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The Sims 3 Island Paradise - Scuba Diving Skill

Collectibles Guide: Sea Shells and Bottom-Dwelling Fish

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
Scuba DivingResortsMermaidsDiscovering IslandsMap Fragments & BottlesLifeguard

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Scuba Diving Guides:
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling  |  Gaining Levels & Skill Challenges  |  Diving, Treasure & Caves  |  Sea Shells & Fish

Sea Shells that can be found in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
A selection of Sea Shell Collectibles from the Ocean

The Sims 3 Island Paradise features new collectible sea shells and sea life that can be found in a number of ways. This guide will show you all new collectibles so you can find them all, list their values and rarities so you can tell how how they are to find.

Sea Shells

Sea Shells can be found on the ocean floor and while snorkeling. You may also find them along the beach, but they do not contribute to Scuba Diving skill challenges when picked up that way. Snorkeling is the best way to grab these, and your Sim will get much better at picking them up and raising their sale value if you collect 50 shells and Snorkel for 40 hours to complete 2 challenges.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Diving Collectibles
NameRarityMin ValueMax Value
Conch ShellUncommon125150
Ancient Fish FossilRare650700
Clam ShellRare8501000
Shark ToothExtraordinarily Unusual15002000

Fishing - Sea Life

As your Sim is swimming in Dive Spots, keep an eye out for fish floating in the water and crawling along the bottom. You will also see regular fish from the Fish List, some of which are valuable and worth picking up. Collecting these fish by picking them up does not raise the Fishing nor scuba diving skill, and they do not use bait.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Fish List
Fish NameRarityPerfect Value estimate
Sea UrchinCommon19
Sea PolypCommon63
Hermit CrabUncommon188

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Scuba Diving Guides:
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling  |  Gaining Levels & Skill Challenges  |  Diving, Treasure & Caves  |  Sea Shells & Fish

Comments (25)

Britany says...
Where are the sea urchin's mostly spawned. I can't seem to find them.
Diving spots - it seems to be random but I've seen them at all four areas.
28th June 2013 11:52pm
Trish says...
So I have a question about shells. Where do we sell them?
You can sell them in buy mode or your inventory. None of the rabbit holes have an option to sell them for a higher price.
26th June 2013 12:26pm
Kaidyy says...
I need to find messages in bottles, but I have no idea where to find them or what Sea She'll Spawners are. Help? :(
1st December 2013 5:26am
Haikari says...
I am also having the same problem as the person above me. While I got most of my shells the 'normal' way I also used the Buydebug in order to place a few more spawners on my islands and got a rare shell that way, so I'm not sure whether that influences it or not. However, it still doesn't explain why it isn't counting the other shell.
7th November 2013 12:24pm
Nora says...
I have found all the shells and everything, but it says that I have only found 82% ?? I have found all the things you have listed..
Did you travel at all during this time?
7th August 2013 8:03am
Nora says...
No, but all of a sudden it says 91..
Maybe it was the way you got some of the items that didn't register the first time.
7th August 2013 10:07am
Ann says...
I have seen no fish underwater except for sharks. I have no mods installed, and I do have the collection helper. Using the collection helper to find underwater sea life does show the shining light where the creatures should be, but there is nothing there except the light. No fish at all. I've tried multiple locations. Any ideas?
28th July 2013 6:11pm
Mehndi says...
My Sim was looking for an hours trying to find shell "Shark Tooth". One time, shark attack him, my Sim won and Shark Tooth shell appear in his inventory. I suppose this is the only way to require this collectible. Also, I'm trying to find Seahorse. My Sim spend days under water, in different spots and nothing. I'm thinking about using buydebug cheat, but I don't like to solve problems with codes. Maybe someone has similar problem?
The Seahorse is the rarer of the underwater life so it's going to be the one that takes days and possibly weeks to see according to game code.

The Shark tooth one was found by my Sim laying in one of the dive spots so it's possible to get it through the spawner but again it's rare so it could take days or weeks to get it.
21st July 2013 8:04am
Lunara says...
I had to do a complete reinstall to update Sims3, so I decided to put it on a newer computer. The only things I've added were from the Store. I don't have any mods, but just in case I checked the flles and there is no mod folder

My Sim has a scuba diving career, but isn't close to the Collector award. When she first went to Davy Jones Locker she caught a couple of fish & saw a shark, however, even after crawling along the bottom, I've never seen anything that can be picke up, like seashells or sea urchins. The last couple of times I was there, the fish are gone.

What now?!
Have you thought about cheating your way into a collection helper to see if you can then turn it on to see stuff down below?

14th July 2013 4:18pm
court says...
I have same problem as Lunara and have absolutely no mods.. it's taking forever just to get to the 25,000 reward points i need to become a mermaid.. which is why i needed the shells and fish was for the reward points so to save 40,000 seems to defeat the point why are these so hard to find?
27th July 2013 2:42pm
Quinn says...
When you create a sim, when you get to their life time wish pick the swimming in cash one then when you are playing do the cheat( click ctrl shift C) then when the bar come up on the top of screen type in testingcheatsenabled true (leave space between word and true) and then type motherlode in(which gets you 50,000 and keep doing it till you get to money the wish asks for and then it gives you 35,000 lifetime happiness points you just need to get another 5,000.
I hope this work.
29th June 2014 8:19am says...
Just saying there are more sea creatures, like I've seen a tiny fish and 2 different types of starfish so far.
All the fish in the game have already been posted somewhere on the guide I believe. Starfish actually came with Showtime.
3rd July 2013 7:55pm
grimmaberdil says...
There is a little symbol on the sea shells. looks sort of like a wireless internet icon. what does it mean?
It means that you can gift the seashells to your online friends via
1st July 2013 10:48pm
lauren says...
where do I find a conch shell
They can be found in the water or on beaches.
29th June 2013 10:54pm
Eryn says...
I went scuba Diving in Rocky Ridge(I think)
and i found straight away as soon as went underwater a octopus and this was my first time diving. I sold it for 400 simoleons.
Can you use the new fish as fertilizer?
28th June 2013 7:13am
Lynn Modest says...
Can you sell the sea shells at a Consignment store (if you put one in the town)?
I tried to sell them at the elixir consignment and normal consider, neither would let me. I had a regular one autoplaced near the grocery store just so you know.
26th June 2013 10:23pm
funmunke says...
Has anyone see any fish other than a shark while swimming? I haven't seen a single one.
I see regular fish everywhere in dive sites. They look just like before - black goldfish, catfish, tragic clownfish. There is also the new sea life that can be caught as well.
26th June 2013 7:36pm
Nerfhunter says...
I am in the same boat as Funmunke... All I have seen is a couple sharks, I have spent many game (and real) hours toying with the new skill. My fishing level is now 1, SCUBA level mastered.
Do you have mods that could be interfering with this? Do you know how to cheat yourself into the collection helper? The collection helper now has a new option to locate "Underwater Sea Life". It will highlight the fish, octopi, hermit crabs in the water for you. They are just swimming around and sometimes hard to see but they have specific spots they spawn. I saw a bunch in Davey Jones' Locker so look there perhaps. Up on the gulch ridges.
26th June 2013 11:17pm
Nerfhunter says...
I don't believe I have any mods installed, and I am not familiar with the "collection helper" you speak of? I've looked all over all of the site for fish, but only see an occasional shark. I have played with both cheats enabled, and disabled, neither seem to work.
Collection helper is a LTR (Lifetime Reward) for about 40,000 LTHP. The easiest way to find out where to find stuff would be to use the cheat and turn on buydebug then choose to "Buy on this lot" while in a diving spot. You'll see white boxes where a spawn has appeared and should find the fish nearby. Sea urchins are really tiny red dots so be careful.
27th June 2013 2:27am
Nerfhunter says...
I'm working on affording the collection helper, but as of right now, I have all graphics turned to max, and have been searching Rocky Ridge and Davy Jones, but nothing is there. Also, I have placed additional Spawn Points, and confirmed the presence of standard Spawn Points in each location.
27th June 2013 10:13am
funmunke says...
You need to strip out all mods. I don't know what one was blocking it but when I took them out I see tons of fish.
27th June 2013 5:59pm
thekeyper says...
How do you know if you have mods? And how do you take them out?
You would have to have downloaded and installed mods. To take them out would be to reverse how you installed them.
1st July 2013 8:36pm
NerfHunter says...
Hey Funmunke ... Apparently I did have mods installed... I cleared out the folder, and I have started to see fish and collectibles showing up... Thanks!!!
3rd July 2013 9:17pm
Ambie says...
I found loads of fish! I snorkeled for a while to level up until it said that i can scuba dive. You scuba dive in the area it says you can and there are many fish down there! :)
30th June 2013 2:32pm
Lyalius says...
This might be a weird question but what is that table are you displaying your collectibles on?
18th January 2014 12:08pm
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