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The Sims 3 Nanite Collecting Guide

Full List of Nanites, Rares, Maps, and Nanite Values

The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack
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List of Nanite Types in The Sims 3 Into the Future
Common, Uncommon, and Rare Nanites use the models above with different colors for each Type

Nanites are a new type of Collectible in The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack. These new mechanical insectoids are hard to spot, much like butterflies and beetles, but found aplenty in the Future World of Oasis Landing. This Guide will list the various types of Nanites that can be found, their values, and where you can find spawn points for Uber, Prismatic, and other Rare types of Nanites in Oasis Landing.

Bot Making, Designing, and Reverse Engineering Nanites
Nanites are used by Into the Future's Bot Making Skill to create Trait Chips for Plumbots. When you gained a few levels in the Bot Making Skill, you'll be able to Reverse-Engineer any Nanite you find to get Small-Large Blank Processors and learn to reproduce the Nanite (for a price) at the Bot-Building Station, where you are also able to learn the designs for Common and Uncommon types of Nanites. So, once you've caught a unique Nanite, you may use it to get yourself the new Design and never need to catch that kind in the wild again. To learn more about these features, read those other Guides. Here are the yields for Reverse-Engineering the three different Quality-types of Nanites:

  • Common Nanites: 2-4 Small Blank Processors
  • Uncommon Nanites: 2-4 Small to Medium Blank Processors
  • Rare Nanites: 2-4 Small to Large Blank Processors

You can buy these Processors, along with Nanites, at the Bot Shop in the Future. You may also consign them there to sell them for more than their inventory sell worth when you've got some experience doing so.

Map Spawner Locations and Finding Rare Nanites

Unless you've used buydebug Cheats and placed spawners in your selected Town, you will only find Nanites in Oasis Landing. Nanites disappear between the hours of 11PM-2AM and gradually repopulate the world until dawn, upon which time they are at their peak until the sudden disappearance during the late night hours. Thus, your best bet is to start around 7-8 in the morning to ensure all spawners are active if you are going to go out Nanite hunting for a day.

There are no Nanite spawners in the center of the City in Oasis Landing, but on the outskirts and Wasteland they are plentiful. Nanites can be tracked with the Collection Helper Lifetime Reward. I will provide a couple maps of the Wasteland below to show you some spawners, but here is a simple list of where I've found Rare Nanite Spawners in Normal Oasis Landing (there are also Dystopian and Utopian Oasis Landing, which may be different). These Spawn descriptions and the maps should be more than enough to get you by and complete your Collection of Nanite Designs.:

    Outside Oasis Landing Town Center
  • Outside Loel's Lounge, near the 3-way intersection in an open area
  • Corner of the big solar array near the Zephyr Terminal
  • Beside the castle household, near the Playful Public Pool
  • Along the footpath leading back to town by Pleasant Meadows Cemetery
  • Behind the Landgraab House at 1100 Serenity Road
    In the Wasteland, calling Oasis Landing's big wall North
  • East of the site named Barren Wasteland, near a rock
  • Another on the northern side of the Barren Wasteland site
  • At the sunken houseboat south of the Barren Wasteland site
  • At the sunken house north of the Crash Site
  • Southwestern corner of the Wasteland, near another sunken houseboat, up on a hill

Here are a few Maps of Nanite locations to help you find them in the Wasteland and near the town. A few of the spawners on the list above are left off and not all Spawners are active at any given time, so check areas daily to see if Nanites have reappeared there.

Map for where to find Nanites in Oasis Landing

Map for where to find Nanites in Oasis Landing

Map for where to find Nanites in Oasis Landing

List of Nanites in The Sims 3 Into the Future

Note on Nanite Values: Nanites are worth about 33% more than production value when made at the Bot Building Workstation, because you get a 25% discount over their set Max Value in the table below when making them yourself so that you can turn a profit, while Nanites made with Bot Making will always come out at "max value", so Ubers will always be worth $550. A Nanite found in the wild can fluctuate within +/- 25% of this value, so could be worth more than one your Sim creates. When you complete the Micro Master Bot Building Skill Challenge, Nanite prices at the Bot-Making station are halved, so you can get them for half of their production value and really begin to profit, particularly when crafting them into Trait Chips and selling them in Future Tech Plumbots. So an Uber Nanite would cost only $206 to create at the Bot Making Station but will be worth up to $550 Simoleons.

Finding all Nanites will unlock the Nanite Collector Collecting Challenge which will let Nanites spawn on your lot so long as a Bot Building station is present. I have not found this to be particularly useful given that you already have all Nanite Designs by then, but it's some occasional free money. When doing the 'Catch Nanite' Interaction, Sims have a 90% chance to catch Common Nanites, 80% chance at catching Uncommon Nanites, and a 75% chance of catching Rare Nanites.

List of Nanites in Into the Future
NaniteNanite NameRarityMax ValueCost to Make
Neutron NaniteNeutronCommon$20$15
Caustic NaniteCausticCommon$25$18
Quantum NaniteQuantumCommon$30$23
Scalar NaniteScalarCommon$30$23
Lite NaniteLiteCommon$35$26
Lepton NaniteLeptonCommon$40$30
Tribble NaniteTribbleCommon$50$37
Heisenberg NaniteHeisenbergCommon$55$41
Condensor NaniteCondensorUncommon$90$68
Tunnelling NaniteTunnellingUncommon$100$75
Torque NaniteTorqueUncommon$105$78
Induction NaniteInductionUncommon$115$86
Polar NanitePolarUncommon$115$86
Thermo NaniteThermoUncommon$125$93
Dispersion NaniteDispersionRare$250$187
Entropic NaniteEntropicRare$275$206
Optic NaniteOpticRare$310$232
Damping NaniteDampingRare$315$236
Prismatic NanitePrismaticRare$350$262
Uber NaniteUberRare$550$412

This should cover Nanites. Share your experiences with these futuristic Collectibles in our Comments section below.

NanitesSpace RocksTransfigurationWorld Adventures Maps

Share spawn points and tips for finding these collectibles in various Sims 3 neighborhoods here:

Comments (18)

guest says...
I entered the two cheats "testingcheatsenabled true" and "buydebug" and they both work but i cant find how to place the spwans for the nanites.
16th March 2014 4:24pm
Dylan says...
Make sure you are in buy mode when you use buydebug then go into the insects section hope this helped
27th April 2014 4:07am
Koala Biscuits says...
When you're in the buydebug section, click the subcategory button that looks like a flower (it spawns collectables, like insects and nanites)
23rd July 2014 9:56am
Lexmechanic says...
I mentioned it on the forums, but in the dystopian future you can clean up the large rubbish piles using nanites. Once the pile is consumed, a new nanite will appear and can be caught. This can be of higher or lower rarity, but is frequently an upgrade.
30th October 2013 10:38am
Gusti says...
I havent seen this asked, and kind of wondering.
You are mentioning above that the uber nanite can be crafted.
"So an Uber Nanite would cost only $206 to create at the Bot Making Station but will be worth up to $550 Simoleons."

I have maxed out my bot making, and know all nanite designs, except for uber nanite one.. any idea how to get the design?
24th February 2014 6:07pm
Cyron says...
I don't want to travel to Oasis Landing every time I need processors. So I'd like to know which kind of processors (small, medium, large) I get when I disassemble a nanite.
21st November 2013 4:30pm
jorghahaq says...
It's totally random what processors you get. Rare nanites have a better chance of producing the large boards though. Those seem to be the hardest boards to get.
23rd November 2013 3:39am
Cyron says...
Oops forget it. I just found that information.
21st November 2013 8:29pm
Darkmelody says...
Has anyone discovered which number nanite spawners generate which nanites? I need one more, the damping nanite, and I've planted all the rare nanite spawners on my lot, but they take so long to make the one I want. Also, everytime the blue one comes up, which I think is the one I need, it bites him and he can't catch it...
2nd January 2014 3:44am
immortaledchild says...
so i'm not sure if it's just me, but my sim is has mastered the bot building skill (level 10), but she still finds that reverse engineering the uber nanite is too 'challenging'. what can i do?
22nd December 2013 1:48pm
WizardMerlin says...
I know this is old, but what I found works with the Uber Nanite, I have my Bot reach level 10 of the Bot building, usually give him the handy chip and have him reverse engineer a Uber Nanite. I then have him create an Uber Nanite at the bot building station, which my sime can then reverse engineer.
22nd July 2014 11:58am
Juno Beach says...
I tried reverse engineering the Uber nanite and was shocked then told it was too advanced for me (I was at level 10). The nanite disappeared too!
6th December 2013 12:33pm
entrana says...
here is what i did. i used the "testingcheatsenabled true" code. then i used the "buydebug" code. then i went to the bugs section en placed the rare nanite spwans 1-4 on my lot then i just went back to live mode and let time fast forward wachting till ninetis apeared and pickd them up .. got several rare nanite inclusive the uber nanite in a few mins time
27th November 2013 1:42pm
Gry says...
Hey! Im stuck in the game, and cant Get all the personale disks and the game says something about a recurse stasjon not on the lot -.- how can i Get it on my lot?
12th November 2013 7:30pm
Jorghahaq says...
A can clone nanites. When you clone them there is always the possibility that you are going to get the pop up telling you that none only was it cloned but it was upgraded as far as possible. These nanites are worth a considerable amount more that what is listed as max value in this chart. For example, the max value for an uber nanatie is listed at $550. Cloning them, a fully upgraded nanite is worth $687.
31st October 2013 4:50am
VulpineVandal says...
Note: Cloning requires the science research station from University Life.
1st February 2014 3:04pm
Tori says...
Just a suggestion, you could list which trait chips the nanites are used for, I can help if you want.
30th October 2013 4:17am
Trousle Undrhil says...
You can go to the trait chip page and it shows each trait chip and which nanite(s) are required to make it. No need to double the work.
25th January 2014 7:47pm
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