooky Time, the Sims' version of Halloween. There's even Trick or Treat. This Guide to Fall will show you the various new activities Sims can participate in during this Season.

Colder Weather
Check the Newspaper, Computer, or Television for a weather forecast. As temperatures drop, Sims are negatively affected and may grow so cold they freeze to death. This is unlikely in Autumn, but is still worth mentioning. Sims will tend to dress in warmer clothing to make up for the lower temperatures. Get them indoors to warm up, or have a nice hot chocolate at the Concession Stand at the Fall Festival.

Leaves - Raking and Woohoo
As trees shed their leaves to your Sims' lawn, they can be raked into piles to tidy up. Regular Sims will playi n these piles, while Evil, Insane, Daredevil, and Pyromaniac Sims may set them on fire. Sims in love can Woohoo in a leaf pile. If a baby is conceived this way, there's a 75% chance it will be born with the Loves the Outdoors trait.

The Sims 3 Seasons Fall Festival
Spooky Time in Moonlight Falls

Fall Festival
The Fall Festival takes place on a lot depending where you're playing. It's generally in a big park. At the Festival, Sims can use Festival Prize Tickets to buy Prizes at the Concession stand. These vary season to season, and offer many of the new contest and activity items offered with the Seasons Expansion Pack.

Sims can win 25 tickets if they win an Apple Bobbing or Pie Eating Contest. Participating will get a Sim 5 tickets as a consolation. While Sims can't get better at bobbing for apples, they can improve at Pie Eating Contests by eating lots of Pie.

A Pie Eating Contest in The Sims 3 Seasons
A Pie Eating Contest - Eat more Pie to Get Better!

Another Activity at the Festival is the Haunted House. Entering will give your Sim 5 Festival Tickets. Cowardly and Childish Sims may hesitate before entering. Upon leaving, Sims may react in a number of ways and will receive a moodlet, usually positive but short in duration.

Spooky Time Holiday
The last Saturday of the Season is Spooky Time. All Sims get a +10 moodlet for the whole day, and a free day from Work or School. If you have your Seasons set shorter than a week, Spooky Time will simply come on the last day of Fall.

Pumpkin Carving - Three Jack-o-lanterns in The Sims 3 Seasons
Sims May Fail to Carve Pumpkins Correctly. The Jack-o-Lantern in the Middle is a Little Off

Pumpkin Carving
Seasons brings pumpkins, which can be carved by Sims or baked into Pumpkin Pie. You can Harvest pumpkins at the Fall Festival or buy them in the Supermarket. These can be planted and grown at home. A Sim making a Jack-o-Lantern will get two to four pumpkin seeds from the process. Jack-o-Lanterns come in five styles - Traditional, Silly, Evil, Ghost and Cat.

Evil, Grumpy, Mean-spirited and Rebellious Sims may stomp pumpkins, which can be lit. Stomping a lit pumpkin can be dangerous and may cause a Sim to catch fire.

Trick or Treat in The Sims 3
A Hot Dog, Alien, and Superhero Costume in Seasons

Sims young and old can wear Costumes. You can find the costumes themselves by using Plan Outfit at a dresser or wardrobe. The masks to the costumes are found by using a mirror and choosing Change Appearance.

Trick or Treat
Children and Teens can go Trick or Treating the Saturday of Spooky Time, plus the Friday before. They'll only travel so far on their hunt for candy and toys, or go to a maximum of ten houses. Meanspirited, Evil and Inappropriate Sims may throw eggs or otherwise vandalize houses during Trick or Treat. NPCs start trick or treating at 4pm on Spooky Time day.

A Costume Party in The Sims 3 Seasons
A Variety of Costumes will be Used by Sims for Spooky Time and Parties

Costume and Feast Parties
Two new parties can be thrown: Costume and Feast Parties. Think Halloween and Thanksgiving. Costume Parties are a lot of fun, given you never know what silly costumes Sims might throw together. Feast Parties invite guests to bring a group serving of food. Good cooks may bring better dishes, which can really liven up the party.

Comments (59)

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Serah says...
I think sims having a feast party is more like a potluck than a thanksgiving.
2nd January 2013 7:57pm
Dude says...
my sims never get sick is this a glitch? i have passed three seasons and no cold or flu is this a glith?
11th January 2013 6:20am
Noel says...
Can someone tell me if I need to do something to let my sims get flu shots cause when I try it only says Plastic Surgery even when there sick!
26th March 2013 7:46pm
lilith says...
My sims can't woohoo in the leaf pile? Any Idea why?
Is the leaf pile as high as it can go? There are multiple stages and only the tallest is good for woohoo.
28th June 2013 4:08pm
Sarah says...
Is anyone else having trouble getting the bonus content costumes (sharks and bees) from their account/purchase history? I'm thinking maybe it's because I'm so far behind on purchasing Seasons; I just got it yesterday and it won't download. I click "Download" in Purchase History on and it does nothing but make Launcher open. Thanks!
It will make the launcher open and it should start downloading. Have you tried using the downloads dashboard or in game store?
12th July 2013 8:25pm
Jess says...
I took away fall on my options by mistake and added it again straight after, but it's the last day of fall now and I still have had no spooky day. What's going on?
5th January 2013 8:38pm
tania says...
Ive read that you have to make each season at least like around 5 days long so that there can be a spooky day and all that
14th March 2013 6:23pm
Anzaya says...
Whoa....this is so weird! My sim carved three different jack-o-lanterns and placed them in a line in front of her house and I took a pic. Then I came on her and saw that the pic I took is identical to the pic on here... o.O
28th December 2012 2:16am
Someone says...
Wow, that's pretty SPOOKY.
14th January 2013 7:33am
Molly says...
Can toddlers dress up??
27th December 2012 3:39am
Andrea says...
Same here, Linzee. I only get 3 OTHER SIMS than the ones I send to the festival. I wonder why that is?

The fall season seems very buggy to me. I don't have any non ea content installed in my game to cause probe.

Plus, it has rained constantly during fall. Had a bit of hail and fog, but barely ANY sunlight. Is that normal?
20th December 2012 3:28pm
Tessa says...
Completely unrelated, but when my Sim was invited to a Feast party by her boyfriend, she WooHooed with her boyfriend whilst at the party, then her boyfriend kicked her out of the party for being inappropriate. It was hilarious.
1st April 2013 1:23am
Amber says...
This isn't related to Seasons at all.. but does anybody know how to have an apartment in TS3 with only Generations, Seasons, and University Life Expansions? Thanks.
8th April 2013 10:05pm
Doodle Girl says...
Hi Amber, you need Late Night EP for apartments. You can, however, live in a dorm. I think you could be able to make an apartment by making a dorm-skyscraper...
15th May 2013 1:31pm
Courty says...
On Spooky day when the kids go to houses trick-or-treating, will they come to mine too? My sim doesn't have any kids, and I read above that they will automatically pull out a candy bowl.... So will kids come to my house?
15th April 2013 10:48am
Dana says...
I haven't gotten any "npc" trick or treaters :(...did I read wrong? There a setting or something to make this happen?
25th April 2013 10:09pm
Holli says...
How do you rake leaves on this game?
Click on the ground where you see a bunch of them and rake should be one of the options.
4th August 2013 7:36pm
Lauren says...
I am trying to get my sims into the costume wearing, but the only costumes i'm finding are the two in Plan an Outfit (hotdog and some swamp thing?) I'm not finding any buttons dedicated completely to wearing costumes, and i tried buying anew wardrobe but nothing's working thus far. Any ideas? <3
31st August 2013 3:17pm
Claire says...
Can you get candy for Spooky Day? If not how do the people trick or treat? I'm confused and spooky day is soon
17th October 2013 8:14pm
Angie says...
I don't really get how you go trick and treat? Are you supposed to click on the houses? Btw, your guide is very helpful thank you!
26th November 2013 4:08pm
FutureVet says...
How can i get celebrities? What expansion pack do I need?
1st January 2014 5:58pm
macaire says...
late night.
10th June 2014 6:02pm
Thu says...
I just want to add that if you click on a Sims I think on Spooky day or a little earlier and you will see "Change into costume..." then it gives you a lot of options to choose from. I think its on available for child and teens because they can go trick or treating. Its a lot easier than planning outfits :)
16th November 2012 8:57am
ABY says...
6th December 2012 10:01am
cassy says...
well it didnt happen when i sent my kid in so i think she might be dead
13th December 2012 9:20pm
Cat says...
im wondering the same thing has she changed back?
14th December 2012 3:25am
Simmergurl says...
You don't need to buy candy your sims automatically pull out a bowl and pass it out, for Christmas lights you click on the front door and there should be an option to hang lights and no there is not a christmas tree as far as I know
31st December 2012 2:06am
Kendra says...
My sim got that too. It's a temporary moodlet, and wears off in a few hours. Your sim's not dead, don't worry.
19th January 2013 12:54am
Simone23 says...
When you say that nooboos conceived in leaf piles will have a 75% chance to be born with Loves the Outdoors, does that mean that you only get to pick one trait for them, no matter how happy the pregnancy, or does it mean that if the game picks traits for you then one of them will be LtO, or does it mean that the nooboo will have LtO as a hidden trait?
18th November 2012 5:48pm
Simone23 says...
When you say that nooboos conceived in leaf piles will have a 75% chance to be born with Loves the Outdoors, does that mean that you only get to pick one trait for them, no matter how happy the pregnancy, or does it mean that if the game picks traits for you then one of them will be LtO, or does it mean that the nooboo will have LtO as a hidden trait?
Their first trait on birth will be LtO I suppose. It might be that you can still select it, with this being a buffer against getting a random bad trait for a rough pregnancy. This needs some testing.
18th November 2012 5:15am
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