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The Sims 3 Into the Future: Advanced Technology Skill

Dream Pods, Sprites and Holo Emitters, Jet Packs and Food Synthesizers

The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack
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Laser Rhythm-a-conPlumbotsTrait ChipsAstronomy CareerBot Arena CareerNanites
The Sims 3 Into the Future: Collect Sprite Forms by sharing your Holo Disc with other Sims
Advanced Tech: Use your Holo Disc to Share Sprite Forms to Collect them All

The Advanced Technology Skill comes with The Sims 3 Into the Future and governs your Sim's ability to use the new gadgetry and technology that is available in the Future World. This Guide will focus on what raising the skill will unlock: Dream Pod Dreams, special abilties, the Jet Pack, Holo Discs/Sprites and Food Synthesizer recipes.

Entering the Future
Your Sim will have a moodlet constantly while in the future at first, which shows their fascination at all the future tech around them. Raising the Skill will improve their competency with these objects, providing more dreaming options and recipes on the Food Synthesizer. Eventually, your Sim will stop being so clumsy with these objects and master their use, while also being less fascinated by objects from the Future.

The Sims 3 Into the Future: Windcarver hover-board
Windcarvers can be used instead of walking and will give a little skill experience

Learning the Advanced Technology Skill
First, this is a skill that is very wise to take a class in. You'll have to pay $500 at the Observatory in the Future World of Oasis Landing, but will get two special abilities when you click on your Sim. This is different from other classes that simply give a skill level. The Commemorate Moon Landing interaction you get will have them plant a flag, which is slightly fun to the Sim. Moon Bouncing, on the other hand, allows your Sim to use their Zero-Gravity experience to flip and twist in midair to raise fun quickly on the spot, no matter where you are. Given the skill also takes quite a long time to learn, this is the best option to get started.

This skill is learned faster while you are in Oasis Landing. Other than things listed below, using a few other Future Technologies and even seeing things happen around the Sim visiting the Future will raise the skill. You have a few options to raise it, all of which are objects that are the focus of the skill. Some are better than others. Here's a list of what I know to be effective:

  • Fly Around with Jetpack - do NOT use this to level the skill. You can use Jetpacks in other ways but training the Advanced Technology Skill with one is asking for that Sim to die. The chance of death is far too high, even with a skill level that would make you feel safe. The game code reads 25% as the "max chance" but in testing I found that to be just about the death rate when I queued multiple flights to train.
  • Dream Pod - When your Sim finishes a Dream Pod Dream, they'll gain some skill
  • Windcarver - These are like hoverboards from Back to the Future 2. You'll use it like a skateboard and can click it in the inventory to tell your Sim to use it instead of walking. This will gain you a little skill as you go to and fro but isn't the best way to level.
  • Food Synthesizer - Synthesizing a meal should net you a little skill experience, but more can be found from upgrading and programming recipes into the Synthesizers to make more different foods at higher quality.
  • Sonic Showers - Using a Sonic Shower to get clean will give your Sim Skill Experience and the Squeaky Clean moodlet. At level 9, you can upgrade them to be even better.
  • Holo Disc - Interacting with the Holo Disc is my recommended best choice for quickly leveling this skill. Queue up multiple commands to clean or talk to it and you will gain Skill Experience in chunks.
  • The Observatory - After Classes, you can use the Experiment with Zero-G option on the Observatory to gain a little skill experience and let your Sim have some fun.
The Sims 3 Into the Future: Dying via Jetpack
Flying around with a Jetpack is dangerous and can kill your Sim, so don't level this way

Level 10 Future Tech: Reset Time Continuum
With Level 10 in Future Technology, your Sim can use the Reset Time Continuum interaction on the Time Portal while in the Present to undo all changes you've made to the Future World and reset it to Normal (as opposed to Utopian/Dystopian). This helps with the Made the Most of My Time Lifetime Wish, but can also be used to get a fresh start if you so desire.

Advanced Technology and Lotto
With higher Advanced Technology Skill, your Sim will gain a multiplier when winning the Lottery. Get Lotto Records from the Future City Hall and head to the Past Supermarket to buy a ticket. Winning the lotto will give you 5% more Lottery winnings at Level 1, 25% at Level 4, 50% at Level 7, 100% at level 9 and 200% at Level 10 scaling in-between.

Advanced Technology - Primary Objects and Uses

Dream Pods of Into the Future

The Sims 3 Into the Future: Dream Pods let you choose a Dream for your Sims
Dream Pods allow you to choose a Dream for your Sims with various effects

About the Dream Pod and Sim Dreaming
The Sweet Escape Dream Pod can be found in Buy Mode > Sort by Room > Beds and costs $1950. This object is probably the most significant aspect of Into the Future's Advanced Technology Skill so I'll detail its Dream options first.

Using the Dream option instead of regular sleep will restore the Energy Need as usual, but also give you an extra effect upon waking up. The list of possible Dreams you may pick is huge with all Expansions installed, so do realize that if you can't find a Dream you may not have the EP you need to use it.

There is a possibility of a bad, normal, and good dream when you use the Dream Pod to sleep. You don't have to sleep - you can go and try to get a good dream out of the Pod but it won't likely work well until you've completed the Digital Dreamer Challenge. You have the ability to click 'Influence Dream' while a Sim is dreaming, which may change a bad dream to neutral, or even make it a good dream. Higher Future Tech Skill seems to help here. I suggest you click this a couple hours before the Sim will wake, so that you may finish on Good, because that seems to determine the quality of Dreams, making the Skill Challenge all the more valuable.

In the huge list of Dreams below, I may have missed a couple but 90+% are here. All Dream effects last 12 hours. I am not going to bother to list the bad, neutral AND good reactions but you can expect to see the good/bad from most of them. If I only list good, assume a negative moodlet or the opposite reaction you would get. Thankfully, bad dreams seem rare.

One particular type of Dream is worth pointing out because it may confuse. Trait Dreams will give your Sim the effects of that trait for a 12h period. See our Trait Guide for more information on each Trait. Another type of Dream is the Skill boosting dream, which will Double skill gains for a variety of Vanilla Sims 3 skills. I am listing Dreams in the order they are unlocked, while the game does them alphabetically. In the Dream List, Lvl = Level of Advanced Technology Skill to unlock the Dream.

Additionally, there is a Hidden Dream - The Sims 4 Dream which requires your Sim to have found The Sims 4 Dream Chip from the Crash Site in the Wasteland. You can learn more about this in my Time Traveler Opportunities and Voltron Gnome Parts Page.

Into the Future Dream Pod Dream List and Possible Outcomes
LvlDream About...Dream Effects
0A WorkoutWake with increased Athletic Skill Gain
0FamilyWake with Friendly or Family-Oriented Trait Effects
0Public SpeakingWake with increased Charisma Skill Gain
0Rushing WaterMay make you wake with a full bladder, but could go the other way.
0Social SituationsWake with full or reduced Social need
1Advanced TechnologyMay learn the Advanced Technology Skill faster
1CareerChance to gain some Career Performance
1Co-WorkersMay boost relations with Co-Workers, or even your Sim's Boss
2Fun in the WaterTemporary Loves to Swim or Sailor Trait effects
2Home RepairsMay learn the Handiness Skill faster
2RomanceBecome more/less capable at Romantic advances like Woohoo/Kissing
2StrangersMeet someone new and get a bit of relationship with them
3Being a CelebrityGain a random amount of Celebrity Points.
3LaughterMay wake up with the Good Sense of Humor Trait effect
3LogicWake gaining the Logic Skill faster
3Sleeping with the FishesWake with up to 5 random Fish in your Inventory
4Body ImageChance to wake with a different body shape, growing more or less fit
4Dumb LuckMay wake with the Lucky or Unlucky Trait effects for a day
4GenerationsMay wake with temporary Nurturing Trait effects
4PaintingChance to wake gaining the Painting Skill faster.
5Opposite PersonalityAny traits that can be made opposite, you'll have the effect of for that 12h period
5Animals(Sims 3 Pets) May wake with a positive +15 Moodlet for being brushed
5Cleaning HomeWake with either the Perfectionist or Neat Trait effects
5Personal HygieneIncreases or Decreases Hygiene during sleep
5Plumbot ConstructionChance to wake with increased Bot Building Skill Gain.
6Vacation(World Adventures) May give random Visa Points.
6HeroismWake with Daredevil or Heroic Trait Effects
6Playing GuitarWake with increased Guitar Skill gains
6The StageMay wake with the Natural Born Performer Trait
7Different PersonalityWake with some random Trait Effects
7The SupernaturalMay wake with something from The Sims 3 Supernatural like Toad Form.
7The WildernessMay wake with either the Hates or Loves the Outdoors Trait Effects
7Waking UpWake with less energy or filled up with a +15 moodlet for 12H
8A Happy LifeWake with +100-500 Lifetime Happiness Points
8FishingWake with increased Fishing Skill gain
8PartiesWake with Schmoozer or Party Animal Trait effects
8The Weather(The Sims 3 Seasons) Makes the weather colder/hotter and may lead to other Weather effects.
9Academics(The Sims 3 University Life) Can only be dreamt while enrolled in University. Wake with random amount of academic performance, positive or negative.
9Cooking a MealWake from the Dream and learn Cooking Skill faster
9FoodWake with a loss or gain to the Sim's Hunger Motive
9Physical FeatsGain either the Couch Potato or Athletic Trait effects for the duration
9RichesUpon waking, earn 250-500 Simoleons.
10WritingLearn the Writing Skill faster
10The FutureCan only be dreamt in the Present, may change the Future World to Normal/Utopian/Dystopian

The Jetpack

The Sims 3 Into the Future:
Flying with a Jetpack in The Sims 3 Into the Future

Found under Outdoor Activities, Jetpacks allow Sims to travel to Residential or Community Lots very quickly, almost as fast as Teleportation. They are also very dangerous and may cause the death of your Sim if you are unlucky. You can find them free in the Community Living Center in Oasis Landing and put them in your Sim's Inventory. Jetpacks can be worn and will enable some extra options as you gain Advanced Tech Skill Levels. At level 2, you can fly around with others with your Jetpack, and also get the Jetpack Kiss ability.

Level 4 allows Woohoo with Jetpacks and Level 6 the Jetpack Slow Dance.

Traveling to Residential/Community Lots is safe with Jetpacks, but if you are just flying around prepare for pain and possible death. This is not a good way to level up nor an activity I'd recommend you take up without a high level in the skill. Should you crash, there's a 25% chance of death.

Food Synthesizers

The Sims 3 Into the Future: Food Synthesizers
Food Synthesizers recreate any meal of your choice for a price

The Food Synthesizer is the standard means of eating in The Sims 3 Into the Future's Oasis Landing. You will get the same moodlet no matter what you eat, along with a chunk of Future Tech Skill each time your Sim buys a meal. I suggest you order Baked Angel Food Cake for Dessert for the Better Moodlet (warm fuzzies).

You are only able to Program Recipes and Upgrade Synthesizers that are on Lots you own or those in the Present. Any bought at the 'base camp' (Community Living Center) in the Future will not be upgradeable and come with all recipes automatically. So, if you like, you'll need to do this in the Present with your Synthesizer and any you find out in the world. At base level, a Food Synthesizer meal (single portion) gives a mere 3h +20 Moodlet (but beneficially halts hunger need decay for the duration), while using the Natural Born Cook's Kick it Up a Notch ability on a single/group portion (which may lower the food quality) made the food give the Had a Good/Great Meal etc moodlets, which seems bugged. Improving the Quality of a Food Synthesizer will make meals come out at higher level and improve this group portion moodlet to make it as though the food were cooked by a master Chef.

Programming the first Upgrade, I was able to get food at Nice Quality over Normal, Level 2 Upgrades provided Great food from the Food Synthesizer, and Level 3 gave me Outstanding Quality food from the Synthesizer. Completing the Synthesized Advanced Tech challenge made all products out of the Food Synthesizer Perfect Quality, so would deliver the best Had a Meal moodlet when it's working right.

Advanced Tech Food Synthesizer Unlocks:

  • Level 1: Program Fruti Bobs Recipe
  • Level 2: Program Food Quality to Level 1
  • Level 3: Program Sphere of Destiny Recipe
  • Level 4: Program Food Quality to Level 2
  • Level 5: Program Chocolate Mini Chocolate Gnome Recipe
  • Level 6: Program Nutrition Cube Recipe
  • Level 7: Program Food Quality to Level 3
  • Level 8: Program Statuesque Surprise Recipe

Holo Disc and Sprites

The Sims 3 Into the Future: A Holo Disc
Holo Discs hold Sprites, which are a sort of minor Pet

Holo Discs can be found lying around in the Future or found in Buy Mode > Sort by Function > Study > Indoor Activities for a few hundred Simoleons.

The Holo Disc confused me at first, when I received one as a reward from the Time Traveler and couldn't find it. This device emits a pet of sorts that has a mood, can be talked to, and its forms exchanged between Sims. The Sprite from the Holo Disc allows you to fill social need wherever you are while maintaining it (clean Sprite) and talking to it will give you Advanced Tech skill experience. There are 11 total Sprite forms to discover. You gain 3 by Leveling (start with Feronix, Futech at 3, Zigrid at 5, and Chromec at 7).

Talking to other Sims and getting friendly with them, you can exchange Sprite Forms and possibly gain a new design for your Sprite. As you'll see below, there is a Skill Challenge to collect all the Sprites to gain a bonus one for your Holo Disc emitter. Do let us know any special effects Sprites may have so that we can share them with other readers!

You can Summon the Sprite to follow you around, and Sprites can chat between each other. Sprites that are in a bad mood are usually red, while other colors indicate better moods.

Sonic Showers

Into the Future features Sonic Showers which can clean a Sim very quickly
Improving a Sonic Shower with Power Cleanse will give you an extra +10 Moodlet

Sonic Showers do not require Sims to remove their clothing and clean them really fast. You'll still get the squeaky clean moodlet, to make this even better. If all you need is hygiene, this beats the all-in-one bathroom by a mile. You'll also gain Advanced Technology Skill while using the Sonic Shower.

When you reach Level 9 in Advanced Technology, you'll be able to upgrade Sonic Showers to 'Power Cleanse', which when completed will make that Sonic Shower give an additional +10 5H moodlet for being extra clean that stops the Hygiene Motive from falling for the duration of the moodlet. It also seems to clean the Sim faster than the other option, so it's a total win.

Advanced Technology Skill Challenges

Digital Dreamer
Experience 50 distinct Dream Pod dreams and your Sim will become a Digital Dreamer who always starts their Dream Pod dreams in 'Good Dream' mode, which will help you to get the best boosts from the dreams themselves. Probably the best challenge here, given how flexible the Dream Pod is and the possibilities available to you for its use.

Program recipes into 20 unique Food Synthesizers to get the ability to Program Food Synthesizers to Improve Food Quality to Level 4 - You can actually program the 5 unique recipes you unlock into the 4 separate Food Synthesizers to do this, not 20 unique Synthesizers. It's getting 20 recipes in. Allowing you to upgrade to level 4 will make the Food Synthesizer put out Perfect Quality meals every time.

Catch 'em All
Ask for Sprite Form from other Sims to Collect all 10 Sprites on the Holo Disc and you'll get a special 11th Sprite. Talk to Sims and become just above Acquaintances and they will usually share Sprite forms with you. Some Sims, even in the Future World, just won't do it, and I wonder if they have no Sprites to share.

The Sims 3 Skills
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Comments (33)

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Eliwood says...
Playing the non-Chess games on the holo-computer also can boost your AT skills.
19th November 2013 9:07pm
Mrs Tragic clown says...
I haven't had any issue yet with the Synthesized food but I am getting a zero no reaction from the new Synthesized Drinks? Nothing happens no mood effect buff nothing? It fills a tiny bit of hunger but that's it? I have also Mastered Technology and Mixology. Any advice on this? Love my old bar right now a lot better.
31st October 2013 3:55pm
ScruffyBamboo says...
Another small thing I just noticed - the amount you can win in the lotto can vary WILDLY.

The lotto draw seems to happen at 7pm every night. I saved right before (by luck!), and when I was a paltry $15000 (even though I'm lvl 10 in adv. tech), I decided to try re-loading, just to see if I'd get a different amount.

Did I ever! 3 million. That's MILLION. It almost feels like cheating, but hey... I guess they're rewarding us with this last expansion pack!
Yep, guess so. Advanced Tech gives you a multiplier on those winnings, so I suppose that's how people are getting such insane numbers :)
29th October 2013 7:23pm
ScruffyBamboo says...
Well I think I got the two extremes. If we got by the "lvl 10 in adv. tech = 200% more lotto winnings" rule, then the first time the base amount was $5,000, and the second time the base amount was $1,000,000.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone gets a lower or higher "base" amount than that.
30th October 2013 9:27am
Prisqua says...
The last 3 lotto games i have not won anything and it said that I should be investing more next time but not sure how because you can only buy one lotto ticket.
I have won random amounts so far but the biggest was 150000 so worth playing everyday for extra cash ;)
5th November 2013 7:03pm
Kitty says...
You could also get a Statue of you in the park if you win 50,000 and donate it to the Plan The Future Fund.
18th July 2014 8:23am
ScruffyBamboo says...
Something to note: the dream "Different Personality"'s effect isn't to wake up with some trait effects that go away after 12 hours - it completely randomizes your five traits - PERMANENTLY. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I've done the dream 3 times now, and every time, it changes all 5 traits, and they stay even after the "dream" moodlet has gone.

You might want to warn your readers - as it is now, this is a potentially sim-wrecking dream! I'm about to have to use a Mid-Life Crisis LTR to fix it.
29th October 2013 6:24pm
callycat says...
Similarly, I've not seen any 'trait effects' so far from dreams, but I've had traits actually change - for example, a bad dream without family changed one of my sim's traits to 'Dislikes Children'. I'll have to try a few more and see if I get trait effects for them.
30th October 2013 5:24am
ScruffyBamboo says...
Yeah, I also noticed other dreams can change your personality. I did the "work hard" dream (or something like that), and my "excitable" trait got replaced with a "workaholic" trait, permanently, it seems.

I'm not sure if this whole "permanently changing sims' traits" thing is a bug or not, but I'm finding the Dream Pod to be pretty dangerous right now. I might have to hold off on using dreams until more info comes out about them.
30th October 2013 9:53am
callycat says...
I find it quite fun actually, but I like randomness. It's easy enough to change them to another trait, I ended up with Friendly (the original trait was Charismatic, I think) which works fine for me. Just Dislikes Children was unfortunate timing as his partner was about to have an alien baby *g*
30th October 2013 1:06pm
Matthew says...
Strange, because I had one of my sims dream about family, and it replaced his Ambitious Trait with Family-Oriented, but that was only temporary for him.
9th December 2013 9:58am
Ben says...
Dreams that change traits are meant to be temporary. Your traits will go back to normal when the 12h moodlet expires.

But if a new dream pod moodlet replaces the previous one before it expires on its own, then the trait change becomes permanent
17th January 2014 9:17pm
Leo aka zolhart says...
I count 13 Holo sprites so far, you can get Roboid from the bot arena, & Esper from unlocking them all. There may be more. But not likely seeing as Esper is the gotta catch them all reward.
29th October 2013 4:43am
Leo aka zolhart says...
10 From buying trading, 1 for collecting all 10, and 2 more.
- Roboid is from raising through the ranks of Bot Arena career.

- Astrid is from raising though the ranks of Astronomy career.

I had two bots I made work, while my Sims where on Ice to get these two sprites. 13 total.
29th October 2013 7:51am
Mappin says...
Thank you Carl - a great rundown, especially the Dream Pod results as they take so much time to discover.

One other item that delivers real skill increase is the Sonic Shower.
Thanks for sharing info on the Sonic Shower. I'll put it in my notes to look into adding that to this page.

Edit: Going in today, got a shot and a paragraph ready for the page. Again, thank you for helping to improve the Guide as many others have this time. It helps first-time readers get the info without having to read all the comments.
28th October 2013 9:54am
Aerith says...
Additional note about the sonic shower. If you use your sims favorite color, it gives a +10moodlet that lasts 1h.
Ahh, the little things in this game. Thanks for sharing it with us.
31st October 2013 10:51am
LordHellscream says...
A few things to add:
1. Synthesized food make your hunger decay slower for a period of time (may be during the 3 hr buff but i cannot be sure)

2. Power cleanse definitely lock your hygiene for a few hours (likely for the duration of the moodlet, but again, hard to say).

3. Synthesized food is definitely bugged. My sim with Natural born cook trait was able to "kick it up a notch" the synthesized food, this made the food "nice" instead of "great" like it began with (L3 quality). But it then gives both the tasty food buff (+15 for 8 hrs) and the normal synthesized food buff.
28th October 2013 8:21pm
Carl says...
I had my suspicions about the Food Synthesizer and had updated the page with more information before I saw your comment, but thank you for the information about the motives decaying slower while under the effects of the Synthesizer/Shower. I'm getting the same bug as you in that I can get the great meal moodlet if I use Kick it Up a Notch (also seeing it lower food quality), which may work better with a master chef but with the meals coming out perfect at level 4, this shouldn't be so necessary.
28th October 2013 9:01pm
Michelle C Young says...
I just discovered a super-fast way to build Advanced Technology skill! If you have University Life, simply build up your standing in the Nerd group (you can even spend Lifetime Happiness Points, to buy your way there), until you can perform mind meld.

When you are in the future, perform mind meld (under Friendly actions) on symbots, and you will find yourself sucking up that skill like nobody's business. You can gain a whole skill point, in just one interaction! With the Never Dull reward, you can just repeatedly mind meld, and max the skill in no time.

Now, if I can only figure out how to give the sim bot a high five, I can finish this opportunity and move on.
28th December 2013 5:05am
Charlotte says...
to give a bot a high five that bot has to have the friendly trait chip and also cannot be in the red on relationship status, I had a problem where my sim kind of became enemies with a bot and I have no idea how.
28th December 2013 4:21pm
sarah says...
I managed to find 3 Sims 4 program chips in the crashed spaceship: dream, characters, and art. But I was wondering how many is there ??
9th March 2014 8:09am
monst. says...
I was looking for a list of all the sprite forms so I could get the free one but could'nt find one. This is when I just went looking for them im Oasis Landing. I managed to get 11 before getting the bonus (which is 12 in total) and not 10 as stated in the game. List: Futech, Pixon, Chromec, Zigrid, Gamma, Simulus, Jenum, Phobus, Roboid, Feronix and Metaso I then got the bonus one "Esper" Just an update. Ps. good work on this site guys I've had many clues an ideas from reading your pages.
5th March 2014 7:53am
Trousle Undrhil says...
My sim is always using the holo computer that she picked up from the Community Center in Oasis Landing. She is rising pretty steadily through the Advanced Technology skill through using it and through interacting with her Plumbot. Currently, she is at level 5 of AT.
7th February 2014 1:17pm
bhargava says...
i dont know wat is sim..these technology is looking good..n it requires lot of intelligence programming to create these type of technology which r shown in the image
4th January 2014 12:19pm
ICheer says...
I was just wondering, could you put up pictures of the different holo sprites? Thanks!
30th December 2013 12:05pm
Hailey Coffman says...
Where do u find the key to get into the crash site?
28th December 2013 3:54pm
sarah says...
In the wasteland you'll find piles of stuff that look like scrap and you need to excavate them. You'll receive a mysterious fragment you'll need all 4 fragments to make the key , once you have all four click on a fragment in your inventory and select assemble the mysterious fragments. Then go to the crash site , click on the door and insert mysterious key. That will open the door. Once you've entered the crashed spaceship you will find 4 iteams if you do not collect them before you leave the spaceship they will automatically refresh. Once you leave the spaceship the door will close againand you will need to find the mysterious fragments again. I hope this helps :)
9th March 2014 8:57am
Sasha says...
So, I had my family stay in the future for a while about a good 3weeks. I have two Sims that are sisters, and 2 boy Sims that are brothers. && then one guy that's dating one of the sisters. One of the sisters has a baby boy. This is before they travel to the future. Then when they go to the future and there there for 3weeks. One of the brother Sims dates a girl from the future and tries for a baby with her. Right after this happens everyone in the family isn't related anymore. Now I'm worried. I need some help.
22nd December 2013 5:19pm
Phinnia says...
The link to the time traveler page at the top of the dream list is broken; just letting you know. :)
28th October 2013 7:57pm
AngelMama says...
So I'm playing a ghost legacy and the founder died on a jetpack while in the future. I put her tombstone in her husband's inventory but when he returned to the present it was gone! When I sent him back to his future home I could not locate the tombstone there or at the mausoleum. I am really attached to this family and need her ghost to haunt the family lot. Any ideas on how to locate her or make her reappear? I tried the Philosopher's Stone and even Reset Sim (I was desperate). Please help
16th November 2013 6:40pm
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