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You can find these lying around like other items, or even spot them with a telescope. I really think the telescope method isn't too great after playing as my logic Sim. He used the telescope heavily to make it to the tenth level, and only spotted a couple of meteorites in all that time.

There are about 32 types of meteorite to be found. There's not real way to track what ones you've found, so a list of all of them has limited uses. See below for a list of all types. Each meteorite you find can be analyzed, which may prove the rock to be worth much more than you originally thought.

Meteorites in the Sims 3Space rocks come in three sizes: Tiny, Large and Gigantic. Gigantic meteorites take up a 2x3 section of floor and can be a pretty impressive decoration. You're more likely to find these types using the telescope from my experience. Overall, the larger finds tend to provide more cash. It seems the price is based on weight and the type factored together.

There are two challenges associated with Space Rocks in the Sims 3: Amateur Rock Finder is unlocked after finding 16 different types of meteorite. This makes it easier to find the others you haven't yet found. The last challenge is Awesomest Rock Collector in the Universe which is completed after finding every kind of rock. This makes it more likely you'll find the most rare and valuable space rocks.

My Sim once found a gigantic space rock valued at $4000 under the mausoleum in the graveyard while exploring the catacombs.

List of all Space Rocks

Thanks to Wildredchild from our Sims 3 Forum
Unusual Bellacite
Carbonaceous Chondrite
Unusual Custerous Gossticite
Unusual Dukedite
Enstratite Chondrite
Unusual Holmberic
Unusual Llamatite
Unusual Mazzadrayte
Ordinary Chondrite
Unusual Sporecite
NanitesSpace RocksTransfigurationWorld Adventures Maps
The Sims 3 Skills
Advanced TechAlchemyAthleticBot MakingCharismaCollectingConsignment
Laser RhythmLogicMartial ArtsMixologyNectar MakingPaintingPhotography
RidingScienceScuba DivingSculptingSocial NetworkingStreet ArtWriting

Share spawn points and tips for finding these collectibles in various Sims 3 neighborhoods here:

Comments (6)

JD says...
Another way to get the huge space rock. Have the teen-age daughter outside, inventing, when she gets squished by a meteor.

Caught me (and her, I bet) totally by surprise.

28th October 2012 5:44am
NomnomNom says...
I used the miner to find a space rock valued at around 19,560 something, most of the gigantic rocks are between 4 and 6000. Use the miner, you will have to invent it using the inventing table.
17th November 2012 12:25pm
Jas says...
I had six kids(an experiment) using the telescopes all at once and found a huge space rock on the first day.
24th November 2012 9:03am
Wolvine says...
If you have the Pets expansion, dogs sometimes find meteors. Mine found a gigantic one when he was only level 6 or so in the Hunting Skill. It doesn't happen often, but it's easier than spending hours at a microscope.
31st March 2013 2:03am
abom says...
Get the Collection Helper! I found and analyzed a bunch of space rocks ranging in price from $2-$13k. I haven't tried the telescope method, but the majority of what I found were of the gigantic variety.
7th December 2013 1:28pm
simmer says...
If u have babies with or marry an alien and the alien has full brain power you can summon meteor. Gives lots of space rocks in one big explosion!
23rd July 2014 2:19am
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