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Carl's The Sims 3 Gardening Guide: Money Trees

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Sims 3 - Money Tree
Money Tree Properties
RarityHarvest ValueGrowth Time:
No Fertilizer
Fertilized with
Perfect Life Fruit
Max Harvestable Produce
Special100-800129Nigh Infinite

Money Trees are some of the rarest to obtain in quantity, because their produce is not plantable. These trees yield bags of Simoleons that can be cashed in for big money. Money trees are unique in that they will gradually rise in quality the longer they are tended to. When it reaches Perfect, it will spit out a seed of normal quality with which you can start the process on a second tree. Reach Gardening level 7, find special seeds, then grow them to get started on your first tree. Their exceptionally long life means that over time generations of families may have huge fields of these lucrative plants.

When a Money Tree dies from neglect (not watering it), it will leave bills behind which must be paid! If it dies of old age, it'll simply turn black. They die eventually, but the life span will likely endure 5+ Sim generations.

Finding Money Tree Seeds
Money Tree Seeds can be found anywhere special seeds are found:

  • Search our site for special seed locations in each town. Many forum members have provided these spawn points on the various Expansion Pack boards.

Share locations of special seeds and tips on the Money Tree.

Comments (9)

Rebekah says...
Playing the game Sims 3 Pets for the PS3, I use my dog to dig up many special seeds such as death flowers, money trees, and flame fruits.
My dog has mastered the digging skill and all I have to do is select "Sniff out something" and eventually he finds rare seeds.
You can also use "sniff out seeds" to achieve this.
When I get my dog's needs as high as they will go, I like to use the "lucky find" karma power and have him dig things up for as long as it lasts (about 7 hours). He finds a lot of valuables and special/rare finds then.
11th February 2013 11:58pm
Oenone says...
Thanks, your comment was really helpful. I used to have a digging dog but it never found anything useful until it was on about level 7-8, but it mostly found gems etc, and never seeds.
11th April 2014 3:50pm
Ig prettythin says...
you can use the cheat code buydebug to buy the money you will find it under the plant section
12th April 2014 11:42pm
Mufqi says...
hmm where can i find this Money Tree Seed in sims Island Paradise? Help pliiisss heheheee
9th January 2014 1:46am
Rynn says...
You can usually find all special seeds around a cemetary. If there are none, just look around the map! There are a whole bunch of seeds everywhere.
24th June 2014 10:55pm
Elizabeth says...
My sim found a money tree seed inside a box he caught while fishing.
30th July 2013 8:10pm
Lily says...
You can also use the Collection Helper to find money tree seeds.
The Collection Helper is a lifetime happiness reward that allows you to simply go to map view and see where all the collectibles are. It costs 40,000 lifetime happiness points, and after you purchase it you can find it in your personal iventory.

That is how I found my FIRST special seed ever... I had my level 7 Sim plant it, I hope it's a Money tree!
7th October 2013 5:36pm
Bonita says...
Lily, take a look at the Stones Throw Greenhouse set in the Sims Store, if you don't already have it (
With it you get the SwiftGro Gardening Station, which (among other things) allows you to identify seeds.
29th October 2013 9:15am
Layla says...
I go to the places in my town such as waterfalls and public parks. I was simply selling the seeds but now that I know they have money trees I will start planting them.
28th November 2013 9:51pm
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