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The Sims 3 Sculpting Skill Guide

List of Sculpture Types, Learn to Sculpt, and the Sculptor Career

Sims 3 Ambitions Sculpting - A pretty shot for the intro

Sculpting is a new skill included in the Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack. In this guide, we'll learn about the mechanics of the skill and the types of things that can be created. You'll find help with unlocking the various sculptures and making money as well. The sculpting skill can be extremely profitable with the right knowledge, and has far surpassed my expectations. This page will also cover the Sculptor career, in that it is mainly a side perk of focusing on the sculpting skill. Sculpting can be a handy skill to have if your Sim is an Architect.

Note that I'll talk about making a profit as a sculptor a lot in this article, but through it all remember that if you like the way it looks, use it!

Learning to Sculpt
Sculpting is a hands-on skill. You can't learn it from books or classes. There are so many sculptures to unlock that to bother to do so would be laughable! Get started by purchasing the Pedestrian Sculpting Station from the Study/Hobbies tab in buy mode. You can then practice sculpting with the station, which can hold one sculpture much like an easel in painting. Once your sculptor has gained the first level, you may want to go to City Hall to register as self employed and take on the Sculptor profession. This is a nice little perk with The Sims 3 Ambitions - you can get cash bonuses as you rise up in the ranks and get the occasional honor trophy to decorate the house.

Sculptor Career Levels
Job TitleBonus AmountProfits total required to advance
Questionable Potter$50
Cro-Magnon Clay Creator$150
Sculpting Gozer$300
Block Buster$1000
Obelisk Architect$500$2500
Ice Guy$5000
Renaissance Sculptor$1500$10000
Chiseled Chiseler$25000
Topiary Tantalizer$2500$45000
Master Sculptologist$5000Done?

The 'Sculpt' Action
When you select Sculpt from the action menu, your Sim makes a random sculpture from the huge available pool. This is the only way to learn to make new sculptures. You'll eventually know so much that it's easy to get frustrated seeing the same things over and over as you try to discover more. There are many dozens of sculptures to learn.

438 tries for a toilet in the Sims 3 Ambitions
The Toilet in All its Glory
Unlocking and the Master Sculptor
Let's cut to the chase. If you're the type of person who wants to master every detail of a skill, sculpting may frustrate you. There is going to be a lot of variation in what two Sims know how to make if they aren't going to be in use for a really really long time. I thought it would be neat to furnish the entire home with objects made through sculpting but it just wasn't happening the way I wanted. Why? Because of the huge amount of random variation. Take this for example: my Sim had created 437 sculptures before finally making a toilet. He had a table or two, some chairs, and probably every type of sculpture but a serious lack of furnishings. Now, your experience may not be as harsh since you know to focus on the sculpt command in clay.

The best way to unlock is to craft either clay or ice sculptures. Clay if you want to go for pure creation and don't care about making less money, ice if you want to find a nice balance. If your Sim is lucky sometimes they'll make an ice sculpture instantly, so it can be much more exciting.

Breaking Sculptures & the Sculptor's Egg Cut
At level 5 in sculpting, your Sim will unlock the Sculptor's Egg Cut for Fluorite. Sims that break stone sculptures may find Fluorite, along with Woohooium. With Savvy Sculptor, you won't find these this way because sculptures won't break. Thankfully, you can use the miner, dig through garbage cans, and find them in relic shops and in tombs with World Adventures. Additionally, with Martial Arts from World Adventures the Fluorite can be found by breaking space rocks with Martial Arts.

Sims 3 Ambitions Sculpting -

Sims 3 Sculpture List

A couple of email submissions led to the publishing of this list. It's believed to be all the available scupltures Sims can make. There are two exceptions: The Immoderate Water Fountain and Sculptor's Gnome. Both of these will only appear at random when using the sculpt action. As such, they'll never appear on your Sculptor's list. Sorry, you can't easily make an army of gnomes.

Bar Stool

Bab's Towering Barstool
Barstool de Mish
Old Sam's Barstool
Parlor Perch Barstool
Sturdy Stool

Bathroom Stuff

Bargain John
First Step Potty Chair
Plain Basin
The Porcelain Throne
Sink in Despair
The Thru-Flush Toilet

Coffee Table

Case Closed Coffee Table
The Mission Coffee Table by Lulu Designs
Two-Ton Table

Dining Chair

The Cozinator 450
Dinner Party Perfect Chair
Good Old Sam's Dining Chair
The Elsinore
Mount of Comfort Dining Chair
The Muga Sitzer
Rafkin's Dining Chair
The Simmer Down Chair
Sit-up Straight Dining Chair
Stone Seat from Tomb Dining Inc.
Yankee Doodle Dining Chair

Dining Table

Another Era Dining Table
Knack Outdoor Table
Table de Bistro by Bourgeois Creations

End Table

End of the Line Table
Le Petit Table
Royal Francois End Table from XIV Antiquities
Tabla Del Extremo


Artsy Easel
The Clothing Hamper by Full Load Inc.
Epic 10th Anniversary Chess Set
Flavor Savor Nectar Rack
Infinitory Imaginary Station
Mirage Garbage
The Necteaux
Yummer's High Chair

Living Chair

The Avant
Bracken Living Room Chair
Lazy Lounger
The Olafian
Passable Mission Chair
Pete's Living Room Chair
Practically Yours
The Regal Rester
The Savannah
Simply Elegant Seating
Swank Living Room Chair


Antique-But-Not Lotus Pot
Globe Sculpture
Rory's Display Pedestal - Egypt
Rory's Display Pedestal - France
Sleeping Gnome McMulty
The Urn of Franco


A Show of Force
Alexia Full of Hair
Deep Thoughts
Fab Fabled Filly
Fabu Foo
Gally de Orleans
Just a Kitten
Lenny the Evil Freezer Bunny
Medusa Victim
Modernist's Flame
Out of Water
Perfect Piece
Phillippe of Aznac
Rodent Repellent
Siren's Call
Socratic Therapy Bust
The Gazing Pharaoh
The Guardian Griffin
The Tiki Lord
Viva el Mano
You've Got a Big Head

Metal Sculptures

Larger Than Life Sculpture
Shapely Conundrum
Shiny Things Metal Chair
SimBot Scraps
The Steely Stallion


Anna the Panda
Dragon Dougherty
Felix the Giraffe

Not all of these sculptures are new, but rather stone, ice, clay or wood varieties of things already in the game (exception being topiaries and metal sculptures, of course). Some of these are only available with World Adventures installed. Unfortunately, I cannot at this time sort through which are which.

You unlock the ability to make Ice Sim Sculptures at Level 6.
Sims 3 Ambitions Sculpting - Ice Sims

The Best Traits and Lifetime Rewards for Sculptors
First and foremost comes the Savvy Sculptor trait. This seems to eliminate, or nearly eliminate the chance that your Sim fails and destroys a sculpture. I'm sure it also raises the rate at which you learn the skill, which is a sort of trivial point. You can of course decorate your Sim's home with their sculptures, but eventually you'll want to sell them either through the interface or at the consignment shop. Knocking out all the challenges will boost your potential profit, and buying the Artisan Crafter Lifetime Reward will boost your sculptures' values by 25%.

Your Sim will get better and better at sculpting each specific type of sculpture. What they learn about making a dining chair in clay will carry on to its stone counterpart. So, you can train your Sim and boost the value of all future works. I recommend doing this with clay. Find a type of object you know sells well, and start making a few dozen. You can then be a specialist in that type and produce it in stone. This will maximize profit over time. It's really the only way to get exceptionally good profit out of sculpting. Otherwise your Sim's experience is spread all over the place and you never see a masterpiece for $8,000 Simoleons or more. When you have plenty of Simoleons save back some high dollar sculptures and let them grow in value at the 2% rate per day, then sell them for even more later at the consignment shop on a huge markup. Keeping these expensive sculptures around is a good reason to grab the No Bills Ever Lifetime Reward from World Adventures.

How cool is that? Your very furniture can gather 2% interest per day, as opposed to the depreciation of the store-bought stuff. Each piece of furniture you unlock helps a lot!

Topiaries seem to offer the highest per hour earnings when things go smoothly and they churn out at 2 hours a pop. Focus on one type and the cash will get better and better. I recommend the Dragon Dougherty

Sims 3 Ambitions

Sculpting Challenges and How to Level
If you're shooting for the optimal system to raise your Sim's sculpting, you may want to proceed in this fashion: Sculpt 5 clay and 5 metal sculptures (15 scrap), then move on to wood, ice and stone. The goal is to get 5 of each completed, then knock out 5 topiaries at level 10 and achieve the Master Sculptor challenge. You'll finish chiselmaster along the way and be 5 away from Prolific. Then, you can work with the 'Sculpt' Ice action and try to finish the Ice Personality challenge and unlock as many patterns as possible.

Make 20 Sculptures. This shaves about 25% off the time it takes to make all sculpture types.

Prolific Sculptor
Make 35 Sculptures. All materials (even scrap) are free.

Master Sculptor
Make 5 of each type. Sculptures are about 25% more valuable.

Ice Personality
Make 25 Ice sculptures and new ones will no longer melt.

Sculpting Materials

First, a little about the multipliers below. When dealing with all but 9 of the sculptures available, you can make them in Clay, Wood, Ice, or Stone. The others are under Metal and Topiary. When dealing with these four primary types of materials, the big differences lie in the completion time and how many times better than clay they are for the average piece.

Masterpieces and Brilliant Scupltures are a little wacky in how much the multiplier fluctuates. It can be 5x higher or less than double. Nevertheless, the mechanics always leave you feeling rewarded when you pull out one of these rarities. They just may not go as high as you'd like.

Note the Values Change: While a particular piece will start about 5x higher in stone, this wanes to 2.5 or 3x higher when you get a lot better at one sculpture type. Ice falls to only about 50% better, but still has a better time-money ratio. Wood gets forgotten throughout all this. I found this most surprising during the tests I conducted for this article. At one point, wood sculptures became equal to clay in value while taking more time.

There is sometimes variation in finish times. Sometimes your Sim will lop off the top of a block quickly, and other times they may piddle for hours without making any progress. This is most noticable in Topiaries, which typically take 2-3 hours but I have seen take 5 or more.

Sims 3 Ambitions Sculpting - Metal

Listed hours to completion are fully upgraded estimates. Note that all costs are eliminated with Prolific Sculptor skill challenge completion.

Clay: Level 1, $3 - 3 Hours
This starting material is not a bad choice for learning new types of sculptures as it's the fastest of the four 'main' materials. I feel it loses out to ice because you can make a ton more money along the way to finding those sculptures you want access to. It can be handy for training your Sim in one sculpture type to try to get a really high value sculpture to set a record.

Metal: Level 1, 3 Scrap - 6 Hours. About 4x higher values than clay (comparatively)
Head to the Junk Yard to get scrap, unless your Sim is a real Da Vinci and has an Inventor's Scraptronic Workbench and you want to buy them that way. Metal has its own types of objects, and there are 5 types to discover: a chair, a SimBot statue, a metal Sim, a horse and the 'shapely conundrum'. Your Sim can catch fire, and it happens quite a lot so hopefully there's a shower near your work area! Metal are not the best type for this reason, and that nothing about it really shines. Get the statues for the cool factor and move on.

Wood: Level 3, $25 - 4.5-5 Hours. About 2x Clay
The only times I'd mess with wood sculpting would be when I want something with that particular look. Ice is just so much better for money making. It blows Wood away in value and time.

Ice: Level 5, $100 - 3.5-4.5 Hours. About 3x Clay
Until you get the Ice Personality challenge done, you'll want to sell these quickly. They melt after a few days. Ice is good for unlocking new types of sculptures and making money at the same time. It may also be a good training medium for improving your Sim's skill in one type of sculpture.

At level 6 Ice Sim Sculptures are possible

At level 7 Brilliant Sculptures are sometimes created

Stone: Level 8, $500 - 7.75 Hours. 5x Clay
These will be the highest value sculptures out there, and get really nice once your Sim has specialized in something for quite some time. The base really will be 5x higher than that of a clay "good" quality piece. The Topiary could be better for pure profit, but Stone can set high selling records. My best statue was an Urn of Franco at $8,200.

At level 9 Masterpieces are Possible

Topiary: Level 10, $50 - 2 - 4 Hours. Highest $$ per hour.
Topiaries are in short supply. There are only four: Dragon Dougherty, Penguionopoly, Felix the Giraffe and Anna the Panda. My Sim averages about $900 per hour making Dragon Dougherty. He created a masterpiece for $4,200 Simoleons, which was really nice as it only took two hours. I suggest you pick a topiary type and stick with it if you want pure profit since, like the others, your Sim will get better at these.

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Comments (11)

Chris says...
Is there any way to change the colour of the stone statues? I have tried in build buy but the game won't let me.
3rd February 2014 6:55pm
Joe says...
If you were looking to get the absolute most out of sculpting in the least amount of time, I found out that if you cancel your sim's action once they've put the block of material on the sculpting station, when you have them resume sculpting it will immediately be at the first "break point" eliminating the waiting time before the sculpture actually starts.
10th March 2014 3:28pm
Laura says...
Something interesting, I sculpted a Zombie when it appeared on my property. The sculpture looked more like a minatore than the person.
8th September 2012 10:22pm
Bryan says...
What you got was the failure version of the sculpture.

There are two ways to fail at Ice Sculpting. One, the ice shatters completely at the first "break" or reveal point. The second way to fail is to carve the Joker (I don't know what it is actually called.) instead of an image of the Sim who's modeling. You can also see this at the first "break" point, and it becomes obvious after the second.

Completing the Joker sculpture will cause your relationship with the modeling Sim to take a small negative hit. However, the game will not let you scrap it.

Unlike the complete failure when the ice shatters to nothing, the Joker does count as a completed Ice Sculpture for the purposes of completing the Sculpting Skill Challenges. It can also be sold to increase your Sculpting Career sales metric or kept and it appreciates in value like a normal sculpture, if you have completed the Ice Personality skill challenge.
23rd December 2012 4:30pm
Susan says...
Why can't I use the toilet sculpture as a toilet? It has the options, but it has the foot symbol above the sim when I try to use it.
7th February 2013 9:01pm
Jake says...
You have to remove it from the sculpting station, then you may use it.
26th March 2013 10:48am
Caitlynn says...
Hello, I am at a lose about how to take a sculpture to someone? How do I put it on my sim to take with her?
You put it in the family inventory.
17th June 2013 2:51pm
Vikk says...
I keep getting opportunities to create a stone doorstop or ice sim sculptures for businesses around town. However, when I make the ice sim sculture, it only gives me the options to sell or view. I can't put it in my inventory and there's no option to use it for completing the opportunity, and I don't know why?
You need to use buy mode to place the sculpture into the family inventory then you will be able to complete the opportunity.
29th July 2013 12:54pm
sorrowwgirl says...
Idont have last thos options Renaissance Sculptor $1500 $10000
Chiseled Chiseler $25000
Topiary Tantalizer $2500 $45000
Master Sculptologist $5000 Done? why?
They are the final promotions of the sculpting self employment career. You have to sell your sculptures to get to those ranks.
7th August 2013 5:34am
Rowan says...
hah i got a dining chair then a toilet huzzah!
9th September 2013 8:08pm
Kaydda says...
man, all the cool careers are in ambitions. I guess I have no choice but to buy it if i want fun careers for my sims...
11th May 2014 8:44pm
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