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The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Pack: Genies

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The Sims 3 Showtime Guide
The Sims 3 Showtime Genies Outfit

The Genie is the occult life state brought to The Sims 3 with the Showtime Expansion. These powerful beings are enslaved and bound to a magical lamp, forced to do the bidding of their master. That is, the lucky Sim who holds the lamp! While you get only three wishes as one would expect from a Genie, by using one of your wishes they can be released from the lamp to join your household.

Finding a Lamp
There is a Lifetime Reward for 30,000 happiness called a Dusty Old Lamp. This is the only direct and easy way to get a magic lamp, although there are two free but very random options available to you. They can be found rarely while exploring the catacombs in any town's cemetery, or through the dimensional gate you can access by upgrading the PlasmaPunch Gyroscopic Conductor with level 10 handiness. Either way, once you have it you are ready to summon a genie and make a wish!

A genie grants a Sim's wish in The Sims 3 Showtime

A Genie can grant a variety of wishes for your Sim. After your Sim makes a wish, the genie needs about a day of rest to do it again. In between time, you can summon the genie at any time and socialize with him or her. To save you trial and error, here's a list of what each of the genie's wishes do:

    A Sims 3 genie uses her magical powers
  • World Peace (World Misery if Evil): Sims get a nice 3 day moodlet, and can forever talk about World Peace or World Misery to other Sims.
  • Resurrect Sim: With the remains of a Sim on your lot, this wish will be selectable and return them to life.
  • More Wishes: When running low, you can get a chance at more wishes. You should get at least one, which basically wastes your time but it's worth a shot.
  • Love: This lets you select any Sim you know and instantly makes them fall in love with your Sim. You can't select genies with this wish.
  • Long Life: Wishing for Long Life will add 30 days to your Sim's lifespan, so that they can stay in the current life stage longer.
  • Large Family: Use this before your Sim woohoos to try for baby and they will have triplets.
  • Happiness: This gives your Sim an Eternal Joy moodlet with no timer, meaning they will have its +25 boost forever.
  • Free the Genie: Requires friends status. After the completion of an opportunity the genie will join your household. Will not work if you already have a Special Opportunity in that slot, so clear it or finish the previous task.
  • Fortune: Gives your household 100,000 Simoleons instantly.
  • Beauty: Wishing for beauty will make your Sim forever more attractive to others, enhancing the success rate of any romantic interactions.
A Genie's Magical Lamp from The Sims 3

After your third wish is used, the genie's lamp will remain yours to keep, which is kind of a raw deal for them if you think about it. However, Sims can go so far as to fall in love with a genie. They cannot be married or have children while still enslaved but you could technically carry your Sim's boyfriend around in her pocket and summon him when needed. It seems a female Sim should be able to get pregnant by a male genie and have a 50% chance of a genie baby being born.

The Sims 3 Opportunity to free the genie and make them join your familyFreeing a Genie
You can add a genie to your family by befriending them, then using a wish to free the genie. A short opportunity chain will come up when you select the wish, requiring you to freeze the lamp in the fridge, then heat it in the oven and finally carry it with you into the catacombs at the graveyard. Upon summoning the genie again, they will join your home.

Genie Characteristics
Genies have the same needs as a regular Sim, only a longer lifespan. Because of their magical powers, they levitate when they run and move a lot faster than a regular Sim. They come with several helpful abilities and are probably the ultimate utility Sims. They can instantly clean the entire house, or a Sim. They can also summon perfect quality food in group portions (no ambrosia, but I recommend baked angel food cake for the buff). If a Sim really gets on your nerves, a genie can Banish them, which sends them somewhere else and out of your hair. Something genies can do which can be very useful, is ensorcel Sims to do their bidding. This charm puts a 4 hour buff on a Sim and gives you temporary control. Literally, the Sim will appear as a household member for this brief time. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean they will be receptive of interactions with your Sims, but you as the player can make them do anything and have full access to their inventory.

Genies in The Sims 3 Levitate when they run

Genie Babies
A Sim trying for a baby with a Genie would produce a 50% chance at offspring with genie powers. If you really want a genie baby, save the game before the pregnancy begins. Otherwise, you can affect the gender by using the Watermelon/Apples Trick. They cannot grant wishes but have the same powers as a freed genie.

A genie child in The Sims 3 has the same powers as her parents

Genie offspring can begin using their powers at the Childhood stage. It's going to be a lot easier to do chores with the clean entire house ability, and they can ensorcel a smart Sim to help them with homework! They of course have a chance to pass their powers on to later children. Thankfully, genie kids are children for the same length of time as a regular Sim. Their extra lifespan is for the adult years. Genies that die will still have their powers as genie ghosts.

Comments (35)

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Bassoonish says...
I have discovered today on accident that traveling to the future (and possibly other destinations) resets the genie lamp. You will have to clean it again, and you will get a different genie, and have 3 more wishes.
28th June 2014 3:36pm
Charming Charisma says...
helpful hint part 2: In edit town mode, move your sim in with family and raise kids if possible. Leave household as all adults with basic requirement- bed per sim and refrigerator (university frig doesn't count). The rest of the house,household items,house foundations and yard embellishments are free for the taking. Happen to move in with kids? GREAT! Change options to enable aging in 2 days as baby, toddler, teen, to adult.In 6-8 days, pick out the lifetime wish as swimming in cash. Like to sell house foundation and household items I won't use for the 50,000 needed to complete the swimming in cash lifetime wish for kids. Parents, change their lifetime wish with the 10,000 points to swimming in cash for more genie bottle.
6th September 2013 7:58am
charming charisma says...
part 3 of 3 helpful hint: I have to make my genie at supernatural and move my genie to different town like sunset valley or Union Cove Seasons map;Then can bring up genie on university program. When go to university, found you can reuse the genie lamp MANY times. Use only 2 of the 3 wishes then go to university... it will reset wishes to 3 again with a new genie in bottle. What a great way to get more wishes, money and genie friends. Found you can get potentially 24 or more extra wishes per genie bottle if choose to get all degrees at university. Can get more if your sim need to attend college 2 times to get degree (could get up to 48 extra wished per bottle). Basically use only 2 wishes per trip to university or home.
6th September 2013 8:49am
Charming Charisma says...
Helpful hints part 1: Due to the powers of cleaning house,self clean,making food you can avoid traits such as natural cook, neat, or using lifetime wish for dirt defiant. Here are some tips for quick money with a genie. Don't use lifetime wish points for inheritance (only get 100,000 when a genie lamp can get you 300,000). Ensorcel sims for their inventory-to transfer to your own for use or sell their inventory. Note, can only have total 8 in household so can't ensorcel more than the household limit. When sims are ensorcelled pay attn. to their lifetime wish you could get free genie bottles if their wish just happens to be swimming in cash.
6th September 2013 3:15am
Bella says...
Is there any way to have a human sim become a genie without entering CAS? Thanks :)
18th June 2014 8:28am
SunnySideUp says...
Do genies have maxed skills?
7th June 2014 8:55am
thesimlover says...
This game is awesome can't wait to get it and thanx for the head ups of the game
2nd April 2014 2:20am
RandeshaH says...
I created two genies in CAS but when I try to use play with genetics to make a child of any age but young adult+ the child is invisible.

I had a set of triplets with a female genie in regular game play and none were genies (though two were blue). Has anyone else had this problem? I don't use CC or mods.
30th December 2013 2:58am
Gumflabica says...
I have a male fairy and a female genie. The genie is free, but when I try for baby, she doesn't get pregnant. I hear the special chimes, but she never gets the nauseous moodlet. She does not have any nausea related lifetime rewards. Is there anyway I can use cheats to force a baby into her?
17th November 2013 3:28pm
Tori says...
You could use Master Controller.
9th February 2014 12:59pm
Steaphan says...
What is master controller and how do I get it?
25th February 2014 9:30pm
Cutiepie says...
Um... I have sims 3 supernatural expansion pack but I When I go to create sim and try to click genie it says require expansion pack. What should I do?
23rd October 2013 11:33pm
Vicky says...
Even if you have supernatural if you want a genie then you need to get showtime because the genie only comes with showtime.
22nd December 2013 8:10am
wally says...
Not sure if anyone else has had this happen. Maybe Admin can answer if others can't. For the long life wish, does it only expand one life stage or all of them? I'm up to IP EP wise and I just had a fairy young adult wish for a long life which expanded her base 105 day life span to 210! Totally doubled it and made me extremely happy! Of course it's going to take her forever to reach adulthood, but will she also have 210 days there or only 105? And what about elder? I've never gathered how long that life stage is suppose to be... On this site it says the long life wish only adds 30 days, but on the wikia it says it doubles the lifespan and in my game as I said it doubled her young adult lifespan.
It should double the lifespan, period. Every age will last longer, giving the Sim a lot more time before death comes knocking... Ambrosia would be particularly potent for this, since it would reset even more time when used.
24th September 2013 12:18am
Jacqueline says...
I have an adult male and female genie who are both free, and in a romantic relationship, yet it won't let them try for a baby, only whoohoo, try for a baby isn't even an available option. have you had this kind of problem as well?
29th December 2012 10:03pm
EeTTerol says...
Maybe you have a max of you household limit (8 sims). But if you have only 2 sims then i can't help you :(
21st January 2013 9:07pm
Jade says...
Try making sure that their relationship bar is maxed out. That might sound dumb. But yeah. You can also try giving the "Surrounded Bh Family" lifetime wish. Or the "Family Oriented" trait for both of them. I hope this helps you!!
12th April 2013 3:31am
katie says...
if your in uni it only lets you woohoo other then that im not to sure maybe just keep trying to get them to make out etc and hope something more can happen as ive never had this problem before hope you work it out :)
2nd May 2013 2:44pm
VasHappenin1D says...
Hey, ive recently made a family and my Adult male sim is like a genie, although he isnt blue. he levetates when i select run and can clean the house and other sims. how did this happen and how can i undo it? i have no idea what i did, it just happened.
18th December 2012 4:32am
Jade says...
This sometimes happens. (I made filled sunset valley with genies.--I used a LOT of cheating--) Anyway, don't worry. If they look kind of poop brown, or any other colors skin, it is probably just because of the skin tone they were born with. To fix it, just cheat really fast ;) ---Ctrl+Shift+C> testingcheatsenabled on> the shift+click the genie (works on sims too) and select "Edit in Create A Sim" and just change the skin tone. You might need to click the brown-ish (or whatever color) circle next to the skin tone slider. The click the blue and TAADDAA! Please let me know if this helps!! (And when you are done, if you don't want the cheat on anymore, just Ctrl+Shift+C> testingcheatsenabled off ) haha :)
12th April 2013 3:28am
lol person says...
He meant it was not the colour, but he can do magic stuff
7th June 2014 8:57am
katie says...
hi you wont be able to undue it as its like having a fairy sim etc you will just ever have to let him get rid of his powers or create a new game but only way to get rid of the powers is get your other sim to ask him :) hope this helps you!
2nd May 2013 2:40pm
Katgirl129 says...
Although I understand you like his skin color but want him human... The cheat testigncheatsenabled true (or on) edit in cas will not only allow you to change his skin color but also everything else, it allows me to change sims after their hideous birthday transformation...
20th August 2014 1:25pm
Tiffany says...
I didn't see it on here so I want to mention that their is an elixir at the alchemy station that is called Vial of Bottled Genie. It turns a sim into a genie it says. Ingredients are firefly prantinus, firefly caeruleus, and firefly purpureus.
The reason it's not mentioned is because this page is part of the Showtime expansion which came before the Supernatural one where it is mentioned.
7th July 2013 1:34pm
tiffany says...
Just bought the Showtime expansion and this is the whole reason I bought it.
6th July 2013 2:51pm
lois says...
Same I've always wanted to play as a genie/ get wishes :D
5th October 2013 10:14am
Rei says...
Im having a slight problem with the sims3 seasons this doesn't happen often but my game will randomly shut off on me it's been doing this since i installed pets and my game is up to date do you have any advice
12th April 2013 3:44am
Dezi says...
It happens to me alot but only when I update my game or patches.. Think it might have something to do with origin?? Have no idea. Annoying but.
27th April 2013 11:11am
Kelley says...
My game was doing the same thing, then my boyfriend upped the ram on my computer and it stopped randomly shutting down on me.
7th June 2013 9:20pm
Taylor says...
Hey I had the exact same problem like yesterday download the current patch (1.55) and your game will work!!! I'm playing right now :)
1st September 2013 10:52pm
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