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The Sims 3 Collecting Guide

Collecting Metal Ore Sims can Smelt

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Metal Ore in the Sims 3


Metal ores your Sims collect in the Sims 3 can be smelted for $40. Because of this cost, and the fact that ingots seem to return at 175% of original value, you shouldn't smelt anything under $54. However, once you have completed the Metal Collector challenge (finding all five types of metal) you will sometimes get extra ingots in the mail. This means you could smelt items in the $40 range because you'll often get extra ingots back. Ingots can be stacked. If you want to make an impressive display, make a table with stacks of ingots!

Here's all five types of metals with an estimated base price, which is based on weight:

Iron: $20
Silver: $30
Gold: $80-120
Palladium: $400-500
Plutonium: $1200-1800
So, with smelting costs, you generally won't want to have iron or silver smelted unless you want to lace the back stacks of your gold pile to make it look more impressive! Really light pieces of gold could actually result in a loss, but I have to say I think that's pretty rare.

Metals can be found out in the world, but you can find them in the catacombs sometimes.

World Adventures' New Metals

World Adventures adds two new metals from each destination, along with the ability to create two new types of unique metal through transfiguration. Here are the new metals with estimates of their values:

Mercury: $100-400
Platinum: $250-336

Copper: $15-31
Mummitomium: $750-1200

Iridium: $75-155
Titanium: $450-700

In addition to these, your Sims can create Supernovium and Compendium from the Carter's Display Case XL Edition introduced with the expansion. Read the transfiguration guide to learn more.

Woohooium in the Sims 3 Ambitions

Ambitions Metals

Woohooium Requires The Sims 3 AmbitionsAmbitions offers up a new type of metal, Woohooium. This metal is generally worth more than Palladium and when smelted will be worth around $1200 Simoleons. It is found mainly by breaking stone sculptures, although this option is unavailable to Sims with the Savvy Sculptor trait. Additionally, Woohooium can be found by rummaging through trash, using the miner, and when traveling with World Adventures as a reward for tomb exploration or at a relic vendor.

The Woohooium will spew hearts when Sims nearby perform WooHoo, so it's a nice decoration for the night stand in the bedroom. It's unclear as to whether the metal gives any bonuses. Let us know at our Sims 3 Forum if you discover a hidden use for it.

Requires the Sims 3 Late NightLate Night Metals

Late Night adds just two new metals,with the follow prices (unsmelted):

Tungsten Carbide: $35-70
Carbon Steel: $120-300

NanitesSpace RocksTransfigurationWorld Adventures Maps
The Sims 3 Skills
Advanced TechAlchemyAthleticBot MakingCharismaCollectingConsignment
Laser RhythmLogicMartial ArtsMixologyNectar MakingPaintingPhotography
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Share spawn points and tips for finding these collectibles in various Sims 3 neighborhoods here:

Comments (8)

Commander says...
A note on the Woohooium: I have some in one of my games, and it seems whenever my Sims walk near it, they get the wish to woohoo with their spouse or love interest.
24th February 2013 5:27pm
Lily says...
Where exactly is the palladium because I got EVERY SINGLE bit of metal and gems in sunset valley and not even ONE piece.
12th April 2013 2:46am
Art says...
I have 30 grams of Palladium ore for sale
30th July 2014 5:33pm
Nickey says...
I can't find where to get my stuff smelted?
9th April 2013 7:06pm
april says...
you can just click on it in your backpack
12th May 2014 8:14pm
Urs Pen says...
You don't take the metal anywhere. Just click on the raw metal in your sims personal inventory and choose "get smelted." The sims will then take it to the mailbox, and the next day it will arrive as incoming mail.
12th May 2013 7:15pm
Taylor says...
I've also discovered that Supernovium and Compendium can be picked up from spawn points laid down in buydebug mode. I can't remember off hand which ones I used, but that's how I picked them up, since my sim doesn't even own or has ever owned one of those cases. Not sure if Woohooium can come from the same spawner though.
2nd July 2013 4:31pm
Orange says...
With woohooium you can force ANY sim to woohoo with you >:D. It's also a nice decoration, I guess. I'm gonna test this though with a sim and some enemies... it's been a while since I've had it, so I just wanna make sure it works.
8th August 2014 7:43pm
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