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Sims 3 - Life Fruit Plant
Life Fruit Properties
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Life Fruit is a useful plant that grows from special seeds. These powerful life-giving plants require level 7 in Gardening to plant, just like money trees, flame fruit bushes and death flowers. Consuming a lone life fruit will add an extra day to your Sim's life. It is better used as an ingredient in Ambrosia which will reset a Sim's aging at the current level, or Baked Angel Food Cake that gives a powerful moodlet.

Finding Life Fruit
Life Fruit can be found in several ways:

  • Search our site for special seed locations in each town. Many forum members have provided these spawn points on the various Expansion Pack boards.
  • Life Fruit can be found in France with World Adventures. You must have Pangu's axe. Head to the Little Woods and smash the boulder there with your axe. This dungeon leads to the small island in the river. During the course of this dungeon, your Sim will find a harvestable life fruit.
  • Another for WA owners: Life Fruit in Al Simhara, Egypt. Search inside the Temple of the Sky.
  • Life Fruit may be found at the Consignment store with Ambitions.

Share locations of special seeds and harvestable life fruit.

Comments (11)

maya says...
but where do I get unicorn fertilizer? What happens if your in the base game, without world adventures, ambitions, and supernatural, and still want to obtain a life plant?
Life Fruit came with base game. Unicorn Fertilizer is what you get when you clean a stall after a Unicorned has used it to go to the bathroom.
27th June 2013 9:45pm
maya says... all I need to do is make sure a unicorn goes to the bathroom in a stall! :D
28th June 2013 3:47am
mich says...
What about if you have the xbox version and there is no unicorns...
Then try the normal way. Life fruits are normally attained from special seeds.
10th July 2013 3:37am
Kirsten says...
I cant find a stall in my buy mode! im not sure if I need Pets installed to get one or not. plz help
You do need Pets installed to get a stall as Unicorns and horses only came with pets. Go into buy mode, by category and look for the paw print button.
30th June 2013 3:39pm
shelby says...
There is one in moonshadow falls in sims 3 supernatural in the fariy gardens.
1st July 2013 1:35pm
Awesomeness says...
Also if you type in testingcheatsened true then type in buydebug go to the buy mode and click on the question mark you can hit the gardening button and then there is life fruit spawners
31st March 2014 1:00pm
Valery says...
What if I have the basic sims3. Are there ways to grow this plant with out installing any extras?
6th May 2014 11:58am
Rachel says...
If you take an apple, plant it, and only fertilize it with unicorn fertilizer it will transform into a life plant. I found this works about every 1 in 4. So I would suggest planting 4 apples as a fail safe. Also you can have low skill and still harvest from your life plant.
6th October 2012 4:24pm
Ethereal Demon says...
I have sims 3 pets for ps3, where can I find a unicorn, or where/what can I do to obtain a life fruit/seed?
8th July 2013 10:32pm
giselle says...
On the sims3 pets for ps3. You should adpot an adult dog. Have him dig a lot. After that you will have the option to "dig" > "sniff out" > "seeds". He will sniff out and find different kinds of seeds. It only took my dog a few simhours to find the life plant seeds. After that plant them. They take a long time to grow though.
20th December 2013 1:15am
Cameron Power says...
i have the sims 3 island paradise and i live in a houseboat so im planning on planting stuff on a private sim has the green thumb trait.but i cant find any seeds.yet alone a life plant.i want my sims to live a little bit longer than usuall.i cant get a dog[i dont know how to]and i certainly cant get a unicorn.the search for seeds option wont come up either.please help :(
29th December 2013 5:57pm
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