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This page serves as a list of all articles we've written about The Sims 3 and its expansions. We'll update it as new pages are added. The sheer scope of the guide can be seen here. A lot of the links in our sitemap will help owners of the console version of the game, but if you want a more focused view of things that are offered, have a look at our Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Guide. If you can't find what you're looking for, use this site search function, powered by google:

Sims 3 Guide - The main page of the guide. There you can keep up with latest site developments

The Sims 3 Articles

Detailed List of Articles:
          Best Moodlets - Staple moodlets for keeping Sims in a great mood
          Challenge Tournament - Participate in our 2010 challenge tournament, or pursue our creations
          Challenge: Immortal Dynasty - Create eight generations of Elder firstborn who attain immortality.
          Cheats In-Depth - Explanation of cheats and how to use the Sims 3's cheat console
          Cheats Part 2: Testingcheats enabled true - Learn about the powerful testingcheats
          Chess - Tips to playing chess with traits that will help Sims become grand master
          Create a Pattern Guide - Make your own patterns in The Sims 3.
          Create-a-Sim - customizing the look and personality of Sims.
          Create-a-Style - making custom clothing looks.
          Create a World - An introduction to the free tool offered by Electronic Arts.
          Death - Learn how Sims die, and maybe save them from it
          Download The Sims 3 Manual - if you'd like an electronic version
          FAQs about The Sims 3 - Common questions from players about the game
          Ghosts and the Afterlife - What happens when Sims die? Also managing ghosts
          Guitar Income - How to make insane cash playing guitar
          How to Play - Newbie Guide - For the newest among you. Basic gameplay concepts
          Lifetime Rewards - Learn about all the LTRs up to Ambitions and what they do
          Build and Edit - Learn all about building and editing in The Sims 3.
          Edit Mode Tutorial - With overview of interface.
          Edit Lots and Lot Types - All about Lots
          Pools A three-part. Learn beginner pools to making multi-level infinity pools
          Roofs A three part piece on roof design.
          Home Design: Beginner - Guidelines for making a good starter home that's not a sectioned off square
          Home Design: Intermediate - How to spend that $70,000 on a great house.
          Home Design: Building on a Slope - How to build your home on a Slope
          Home Design: Garages - Designing several types of Garage with build mode.
          Households: Moving, Switching - Moving Sims in/out of a Home and Changing Active Households.
          Moving from one Home to Another
          Moving Households from one Town to Another
          Parties - Get help throwing a great party
          Real Estate and Venues - Buying and Upgrading Business and Venues in Vanilla and Ambitions
          Sims 3 Review - My review of the base game
          Sims 3 Mobile Review - Leto85's review of The Sims 3 Mobile version.
          Sims 3 Barnacle Bay Review - My review of the pirate-themed town purchasable from The Sims 3 Store
          Sunset Valley Guide - A guide to Sunset Valley in The Sims 3 for PC/Mac.
          Support the Guide - For those who ask, ways you can help the guide
          Tips for the Sims 3 - General gameplay tips for the masses
          Traits List - An all-inclusive list of traits in the original, and expansions. Includes info on the
           hidden traits Sims can learn at birth. You'll learn what each trait does, and get ideas for making
          Sims with personality.

          Wish Management - the Ins & Outs of Choosing Wishes for your Sim.

The Sims 3 Families

These guides focus on starting a family with a baby, and provide tips to raising up a family. Learn about the various stages along the way to adulthood.

          Having a Baby - Adoption or the Woohoo way! Also, Twins and Triplets
          Babies and Toddlers - Caring for the little ones, and giving them a head start
          Birthdays - treat your kids to a good party as they grow up
          Children - Time for school! Info for getting them through childhood
          Teenagers - High school and part time jobs are available to teens

The Sims 3 Relationships

This guide covers all aspects of building relationships in The Sims 3 with pages dedicated to the following information:

          Introduction - Conversation Tones and Relationship Levels
          Friendships - Improving relationships and keeping them
          Social Interactions - The basic social interactions offered to all Sims
          Romantic Relationships - Romantic Interest, Boyfriend/Girlfriend and becoming Husband and Wife
          Woohoo and all other Romantic Social Interactions
          Traits in Conversation - The traits that affect conversation outcomes the most

The Sims 3 Careers

This section provides massive coverage of making money in the Sims 3 the traditional way. Learn about all the careers included in the original game. World Adventures does not add any careers. The Ambitions careers are all under the Ambitions section which you'll find further down this page. All career track-specific pages have promotion levels and shots of the various uniforms.

          Sims 3 Careers, Jobs, and Professions
          Self Employment - ways to make money without taking on a real job
          Part Time Jobs - mainly for teens to bring in extra money
          Good Traits for Career-Oriented Sims -traits that work well for career-oriented Sims of all types
          Helpful tips for Promotions - Help raising that career performance bar faster!
          List of Careers A-L - See the uniforms and a top-level salary comparison
          List of Careers M-Z - Same as above

          Business Career Track
          Criminal Career Track
          Culinary Career Track
          Journalism Career Track
          Law Enforcement Career Track
          Medical Career Track
          Military Career Track
          Music Career Track
          Political Career Track
          Professional Sports Career Track
          Science Career Track

The Sims 3 Lifetime Wishes

This huge section contains everything we know about Lifetime Wishes in the Sims 3. Head to the index (above) to read up on how wishes are selected. Further, you'll find information on the lifetime happiness reward amounts for all wishes, and can read our selection of Lifetime Wish walkthroughs. These generally provide the best traits for a Sim to complete a particular lifetime wish with helpful tips from th writer to assist you along the way. See the expansion sections below this list for our walkthroughs for those World Adventures or Ambitions specific wishes.

          Lifetime Wishes - the main page, with an overview of wishes and changing them
          How it Works - How traits determine Lifetime Wishes
          Lifetime Wish List A-J - What traits inspire which wishes, with tips to completing them
          Lifetime Wish List K-Z - Same as above
          Walkthroughs - detailed index of all walkthroughs on the site
          Become a Master Thief
          Become an Astronaut
          Celebrated Five Star Chef
          CEO of a Mega Corporation
          Chess Legend
          Creature Robot Cross-Breeder
          Culinary Librarian
          Forensics: Dynamic DNA Profiler
          Emperor of Evil
          Gold Digger
          Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
          Great Explorer
          Hit Movie Composer
          Illustrious Author
          International Super Spy
          Jack of All Trades
          Leader of the Free World
          Living in the Lap of Luxury
          Master of the Arts
          Perfect Garden
          Perfect Mind, Perfect Body
          Perfect Private Aquarium
          Professional Author
          Renaissance Sim
          Rock Star
          Star News Anchor
          Super Popular
          Superstar Athlete
          Surrounded by Family
          Swimming in Cash
          The Tinkerer
          World Renowned Surgeon (pre-Ambitions)

The Sims 3 Objects/Buy Mode Guide

I made this section for search engine visitors to find where to buy certain objects in the game. I also serve up some tips on making good purchasing decisions.

          Sims 3 Buy Mode Guide
               Living Room
               Dining Room
               Kid's Room

Regular Sims 3 Skill Guides

These are the skills included in the regular game. For Ambitions and World Adventures, see their respective sections. All these guides offer a ton of information about the skills for newcomers and veterans alike. They've been refined a lot over time and I always appreciate tips to improve them.

Some of these are so big, I felt inclined to break them into separate sections.

          Sims 3 Skill List - A list with a bit of information about each skill, and how they may interest you.
          Skill Tips - Where can you learn skills and how you can raise them faster

          Athletic - Running, Weight Lifting and improving health

          Charisma - Make friends, and help with Professions and Adventures
               How to Learn the Skill
               Unlocking Skill Levels
               Charismatic Traits

          Collecting - All the things Sims can find out in the world, and earn money doing so.
               Collecting Maps

          Cooking - Make better meals and get a great moodlet. Help stop kitchen fires!
               Ambrosia - This food of the gods enables immortality
               Challenges and Opportunities
               Good Traits for Chefs
               How to Cook
               List of All Recipes

          Fishing - Bring in Simoleons and food with rod and reel
               Challenges and Opportunities
               List of All Fish
               Good Traits for Fishermen
               How to Fish
               Riverview Fishing
               Sunset Valley Fishing
               Fishing Tips

          Gardening - Learn about raising a garden, fertilizer, and making perfect plants
               Finding Seeds (with maps)
               How to Garden
               Secret Plants
               Perfect Plants
               Plant List

          Guitar - Skills in Guitar can make your Sim both popular and rich

          Handiness - Upgrade household objects to make them much better

          Logic - Smart Sims are great at chess. Also helpful for careers and solving the unsolvable

          Painting - A big cash cow. Learn about painting and how to make more money from opportunities

          Writing - Write novels and earn royalty checks
               List of Book Types
               Challenges and Opportunities
               Good Traits for Writers

The Sims 3 World Adventures

          World Adventures Guide - Learn what's new in the World Adventures expansion.
          China - Shang Simla, China. Home to Martial Arts and many great Adventures
          Egypt - Al Simhara, Egypt - unofficial home of Photography. Explore the great pyramid
          France - Champs Les Sims, France - Nectar Making and grape capital of the world
          Martial Arts Skill - Become a Sim Fu Master
          Nectar Making Skill - Brew and Sell Nectar
               Recipes & Blends - Learn the best recipes for profit
               Nectar Quality - How is Nectar Quality determined?
               Nectar Maker Upgrades Comparison - Valuable information on the machine and its upgrades
          Photography Skill - Become a master Photographer
          Mummies - Learn all about mummies, and how you can make your own.
          Pangu's Axe - Useful info on gettig the axe, which is used in a lot of places
          Relic Collections - A reference page about how to get relics, and a list of all collections
          Tomb Raiding Tips - General tips for surviving adventures and coming prepared
          Tomb Building Tutorial - Learn to Build Tombs
          Transfiguration with the Display Case

          World Adventures Collecting Maps - Collectibles Sims can find in Egypt, China, and France
          World Adventures Fishing Spots

The following are the Lifetime Wish walkthroughs we've written for World Adventures. Read these to learn tips to selecting good traits for completing wishes quickly, and gameplay tips from our team that will help make it a smooth journey.

          Bottomless Nectar Cellar Lifetime Wish
          Martial Arts Master Lifetime Wish
          Physical Perfection Lifetime Wish
          Private Museum Lifetime Wish
          Sesoned Traveler Lifetime Wish
          Visionary Lifetime Wish
          World Class Gallery Lifetime Wish

The Sims 3 Ambitions

          Sims 3 Ambitions Guide - An Overview of the Ambitions expansion's new features
          Bake Sales - The kids can now hold bake sales! Learn about them here
          Consignment Shop - The Consignment Shop gives Simmers a great place to sell their products.
          Simbot - A faithful companion available through Inventing of Lifetime Reward
          Architectural Design Profession
          Education Career Track
          Firefighter Profession
          Ghost Hunting Profession
          Inventing Skill/Inventor Profession
          Private Investigator Profession
          Sculpting Skill/Sculptor Profession
          Stylist Profession

The following are the Lifetime Wish walkthroughs we've written for Ambitions. Read these to learn tips to selecting good traits for completing wishes quickly, and gameplay tips from our team that will help make it a smooth journey.

          Descendant of da Vinci Lifetime Wish
          Fashion Phenomenon Lifetime Wish
          Firefighter Super Hero Lifetime Wish
          Paranormal Profiteer Lifetime Wish
          Monster Maker Lifetime Wish
          Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law Lifetime Wish
          World Renowned Surgeon Lifetime Wish

The Sims 3 Late Night

          Sims 3 Late Night Guide - A guide to all the new features in The Sims 3 Late Night expansion.
          Mixology Skill Guide - A full guide to the mixology skill with a Drink List and information on challenges and drink types.
          Bass, Drum, and Piano Skills Guide - A three in one, featuring the three new musical instruments offered by Late Night.
          Film: Acting & Directing Careers - A full guide to the Film Career track. Sims can achieve stardom as an Actor or Director.
          Celebrities - Raising the Star Level for Fame - Get social with celebs and become famous in the process.
          Bands in Late Night - Guide to playing gigs in a band.
          Vampires and Plasma Fruit - Learn about the Nightwalkers in Late Night.
          Zodiac Compatibility List - Learn about the Sims' Astrological Signs and which are compatible.

Late Night adds some new Lifetime Wishes to The Sims 3. These serve to teach about new features and provide help to Simmers looking for a way to complete them quickly and efficiently. Bits of info like the best traits, and detailed explanations of why certain strategies were chosen serve to aid you in finishing the wish.

          Distinguished Director - Name drop and film your way up to becoming a noteworthy Director.
          Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous - Become a wealthy celebrity musician and tour the city with a band.
          Master Romancer & Superstar Actor - A two-in-one guide to two of Late Night's wishes.
          Master Mixologist - A guide to rising up in the Mixology trade.
          One Sim Band - Playtesting detailing some of the Instruments' mechanics (guitar, bass, drums, piano) in Late Night.

Old Challenge Articles

The following were challenges created before our tournament. Read how our team completed them, and find links to the original rule sets.

          Baby Boomer
          Centurian's Couples
          Centurian's Solo
          Maximum Moodlets
          Renaissance Smackdown
          You're Hired! The Trump Challenge

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