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The Sims 3 University Life: Science Skill

Challenges, Experiments, Samples, and Cloning

The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack
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Sims 3 University Life - Research Station allows you to analyze, experiment, and clone

With the Science skill in The Sims 3 University Life, Sims can perform experiments and collect samples of collectibles found in the game world. The skill gives you a two-level head start in the Science and Medical career tracks when maxed, and you'll naturally gain standing with the Nerd social group. Sims who reach a high level in the Science skill can clone collectibles from samples, and even make clones of Sims. This is also the skill that allows you easily transform your Sim into a Plantsim.

Learning Science
There are a number of ways to learn the Science skill, from the traditional methods of skill books and classes, to the new "them bones" anatomy skeleton object used by the Science and Medicine degree at the University. Sims attending University can play with the Group Science Project machine. The main way to level this skill outside the U is to buy the ZRX-9000 Science Research Station for $1050, which will give you access to most of the abilities your Sim will unlock as a Scientist. The Research Science interaction will get you started.

It's worth noting that there are also three social interactions you can use to raise the Science skill, all found under Friendly: Ink Blot Test, Stimulus Response Test, and Postulate Theory.

Sims 3 University Life - Getting a DNA Sample from a Sim

Research Station Interactions
The Research Station starts with several interactions that can allow your Sim to do a few different things before they've ever gained a skill level:

  • Research Science - A generic interaction that gives Science Skill experience.
  • Gene Splicing Experiment - Changes a seed from one kind to another. A big success here can give your Sim a Forbidden Fruit, which can be planted to get yourself a PlantSim baby. If you analyze the plant, you'll get a sample which can be cloned to produce a fruit that when eaten to turn your Sim into a PlantSim. A failure here will destroy the seed.
  • Herb Experiment - Success in this experiment will make an herb's quality go up by one level. A big success will boost it to Perfect quality. Failure will lower the quality of the herb. Success rate increases with level.
  • Horticulture Experiment - Success in this experiment will make a plant's quality go up by one level. A big success will boost it to Perfect quality. Failure will lower the quality of the plant. Success rate increases with level.
  • Radiation Experiment - Bombard an insect with radiation in hopes of transforming it. Success here lets you keep your bug, while failure will destroy it. A big success will transform it into a Plasma Bug, a rare beetle that is worth up to $4600. Get just one of these and you have an infinite source of cash once your Sim is level 9 Science and able to clone collectibles.
Sims 3 University Life - Science Group Project

Science Ability Unlocks
The following abilities are unlocked as your Sim levels Science:

  • Level 2 - Research and Sell Scientific Samples - Allows you to sell scientific samples at the Science Lab in town, which is not very useful given you must select them one at a time vs. moving stacks to the sell box through the inventory. The Research Sample interaction on the Research Station is a faster way to level your Science, though it does not count as an experiment for the skill challenge. You'll also lose the sample in the process. It's unclear just what greater purpose this serves.
  • Level 3 - Analyze Minerals (Metals/Gems) - Analyze gems and metals to get a sample. These can be sold or used at the Research Station to clone these items.
  • Level 4 - Analyze Plants - Use on unidentified seeds to get a sample telling you the plant type. Otherwise, like above, you can use this to get plant samples for cloning purposes, or to simply sell the sample. Using this raises your Sim's Gardening Skill.
  • Level 5 - Correlate Scientific Data - Visit the Science Lab with your Sim to Correlate. This gives you a random award, up to $750 for a trip. The cooldown starts at 48 hours, but you're eventually able to get it down to 12 hours, 6 with the skill challenge.
  • Level 6 - Analyze Insects - Again, used to clone.
  • Level 7 - Analyze Fish - same. Raises the Fishing skill.
  • Level 8 - Analyze DNA from Sims - to get DNA, use the Special > Science > Ask for DNA Sample interaction on another Sim. You may need to bump your relationship a bit before this will work. You can do this multiple times on a single Sim to collect many samples, although its usefulness is limited.
  • Level 9 - Clone From Sample - this wonderful ability allows your Sim to make a copy of any collectible they've sampled. If you use a seed sample, you'll get a fruit. This can let you, for instance, make many Life Fruit without actually planting them. It also lets you turn your Sim into a Plantsim when you clone a Forbidden Fruit seed sample. This is a big money maker when put to other uses. Clone samples of high-value gems or metals to make cash, or use the Radiation experiment on insects until you've got yourself a Plasma Bug and clone them infinitely - a Plasma Bug can be worth up to $4600. You are also able to Clone a Sim using a DNA Sample. This will give you a baby version of that Sim, which is added to your Household.
  • Level 10 - Group Science Project - This gives you the Group Science Project which can be found at the University Campus. You'll find it in your family inventory. It does allow multiple Sims to work the controls, although there are three outcomes based on the color you choose.
    • Interface with the Green Mind Melder Module - Hive Mind: Gives all nearby Sims the Hive Mind moodlet for 6h, which increases skill gains. Use this then head to the Library to get an even better boost when reading skill books. This is one useful buff and makes leveling Science all the more worth it.
    • Adjust the Blue Magnatomic Pulse Array - Everyone nearby is knocked out and gets the Power Nap moodlet for 3h. Upon waking from the power nap, all motives are filled!
    • Study the Red Pad Tie Node - Uninhibited moodlet for 4h. May encourage Streaking among those affected.
  • Fourth Outcome - All Three Activated - Nessa wrote to tell me about this one. You can do it with a single Sim, or three who have achieved level 10 Science. When all 3 are lit, you'll get a white beam instead. This calls down a positive meteor shower of collectibles and loot. No one will be harmed by the experiment. She says that you can do it with a single Sim if you use each of the 3 nodes, watching the bars on the side. Use one, let the meter fill to 33%, use the other to 66% and finally to 99%. Using any of the three colors, you'll then get a white beam that calls down the Meteor Shower.

Science Skill Challenges
There are two skill challenges for Science: Free Range Scientist requires you to use the analyze interaction 100 times, and cuts the time between Correlate Scientific Data from 12h to 6h at level 10 Science. Experienced Experimentalist takes 100 Experiments - of the four types with Experiment in the name on the Research Station. Experiments with the Group Science Project also count toward this total. Completing this challenge will give your Sim $10,000 and a plaque for the wall.

Comments (54)

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Nessa says...
A question: If there are 3 outcomes based on the color you choose using the Group Science Project, where or how does the badge/achievement hint at there being 4. ie Positive Potential(Find all 4 positive outcomes from the Group Science Project)Has anyone found the fourth yet?
11th March 2013 12:59pm
Nessa says...
Positive Potential-Find all 4 positive outcomes from the group science project. I figured out this one. Hope the info will help. Have 3 sims level up to 10 in the science skill. They have to be level 10. Then have all three use the science group machine at the same time. Pull the lever of doom. And that is how i got the fourth result. It is a positive meteor shower that showers down loot. My sims collected money bags,uncut gems,space rocks and metals all around their lot. The positive moodlet was as follows: Meteor shower! Activating the group science project went off without a hitch...but what's that? What is all that stuff falling from the skies? It is raining loot.(from watching meteor shower).White beam gives the METEOR SHOWER moodlet.
14th March 2013 2:15am
Lola says...
I was able to get the mind-meld (The result of pulling the Lever of Doom) without having all 3 sims be Science lvl 10's. However, at least two were Geniuses, so I don't know if that factors.
19th March 2013 2:11am
Xandra says...
There is a fourth but I have no idea how to get it to happen. I tried all different combinations but nothing. I only know it's there because I was playing around with Master Controller and found the moodlet. I think it's a meteor shower.
14th March 2013 11:56pm
Ess says...
I'm having trouble performing the ink blot test on other Sims, it doesn't show up under the 'Friendly' social interaction. Is there anything special you need to do?
12th May 2013 3:25am
Tricia says...
My question is--when you analyze things, do they disappear??
28th March 2013 12:36am
Ruby says...
No, analyzing anything does NOT destroy the object. You will gain a small test tube that can be used on the science research station. Once used, the test tube, NOT the original object, will then be destroyed. This is important to know if you plan on cloning any expensive collectible, like a pink diamond or plasma bug!
27th May 2014 3:46am
Beth says...
What careers are associated with this skill? Does it help you in more careers besides science?
7th April 2013 12:43pm
James says...
Failing the Radiation experiment on an insect can give you the 4h Radioactive Bug Bite negative moodlet (icon is the radiation symbol) when it runs out you either throw up, or get a Oddly Powerful positive moodlet. Havn;t seen any other results yet.
2nd October 2013 8:12pm
RedDiamond says...
Are there any risks when using the ZRX-9000 Science Research Station? Thanks!
28th March 2013 12:50am
Ruby says...
Science is one of my favorite skills to level, so I have many sims spending many, many hours working with the science research station. The only time I have had a negative buff was when a sim failed the radiation experiment. They would get a four hour bitten buff and then would get a two hour "oddly powerful" buff afterwards although vomiting is also something that can occur. If you want to avoid this negative reaction, it can be easily avoided!
27th May 2014 3:53am
Selena gomez says...
I can't get a plant sim or an alien I'm unlucky anyone got any tips to help me with please
2nd June 2013 5:50pm
Nea says...
If you find a forbidden-seed (or whatever it is called) just plant it, and hope for a plantsim-baby. Or you could make a sim eat it, so he/she becomes a plantsim. Then I just cheated to make him/her pregnant with the mod, and got lots of seeds, then panted.
14th June 2013 8:09am
Sibi says...
Okay so every time I clone my sim I get the messed up baby, glitch baby, what ever you want to call it. It's just this big flesh colored line and the baby itself is invisible... my game always freezes after about 5 hours (in game time.) I have the baby time span set to 2 days but it does no good. what is this and am i the only one it?
21st April 2013 1:02pm
Carrie says...
Do you have any downloaded content? I've had a few glitch babies but thats because I have custom content they're unfortunately born wearing for whatever reason.. The only thing I've found that works is either deleting the cc or using the testing cheats enabled cheat and triggering the age transition (you can click on the flesh colored line to access the baby) then editing the now toddler in CAS
7th May 2013 11:39pm
Dark says...
Can sims doo experiments on pets like squirrel?
2nd June 2013 2:35pm
Ree says...
When you clone a sim, does the clone baby become the child of the cloned sim, or a child of the scientist, or both?
None of the above. It's not related to anyone.
25th June 2013 10:38am
Olsen says...
Hi, in my game there are no lightbeams from the Group science project only the lights on the side, Sims get the mood icons but no lightbeam and no things falling down like meteors, alien come now and then that is it, is it a error maybe because patch 1.55 or something else? I did try different graphics settings
Not sure. I can do some testing when I have a moment. Today is a big day for the guide due to the release of Island Paradise.

You're sure they completed the action of using one of the panels? You remembered to pull the lever of doom?
25th June 2013 10:52am
Olsen says...
Hi, thank you :) yes i tryed all tree coulers more than one time and got the icons after pulling lever of doom even the one fore watching meteorrain but there was nothing.
25th June 2013 11:14am
Hannah says...
My sim has started gaining the science skill and i was wondering if it helps them if they were to go into the science or medical career?

Thanks :)
5th October 2013 7:57pm
The Aussie Bloke says...
Just wanted to chip in with a nifty little thing I found.

If you have World Adventures as well as University Life, don't waste your time cloning plasma bugs. Far more profitable to get your hands on some Tiberium and clone that. Just remember not to sell your last Tiberium until you've cloned it successfully. Currently exceeding 1mil just from abusing that (well, okay, I have a self employed gardener and military career man but they both kinda pale in comparison to selling half a dozen large spire tiberium at once).
16th January 2014 7:42am
simonetwothree says...
Having a problem with cloning minerals, both gems and metals. I don't know if it's because I analyzed cut gems and smelted metals, it might be but I'm sure I analyzed them uncut as well... anyway, both are coming out cloned in their raw state without the option to cut/smelt them.

Also, to add to The Aussie Bloke's point, cloning raw Tiberium is extremely profitable (cloning cut Tiberium is okay too, but if you have Supernatural each raw Tiberium can be cut with the gem cutting machine, resulting in enough cut gems and gem dust to make three or four spires) and be sure to sell them through the Consignment store, not just by cashing them in - they're worth almost $100K apiece when you consign them.
5th February 2014 8:52am
Samantha says...

There's a want my sim has called Perform Herbal Experiment. Is it a glitch or an option once you have more of a higher Science skill?
8th February 2014 1:56pm
SLawler says...
When I clone gem samples, the message is a success but a gem doesn't appear in my inventory. Cloning supernovium has worked. I have the original, unsmelted supernovium in my inventory, but the gems my samples are from have been cut and stored; I'm not sure if that's related to the problem.

Also, I have been unable to smelt the cloned supernovium, and I'm concerned that if I'm able to clone gems, I'll also be unable to cut them.

Does anyone know if this is an intentional mechanic or a bug? If there are any fixes or workarounds?
5th March 2014 1:26am
Chris says...
If you are good enough in science you can clone Tiberium, this allows you to make a large amount of money because a large spire Tiberium is worth about $35,000
26th March 2013 10:00am
Marie says...
Just a few notes about the Forbidden Fruit and Plantsims:

My level 10 Science & Gardening skill witch sim created 3 forbidden fruit seeds. I had her fertilize two forbidden fruits with lobster and they BOTH died. The third one I fertilized with life fruit and when my sim harvested it, she found a plantsim baby.

In raising him, I realized that he is naturally a vegetarian (not a selected trait) and can "Commune with Plant" to raise his social need. Despite having a near perfect life and full mood meter, I have not been able to select any traits for him. He is cowardly and hates the outdoors. I am wondering if this varies or if there is something specific you have to do with them or for them to get to pick their traits. Has anyone else played a plantsim?

22nd March 2013 4:41pm
Anubis1970 says...
I grew a PlantSim baby with a Vampire character, and she acted like a normal adopted baby in every way. When I caked her up to child she got a neutral trait assigned, but I got to pick her last trait because I paid more attention to keeping her happy and growing properly.
7th April 2013 12:04am
madeleine says...
well if you wanna change the traits its the same for every type of sim. you just gotta do ctrl, shift and c then type in testingcheatsenabled on then shift click your plantsim and click 'modify traits for active sim' then choose your traits.
11th April 2014 5:29am
louise says...
Thank you! This skill did confuse me a little. ;)
11th March 2013 8:09am
Chrystal says...
You can also get a "special spice", if you keep making experiments on herbs. It can be used to cure plant sims, not sure if it does anything else.

If you have a werewolf (possibly pets too) they can get the plasmabugs and other special bugs from hunting.

11th March 2013 11:32am
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