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Gems and Gem Cuts in All Expansions up to Supernatural

NanitesSpace RocksTransfigurationWorld Adventures Maps
Anushka's Gem Collection at our Sims 3 Forum
Download Anushka's Gem Collection Lot at our Forum

I really like collecting Gems in the Sims 3. You find them in a rough state. They can be sent to a jeweler to be cut, for a fee. Because of the fee, not all cuts are profitable for all gems. There is one challenge associated with gem collecting: Gem Collector. It will unlock the heart-shaped cut once you've collected 10 types of gems. For this reason, be sure to hold on to any gems worth over $250. You'll thank yourself later when you can cut multiple gems with this amazing 5x bonus. With the heart shaped cut, a pink diamond could easily be worth $8000. Here's a table of the gem cuts:

TypeCostImproves Price by:Break Even ValueCuts RequiredGem Value Cut*
Emerald$10125%$400< $40*
Crystal Ball$100260%$6345$84-171
Star Cut**$400400%$13475$300-599
Heart-Shaped$1000500%$250Gem Collector$600+

Uncut Gems in the Sims 3*This information was provided by Caliban at the Forum. I'm glad someone good at math stopped in to help. Look to this section of the table for when you should use what cut depending on the gem's value, for optimal profit. You'll note some are the same. When your Sim has both cuts available, use the higher level of the two cuts.

The break even price is what the gem must be valued at to make no profit and take no loss. You should usually avoid getting gems cut that are under the break-even with one exception. I usually use the emerald cut on any low value gems, because you need to reach a certain number of cuts in order to unlock each new type of cut.

*Aliena stopped by the forum to point out to us that the data indicates that Emerald, Pear, and Marquis cuts shouldn't be use when looking to maximize profit. You should instead use the next best cut. You'd always use Emerald cut to raise your total number of cuts to unlock the better ones, of course.

Gem Cut Calculator
Jagid has shared a handy gem cut calculator with us. This will let you see how much profit can be made from each cut based on the value of the uncut gem. You can download it here. He has also provided some helpful observations based on gem prices which can help people transfigure tiberium.

Heart Cut Pink Diamond in the Sims 3Here's a list of all gems in the Sims 3 with a ballpark estimate of their value:

Blue Topaz: $20
Smoky Quartz: $25
Emerald: $30
Ruby: $35
Yellow Sapphire: $50
Tanzanite: near 100
Diamond: up to $200
Luminous Gem: $300-350
Rainbow Gem: $700
Pink Diamond: $1600

Gems are found out in the world, but they can also occasionally be found when exploring the catacombs under the graveyard.

A beautiful shot of large spire cut tiberium

World Adventures Gems & Cuts

World Adventures adds plenty of new gems from each location for your Sims to collect. There are also gem cuts to accompany several of them.

Gems available at all Travel Destinations in The Sims 3 World Adventures: The following gems can be found any time your Sim is on vacation in any of the new places:
Geode: $100
Quartz: $20
Septarian Nodule: $300
Tiberium: This gem deserves its own section. See below.
Soulpeace Gem: $2-4,000 These can be obtained from Martial Arts Board Breaking Space Rocks, occasionally in dungeons, but primarily through transfiguration

Jade: $200
Lapis Lazuli: $20

Amethyst: $25
Citrine: $40
Opal: $450

Alabaster: $30
Torquoise: $70

New Gem Cuts
Spire Cut: Available at start. This is used for Tiberium and makes a gem about 70x the value of the base. This seems ridiculous when tiberium costs $6,500 to cut but the value will increase yet again when the gem grows. So, a tiberium with a value of $100 would be made to cost roughly $7000 then jump up to $35000 after growth. Because of these multiplers the cut is amplified by large increments when Tiberium starts valued even 20 simoleons higher. We've recently discovered the heart cut can allow tiberium to grow, so we're currently recommending you skip this one unless it's a bug that's fixed in the future.

Polished Split Cut: Use on Geodes and Septarian Nodules which have a value of at least $33 to make a profit due to the 2.4 multiplier. This cut is unlocked at start for those two gem types.

Skull Cut: Created by transfiguration. This will increase a gem to 10x is value. Twice as powerful as the heart-shaped cut, when employed it can produce an amazing profit.

Tiberium in the Sims 3 World Adventures uncut and spire cut.

Tiberium Gems
Tiberium hails from EA's Command and Conquer series. It's a radioactive energy source and having it in Sim's inventory can cause radiation sickness. The moodlet is -25, and while it may make your Sim feel bad, it cannot kill them. This gem can be a bit confusing so I'll attempt to clarify some of the dynamics we've noticed through discussion on the forum.

Raw, Uncut tiberium can grow on its own without doing anything special to it if it has seen some travel time. Travel seems key here, as the tiberium you get from breaking space rock blocks at home doesn't seem to grow on its own. So, you'll generally not need to cut it if you got it from adventuring.

Tiberium comes with two cuts available to it. You can choose between the spire cut, which is unique to Tiberium, or the heart shaped cut. The heart cut is the best choice here, because it will still grow and is much cheaper. It purifies the tiberium as well as the regular spire and allows it to grow into a large spire cut with a massive value.

Once your Sim has made the initial investment of getting it cut into the heart or spire shape (taking travel's effects on raw tiberium into account), Tiberium is free to grow. Place it on the ground, and within a couple days it will zip in value up to around $40,000 Simoleons. It's the single most profitable item in the game without toying with transfiguration.

Tiberium in close proximity to one another do not grow. It's unclear as yet whether this is a bug or feature. Also, some members have reported tiberium spreading but these reports have not been confirmed. If it does grow it takes more than a few weeks as per my testing.

You can get tiberium from the ground on travel destinations, from the relic vendor in Egypt, from breaking space rock blocks or by transfiguring items with a display case.

Ambitions Gems & Cuts

Ambitions brings a new gem and gem cut to the game. Simmers can unlock the sculptor's egg cut with level 5 in the sculpting skill. The cut costs $175 and gives a x3 multiplier, so should only be used on gems that are worth at least $88 to make a profit.

A Sculptor's Egg Cut Fluorite Palmstone in the Sims 3 AmbitionsAdditionally, a new gem, Fluorite Palmstone, can be found primarily by breaking stone sculptures. Note that with the Savvy Sculptor trait, your Sim will never see this happen because they don't break sculptures, ever! Otherwise, the gem can sometimes be found when rummaging through trash cans, using the miner. Players with World Adventures may find them by breaking space rock blocks, at a relic shop or as a random reward in a tomb.

Late Night Gems

The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion adds two new gems to the game, but no gem cuts:

Smithsonite - $31-71
Vampire's Eye - $220-375

Supernatural Gems, Cuts, and Gemcutting Machine

Sunstone, Moonstone, and Bloodstone in the Sun, Moon, and Gem Dust cutsWith Supernatural installed, you not only get three new gem types and cuts, you can also purchase the Gem-U-Cut Gem Cutting Machine, which will discard all math about breakevens and which cut to use for what gem value. The new machine lets you cut gems free of charge, although you still need to unlock new cuts by cutting x amount of gems.

Bloodstone: $35-105
Sunstone: $330-720
Moonstone: $375-855

You'll unlock the new Sun and Moon cuts at 100 total cuts, each boosting the value by 500% and costing $600 at the mailbox. Given the price, it's clear a Gem Cutting machine can quickly pay for itself. You'll also get Gem Dust from the machine. You get an average 1.5 as a by-product of cutting any gem, and 2.5 with the Gatherer trait that comes with Supernatural. You will not get any dust using the mailbox. Gem Dust is used in Alchemy as an ingredient. You're also be able to cut Gem Dust directly, but it actually lowers the value of the gems (though you get three, it's only worth 25% of the original each). It's better to cut gems and get the dust as a side order with a cut gem to sell. Note that Tiberium gem dust will grow into a spire cut tiberium, so you can get multiple spire cuts from one gem!

Thanks to my dear friend and Forum Moderator Anushka for providing Supernatural gem info and the above screenshot.

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Comments (28)

Internet Toughguy says...
If anyone hasnt tried it yet, you can put tiberium gem dust on the ground and it will also grow into large spire cuts in a few days
8th September 2012 9:00am
Kahvozein says...
Hey guys i got free tiberium from the magic closet.It is somewhat a rare reward when you adventure in the closet
30th March 2013 10:31am
Max says...
Weird I got Tiberium and Soulpeace on my lot without doing any adventures.And they keep respswaning.
29th March 2013 1:10am
Jenn says...
heart-shaped may be a cheaper cut, however if you cut it into a spire, you get more dust and all of it will grow. also, selling the large spires outright is about $40,000 but if you consign them you can get up to $80,000.
1st April 2013 9:19am
Kim says...
Great info! My Fairy on Sims 3 supernatural (I had ambitions dl'd too) has gather and lucky traits and I got a pear shaped emerald worth approx. 29 million. I wasn't paying attention as it was only the 2nd day I was playing this character. it kinda took the fun out of it cause I can buy anything and don't have the need for work! Anyone else come across a gem worth so much?
2nd September 2013 10:25am
Creste says...
The gem cut calculator isn't accurate
7th November 2013 10:01am
JonMom says...
Can anyone tell me if there are any new gems for generations, Seasons, and/or Island Paradise? Thank you.
27th November 2013 10:30pm
Phil says...
My heart sank a little when I read "EA's Command & Conquer series". RIP Westwood Studios...
15th February 2014 6:47pm
Sharon says...
There is Also the Moon Cut & Sun Cut.
5th April 2014 5:03pm
Sarah says...
Where do I actually buy the gem cutter? I have looked under every category in buy mode and I can't find it. I have the Supernatural expansion.
19th May 2014 7:13pm
sickwithsin says...
Sort by room > Study > Hobbies and skills


Sort by function > Entertainment > Hobbies and skills
5th July 2014 9:54pm
ash says...
I have collected all of the gems for regular sims3 but its not unlocking the heart shaped cut.I am trying to make a simbot.what can I do?! So frustrated! Please help!
15th January 2013 8:20am
k2m1too says...
I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere, so I tested it myself - tiberium gem dust DOES grow if placed on the ground just like a regular cut tiberium. At least it did for me. It took a couple of days. I'm going to test it again to make sure.
26th December 2012 8:18pm
Nancy Sexton says...
Hey - gem dust works as an ingredient for transfiguration, easy to make a ton of soulpeace this way.

But then, if you CAN cut gem dust and get even more gem dust, then even more soulpeace (transfigure until you are blue in the face).

But how do you cut the dust??? My sims is a gatherer (trait), a gem collector and a metal collector (collection skill challenges).

If I click on the gem dust in her pocket the only option is to "give gift".

If I click on the machine it is greyed otu as if there is nothing in her pocket to cut - weird, not only does she have that dust, but some other uncut gems too.
9th October 2012 10:27pm
amelianna says...
don't panic over the uncut gems you can still click on them & cut with machine. as for the gem dust I don't think you can cut that as it is, like it says, dust left over from previous gem cutting.
1st September 2013 7:06am
TiberiumDust says...
Thought you should know that if you cut Tiberium in the cutting machine, the dust left over will also grow into large spires...
8th September 2012 10:55am
cathyknits says...
I actually got a slightly different breakpoint for the choice between Crystal Ball and Brilliant - it worked out to switching to Brilliant at a base value of 167.

For cutting without the gem cutter, the break-even point for Sun and Moon cuts is 150! This makes them the most profitable cut for almost any gem - it's the same boost as the Heart cut but a lot cheaper.
8th September 2012 12:06pm
Wendy says...
Tiberium dust will convert into a spire cut gem
Thanks to you and the last to post about this - Seems solid so I've edited it in.
8th September 2012 4:55pm
Sasha says...
My two dog hunters have brought back extremely valuable gems, including luminous gems, rainbow gems, and 2 soulpeace gems (one each). Only one of them had the hunter trait.
13th September 2012 4:11pm
SimulationGamer says...
Yes, dog hunts and werewolf hunts can both turn up the rare stuff including raw tiberium (and this was having them only hunt at night). With the gem cutter it's nearly an exploit for wealth.
15th September 2012 4:34pm
Starwind says...
What are the double asterisks for next to the Star cut name? Also where did did the Star cut info come from, I thought the Star cut was missing.
14th September 2012 7:49pm
Trixie Lulamoon says...
The Star Cut came with WA, but was a hidden cut and was not obtainable without hacks. In the Pets Expansion Pack, an update allowed the Star Cut to be used. As for the double asterisks, the two paragraphs underneath the table might have something to do with it; I'm not sure.

Hope I helped :D
8th October 2012 1:24pm
agdjh says...
tiberium gem dust grows
19th September 2012 10:04pm
HeroicJay says...
Okay, have all the expansions through Supernatural, got some Tiberium, cut it in the machine (Spire Cut), and... it's stuck in my inventory. Can't take it out. Can't sell it. Can't give it as a gift. Can't consign it. Can't do anything whatsoever with it! The dust can be removed from my Sim's inventory, but somehow the Spire cut is stuck and refuses to budge. Of course, this means my poor Sim has Tiberium sickness that I cannot get rid of, let alone all the Simoleons I can't make from letting it grow and selling it. What the heck?!
22nd September 2012 9:18am
Chelsea says...
I just discovered that you can use gem dust as a potion ingredient (for example, moonstone gemdust!), so it is very profitable to get a gem-cutting machine for alchemy! Cut every gem before using it, if you can, and you will have many more uses.
26th September 2012 3:45am
Khaldovah says...
Hey :)

I did the math on the gemcuts and then I found this site! The crystal ball should only be used up until 166$ and Brilliant should start at 167$. (not like it REALLY matters either)
Just wanted to help you guys out with correcting this GREAT and HELPFUL site!!!
28th September 2012 1:27pm
Gardo says...
Tiberium Dust and Heart Or Spire cut gems need to be placed in a 4x4 square and be placed in the centre for anything to grow. You can get anything from 35k to 45k per Large Spire cut gem once they have grown. I had roughly 14 pieces growing at one time and made a fortune as they sold for 40k each which was very lucky.
1st July 2014 1:30am
Jasmine says...
My dog using sniff out collectible found tiberium. I cut it into the spire cut with the cutting machine from SN and the gem dust grew into its own spire.
5th August 2014 7:28pm
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