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Racing, Riding, and Jumping Skill Page

The Sims 3 Pets introduces three new skills to the game: Riding for Sims and Racing and Jumping for Horses. These three skills come together to measure the skill of horse and rider. Maximizing these three equestrian skills will give your Sim access to more profitable stud services and horse sales. They'll also be more likely to place well in the new riding competitions. This is one way to make money for your Sim's horseman self-employment career. Riding is not necessary to adopt a Unicorn, but these magical steeds start with max Racing and Jumping skills.

Learning the Skills
You need a Sim and an Adult Horse or Unicorn to get started. Simply riding around will start building both the Sim's Riding and the Horse's Racing skills. Riding classes are available at the Equestrian Center for $500. The advanced jumping obstacles are the best way to train a horse, as you will gain riding, racing, and jumping all at once. Horses will get fatigued the harder you push them, but this generally leads to faster skill gains overall.

Horse Value
Horses are more valuable when sold at max skills. Every level gained will bump the price a bit. Completing the racing and jumping skill challenges that impact value will allow the horse to make a more valuable stud or mare.

A Sim falls off a Horse in The Sims 3 Pets

Sim Riding Skill
The Riding skill represents your Sim's ability to control the horse and go with its movements. This skill is the single most powerful, giving Sims new options as they progress. Horses will only unlock new competition types upon gaining levels. Doing anything on a Horse will raise Riding, even simply being mounted for a time. Here are the various things you will unlock as you level your Sim's Riding skill:

Level 2: Gallop, Race Training Posts, Jumping Courses, Racing Competitions
Level 3: Can enter Show Jumping Competitions
Level 5: Bareback riding
Level 6: Cross-Country Competitions
Level 7: Heroic Pose interaction while mounted
Level 8: Sim can adopt wild horses with sufficient friendship
Level 10: Sims can whisper to horses around Acquaintance, a powerful social interaction for befriending wild horses and Unicorns.

Horse Racing Skill
Your Sim can train a Horse's racing using training posts. Set them up so that the posts form a loops. These are just guides, and can be very well spaced and still function. You can make a large track this way, building the Racing and Riding skills while training there. At level two, the Horse will help to raise the Sim's Riding skill a little faster.

This skill has a heavy impact on racing competitions, and a partial impact on cross-country.

Horse Show Jumping Skill
The Jumping skill can be trained using two grades of obstacle. The beginner quality are the standard Jump Trainers. Use this to get the horse comfortable with jumping. Anything higher than this qualifies as an advanced obstacle, and will raise the Horse's racing skill in addition to jumping.

You can make jumping courses with the trainers. This will let you set up multiple jumps. Advanced obstacles can be knocked over, and horses will occasionally be too skittish to jump. If you give them more training before starting the big jumps, this will be less likely to happen. To link training jumps into a course, place the next jump on top of the green area indicated in buy mode. Make sure absolutely nothing is in the way and that the green area around the jump obstacle is fully located on your lot. To see a good example, look at the Equestrian Training Grounds in town.

This skill has a heavy impact on Show Jumping Competitions and a partial impact on Cross-Country Competitions.

An International competition in The Sims 3 Pets

Equestrian Center Competitions
You can enter competitions at the Equestrian Center at the following hours: 5-9PM Mon-Sat and 12-5PM Sunday.

When racing, you are given multiple racing strategies to choose from: go for broke, take risks, and steady pace. In general, the only competitions that are hard are Internationals. Horse and Rider should be level 10 before entering. Use Take Risks or Go for Broke to gain position then hit steady pace once you've got first. Luck is a factor. If you can place at least third in international races you can win enough that it is better than advanced, so go for it at that point.

Here is a table of the prize winnings that can be made from first place in each of the types of competition:

Sims 3 Racing, Riding and Jumping Prizes
Race Type:BeginnerAdvancedInternational
Show Jumping$500$1200$2000

Comments (33)

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Spirit lover says...
I love to ride horses.
24th March 2014 10:09pm
taylor burows says...
OMG!!!i really wanna play this game it is so so so cool i will do anything to play your amazing horse favourite animal is a horse:)
15th December 2013 6:59pm
Izzy says...
This is not a horse game, its an expansion pack, which means you have to get the regular sims 3 first.
6th July 2014 9:12am
Jordyn says...
Thanks really helped
29th January 2013 7:01pm
Jojo says...
At the Equestrien Center.
15th June 2013 4:56pm
stephane says...
my horse can't jump and run very fast
20th September 2013 11:27pm
mankor says...
ive won all the other races at frist but I cant seem to win the international cross unicorn is 10 in jump and race and my sim has 10 ridding.any advice
2nd December 2013 6:43pm
Kaylynn says...
Hi! I love the sims and I have 2 horses a boy and a girl. The girl is really good and the boy is not very good. I bought the equestrian center and my sims is at level 7 riding. She is always happy and fufilled when we go to races, but she always ends up getting 7th place. I have been looking for cheats to do it but i guess there are none. Maybe i should just keep riding and get to level 10? BTW thanks for this Carl.

8th January 2014 8:55pm
jessica says...
i dont undrestand how to train my hourses for raceing
9th April 2013 7:58am
nina schelfhout says...
ik wil dit spelen!!
29th January 2014 9:20am
destiny says...
thank you for letting me play the sim game again thank you
13th May 2014 10:47pm
MacKenzie says...
this info is so helpful i waz wondering y my horse waznt jumping the big obsticales, now i no wat to do, thanks carl!!!!!
8th October 2012 9:27pm
Frankie says...
Hi. Its easy. Go for smaller jumps, and if your horse has done bigger jumps, do about 4 small jumps, leave it for a sim hour, then mount again. It works with all my horses and gives a horse more energy to be rode, to jump and makes it better in competitions. But donnot do it more than 6 times a day, or the horse will be far too tired to ride! I hope this helped, Frankie.
27th December 2012 4:09pm
Susan says...
What do you mean when the camera is not on the horse?
12th September 2013 4:06pm
Erika says...
My sim takes his horse to the equestrian center, but when I click "enter the competition" the horse refuses to go in? My sim can enter, but it doesn't give me the option while riding the horse? HELP!
Try telling the horse to do it when your camera is not on the horse.
29th July 2013 9:03pm
Nicki says...
Hey my sim has 3 horses 1 foal and 1 adult and a unicorn and i enterd the racing show and everytime the unicorn wins is because shes well trained or of the persollitty???
It's more likely because of her mood and her training than because she's a unicorn.
13th July 2013 5:59am
KyLarna says...
i also have sever problems on my racing skill..i can get right to lvl 6 & then no further..even after sims wks of racing both on lot & competitions. i have 3 files with horses on each & same problem with all files..just to that point of lvling to 6 racing, but wont go to actual lvl 6. glad to see im not only person with same prob
11th May 2013 7:58am
Trinity says...
Maybe to get past that level you have to enter a certain amount of competitions?
16th May 2014 6:50am
blob says...
my horse isn't gaining racing skill ????? any answers ??? thanks !!! ive been making him go round the race track thingy for ages still not gaining skill !!!
18th February 2013 8:13am
Trae says...
I'm having the same problem, stuck on level 4 for racing..maybe a bug?
3rd March 2013 2:04am
Me 2 says...
I think it is a glitch, because I'm having to exact same problem. My horse is level 4 in racing and will not level further. I've tried restarting the game, leveling the jumping skill, nothing seems to work. I think I'll just end up using a cheat :/
4th May 2013 2:59pm
kennedy says...
i dont know how to sign up can you help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14th May 2013 3:16pm
ssaff says...
Sim and Horse are BFF, Horse is Fast and Genius, at Level 10 Jumping and Level 10 generally; they had completed 10 Beginner Racing competitions and won all, but could not Win an Advanced Racing comp. Horse has won Advanced Racing and is eligible for International Racing comps. but is still stuck at Level 5 Racing Skill.
Agree - it could be a bug. Although I'm wondering if, early on, the Sim did not take the Horse to competition every single day and the horse's interest has just dropped off.
8th October 2013 6:14pm
Simsy3 says...
Is your horse trained? If not, start riding him till he likes your sim. Some traits for a good racehorse are:
These traits help, ecspecially the fast and genius one. These make the horse want to train and gain skill quickly. Hope this helped!!
3rd March 2013 1:46pm
ace says...
i'm having the same problem here. i've been training my horse for racing and when it was on lv 7th of the skill, it won't gain any more, like it was freeze or something. my horse traits are fast and agile. and her jumping skill just reach lv 3 though. do i have to raise the jump skill to complete the racing skills?
8th March 2013 2:51pm
Me says...
Maybe have the horse enter racing competitions? I'm pretty sure that would raise the skil.
26th March 2013 3:39am
KyLarna says...
i have my horses at lvl 10 jumping..& competed in many of the jumps & racing challenges at the facilities, but i cant get them into lvl 6 or above racing. ive had both high jump & low jump skill lvls & neither way helps get racing skill to lvl beyond 6
11th May 2013 8:02am
Rider says...
It does not gain any skill because your horse is too tired to learn anything.
19th June 2013 1:17pm
Laney says...
If your horse isn't gaining the racing skill you might need to uninstall and reinstall the sims 3 or just pets
13th March 2014 11:35pm
Emily says...
How do you set up two different circuits on your home block with the racing posts? I have four horses so I wanted two race circuits but I couldn't because they just treat it like one big circuit.
5th January 2013 6:33am
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