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Carl's The Sims 3 Gardening Guide: Flame Fruit

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Sims 3 - Flame Fruit Plant
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Flame Fruit are pretty glowing red fruit that grow on bushes. These special plants require level 7 gardening to grow. The Flame Fruit is used in the baked angel food cake recipe, which gives Sims a powerful moodlet. The fruit itself gives a +5 cozy fire moodlet to the Sim carrying it. Since the fruit will never decay, you can keep this little boost as long as you like.

Finding Flame Fruit
Flame Fruit can be found in several ways:

  • Search our site for special seed locations in each town. Many forum members have provided these spawn points on the various Expansion Pack boards.
  • In most towns, you can find special seeds around the graveyard. This definitely applies to Sunset Valley, Bridgeport, Twinbrook and Starlight Shores.
  • Harvestable Flame Fruit can be found in Sunset Valley in 3 households' lot: Koffi, Langerak, and Wainwright.
  • World Adventures owners can find harvestable Flame Fruit in Pyramid of the Burning Sands - Al Simhara, Egypt.

Share locations of special seeds and harvestable flame fruit.

Comments (28)

Julia says...
i found a much better wat to get flame fruit or life fruits. you can open the cheat console (ctrl+shift+c) then type testingcheatsenabled true then reopen the console typing buydebug which will open a new list in the buy mode under the functions. once u r there u go to the gardening selection chose the pile of soil which is called (plant life fruit) or (plant flame fruit) and it will automatically be there either mature or harvested (each time u put a new pile of soil its state changes). and it will work wherever u r :)
26th July 2013 5:04pm
Kelly says...
I live in moonlight bay on sims3 on my ps3 and I can't find any flame fruit in the suggested areas. Anywhere else to look?
21st June 2013 7:24pm
kelly u says...
U can find it in the cemetary pond
16th February 2014 8:25pm
Owegie Pecthra says...
You can find it under the trees in the Nelson home.
6th July 2014 9:34am
Mara says...
There's also a harvestable flame fruit in Paradise Park and Garden in Sunlit Tides.
11th February 2013 2:02am
Bree says...
My sim can't harvest flame fruit on another sims lot. How can I get her to harvest it?!
4th November 2013 3:56am
Alexandra says...
Pretty sure the plant is not yet harvestable.
23rd December 2013 4:54pm
Brianna says...
Where can I find seeds in Appaloosa Plains?
3rd October 2013 12:06pm
jayjay says...
where can you find them in supernatural
19th September 2013 6:08am
Lala says...
The Fae Rae (or fay ray or something similar) Arboretum has a bush near the bees.
15th November 2013 9:51pm
Sam says...
Also you can find most seeds by searching for fairies. You will either get two or more seeds, or you will meet a fairy. I have found a Life Fruit, Money Tree,and Flame Fruit seeds, among various vegetable types, and of course the fairies themselves through this.
18th May 2014 2:32pm
Zhana says...
For some reason my sim had the option to burn a fruit and when I burned it, it turned into flame fruit? He also has the option to "burn something nearby". What's all this about? Do I have some fire-superhero sim or something?
19th January 2013 4:34am
MewQueen says...
Is your sim a pyromaniac? If so, that's why. Pyromaniacs LOVE FIRE.
16th March 2013 10:45pm
Celine says...
In Bridgeport where can I find the flame fruit
Bridgeport doesn't have any lying around. You'll have to grow them from special seeds.
8th July 2013 4:54pm
Thea says...
I've looked everywhere in Starlight Shores for a flame fruit yet I can't find any. Where else might you suggest?
3rd February 2013 5:06pm
Mary says...
I am also in Starlight Shores, and never found any special seeds at the graveyard, however, there is a creepy house nearby that no one lives in. It has a bunch of dead trees in the yard - look there. That's where I have found all of mine.
4th April 2013 2:33am
Amy Louise says...
Where can you find the flame fruit in moonlight bay for 360? None of my sims have the gardening skill so I can't grow it.
24th July 2014 9:38am
Orla says...
What does the fruit flame even do?
3rd January 2014 5:36am
Nandina says...
Where can I find flame fruit in Riverview?
1st January 2014 8:22pm
Julia says...
where could i find some in Twinbrook?
There aren't any in the town of twinbrook. You'll have to plant special seeds to get one.
21st July 2013 12:35pm
Kern says...
There is a house close to the beach where a sim has the flame fruit plant.
You can go there and harvest from the plant
10th April 2013 9:20pm
Hannah says...
My sim has found the flame fruits but unfortunately, she cannot pick them up... What shall I do? What is wrong with my sim?
30th September 2013 10:07pm
ella says...
please anyone tell me how to go to another towns in sims 3 please..
19th April 2013 6:53am
Kelly says...
I don't think you can... If you can I would like to know also!
This has nothing to do with flame fruits but the new patch added the ability to move towns while in game.
23rd June 2013 3:58pm
Julia says...
You can perhaps move from one town to another by two ways: your phone in the inventory and click 'move' never tried it but maybe it could work
2.go to the menu, click edit town and there you can do almost everything :)
If you couldnt move towns by these options then u cant move in sims3
21st July 2013 12:38pm
Allie says...
I can not find any flame fruit on my ps3 at all. any other suggestions?
This guide was written for the PC version. Do you know if there is flame fruit for PS3?
1st July 2013 8:53pm
Mercy says...
I know that there is definitely are definitely flame fruit seeds for the 360, so I would assume it would also be in the ps3 version, although I really don't remember where/when I picked it up. I definitely remember getting it because when I harvested the fruits, and they were in my inventory, they gave my Sim a positive moodlet.
12th October 2013 7:04am
Nina says...
Where do u find flame fruit on island paradise
15th August 2014 8:13pm
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