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The Sims 3 Supernatural: Alchemy Skill

Alchemist Resources: The Philosopher's Stone and Elixir Recipes List

The Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion
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Sims 3 Supernatural - A Sim drinks an Elixir created with Alchemy

Alchemy allows your Sim to make Elixers that can help, benefit, and do any manner of strange things to Sims. This guide will be kept simple - there isn't a lot to this skill other than the ingredients and potion effects. The new Werewolf is good at hunting down Alchemy Ingredients.

Special thanks to forum member Lessica and Moderator Ricalynn for providing information to aid in the swift production of this guide.

Sims 3 Supernatural - Working hard at the Alchemy Station to learn new Elixirs.

Starting Alchemy & Learning Recipes
To learn Alchemy, simply buy an Alchemy Station from Buy Mode's Study/Hobbies and Skills tab. You can begin gaining skill experience and learning recipes immediately by using the Research Alchemy interaction. The recipes you learn are random, but kept to what you're eligible for based on your skill level. It's possible to take a class in Alchemy at the Vault of Antiquity in town, near the library in Moonlight Falls. You can also use a skill book, but given the number of recipes to learn it's better to just use the Alchemy Station.

Only seven recipes must be bought from the store, and can be found in the bookstore and alchemy store reliably. So, if you have 37/44 potions, you know there's no further possibility to learn a recipe from the Alchemy station.

Sims 3 Supernatural - Mix a potion into a drink to give it to an unsuspecting Sim, one means of dosing as an Alchemist.

As you level Alchemy a few specials will unlock, but no recipes - those are all learned through research and the aforementioned books. You will eventually be able to mix drinks, throw potions at other Sims, and make multiple potions occasionally on an attempt.

Sims 3 Supernatural - The Philosopher's Stone can turn an item into a gold ingot.

The Philosopher's Stone
Clear your Skill Opportunities around level 10 and you'll automatically get a chain of quests requiring you to collect a variety of objects. Some may require collecting, visits to the consignment store and even a little gardening. When all three steps are completed, you'll receive a Philosopher's Stone. There are two abilities here:

Bind Ghost: This will force a Ghost to join your household. This seems to work on any Ghost in the game world that hasn't moved on and is not in the Mausoleum.

Transmute Gold: Transmutes an object into a Gold Ingot (usually around $100 so be sure it is worth less!). When this fails, it can occasionally kill a Sim so do this with a death flower. Ghosts from a failed Philosopher's Stone trasmutation will be gold in color. If a Sim dies using this feature, their statue can be worth 60k Simoleons or more. With a death flower, you'll get the statue and keep your Sim! (thanks thesimslover828).

Sims 3 Supernatural - Midas Touch
Using the Midas Touch Elixir ability to transform another Sim into gold - they won't die, but are immobile for 6 hours.
The Sims 3 Supernatural - Alchemy Recipe List
LvlElixir NameValueIngredientsWhat it Does
1Ad Nauseum$16Any InsectNauseous Moodlet - 2h -25 moodlet that causes Sims to vomit.
1Vial of Bliss$16Any Food IngredientFills the Fun and Social motives by 50%.
1Flask of Sleep$27Any MushroomChlorofizzled - Drops energy by 1/3. If you threw three at a Sim, they'd be knocked out - perhaps sooner if they're already tired!
1Invigorating Elixir$20WolfsbaneFills the energy metric for a Sim - way way better than any coffee, and easy to make.
2Jar of Discord$18Mandrake RootUpset - 3h moodlet with -15 mood hit. The Sim is more likely to use mean interactions autonomously.
2Jar of Friendship$14Red Valerian RootUse on another Sim to immediately befriend them.
2Cure Elixir$28Red Valerian Root, Mandrake Root Cures the pestilence, Zombie, tragic clown and toadification curses without affecting a Sim's supernatural status - the potent form would remove a Sim's lycanthropy, making them a regular human.
2Flask of Angry Bees$64Beeswax, HoneyThrow this Flask to make angry bees attack a Sim for about 20 minutes, during which they will have a -200 Bee Attack moodlet.
3Vial of Enlightenment$68Any Mushroom, Any Gem or Gem PowderDrink thi sbefore sleeping, and your Sim will make skill progress on a random skill while they snooze.
3Melancholy Serum$33Mandrake Root, Any FishLowers the Fun and Social motives of a Sim
3Zombification$62Mandrake Root, Any Mushroom, Any Insect Turn a Sim into a Zombie for two days.
3Vampiric Sunscreen$87Any Metal, Any Insect12h moodlet that prevents the negative moodlet that appears when a Vampire has been in the sun too long.
4Vial of Potent Bliss$45Any Food Ingredient, Red Toadstools Fills Fun and Social Metrics to full.
4Large and In Charge$60Wolfsbane Flower, LinksMake a Sim instantly jump up in weight.
4Lean and Mean$60Wolfsbane Flower, AppleMake a Sim instantly lose some weight.
4Essence of Magic$48Honey, Any Mushroom Restores magical power to a Witch or Fairy.
4Skill Booster$104Red Valerian Root, Any Gem or Gem Powder Adds 20% skill experience to a random skill - meaning you will boost progress in any skill, even those you haven't yet started. Because of this, it may not be apparent it's doing something for your Sim.
5Potent Melancholy Serum$159Spotlight Mushroom, Mandrake Root, Any FishDrains the Fun metric to nothing and ensures the Sim cannot have any for 24h due to the Uber Melancholy moodlet.
5Personality Adjuster$246Red Valerian Root, Monarch ButterflyChanges 1 trait randomly.
5Procreation Elixir$167Wolfsbane Flower, Red ToadstoolsLearned from Recipe Book. A Twinkle in The Eye - 8h moodlet that gives a great chance of conception and twin/triplet births.
5Flask of Potent Sleep$90Any Mushroom, Red ToadstoolsKnocks a Sim out instantly by draining energy to nothing. Get a full night's sleep with this and energy will stop draining until the 24h moodlet has passed - because of all that deep sleep the Sim got I suppose.
6Jar of Potent Friendship$328Red Valerian Root, BeeswaxInstantly become Best Friends with a Sim.
6Jar of Potent Discord$268Mandrake Root, BeeswaxInstantly make a Sim start to hate another Sim.
6Liquid Job Booster$252Smoky Quartz, Spotlight MushroomsLearned from Recipe Book. Jobtastic - 24h moodlet that increases career performance gains.
6Potent Invigorating Elixir$257Wolfsbane Flower, Spotlight MushroomsFills energy to max, then locks the bar in place a full day with the Potently Invigorated moodlet.
7Bottled Mummy Curse$1413Crypt Moth, Scarab Beetle, Black GoldfishTransform the Sim into a Mummy.
7Bottled Vampire's Bite$1475Red Valerian Root, Bloodstone, Vampire FishTransform the Sim into a Vampire.
7Opposite Personality$295Toad, Any Metal, MycenasChanges all a Sim's traits that have opposites, such as good/evil or loves/hates the outdoors to the opposite trait.
7Vial of Potent Enlightenment$295Any Mushroom, Emerald, Red ToadstoolsLearned from Recipe Book. Drink this before bed, and you'll gain more than one level in a random skill - even one your Sim hadn't started yet.
7Potent Cure Elixir$664Wolfsbane Flower, Glow Orbs, RubyCures Zombification, Pestilence, Toadification, Tragic Clown and removes any Supernatural status. Use this potion to turn your Sim back into a Human.
8Bottled Curse of the Lycan$1937Wolfsbane Flower, Moonstone, SilverInstantly transform a Sim into a Werewolf.
8Potent Personality Adjuster$432Red Valerian Root, Monarch Butterfly, Glow OrbsLearned from Recipe Book. Randomizes everything about a Sim - all traits and favorites.
8Clone Drone$856Any Metal, Luminous Salamander, DiamondMakes an exact copy of your Sim at their current age - not like the Clone Voucher lifetime reward which makes you a child. Also, this clone doesn't automatically join your household.
8Bottled Simbot Converter$1862Iron, Gold, Palladium Transforms a Sim into a Simbot.
8Age of Instant$462Royal Purple Butterfly, Any Fish, Red Valerian RootInstantly Age Up a Sim
9Potent Zombification$655Mandrake Root, Glow Orbs, Rhinoceros BeetleLearned from Recipe Book. Transforms a Sim into a Zombie permanently. They can be cured with a cure potion or the sunlight charm Witch spell.
9Fountain of Youth Elixir$597Tanzanite, Green Swallowtail Butterfly, Any MushroomLearned from Recipe Book. Resets the Sim's age to Young Adult, much like the Young Again Lifetime Reward, only not costing 70,000 happiness points.
9Bottled Witches' Brew$1964Toad, Light Beetle, MoonstoneTransform your Sim into a Witch.
9Vial of Bottled Genie$2039Firefly Pratinus, Firefly Caeruleus, Firefly PurpureusMake your Sim a Genie.
9Potent Skill Booster$554Red Valerian Root, Any Gem or Gem Powder, MycenasGives your Sim half a level in any Skill (randomly).
10Origin of the Tragic Clown$836Any Insect, Mycenas, Tragic ClownfishLearned from Recipe Book. Transforms a Sim into a Tragic Clown for 24h. Their presence will sadden other Sims, giving them a -25 mood hit. The Clown will suffer -40 mood for the duration - a nasty curse.
10Midas Touch$1627Gold, Yellow Sapphire, Luminous SalamanderGives the Midas Touch ability for about 6h. Touching a Sim will immobilize them for 6 full hours, upon which time they will return to normal. This does not kill as far as we know - the gold-related death comes from the Philosopher's Stone. Any objects a Sim can pick up can often be transformed, and will have a higher sell value while the item is made of gold.
10Bottled Blessing of the Fae$2114Red Toadstools, Sunstone, Fairy Damsel (fish)Turns a Sim into a Fairy.
10Wish Enhancing Serum$1238Red Admiral Butterfly, Any Gem or Gem Powder, Any MushroomWish Master - 24h Moodlet that doubles all Lifetime Happiness Points from Wishes. Even your Sim's Lifetime Wish reward will be doubled.

Switching Supernatural Types with Alchemy
If you use a potion to change your Sim's Supernatural type, they will keep the hidden skill levels of their previous type. You can't use a Supernatural Life State's abilities unless your Sim is currently in that form, but all level progress is kept. You could master Spellcasting as a Witch, then switch to a Fairy to pull some pranks or run an aura, and switch back to Witch and keep your knowledge of spells. This is great, but all those potions are quite expensive or take rare ingredients.

Sims 3 Supernatural - The Tragic Clown, result of Drinking the Origin of Tragic Clown Elixir

Comments (142)

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Alex says...
Is there any way I can turn a vampire into a human again? I have tried having people ask to give up vampirism but it never works.
You have to control the person that asks to forsake and the person who is going to give up being a vampire. Otherwise, a good potent cure elixir will work.
1st July 2013 9:56pm
Kirstie1984 says...
I have learned 38 of the 41 Alchemy recipes. I see from the list the ones I am missing are to turn a sim into a Mummy, Genie or Simbot. Do I need the different expansions to learn these Elixirs?
30th January 2013 2:50am
Eevie mottram says...
yes you need into the future and world advertures.
1st June 2014 2:13pm
Kitty says...
I think you also need Ambitions. World Adventures for Mummy, Showtime for Genie, and Ambitions for Simbot. You were thinking of Plumbot, which comes in Into The Future.
12th July 2014 12:14pm
Jasmine says...
plez can someone help me with my sims 3 games i only have the sims 3 plus supernatural and when i finally got to play them unitill my computer didnt read the disc's so i did it the origin way but the origin way made my sims 3 game very very laggy, and freezing most of the time so can someone plez HELP ME! D:
18th May 2013 7:27pm
Paislee says...
if you are still having this problem you should really upgrade your computer (doesn't mean you have to buy a new one)you could try upgrading the CPU or the RAM, its not crazy expensive or hard to do yourself with ifixit (a website that gives easy step by step instructions with pictures. However upgrading RAM will be alot easier and may help you the most.
6th June 2014 5:29pm
Kym says...
Jasmine...I have the same prblem..I just got the supernatural xpansion pack; and realize I'm replying way later then your question(LOL) But pls. do me a favor, if you figured out a patch or way to fix the problem you wrote about, PLS. let me know :)
Thank you!:)
a.k.a. Somber on the sims 3 website
Feel free to add me as a friend on there if you'd like :)
3rd July 2014 11:31pm
Terakhan says...
You can breeze your way through the charisma skill thanks to alchemy.

Make yourself a total of forty Jars of Friendship, and use two each on twenty different sims. The first used on each takes you to friend level, the second pushes it all the way up to best friend.
2nd June 2014 1:56pm
Jennifer says...
I can't get the alchemy career though my sim is level 7 in alchemy? What's wrong?
You need to have Ambitions to have access to self-employment careers. Do you have ambitions?
1st July 2013 6:02pm
Paislee says...
Admin says you need ambitions however I do not have that expansion and I have made it to level 8 in the Alchemy Career track and get wishes for my sim to join it if they have not already. Try selling a potion or two at the consignment shop as well as making sure you have a few skill points and see if it will let you then.
6th June 2014 5:33pm
dark kitty says...
Where can I find wolfsbane.
7th April 2013 5:15pm
Kashnar says...
I reached lvl 10 alchemy and did not get the Opportunity for the The Philosopher's Stone any ideas i used the table at the consignment shop to lvl
20th May 2013 11:10pm
Mimi says...
I'm having trouble finding the sunstone and the fish "I forgot the name, sorry) neccesary to make the bottled blessing of the fae. Is it that I can only catch the fish in moonlight falls? If that's the case, EA will be hearing from me.
6th May 2013 11:25pm
Jessicalou says...
I had a mermaid sim which died from dehydration, then the opportunity came up for me to restore the sim but it failed. So now I have a ghost sim who can work etc, but looks like a ghost. The option to restore her has disappeared from the science building. Anyone know how else I can make her human again?
14th July 2014 10:18am
bl says...
A potent cure turned my simbot made on the inventing bench into a human. He became an elder sim.
This is actually normal as all Simbots are considered elders.
29th June 2013 12:23am
Sluggyguy says...
anyone have a problem when binding a ghost to the household that makes the sims inventory weird? after binding a ghost it seems all my sims have the same inventory.
30th March 2013 11:08pm
wheatberry says...
"Liquid Job Booster" will actually drop the job performance quite significantly. I believe that's an EA bug. So, don't try it. The editor should also comment it, too.
24th March 2013 5:17am
Krystal says...
Okay, so how do you earn money in the alchemy profession. I tried taking the potions to the consignment store but no luck. help? links?
15th March 2013 5:43pm
maryam says...
Any chance you know how to get into the Alchemy career. I just got the game and chose to be a witch. my lifetime goal is to be master alchemist. and one of the first things that popped up was to join an alchemy career.
9th February 2013 12:31am
Kym says...
Same! I read a few forums qwhere all say basically the same; have skill points in order for it to show up, and/or use cheat code testingcheatsenabled true and right click on your mailbox. that admin. must have been new, you do not need ambitions in order to get the profession!:) Hope I helped:)
Somber(sims 3 site...add me if you'd like)
3rd July 2014 11:35pm
Natalie says...
If you type buydebug into the cheat bar, you can buy plants hat are already planted and are automatically mature. This helped me a lot on my search for ingredients. Rare plants like he life fruit are also there.
23rd January 2013 1:07am
LadySilver74 says...
My witch made a potent cure potion to turn her ghost hubby into a human and although it said he was and he got a cured moodlet, he is still a ghost. I need him human as he can't get her pregnant and she gets a slander for whoo hooing with an occult even thouygh they are married and whooing in private!! Also found that ghosts can't learn athletic skill
31st December 2012 2:05pm
TheBellPlayer says...
How do you sell the elixers at the market?
27th December 2012 2:25am
Angelina says...
You sell elixirs at the elixir store under consign.
PS: A good time to sell elixirs is during a full moon. You get more money.
27th June 2014 7:41pm
morgan says...
hi i am morgan and i want to know is there any cheats for the sims 3 supernatural
8th December 2012 9:29pm
paradise05 says...
i just want to know if the potent cure elixir will transform a converted simbot back to human form, before i use the simbot converter, because i might want to turn my sim back to normal!!
8th December 2012 4:09pm
Lexmechanic says...
Yes, it will return your sim to normal.
4th October 2013 6:07pm
Anwyn says...
Ok so for some reason my sims can no longer join the alchemist career... I've always went to the "Jobs and Offers" option on the phone to do it but that option is not even available anymore except for other sims with jobs already (to quit or take time off.) My sims are each on level 5 in the alchemy skill but still nothing... even tried seeing if I can go through City Hall or the elixir shop but still no option to join the career.
Become Self-Employed is no longer an option? Make sure that you don't have any mods that could be causing the issue.
8th July 2013 5:33pm
bbwtonight says...
why doesn't it give a skill reward certificate for alchemy?
Don't know.  There are a lot of new skills that don't get them.
26th July 2013 3:05pm
Angelina says...
While making a vial of bliss my sim failed to complete it and my sim turned into a toad. What do I do to turn back to human again.
PS:I live in starlight shores and I'm not a witch.
27th June 2014 7:33pm
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