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The Sims 3 Seasons: Winter

Winter Festival, Tickets, Snow and Staying Warm

The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack
The Sims 3 Seasons - a Blizzard in Town
Union Cove, our Forum's town in Winter. Click to enlarge.

The Sims 3 Seasons' Winter is a beautiful time of year, with the new weather system coating the world in a blanket of white snow. Winter weather itself offers several new activities Sims can take part in, a Winter Festival, and the cold temperatures outside present the need to stay warm. This guide to Winter will cover all the new features of the Season and how you might avoid your Sim Freezing to Death in the cold.

Weathering the Cold
Sims need to dress in an outfit from the new clothing category, Outerwear, in order to stay warm when outdoors on a Winter day. They'll automatically change into this type of clothes on cold days most of the time. Otherwise, click the Sim and change outfit. Sims might never freeze when wearing their Outerwear, although unnaturally cold temperatures could do it. Regardless, the only way you're likely to see this is if you deliberately have a Sim outside in any other type of clothing.

A Sim is Freezing to death in The Sims 3 Season - a Hair Dryer to the rescue
Thaw freezing Sims with a Click to Save Their Lives.

You'll get a temperature-dependent amount of time before feeling cold starts and the Teeth Chattering moodlet begins. At that point, you've got a -10 moodlet and a fair warning to seek the warmth of a building or switch to outerwear to immediately raise your Sim's body temperature. If you do not do this, a Sim will get the Frostbitten moodlet, turn blue, and inevitably freeze solid. If another Sim cannot be used to select them and Thaw Out, the frozen Sim will freeze to death.

Snow provides a lot of entertainment to Sims, so dressing properly will allow them to enjoy it. Heavy snow may even lead to school cancellations for kids, so they can play outside and partake in Winter activities.

Christmas lights on a house in The Sims 3 Seasons
Hang Holiday Lights to Celebrate the Winter Season

Holiday Decorations Mistletoe and Lights
Just as we might for Christmas or other Holidays, Sims can decorate their homes with Holiday lights. Simply click the front door and you can choose between two styles, along with a color. These lights will automatically be strung around the roof of the house.

Mistletoe is another option. Find this plant under Buy Mode's sort by function Decor > Miscellaneous Decor. Clicking this will allow a Sim to ask for a kiss of another under the Mistletoe. Success here leads to a 4 hour +20 moodlet.

Ice Skating in Sims 3 Seasons' Winter
Ice Skating is a Great Way to Earn Festival Tickets

Winter Festival and Snowflake Day
There is a Winter festival in town, which gives Sims an opportunity to enjoy some seasonal activities. The big park in town is usually converted to the festival lot within a couple days after the start of a new Season. There are two activities Sims can do at the Festival to earn tickets, which can be exchanged at the concession stand to buy seasonal items: snowboarding and ice skating. Doing either will earn your Sim five tickets.

Snowflake Day is held the last Thursday of the Winter Season. On this day, all Sims will be friendlier to one another and get a +10 moodlet for the duration. Everyone also gets a day off from school or work.

Gift-Giving Parties
Use the phone to access this new type of party. Your household will automatically get a pile of presents as the festivities begin. You can either call Sims to open presents, or they'll open them automatically 2 hours after the start of the party. Sims gather round and go through getting their present, some will be happier than others. You can also send Sims home early after the presents have accumulated, to keep them all for your household. Other Sims won't like this much, but you won't make instant enemies.

Snowboarding in The Sims 3
Seasons Brings Snowboarding to The Sims 3

At the Winter festival, Sims can use the Snowboard half-pipe to get better at this new hidden skill, which has three levels and makes Sims do tricks and fall off the snowboard less often. Doing so earns five festival tickets, as well. You can buy your own half-pipe using holiday tickets at the festival's concession stand.

Ice Skating
Another hidden skill is Skating, which translates to both ice and roller skating. Sims can skate on the rink at the Winter Festival or any lake that gets iced over in the cold weather. Doing so at the festival will earn your Sim tickets. Clicking the rink while skating lets you have your Sim skate backward if they're skilled enough, or spin with another Sim which usually results in a fall if the skaters aren't well-practiced.

Making Snowmen
Sims can work alone or in pairs to make snowmen when there is enough snow on the ground. There is a 50% chance of learning a new Snowman type when making one. Traits and certain other attributes determine what Snowmen your Sim can learn to make. Here is a picture of all six types, with a list of traits to unlock them:

Sims 3 Seasons Snowmen - Common, Hockey, Tragic Clown, Evil, Alien and Grim Reaper Snowman
Common, Hockey, Tragic Clown, Evil, Alien, and Grim Reaper Snowmen
  • Common Snowman - All Sims can learn to make this type of Snowman.
  • Hockey Snowman - Athletic, Loves the Outdoors, or having an ice skating rink on the lot.
  • Tragic Clown Snowman - Having a low mood of -40 or lower, or the Grumpy or Hates the Outdoors traits
  • Evil Snowman - Daredevil, Evil, Mean-spirited and Pyromaniac (hidden trait)
  • Alien Snowman - Insane, Computer Whiz Aliens can make them as well.
  • Grim Reaper Snowman - Unlucky, Evil, having tombs or urns on the lot, or having a part-time job at the Mausoleum will unlock the Grim Reaper Snowman.

Snowball Fights
Sims can have snowball fights, which is a hidden skill that carries over to Water Balloon Fights.

A Gift Giving Party - You Might Keep Them for Yourself

Sims can work alone or in pairs to make Igloos. They can go inside and sleep, but expect the possibility of a bad night's sleep while lying on hard ice. Sims can also woohoo in the Igloo.

Snow Angels
Click the ground to select the Make Snow Angel interaction. Insane, Absent-minded and Clumsy Sims may make them face down. Just like Snowmen, Sims who are angry with another may destroy their creations out of spite.

Polar Bear Club
One interesting little moodlet can be acquired by swimming in cold water during Winter. Do so, and your Sim will get the Polar Bear Club +15 6 hour moodlet for their refreshing dip.

Comments (83)

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Jason says...
Winter is my fav season
18th November 2012 2:51pm
Anonymous says...
Whenever my sim throws a gift giving party even though she has the legendary host reward and party animal trait. Is it because no one can drive around in the snow to get to her house?
18th November 2012 4:42pm
Lexicanium says...
You didn't quite complete that thought. Are you saying no one came to your party?
16th January 2013 11:20pm
Kat says...
I can drive around in the snow, so I'm guessing that's a glitch ... I am currently throwing a gift party in Sims (I pressed the "windows" button on my computer so it's closed right now), && I have no idea where to put the gifts. XD But I think that's a glitch with your game, because with the lifetime reward your sim has, everyone should show up to the party.
20th January 2013 5:29am
Charlotte says...
they will automatically appear stacking up in a random place wehre everyone is basically crowding around you'll see them eventually
8th March 2013 9:55am
Terri says...
Not sure but having a death flower in your inventory might help you discover the grim reaper snowman. It was the first one my sim unlocked after the first few classic ones. Not discovered any of the other yet.
(She didn't have any of the other helpers)
18th November 2012 5:51pm
Hannah says...
My child sim managed to make a Grim Reaper snowman on her second try, but her traits were 'Loves the Heat', 'Loves the Cold' and 'Vegetarian', and there definitely weren't any tombstones, and I tried again with her mum on a different lot and she made it on her 3rd try, (she had the same traits but with 'Loves the Outdoors' and 'Nurturing' as well), so maybe it's something to do with vegetarians??
18th November 2012 6:10pm
Robin says...
My sim did it on his 2nd try... and it is about luck to get different styles like UFO, Grim reaper, hokey,clown, and classic :D
23rd January 2013 4:45pm
Silvara says...
I can't get the gift giving party to work. My house is more than big enough, and I've even put everything from the entryway and family room into storage just in case. But it keeps saying there isn't enough space for the presents and making me have a normal party instead. Any way to tell which room it's trying to use? I don't want to pack up the entire house if I don't have to...
18th November 2012 6:49pm
morpheus says...
I have the exact same problem, and would love an answer to this as well.
9th March 2013 11:04pm
rj says...
I just wanted to tell Carl thanks for this website, you always ha e all the answers I'm looking for. You rock Carl!
18th November 2012 9:13pm
lalamagic says...
How can I get my sims sick? I have already gotten the Frost Bite moodlet, but I can not figure out how to catch the flu or a cold.
18th November 2012 9:24pm
kiarakaye says...
Lala I got a cold from getting soaked during a rain storm. Not sure if that is what caused it but it's how it happened with me.
19th November 2012 4:00pm
lover sims says...
For some reason my sim gets sick then the whole family does i dunno why but here's your awnser

This is why all you have to do is get one of the floaty things for water or stand outside in the rain without a umbrella or stand outside with a swimsuit on then they will get sick when they get sick go the the hospital and get a flu shot!
28th December 2012 8:07am
Millie says...
My sim got sick from sleeping in a sleeping bag outside. Weirdo :P
14th January 2013 1:15pm
Morgan says...
Does the Seasons expansion pack come with a Christmas tree or will I need to buy one from the Store?
18th November 2012 10:44pm
ombradellarosa says...
I'm pretty sure the Store offers a free gift pack with a non-functional Christmas tree (it's under lights, I believe). They may offer this again closer to Christmas time.
19th November 2012 5:13am
Mallory says...
Yea it's on there now
30th December 2012 8:29am
Jess says...
You used to be able to download a holiday pack from the store that contained a Christmas tree for free but I can't find it now, you may have to wait until around Christmas before they'll let you download it again
19th November 2012 5:17am
Jordie says...
i think you can get it 4 free on the store.
19th November 2012 6:19am
Asaia says...
It doesn't come with seasons, but one of the old free Holiday packs from the store (no longer available at, but you can probably find it online somewhere) has a christmas tree.
19th November 2012 8:40am
Kayla says...
Season does not come with one.
19th November 2012 9:04am
Meagan says...
If you go to the sims 3 store and click on SETS, then HOLIDAYS AND GIFTS, there's all the Holiday themed stuff and you can get all the registration rewards there, if you've registered your game. There's a Christmas tree and other holiday theme packs there. Hope this helps!
16th December 2012 6:30pm
Silvara says...
Okay I feel dumb now. But in case this was the issue for anyone else:

I forgot I had set the gate as the Front Door. So after I realized this and changed it to the actual Front Door, the gift giving party worked with no issues.

I built a wall around the house to keep the Zombies out at night and set the gate as the Front Door so they couldn't just walk in.
19th November 2012 12:27am
Tracey says...
Love your website, and have often been grateful for the multitude of information that can be found here. Thanks for continuing to update it and for just being plain awesome :)
19th November 2012 2:57pm
Ratatoyi says...
My sims cant wear their outerwears... why ? please help me huge problem
19th November 2012 8:40pm
Desiree says...
How can I fix the ice skating/ diving board/ snowboarding/ rollerrink glitch? My sims act like they are going to do the activity but then glitch and you are unable to have them perform act.
19th November 2012 10:36pm
Marron says...
Did ya already fix this?
I have the same problem =(
24th November 2012 8:14pm
Lauren says...
Im having the same problem with the halfpipe and skating rinks havent had a problem with the diving board i wish someone would fix this
27th November 2012 2:34am
Ella says...
I had trouble with the half pipe too. Make sure the sim can get to the ladder, not just the half pipe.
28th December 2012 12:46am
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