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The Sims 3 Babies and Toddlers

from Caring for a Baby to Toddler Potty Training

Raising Kids in the Sims 3
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Baby Stage

This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

A Toddler on the new spring ride in The Sims 3 GenerationsStrollers in The Sims 3 Generations will help you to get your babies around
The Strollers and Spring Rides added to The Sims 3 with the Generations expansion

Generations Additions
The Sims 3 Generations brings a few more activities for Toddlers, but that's it. The baby stage is appropriately simple. There are now a couple of rides they can go on, and several new models of things that existed previously. Mom or Dad can let them get on the spring ride pictured here, but the adult must pick the interaction. These rides are usually in parks, but this one is a super model that lights up with music, and can be turned on or off. Another addition is that of Strollers, which will get your babies around for a walk. There's a basic stroller, and one of the really big strollers. We didn't expect much for babies and toddlers, so this sparse content isn't much of a disappointment. Childhood and later ages are where you'll find the new gameplay.

Imaginary Friends are a feature that is begun in the Toddler life stage, available only to Generations owners. Learn more about Imaginary Friends here.

Since I've seen multiple people ask about caring for Sims 3 babies (both infants and toddlers), I thought I'd explain some of how the system works to Sims newbies. Caring for a baby and toddler's needs are distinct from that of other Sims. This is primarly due to them not being able to care for themselves. Every need must be taken care of by an older Sim.

Babies are in many ways easier to care for than toddlers. Ever heard of the 'terrible twos?' Toddlers in the Sims 3 don't really act up, but babies require less time overall. After all, they're not walking around getting in to trouble, and you don't yet need to spend time potty training and teaching them to walk. However, there's not much joy from having a baby around. They don't even have a fun meter yet, and just need Sims to coo and cah at them between diaper changes and bottle feedings. It's not even very amusing to watch the Sim care for the baby once you've seen all the actions.

Sims 3 Parenting: Feed the BabyUnfortunately, babies' biggest annoyance factor is the bladder need. After all, you can't tell a baby to go ahead and pee so they don't wet themselves at night. In this sense, diaper changes do nothing unless the baby has already wet himself. A quick diaper change will fix the situation and bring the hygiene bar to full. Too bad, but you can't bathe babies in the Sims 3. The game even represents real life babies' lack of bladder control, as once they barely have to go they let it fly. Thankfully, your Sim won't get shot in the eye while changing a diaper, much unlike reality.

Baby's Needs
Baby Sims' social bar seems to fall the fastest of all, but that is easily cured by snuggling and playing with them.

You can see the baby's needs. Try to satisfy as many of them as you can before putting them to bed, and if you see the baby is about to wet himself within the next hour, don't bother sleeping until he has. Snuggle and feed the baby just before bed to help make sure they don't wake up in a bad mood. This is the only way your Sims will ever get a good night's sleep, as even having the baby in another room will lead to frustrating midnight awakenings to a baby's cries.

Putting a teddy bear in the baby's inventory to sleep with will increase his mood, and possibly give your little one some extra lifetime reward points.

If you want a roleplay experience, consider never looking at the baby's needs bar so that you have to guess what they need. You can usually tell when they've dirtied themselves by the negative moodlet it gives your Sims!

Thankfully, it will not be long before your baby has grown up to a toddler (three days on normal lifespan). Raising them gets a lot more fun to play at this point!

Baby Cheats
There are no known cheats that are specific for babies in the game. However, if you are looking to make your baby's gender one of your selection you should read the first page of the Raising Kids Guide. You'll also see how you can greatly influence the chance of twins or triplets. Otherwise, cheats for babies fall into the same category of other cheats. They're affected by the testing cheat make needs static, for example.

Toddler Stage

Toddlers require more care than babies in the Sims 3. You see, there is a bit more time pressure to make sure they have a good life, especially on a rather short life span setting. On normal life span, it will take a toddler seven days to grow up to a child. Toddlers need to learn walk, talk and use the potty if they are going to grow into children with good traits (traits you get to select).

You don't want your Sim's kid to grow up to be a loser, or a kleptomaniac because you didn't provide them these basic life lessons. Well, maybe you do, but this guide is for Sims 3 parents who actually want to nurture their Sims' children. In addition to the life skills, your Sim can also read parenting books to the toddler that will help them to develop skills for later.

Family Oriented
Sims with the family oriented trait will potty train, and teach toddlers to walk and talk faster than normal Sims without this trait.

Toddlers in the Sims 3 finally begin having a fun stat once they've grown to this stage of childhood development. This means that you can now buy toys and see them put to use. Also, your Sim will have many more interest-based wishes that are solid accomplishments, like teaching the toddler to talk, walk and potty training him.

Sims 3 Parenting: Potty training a toddlerPotty Training
Potty training is one of three skills that toddlers need to learn to develop correctly, allowing you to choose their traits when they age up. Potty training toilets are found in the bathroom and children tabs in buy mode. Once you've purchased one, you can click the potty with the parent to initiate potty training. The child has to be on the floor of the same level as the potty to do this. You'll need to do several sessions for the toddler to be potty trained. Empty the chair every other time they potty to prevent a mess. Once potty trained, your toddler can now go potty by himself. You only have to click the potty like you click the toilet for an adult, or just wait and let her go on her own when the need gets bad enough.

Sims 3 Parenting: Teaching a Toddler to walkNow that toddlers can avoid dirtying their diapers, the hygiene bar will drop like normal. Using the change diaper action will restore hygiene to full.

Getting Good Meal Moodlets Through the High Chair
Forum member Arienrhod pointed out my lack of information on high chairs. If your Toddler's parents are decent cooks, you can serve your Toddler leftovers if you have a food processor to convert it to mush for them. Place the child in the high chair as opposed to clicking feed. That will then bring up the option to serve food. Your Sim will use the food processor to make the food consumable by the toddler, and they'll get a positive meal moodlet for your effort.

Forum member Aiwe took the above information and used it to feed the toddler leftover Ambrosia. Simply cook it then place the Ambrosia in the fridge and it will be available as leftovers to the Toddler. This reportedly does not reset their age bar, but does give the week-long divine meal moodlet! Great for racking those lifetime happiness points up early in a Sim's lifetime.

Teaching Toddlers to Walk and Talk
To teach toddlers either of these life skills, simply click the toddler. Both walking and talking are learned rather quickly. If you wait for your toddler's social need to be low before you teach to talk and use the time when they're socially satisfied to teach them to walk, you can satisfy a need and help them learn them at the same time, efficiently. You can probably get the toddler to learn one of these skills each day if you can manage their needs. As mentioned above, Sims with the Family Oriented trait will teach toddlers to walk and talk about twice as fast as normal Sims.

Sims 3 Parenting: Toddler playing with Peg Blocks

Teaching Toddlers Skills in The Sims 3 with Toys
Toddlers in the Sims 3 can get a jump start on life by learning skills to prepare them for childhood and adulthood. There are two known methods to teach toddlers skills. First, toys can help them. The pegbox will teach them the logic skill, and the xylophone will teach them guitar skill. You can level up to three times with items like this. This is a wonderful option for an activity for toddlers while they're at home with the babysitter and the parents are at work. They can actively raise their skills and not waste all that time. They'll have a blast, to boot! Although they don't have wishes, Toddlers can get a head start on lifetime happiness points! Great for helping them to one day afford to buy the multi-tasker or observant lifetime reward. Adults and teenagers can also play with the todder on these toys and raise the relationship bar.

Toddler Skill Books & Learning them in The Sims 3
The other option, which covers more types of skills, is to teach your toddler using skill books. You can buy parenting books under the parenting section (pacifier) of the bookstore. They are all rather cheap, at around $20-$150. Start with the short books, and read as many as possible with the toddler (click the book in your Sim's inventory or in the bookcase). Toddlers can also read them by themselves if you leave the books on the floor. For poor families, these books can be found at the library. This may actually be the best route because the parent can read all nine books to a toddler in one afternoon because of the substantial increase in reading speed at the library. You also get a substantial increase in relationship for reading to a toddler.

Nine of the toddler books will raise skill as your child grows up. The only books that don't raise a skill are those with Jimmy Sprocket in the title. The yellow books (Finger Painting, Handprints of the Masters, and Don't Stay Within the Lines) will boost Painting skill when it's learned later in life (up to level 3). The green books (Bluish Eggs With a Side of Pastrami, Frank I'm Not, and Oh the Destinations You'll Briefly Visit) will give a boost to the Writing skill up to level 3. Lastly, the pink books (Counting for Those Who Cannot, Squares Are Not Triangles, and Being Smart For Fun and Profit) will boost one level of Logic.

Later, Children can learn to cook with the little oven, and even have Bake Sales (with Ambitions).

More Fun With The Sims 3's Toddlers
Although toddlers won't gain skill from playing on the blocks table until they are children, it can still be a great toy for them. They have fun with it and if there is another toddler in the house, they will chat with each other at the blocks table if both toddlers know how to talk. The relationship bar between the two will increase the more they play together at the blocks table and both of their social bars will rise. There are also some adorable interactions available between children and toddlers. Click on a toddler with a child and you can have the child give a bottle, hug, and play peek-a-boo.

Changing Toddler's Clothes/Hair
You can change a toddler's clothes by selecting the kid and clicking on a dresser. You can select the outfits there, just as with an Adult. When you're ready to change clothes on the toddler, click on him with an Adult Sim and choose Change Clothes. There are some really cute baby clothes for you to select and customize. This is great for making kids ultra-cute for screenshots!

Hair can be changed while the toddler is selected by clicking a mirror. Make your Sims 3 babies look really cute (or really ugly).

Sims 3 Parenting: Toddler growing into a childGrowing From Toddler Sim to Child
The Next Birthday Party
When the toddler is ready to age up, you can again throw a birthday party for the little tyke. It's a great mood booster. If your parenting skills were sharp when the kid was a toddler, you will be able to choose a trait for the child. If not, the game will randomly choose this next trait.

Raising Kids in the Sims 3
TeenagersBirthdaysBake SalesTraits by Age
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Feletra0271 says...
Another thing, if your child is a vampire, they will learn skills VERY quickly especially if they use all of the recommended skill boosters above!
9th December 2012 1:41am
asia says...
i cant belive its on ambitions i thaught it was on seasons!!! not FAIR!!!
who likes kim imposible?? i do. i miss her programmes in the UK
19th July 2013 1:35pm
HELP says...
How'd u use the stroller?
14th February 2014 5:21pm
Katy Perry fan says...
click on it then pre then press go for a stroll then the bayies name but it does have to be a toddler
17th April 2014 3:48pm
simlover says...
no it doesnt have to be a toddler it can be an infant too
17th June 2014 9:06pm
Rapunzel says...
If you put a toddler in the play pen they can learn charisma skills from playing with the mirror.
6th February 2014 3:02am
Victoria says...
One of my sim's friend's wife arrived pregnant at my party.
I took her to the hospital,and the next day I went to confront the father for being late to his daughter's birth {i'm about to make a sim's fanfiction for DBZ}.
I saw the daughter,who with "testingCheatsenabled true" I had aged to Child.I wanted to age her down, had her being born the day before.
When I did,after I was done,she was the same height as she was before {as a Child}.Her face was messed up a bit,but after I unpaused it was fixed.Her arms and legs were as long as they were before also.
That's where it comes down to one thing.
How do I get her to be a normal toddler again?!
It would help A LOT if you knew.
Exit the game and it should fix itself hopefully.
11th July 2013 7:45pm
Victoria says...
Okay,I'll try it.
Thank you.
18th July 2013 12:48am
Diamond says...
is there any way you can get rid of a, unwanted, toddler.
Why did you have a baby if you didn't want it?   Perhaps aging the toddler up to a child using a birthday cake will make it more wanted?  You can do this several days in a row and have it move out as a YA.
12th June 2013 12:58pm
nannous98 says...
what do I do with my toddler sim while both the parents are at work? I tried hiring a babysitter, but one of the adults will still refuse going to work.
29th December 2012 2:14am
abbay says...
12th May 2013 6:41pm
Jazz says...
That's right if your kid is a "todler"{ parents while cAll babysiter before they leave for work} when the kid grows up to being a "child" { they start going to school on the bus} when the kids a "teen" samething as a child! BTW they have cerfew if they pass it parents while be very mad and cops while bring you home from your destination

Oh ya and sooorry if this doesn't work i got "ps3 sims3"
18th June 2013 11:16pm
Mir Mir Mir says...
Have you tried to hire a butler ? They would help with the house job including taking care of babies and toddles.
18th November 2013 9:24am
grace says...
my babies are only born as sticks I tried rebooting and everything?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!what DO I DO?????????????? and worst I love having the babies!!!!! ANDDDDDD................ I have tried billons of emails to ea but NEVERRRRR email me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30th January 2013 5:51am
lilly says...
if you have downloaded any products of the sims 3 website or anywhere else, which the items are not in any expansion or made by the sims 3 you will need to uninstall everything and start again
21st February 2013 1:33pm
Thomas says...
2 words: Downloadable content
You might have accidentally downloaded custom content from websites, your Sims 3 copy is cracked/is a scam, or your game is corrupted.
The only solution is to re-install the game.
25th March 2013 10:51pm
Cameron Power says...
Isn't there a little walking toy thingy where you put your toddler in a little seat with the wheels and it teaches them how to walk?And isn't there a little play pen with a mirror that entertains them while teaching them how to talk?Oh and I have a toddler and she knows how to walk,talk,go to the bathroom,and is almost always in a great mood.Does this mean i get to pick a trait for her?
31st December 2013 4:48pm
Frankie says...
Another thing with the Blocks Table, if it is in the same room as your Sims eat in if someone is sat eating and the Toddler is at the Blocks Table and knows how to talk then they will talk to each other.
10th January 2014 6:11am
nindenine says...
masterful floor hygienator placed under the crib... never worry about a sleeping baby or toddler soiling its hygiene to the red again (for very long)... plus, extra moodlets to go towards mood & lifetime reward points!
31st December 2012 10:32pm
Sylvie says...
I have 2 toddlers and a preteen. When I go to potty train my toddler, my toddler quits the action. is this a glitch?????????
19th April 2014 3:51pm
toffee500 says...
Hiya, im gonna get the sims 3 soon, i have been reading lots of reviews but i just want to know, if i get Generations expansion pack aswell, will i get Babies, Toddlers, Childeren, Teens, Young Adult, Adult and Elderly? or is there a different expansion pack for babies? Also, to change the sims' clothes, do i press shift or what? Thanks :)
8th July 2014 5:04am
lifesimmer says...
you can click on a dresser and go to plan outfit and then you can switch it
9th July 2014 12:31am
Casseandra says...
ok so i was playing and then the babies came and then when i went to the town map it was a fuzzy screen. and then the twins where invisible.
13th July 2014 11:06pm
Milly says...
I have got a toddler called florilie my sim picked her up and I pressed put in crib and the adult sim took her up to the flat

Hope this helps

Good look
17th August 2014 8:07am
Milly says...
I have got a toddler called florilie my sim picked her up and I pressed put in crib and the adult sim took her up to the flat

Hope this helps

Good look
17th August 2014 8:09am
kittenalive says...
Now with a Sims 3 Store item you can bathe the babies, it's pretty great. I'm rather in love with it. Along with one of those swinging things (That I honestly can't remember the name of lol)
31st December 2013 1:12am
not telling lol says...
well, raising kids on sims 3 is pretty easy i guess, but you also have the resposibility to educate and feed and entertain them and such.
5th August 2013 9:48pm
Charlotte says...
I have 2 tododlers and my sim got devoiced so they dont live together.One of them dosent want anything to do with the todolers so only one can look after them.
He has a job since we dont have alot of money so he cant quit.the babbysitter cant teach them to talk or walk so he dosent find anytime to do all that so they wont grow up all happy and smart please what should I do?
10th February 2013 8:45am
Ida says...
You can ask for time off work by using your phone or reduce the lifetime of the babys in the opitions
6th July 2014 11:45pm
bust says...
have him quit the job then teach the toddlers their basic skills when thats done go find a woman and marry get a good job like in the science career have your wife be a house wife!!!
18th February 2013 1:50pm
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