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Carl's The Sims 3 Gardening Guide: Death Flowers

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Sims 3 - Death Flower Plant
Death Flower Properties
RarityHarvest ValueGrowth Time:
No Fertilizer
Fertilized with
Perfect Life Fruit
Max Harvestable Produce
Specialno value1041

Death Flowers are unique. They have no monetary value, I guess no one wants them. This is crazy given how powerful they are. When the grim reaper approaches and a death flower is in your Sim's inventory, the Sim will exchange it for their life! Holding a few death flowers and using life-extending tricks like Ambrosia, Life Fruit, Young Again LTR and Alchemy potions can effectively make a Sim immortal.

As you can see, Death Flowers are only harvested once before the plant dies.

Finding Death Flowers
Death Flowers can be found in two easy ways:

  • Search our site for special seed locations in each town. Many forum members have provided these spawn points on the various Expansion Pack boards.
  • Many graveyards have death flowers ready for harvest. If they aren't quite harvestable, wait until 5am the next day and check back!

Share locations of special seeds and harvestable death flower.

Comments (21)

Stefan says...
I do not understand how to get multipel of the death flowers, i have one but if i plant it and wait till its fully grown and harvestable. I only have one, so is it inposseble to grow them (as in have a garden full of them) and have multiple of them.
14th January 2013 1:10pm
Mars says...
I was able to get more death flowers by feeding to the Omni plant. So my witches have 3 each.
1st April 2013 10:23pm
Robyn says...
How did you feed the death flower to the omni plant? I have tried, and cannot, and other forums say it's not possible.
14th April 2013 4:55pm
Shadowblasta says...
If you have the green thumb perk you can revive the dead plant for another go at the flower i have grown enough of them to have a few at hand for me and my spouse
9th February 2014 11:14pm
Shar says...
If your Sim is very good at gardening, ie has the green thumb trait, you have a chance to be able and revive the death flower once at skill level 7. Your odds are increased with a higher skill and I'm sure the Lifetime award, Super Green Thumb helps as well.
If your Sim doesn't have the green thumb trait, you can search for more seeds to plant. Graveyard area seems to be the best place to find them.
Good luck, and happy Simming!
22nd January 2013 8:29pm
molly says...
is this the plain sims three? or is it generations
30th March 2013 12:13pm
Jenni says...
Yes Sims 3 :) I can harvest at least 2 off of a death plant with the Super Green Thumb
8th April 2013 9:02am
victoria says...
Where do you look in the catacombs? I can't find it and I really want to be seen again so I can get a boyfriend. I hear the Grim Reeper in my house, but I cannot see him, or find him. Please help ASAP! Thank you.(:
6th April 2013 4:50pm
Minkle says...
Not sure how I found one but I did when looking for rare seeds to make plantsims. So strange.
8th April 2013 11:44pm
Zor says...
do you know if the fairy hidden train green thumb and super green thumb stack or is getting them for a fairy a waste of a slot ?
20th May 2013 5:08am
Maddie says...
There is also the buydebug cheat, which allows you to place multiple mature plants for free. I have 14 death flowers for one family right now, I'm passing them down each generation until I find a sim I really like!
29th May 2013 8:21pm
tammy says...
My sims had 2 death flowers in her inventory but when the grim reaper came, I had no way of getting into her inventory to give it to the grim reaper. Is there a specific way to do this.
23rd September 2013 4:28am
tammy says...
Anyone know this answer
23rd September 2013 6:03pm
SindiDoll says...
I'm having this same issue. all my Sims die of old age regardless of whether or not they hold the death flower. I don't see any way to interact with the death character either with the dying SIM or another SIM nearby who also holds a death flower. it's frustrating as I have read that you can save old age Sims this way.
14th October 2013 4:26pm
BiteMe says...
You don't do anything, and in my experience it's only for sims who die young. Before you shake his hand, a message will come up saying 'For me? It's so pretty! I'll go put it in a vase right away' of something like that. Chasing Grim around your house won't do anything because you're already a ghost.
24th November 2013 10:33pm
Shell says...
Mine died of old age, but then gave her death flower to Grim and he let her live. Now I have no idea if she can still die of old age or if she's immortal now or what!
19th January 2014 3:58am
Erin says...
say you die as an adult and use the death flower to be brought back, does it bring you back to the beginning of adult status?
11th October 2013 2:22am
Debbie says...
If you are immortal by having a death flower in your inventory, how do you become normal again?
29th October 2013 9:42am
erica says...
I found three death seeds by fishing with the karma power "get lucky" in the cemetary pond. my sim is also a level 10 fisherman...i dont know if that makes a difference. I also fished with produce i grew in my garden as bait
29th October 2013 6:52pm
Alex says...
In sims 3 Ambitions you can make your sim master the inventing skill and make a time machine and if you travel in the future you can get a death flower seed
22nd December 2013 2:42pm
CatDog says...
Does anyone know where to find Death Flowers in Isla Paradiso? Ive looked in both graveyards, and cant find any....had a look for some seeds but not sure where the special seeds appear. Any help?!
9th April 2014 11:49am
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