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The Sims 3 Seasons: Spring

Love Day, Spring King/Queen and Spring Festival

The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack
The Sims 3 Spring Season
Appaloosa Plains in Spring in The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack

Springtime in The Sims 3 Seasons brings rain, warm weather, and makes the town's trees and flowers return to life. Spring is a time of love, and Sims will often send love letters, gifts, and confess attraction to other Sims during this time of year. The Spring Festival supports this with a kissing booth, love testing machine, and a holiday dedicated to bringing love to Sims. This guide to Spring in Seasons will summarize the new features and activities you can do, while explaining how they work.

Spring Showers (and Lightning!)
Spring is generally warm, though not hot or cold enough to harm Sims. They will get wet in the rain without any Umbrella, which can be bought in buy mode > outdoors > outdoor activities. Heavier rains realistically bring lightning, which can strike Sims who are outside with an umbrella. You should be safe without the umbrella acting as a lighting rod. Lightning strikes against Sims are rare but when they occur they can kill (but sometimes simply singe) so use caution when it's storming and seek shelter, or simply stay outdoors and get soaked without an umbrella.

Wildflowers in The Sims 3 Seasons' Springtime
The Spring Season Brings Wildflowers and thus Allergies

Wildflowers and Allergies
During Spring, all insect, space rock, metal, gem, and seed spawners have a 25% chance to spawn Wildflowers. Wildflowers live 5 days before something else is spawned there. They can cause allergies, which give a 2-day -10 moodlet that can be cured with an Allergy shot from the Hospital for $200. Here's a list of the new Wildflowers in Seasons and their values:

Sims 3 Wildflowers List
Wildflower TypeRaritySell Value
Blue FlaxCommon$10
Black-Eyed SusanUncommon$40
Sweet WilliamRare$200
Indian BlanketRare$400
Cosmos WildflowerSpecial$600

Spring Festival
The Spring Festival offers a few new activities for Sims, most centered on love. It's a bit of Valentine's Day with a dash of Easter. The Spring holiday is Love Day which normally takes place on the last Saturday of a Season. While Sims are twice as likely to get love letters and gifts during the Spring in general, on Love Day, all Sims have a +10 moodlet, and are five times more likely than usual to receive love letters and gifts from Sims attracted to them. Here are the new activities you can join in at the Spring Festival. Most of them earn you tickets, which can be exchanged for items at the concession stand on the Festival lot.

Love Letters
Sims can use the mailbox to send and receive Love Letters. These confessions of attraction can give Sims a small relationship bump. A common complaint is that married Sims as well as those in steady relationships will send these out to your Sims. If your Sim already has a partner, only a Sim with a relationship of at least 25 will send a love letter to you.

Dancing for the Spring King and Queen Title in Sims 3 Seasons
Dancing Will Earn You The Title of Spring King or Spring Queen

Spring Dance Queen and Spring Dance King
Dancing during the Spring Festival will give your Sim a chance to earn the title of Spring Dance Queen or Spring Dance King. From the game mechanics this seems to be a 20% chance per hour, so about five hours dancing at the Festival should earn your Sim the title.These titles are distributed on the last day of the Season and come with a 250 Festival Prize Ticket reward.

Egg Hunt
Eggs are scattered around the Festival lot during Spring. They spawn at 5am and number 10-20 total. When collecting eggs, you will often find a lone Festival Ticket. There is however a 10% chance of finding a Fancy Festival Egg worth $500, and a 3% chance of a Spring Gnome.

Kissing Booth
Using the Kissing booth costs $5 per kiss, but gives a +30 8h moodlet for a good smooch. If you have a Sim work there, they'll earn from 5-15 Simoleons per miss. Sims with the Attractive Lifetime Reward, Great Kisser Trait, or Hopeless Romantic Trait tend to be better kissers. Doesn't give festival tickets.

An Easter Egg Hunt in The Sims 3 Seasons' Spring Festival
Find Tickets in an Egg Hunt, and Possibly Valuables Prizes!

Love Tester Machine
Gives between 1-3 tickets for a bad, neutral, or positive result. Sims will also get a +5 or -5 moodlet for cold or burning loins. It seems to give a positive result when two Sims are already in love, though a negative result certainly doesn't mean they can't.

Sims can raise a hidden skill, skating, at the Festival's skating rink. Skating gives your Sim 5 Festival Tickets.

Sims can throw Horseshoes during the Spring Festival in Seasons
Competing in Horseshoes can Earn you 25 Festival Tickets

Sims can compete in a game of Horseshoes at the Festival. It doesn't seem to be something they'll get better at, though the winner receives 25 tickets, the loser five.

Comments (45)

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Sarah says...
Are you sure about the Azalea flower?? I collected one the other day, and it told me it was rare.
21st November 2012 9:11am
Shaunna says...
How do you go about working at Kissing Booths??
Find a vacant booth and click it :)
25th November 2012 3:09pm
Gothelittle says...
Collecting flowers is actually a darn good way to make money. If you pick them, they respawn faster, and they seem to respawn at random... so if you're getting daisies, just pick them and a Cosmos or two might respawn in their places.

I've seen picked wildflowers respawn within a couple of game hours, and had a sim make several thousand simoleons in one day.
26th November 2012 7:02am
melissa says...
Carl or helper why would you need festival tickets if you can buy them for cash? is there items that you cant buy?
Right, some can only be found otherwise in buydebug I believe.
27th November 2012 12:50am
Atticus says...
Your spring guide states a Sim can only get struck by lightning with an umbrella but in both summer AND spring, I've had a sim outside gardening and they weren't using an umbrella and still got struck. This happened several times in a row during a heavy rain (I've both video and screenshots) - as well, I found the house itself would get struck on the roof and some minutes later the next strike would be the Sim.

Also, while walking their dog, I've seen a neighbor of my Sim get struck by lighting (with no umbrella), so it's entirely possible just by being out during a storm.
28th November 2012 10:49am
Jade says...
Woah. Did your sims have the Unlucky trait?
12th April 2013 7:06pm
I Say... says...
Aren't those Sims dead by now?
15th May 2013 12:49pm
Anna says...
One of my sims was very close to being struck while fishing he's not lucky or un-lucky. Another time my sim's house was "this" close to being struck
31st December 2013 10:31pm
Bree says...
The Spring Dance King and Queen don't get crowns ?
1st December 2012 2:37am
Iomai says...
Spring Dance King and Queen get plaques with crowns on them.
3rd December 2012 3:38pm
Ines says...
I've tried dancing for more than 5 hours and still someone else won the title of Dance Queen...
7th December 2012 6:11am
Curious Player says...
Any info on the Festival Consession stands? and have the nectar guide been updated for the new harvestables?
9th December 2012 6:54pm
sinajax says...
I've gotten bananas to work in them - but pumpkins will not.
1st January 2013 5:03pm
Mrs. Finch says...
Any idea how many different types of fancy eggs there are. I've found 5 so far myself. Have poked around online but have not seen any that I missed. I have screen shots of the 5 types I did collect.
26th December 2012 9:53pm
anonymous says...
3rd January 2013 3:19pm
Blew says...
Go into buy mode --> outdoors --> outdoor activities and it should be one of the first items.
4th January 2013 8:28am
FutureVet says...
When i had a party some people came over with umbrellas so i went into buymode pressed "E" for the eyedropper tool and clicked the umbrella :) It worked for me lol :)
1st January 2014 5:43pm
Kim says...
I can't find any festivals in any of the seasons at all.. How can I find them.... I've gone to the big lot (Central Park- Sunset Valley) and it wasn't there.
9th January 2013 7:52pm
Bekkah says...
You'd have to have placed the festival lot beforehand. When starting a new game or resuming one, it should have come up once the game loaded asking if you wanted to place the lot.
18th January 2013 7:36pm
Baileeyy says...
When you start a new game it starts on a Sunday and each festival shows up every Monday depending on how long you have each season set.
24th March 2013 11:02am
Brittney says...
How do I get a festival? Do I have to build the lot myself or is it already in all the towns?
11th January 2013 1:58pm
Joria says...
Britney in my game it took a couple of days before the Festival showed up in my Big Park. I thought I had to place it but it will show up automatically. You'll get a notice saying the Festival has come for whatever season it is.
1st April 2013 3:41am
Jess says...
It's been raining everyday and thundering and lighting a lot too ,I bought umbrellas and the only used it twice and the umbrella looks broken. Is it just a glitch? Or do I need to get new umbrellas?
14th January 2013 1:06am
Laura says...
^You'll need to get a new umbrella. I've found the umbrellas don't last very long before breaking. My sim will still use it after it has broken, but she gets soaked.
29th January 2013 5:34pm
Julia says...
This website is so helpful! I ordered Sims 3: Seasons and it should come soon, about Thursday. Thank you! I am TWICE as excited now!
29th January 2013 2:17pm
Alicia says...
Hi I was just wondering what time the festival comes because I tried to go to the festival to go the the haunted house and there was nothing there just the normal park. Does the festival come late?
15th February 2013 11:27am
Megan C says...
Thanks for the info about the flowers! I didn't know they were worth anything, and I found 4 cosmos in one day but didn't pick them!!! *cringes* Well, I know now, so I'll keep an eye out. :) Thanks
24th February 2013 4:46pm
Jamie says...
How do I open presents when I have a gift giving party?
23rd March 2013 9:15pm
Joria says...
Carl, players do improve at horse shows and eventually get to the point they are winning every game against their opponents.
1st April 2013 3:45am
Liz says...
My Sim went on a date to the festival and played horseshoes with her date. Now he's stuck playing horseshoes and she can't do anything with him. How can I get him unstuck?
3rd April 2013 1:22am
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