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The Sims 3 Ambrosia Recipe Guide

Getting Death Fish and Life Fruit for Cooking Ambrosia to Make Immortal Sims

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This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

Ambrosia is the most coveted, most expensive and most difficult-to-prepare recipe in the Sims 3. Learning the recipe is no challenge at all. Nay, the Ambrosia recipe book can be bought at the book store for 12,000 Simoleons and requires level 10 cooking skill to be learned. The true challenge comes from getting both the ingredients required to make it. Even better, these ingredients should be in perfect quality. This will help your Sim to get lifetime happiness points for cooking with perfect ingredients. This guide to the Divine Meal should also help Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owners of The Sims 3.

Enjoying a fine meal of ambrosia in the Sims 3Ambrosia is so popular in The Sims 3 because it gives a divine meal moodlet that lasts a full week. This moodlet gives a +75 boost to mood, and is better than the vacation packages. Ambrosia can bring Sims as ghosts back from the dead, just get them to eat it. Additionally, it can reverse aging, allowing Sims to jump back to the beginning of the life phase they're currently in. It won't make an elder into an adult, but it can keep that elder from dying. Coupled with a death flower your Sim can easily have immortality, while all the other Sims around them die of old age and accidental death. Ambrosia is used heavily in the Immortal Dynasty Challenge.

To create ambrosia, two items are needed. Death Fish and Life Fruit. Let's go over how to get each of them, and improve the quality of the ingredients.

Catching a Death Fish at the Graveyard in the Sims 3

Death Fish
Getting your hands on some Death Fish for the Ambrosia is not hard, so long as you follow these simple steps. Death fish are easy to catch. They'll require level 5 Fishing skill (to unlock live bait) to catch. Their favorite bait is angelfish, so the first task should be to get the bait required for angelfish, alley catfish. Alley Catfish can be bought at the grocery store, but don't expect your catches to be high quality at first if you use this default alternative.

Alley catfish are caught using cheese, which can be purchased at the supermarket. To see specific locations for each of these types of fish, as well as the death fish, head to my Riverview and Sunset Valley fishing spot guides.

Start with the cheese, then catch about 6 to 8 alley catfish, then finally catch as many angelfish as you can get. Head to the cemetery in either town (again, consult the fishing spots guide). This can only be done after midnight and before 6am. Use the angelfish as bait, and catch away. This can be done as early as level 5 and catching deathfish will quickly increase the skill. If you get higher quality angelfish, it will become easier to catch better death fish. Eventually you will almost always catch perfect death fish. Completing fishing challenges can help make this even easier. The angler trait would also be handy, but isn't required.

Life Fruit for use with the Ambrosia Recipe in the Sims 3

Life Fruit
Getting Life Fruit for Ambrosia can be time consuming. Life Fruit are harvested with the Gardening skill. In order to grow them, level 7 gardening is required. Look around in town for special seeds. The cemetery is usually a good spot in Sunset Valley. Check near parks in Riverview, as well as along the River. You can tell if your unknown special seed is a life fruit plant by checking if it's wilting as soon as you've planted it. They require loads of water. Sprinklers will help with the daily routine of watering them.

Preparing Ambrosia in the Sims 3Once you've got one life fruit plant, you can begin fertilizing them and improve their quality over a couple of generations. Use vampire fish, and indeed, life fruit itself as fertilizer to help the plants grow better produce. With the first life fruit, you can make Ambrosia as long as you have a death fish as well. Continuing your Sim's gardening effort will lead to perfect ingredients for their ambrosia recipe.

This is the moodlet you get for eating Ambrosia in the Sims 3A Divine Meal leads to One Happy Sim
Yes, Ambrosia's +75 mood boost is huge. Couple this with a trip to the day spa, and your Sim can easily have a full mood bar every single day of the week. Once you've got your perfect life fruit, begin stocking them. Stock death fish in the fridge as well. Eventually ambrosia will be enjoyed as often as they like. With minimal effort you can keep up your stock of these valuable ingredients.

Replicating Ambrosia
While it's generally held that you can't replicate ambrosia in the food replicator, Swede1992, one of our forum moderators, had a great suggestion for a workaround. Prepare ambrosia; however, when your Sim comes to mixing the ingredients in a bowl, cancel the interaction. The bowl is now saveable on the replicator and when you recreate the ambrosia it'll come out at normal quality, but as a fully prepared meal. Don't be discouraged though, it holds all its ghost-reviving and anti-aging qualities along with the divine meal moodlet!

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Challenges and Opportunities

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Comments (27)

hi says...
Can alley cat fish be cuaght in moonlight falls?
15th September 2012 11:15pm
Kendra says...
Yes, Up by the fortune teller near the bridge. Theres 3 spots behind the 2 houses... The middle fish pool has the ally catfish.
26th September 2012 5:53pm
Jesi says...
What about Angelfish? I have yet to find them.
8th February 2013 2:21pm
Jinan says...
Hi about the life fruit, theres a really easy way to get it if youre alright with cheating. Do testingcheatsenabled true and then in buy mode type in buydebug and you can get life fruit, flame fruit, death flower and some more plants and not just plants other things to
14th October 2012 9:29pm
ghost says...
can you get death fish and angel fish?? on the cheat i mean and can you use the cheat on xbox 360??
20th February 2013 8:39pm
Pizza says...
that cheat doesnt work on my pc.
Make sure to put in testingcheats first, then type in buydebug on then you'll have the option to buy stuff in buy mode that are fully grown plants. It works for every PC so it just means there was a misspelling or skipped step.
11th July 2013 8:42am
Alex says...
Death fish are A herbicide, using them for fertiliser as suggested in the article will just kill the plants.
20th October 2012 2:02pm
Katie says...
It actually said to use a vampire fish as fertilizer, not a death fish.
18th November 2012 8:04am
chelsea says...
but you can use deathfish to feed omni plants, the omni plant grows whatever you feed it, feed it death fish, you grow more deathfish :) i do this all the time
29th May 2013 4:25pm
laporschad says...
I can not catch the deathfish i am on level 9 with gardening 10 with fishing 10 with culinary its crazy...i got at midnight n fish and i wont grab on ive even tried good luck
If you use Angelfish as bait in the cemetery in that midnight-4am(ish) window, it should be 100% death fish I believe.
13th November 2012 1:23pm
KenpachiLove says...
Hey my question is: Why doesn't Ambrosia come up as a dish my sim can make even though they have level 10 in cooking, gardening, and fishing, and even read the recipe book for Ambrosia? Is there a certain time when it can be made? Do I need a certain kitchen appliance to make it with?
26th November 2012 8:01am
Luna says...
Do you have Death Fish and Life Fruit?
14th December 2012 12:33am
Cassidy says...
What do you mean individual meal?
6th May 2013 10:46pm
Mia says...
It can only be made as an individual meal I discovered... Ambrosia I mean...
26th December 2012 7:25pm
ghost says...
where can you find anglefish? and can you catch allyfish in any town?
18th February 2013 9:22pm
Adam says...
If you have a Natural Cook use Kick it Up a Notch on the normal-quality ambrosia that comes out of the food replicator, it will jump all the way back up to Perfect quality.
20th February 2013 5:00pm
ghost says...
do the ingredints have to be in perfect qwality
20th February 2013 8:33pm
Brownie says...
I was wondering about the Immortal Dynasty Challenge.. Once you eat it for the first, do you constantly eat afterwards or only that one time?
21st February 2013 1:00am
Dave says...
Normally every 20 days you are advised to eat it
26th July 2013 12:19pm
Celia says...
Yeah does anyone know where to find angelfish in Moonlight Falls? Thanks!
21st February 2013 1:06am
Sharck Nel says...
They can be found at the Stone Troll Fishing Hole. It is in one of the corners of the map (can't say where because you could have your map originated a different way). Hope that helps.
5th March 2013 10:23am
ciphoenix says...
ambrosia can be replicated at perfect quality. mix the perfect ingredients then save in that state. in that way, every replicated ambrosia will be perfect quality.
24th March 2013 12:33pm
Ilja says...
It should be noted that if you get the "cook ambrosia for the restaurant" challenge when working as a chef, there is a large risk that the time runs out before you have a chance to work again. It runs out on wednesdays, and 5-star chefs only work fri-sun.

So if you get the quest on sunday, or you get it on saturday but don't have the ingredients ready you might get the item but be unable to deliver as you can only deliver when actually working.

29th April 2013 3:09pm
Reevan says...
It took me two days to make ambrosia
2nd May 2013 4:04am
Marijo says...
I didn't need the Angelfish to get a deathfish in Island Paradise. I just had my mermaid sim go to the cemetary and she caught 2 deathfish. Is that considered normal, or weird? Mien gott, I don't know...
Deathfish can be caught by a level 10 angler without angelfish.  This has always been true. However the quality of the deathfish goes up when you use good quality bait.
20th July 2013 8:31am
Leahea says...
The opportunity by the science lab did not come up in my game when my sim died,is there a cheat for this? Also I have no food replicator
16th September 2013 11:31am
farmanac says...
My ghost Sim ate like at least five Ambrosia and still it's a ghost. Don't know why but she wont resurrect. Does anyone know if this is common-normal to happen or she should be alive once she eats the meal?
I remember years ago when I started playing Sims3 I resurrected a ghost by the first Ambrosia meal.
13th January 2014 11:43am
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