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The Sims 3 Island Paradise - Scuba Diving SKill

Guide to Snorkeling, Scuba, Dive Spots, Caves & Treasure Chests

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
Scuba DivingResortsMermaidsDiscovering IslandsMap Fragments & BottlesLifeguard

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Scuba Diving Guides:
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling  |  Gaining Levels & Skill Challenges  |  Diving, Treasure & Caves  |  Sea Shells & Fish

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion - Scuba Diving
You get the Retro Scuba Suit at Level 10 Scuba Diving

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack introduces the Scuba Diving skill, which will let your Sims Snorkel and deploy scuba gear to use underwater dive spots where they can collect shells, explore caves, capture fish, and allow you to enjoy the scenery and sense of exploration. This guide will teach you all about Scuba Diving, from raising the skill to what you can do with it, and finally give you the locations of all scuba-related caves and treasure chests.

About Scuba
While Snorkeling is a feature of Scuba, the main attraction here is the ability to dive underwater and explore an area with collectibles on the ocean floor, caves to enter, and treasure chests to open. Caves may whisk you away to another dive spot if you have a high enough level, and you may encounter other divers and Mermaids. You can socialize underwater, but will want to conserve your air for finding items on the floor, catching fish, and delving into caves to gather collectibles. You have a limited amount of air, and upon returning to the surface, your Sim will need some time to decompress in order to dive again.

Scuba and Athletic
Some players report that their Athletic skill rises while using the Scuba skill because of the time spent swimming. For me, this did not happen until I took a class in Athletics - running on a treadmill would have accomplished the same. I think swimming doesn't really raise athletic until you've 'unlocked' the skill by gaining experience in Athletic first. Some say their Athletic skill builds up constantly, but mine only rises while the actual 'swim' action is taking place, when going to a Snorkel/Scuba destination. Swimming underwater while Scuba Diving doesn't raise Athletic for me, nor does Snorkeling.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion - Scuba Divers who aren't careful can drown when they run out of air
Drowning is easy to avoid if you pay attention to your Sim's air moodlets or seek air pockets in underwater caves.

Air, Decompression, and Death by Drowning
Sims need air to scuba dive. Your Sim will automatically wear their wetsuit and oxygen when diving below the ocean surface. They'll start with a breathing comfortably moodlet while underwater that gets longer each time you level the skill. For details on that, read the Leveling guide on the next page. You'll start with about 3-4 hours of air, depending when you first dive. When that runs out, a more dangerous breathing shallowly moodlet appears for a couple hours, before gasping for air. At that point, you have 1 hour to return to the surface or the Sim will get a visit from the reaper and die by drowning.

Self Employment and Scuba Diving Opportunities
I highly recommend you register as self employed at City Hall. That way, you'll get the Simoleon rewards you'll be given at the later levels of the 'career'. During the daytime, you can use the 'Check for Diving Work' interaction at the Science Facility, Restaurant, and City Hall. All will ask you to collect various types of items for them. They'll request messages in bottles, eel, sea shells, octopus and various other sea life that you can collect while diving. As you continue with the skill, you will sometimes be able to turn in these opportunities instantly and collect the reward.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion - Snorkeling
Snorkeling is a great way to find the new Sea Shells in Island Paradise

When you're first getting started with Scuba Diving, Snorkeling is your only option. It's a bad choice for leveling the skill at later levels, but Snorkeling is the best way to collect sea shells and other collectibles. This will allow you to more easily earn the Savvy Snorkeler Skill Challenge. At the first level of Scuba Diving, your Snorkeling will only find items at an 8% rate. By level 10 it nearly doubles to 15%, bringing in items much more often. It is best to snorkel out in open water, as the random paths Sims take may lead them to walk to shallow water on the shore and need to dive again, causing some downtime. Worse, they may even get confused and stop snorkeling after attempting to swim up to the beach. So, choose a spot out in the center of a nice clear area and your Snorkeling experience will be much better.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion - Zoom out to see a map of the Dive spot area to help you get your 

Zoom out with the Tab Key to see more of the area and plan an exploration route.

Dive Spots
As you level Scuba Diving, you will gradually unlock the four dive spots Island Paradise offers. Each one has one or more caves, treasure chests, and random spawners for sea shells and various sea life that your Sim can catch, sell, and use to gain Self Employment levels. Rocky Reef unlocks at level 2, Davy Jones' Locker at level 4, The Mermaid Grotto at level 7, and Pearl's Deep at level 9. Check the Dive Spot Treasure Chest and Cave Exploration Guide to learn more about the four Dive Spots.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion - Catching fish while Scuba Diving
You can catch fish underwater to sell or stock your fridge

Collecting Fish, Sea Shells and Messages in Bottles
You can find the above collectibles swimming around and resting on the sea floor while Scuba Diving. Sea Shells and messages in a bottle are hard to spot and very random in their spawning. You will also find Octopus on the bottom, with sea urchins and fish floating around. Keep your eyes open but if an area looks to have few spawns, then go on to the next and hope for better luck next visitig when the sea shell and message in a bottle spawners reset. These types can also be found along the beach, washed up on the shore and just waiting for your Sim to collect them. Unfortunately, these pickups do not count toward the Scuba Diving Skill Challenges.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion - Explore caves to find collectibles
You can explore caves to find collectibles, air pockets, and tunnels to other caves

Exploring Caves
In each Dive Spot there can be found a cave. Inside is a rabbit hole adventure that can lead you to many underwater collectibles. If your Sim is high enough level, they may be offered to use a Cave to travel on and see where the exit leads. This sometimes takes them to another location altogether, like the next level dive spot, a random spot on the shore, or even the Uncharted Island you can discover at level 10. Your Sim may be attacked by tentacled monsters and suffer a nasty moodlet. You can usually stay in these caves for a long time, or deliberately visit them to extend your stay, as finding an air pocket will reset your air moodlet to full.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion - A Shark frightens a Scuba Diver
At higher levels, Sims will be less likely to react this way to a Shark.

Shark Attacks
Sharks may also be present at a Dive Spot. Sometimes you can watch them as they swim while your Scuba Diving skill increases. If they get aggressive, your Sim may end up in a fight for their life. Sims who lose this fight can die. If you want to be super cautious, bring a Death Flower with you or take the Loves to Swim trait to hopefully help your odds of winning. If a shark defeats your Sim but doesn't kill them, you'll get a harsh 8h -35 moodlet. A shark attack happens only 5% of the time, but the shark may get multiple chances at this roll to attack your Sim. When watching a shark, this chance jumps to 25% as you're more likely to draw attention by swimming around it.

Shark Attacks grow 2% more likely for each raw meat that you have in your inventory. You may not be carrying many raw steaks, burgers, hot dogs and eggs, which will attract them, but many Scuba Divers will gather fish while under the sea. Those raw fish are edible to werewolves and shark, and the Shark are predators that will take it to mean you're a floating buffet. Offload fish you collect in your diving adventures to prevent these attacks growing more likely.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Scuba Diving Guides:
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling  |  Gaining Levels & Skill Challenges  |  Diving, Treasure & Caves  |  Sea Shells & Fish

Comments (72)

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qritueirar says...
The starting hours of air you have are equal to your diving skill.

I.e. at level 3, when you can first start to dive the "breathing comforatbly" moodlet will last 3 hours, at level 5 diving, it will last 5, etc.
Close enough, and I'd see how you would get that. S3PE shows us that it starts at 180 for level 2 Scuba and goes up in 30 minute increments each level thereafter, culiminating at 420 minutes' worth of diving for level 10.
26th June 2013 11:52am
Morgan says...
For some odd reason my sim won't go snorkel. He gets the thought bubble that something is in his way. Is there anywhere in particular that you have to go to increase your sims snorkeling skill first?
Try to snorkel away from land where the water is deeper and not on a lot.
26th June 2013 3:05pm
InfamousIrony says...
I was so excited when i preorder it. I was alittle bit disappointed that their arent alot of clothes. It's still an awesome game.
26th June 2013 3:29pm
bklienhart says...
Can you snorkel anywhere, or only on a dive lot?
Anywhere as long as you are not too close to shore. I also found doing it on private lots can sometimes cause your Sim to act as if something is in the way.
26th June 2013 7:01pm
lmfaololhaha says...
Can u upload about the 'ask about adventure' thing at the front desks of resorts
It's been worked on now. I don't have an ETA at this moment of when it will be available but it will be soon.
26th June 2013 9:56pm
RACHAEL says...
26th June 2013 10:44pm
RACHAEL says...
26th June 2013 10:47pm
Monica says...
I was told the same exact thing when I bought my laptop. The best solution that I came up with and has worked with ALL of the sims 3 games and still currently works is building my own computer.
20th July 2013 11:07pm
SavedDiva says...
My TS3 collection is extensive as I've every EP & SP including those sold on TS3 Store & all Premium CC, & most all CC sets available. Plus a lot of free CC from MTS/2 & other free sites. All of it's loaded on my Toshiba Qosmio X875, i7-3610 cpu w/2.30GHz; 16gb ram; Nvidia GTX 670M w/HD & 3D video; blu-ray drive, front & rear cameras, & Win 7 Home Prem - 64. I got it @ at Amazon priced well. Or try 1 of 2 ultrabook convertible laptops: the Dell XPS or Asus Transformer Book- both touchscreens. I have used each w/ all my stuff loaded and assure you they work great! I currently use my Asus for local, quick trips (ie, Dr. offices, etc.) and the Qosmio for overnights. It just depends on whether you want a portable desktop replacement (Qosmio) or an ultra convenient, super lightweight portable (Dell or Asus). Whichever route you go, you can't go wrong! I really hope this helps you out. ;-)
29th July 2013 5:48am
Mary says...
I got my sim turned into a mermaid with a mastered diving skill. As part of one of the adventures to find an island, she must fight with a shark. Ive stocked her inventory with loads of fish and watch any shark she sees, but none of them will fight with her. Any help?
Mermaids are immune to shark attack.  You're going to have to find a way to cure her or let her lose the tail from lack of swimming. Then try again.
26th June 2013 11:08pm
Mary says...
26th June 2013 11:52pm
Storie Teller says...
It seems that sharks won't attack a level 10 diver, either. I am carrying a butcher shop in my pack and I watch them constantly, but I can't get a reaction. The sharks do attack other divers around me when I'm doing this, but not me.
Thanks for the info. I know that the chance goes down as you get higher but I didn't think it had been removed completely. I will test today with a Sim.\

Edit: I used a Potent Cure Elixir on my Sim who had been turned to a mermaid.  He was able to get attacked with 100 Links, 100 Patties, 100 Steaks and 100 Salmon once he was a human.
27th June 2013 3:35am
Storie Teller says...
My bad. It took a very long time, but I was finally attacked by a shark. Admittedly, I was about ready to give up.

Sorry about the incorrect info. Yes, a level 10 diver CAN get attacked.
This is all new.  Thank you for trying to keep us straight.  Glad you got it to work.
27th June 2013 1:39pm
SkyrimForevaVic says...
My sim wishes to take a class in the scuba diving skill, but I have no idea where to take the class. Is there even a place to take the scuba diving skill? Help?
The Science building.
27th June 2013 7:07pm
Samantha says...
I'm assuming it's a rare chance since it's only happened to me once so far, but your Sim can win a fight against a shark every now and then! My Sim is a level 9 diver currently, so maybe it has something to do with that or athletic skill.
28th June 2013 12:49am
Samantha says...
my sim is level 8 in the athletic skill and he fought a shark and won multiple times. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the athletic skill. P.S. My name is Samantha too! :P
5th January 2014 12:50pm
Frida says...
Every time my sim tries to explore a cave she transports to her home. Why? I get so frustrated ):
She is in level 4. So she has tried the ones in Rocky Reef and Davy Jones' Locker. Must she be in a higher level in the skill or is my game broken?
There seems to be an issue with some of the caves randomly. Are you watching her as she tries to go into the cave? I'm told that clearing caches helps as well as going into Edit Town to make it stop. This info was given to us by a member. Don't forget to make sure it's not any mods that you may have installed as well.
28th June 2013 12:55pm
Juno Beach says...
I have the same problem, I can't explore any caves. I'm at level 10 scuba. What cache should I try clearing?
2nd November 2013 9:46pm
Kristin says...
I was attacked by a shark (for the adventure) as a level 10 diver, with only a few fish in inventory, about about 3 minutes of the "watch shark" interaction. After a couple of minutes (and 3 sharks later), the action autonomously changed to "examine shark" which led to a fight. I was surprised that my sim won, as she had 0 athletic skill at the time. And after the fight she got a extremely rare shark's tooth worth $2500.
28th June 2013 11:08pm
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
My Skill bar is not showing? I am going up in skill but have no Skill bar anymore. Is this normal?
This sounds like a glitch. Have you tried restarting the game?
29th June 2013 9:58am
Mrs Tragic clown says...
It was a glitch but I ended up just having to make a new Sim :( Restarting, deleted catch files and moving didn't fix it so....:( RIP
17th September 2013 1:45pm
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
I do not have lifetime reward called "Permanent Mermaid" available for 5,000 points?? It's just not there? Is anyone else missing this Reward option?

Under Hydration Motive see "Permanent Mermaid"
It's only available when you are a Mermaid.
29th June 2013 10:04am
roxanne says...
Ok so. I have a sim, she mastered all the skills and im trying to make her level up her scuba diving skill BUT
she completely stucked on level 3 on diving. She once was a vampire but I cured her because I thought that would be the problem. However the skill didnt move a bit and my sim done a lot of both scuba diving and snorkeling q.q
Is there anything I can do? Help t.t
Have you tried clearing your caches to see if that helps?  Perhaps even going back to a previous save? Do you use mods?
29th June 2013 10:28am
Sandy says...
Hi, sorry to ask a dumb question :( But I cannot find anywhere that sells diving gears. Can you please tell me. Thank you :)
There isn't a place to buy diving gear. You take the class and then just click on the water to snorkel in order to raise the skill. Sims will automatically change into the outfits much like martial arts.
29th June 2013 10:44am
CrazyDeana says...
I know this may sound dumb... But, where do you take the scuba/diving classes at??
The Science center.
30th June 2013 3:45am
Vonn says...
I wanted to point out that if your sim has enough points, you can purchase the Lungs of Steel lifetime reward which seems to let you dive indefinitely. You just have to watch your sim's needs.

Also I had a sim who got stuck in the ocean and could not swim, snorkel, or exit the water. Eventually she got very tired and drowned. Has anyone else experienced a similar glitch?
Did you try resetSim on her?
29th June 2013 12:56pm
CrazyDeana says...
For some reason, my sim will not Snorkel! She swims out into the water, and then when she begins to snorkel, she is automatically transported back to the nearest land... Has this glitch happened to anyone else, and it there a way to fix it? Somebody help me, please, because I would really like to be able to improve my scuba skill. =/
You're doing this in the open water far away from land right?  Also, have you tried resetSim on her to see if that clears her glitch? Do you have mods or anything that may be outdated?
30th June 2013 3:00am
RJ says...
hey, i've been diving on sims for a while now and am up to lvl 5 scuba diving. But when i dive i can't see any underwater life, such as octupuses and stuff. I see sharks and everything but not the collectibles which I really want. If you help me to this issue that would be great, thanks.
Someone else was having this issue but I don't know how to help using the comment system. I don't know what could be causing you not to see it other than lighting and the fact that they may be camouflaged. Use testingcheats, turn on buydebug and use "Buy on this lot" while in a dive spot. You will see all the spawners down there. If there are any white boxes, that's where some underwater sea life is currently spawned. If you continue to be unable to see them, join the forum and post a picture on the help board so that myself and other members can try to solve this for you.
30th June 2013 6:31am
alana says...
hi carl.... I was just wondering if there was any dive lots in sunset valley, or mermaids. or if you can make your own dive lot and place it in the town?
Townies in Sunset Valley will automatically start becoming mermaids as soon as you start playing. As for diving lots, that's a tricky thing. Sunset Valley does not come with diving lots. However, there is a way to place diving lots in Sunset Valley. However, this is not completely without glitches. There is a thread on our forums that talks about how to place Dive lots in other towns.
30th June 2013 1:04pm
Jamie says...
when i scuba dive it works fine but its not clear its really blurry... help?
Underwater is kind of blurry. Play with some of your graphical settings including advanced rendering.
30th June 2013 2:49pm
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