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The Sims 3 University Life: Street Art

Tagging Walls and Painting Murals

The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack
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Tagging a wall in The Sims 3 University Life

The Sims 3 University Life comes with the Street Art skill. Practicing this skill will naturally push your Sim's influence level with the Rebel social group. The new Avant Garde trait pairs well with this skill, boosting your Sim's skill gain rates and giving them a street art kit upon starting the game.

Leveling Street Art
Buy a street art bag from buy mode > study tab > hobbies and skills. They're cheap, but you won't be able to make much money early on. In fact, most jobs are risky and could cost you a $1,000 fine if your Sim gets arrested. The best way to level would probably be to use the ground/walls on your home lot to make small/medium murals, much as you'd level the painting skill for efficiency.

Street Art in The Sims 3 University Life

If you want to go about being a vandal, go for it. Your Sim will get a +10 24h Made Your Mark moodlet as a reward for the risk. The downside would be the fine or a -10 24h Being Watched moodlet.

Sims can also take a class in street art, draw on University whiteboards or read a skill book but ultimately, the best way is to simply practice and work on skill opportunities at the same time.

A Ground Mural in The Sims 3 University Life

Making Money
Street Art is not a big money-maker. After all, the paintings cannot be sold. At level 6, you earn the ability to go to city hall or the University Administration building and get commissions (skill opportunities). Taking up these jobs prevents your Sim from being arrested for doing the art and nets them skill xp and $1,000 on completion of the project.

Types of Street Art
Here are the types of street art, and when they're unlocked:

  • Wall Tag - small (level 1), medium (level 3)
  • Wall Mural - small (level 1), medium (level 4), large (level 7)
  • Ground Mural - medium (level 1), large (level 5)

Your Sim will unlock the ability to get tips at level 2, but in practice this does not work out very well. At level 8, tips increase, with the final levels increasing the likelihood of masterpieces.

Street Art Skill Challenges

Unlocking the following is simple. Just make small wall murals or medium ground murals to increase the number of paintings you can do in a period of time. You'll make progress on the 30 you need for Precision Sprayer and have a good chance of getting your first masterpieces toward Always Wanted.

Always Wanted
Make 5 street art masterpieces. You'll no longer get arrested when doing street art.

Master Muralist
After finishing 10 murals, your Sim's chance of making a masterpiece goes up.

Precision Sprayer
After finishing 30 street art projects, all future works will be completed 15% faster.

Comments (29)

Michelle says...
My college sim tagged a wall at the coffee house and got arrested. The officer never took her home to the dorm and now my gal is stuck in handcuffs a d always looking down/sad. It's been more than the 24 hours and the being watched moodlet is gone. I've tried resetsim cheat and nothing. Since I'm at college I cannot switch households to reset sim. And advice is greatly appreciated. I've been messing with this for a week (my time not sim time). TIA ~ Michelle
Have you tried the universal reset for the whole town? What about going into Edit Town and putting her into a new house while at University.  Is that possible?
19th June 2013 3:46pm
Michelle says...
I tried resetsim name... With no luck. I'm not familiar with resetting the town. My last option (which I'm hoping not to do) is drop out of university.
I know I cannot change households, but I haven't tried moving. Not sure if I can but worth looking into it.
Could you share how I reset the town? Thanks!
To reset the whole town you just use "resetsim *" without quotation marks.
19th June 2013 11:31pm
Keira says...
got arrested doing Street Art... my Sim dissapeared.. I no longer have an active sim.. help???
24th March 2013 7:20pm
Kenna says...
I have to same problem. My guess is that he/she was 'sent to jail', which is being sent home from university. It's a shame, but they aren't DEAD, thank goodness. If you saved only moments before the fact, you could load it up and prevent him/her from being arrested.
26th March 2013 11:09am
izzie says...
when was the last time you saved? if it was before than you could just restart from before the art piece.
30th March 2013 10:28am
MarshmallowFluff says...
That sucks and its probably a glitch, but that's weird!!!
It is a glitch but it's mostly due to the fact that you got arrested while at University.  If you get arrested by tagging in your home town, you can clear your name at City Hall.
17th June 2013 7:23pm
Ashley says...
is there any way to turn the commission opportunities OFF? I made it my personal goal to level ALL skills to 10 for my entire household and really have no interest in creating street art, but since i have 8 people in my household, it's popping up with a street art opportunity for someone every 3 minutes and is extremely annoying and slows down my game. :(
24th July 2014 9:55am
Iris says...
My sim can only tag walls in her own home, and not on other buildings, does this requier a higher level?
22nd July 2014 1:40pm
Jack says...
Is there any way to avoid getting nabbed by the police when your Sim doesn't have "Always Wanted" and isn't doing a commission?
24th December 2013 12:04pm
Breana says...
I'm not sure BUT you could always level up with the skill books instead so you don't end up with the getting arested at Univesity glitch if you don't have Twallan's Master Controller and Error Trap mods (Which my crappy/s***** computer won't let me install.)

And sorry about the bleeped out curse, but it's true, technology hates me. Like my game still crashes without letting me save sometimes, even with the workaround I found, which is to have the graphics on the lowest setting possible, and not have Sims 3 full screen.
2nd June 2014 2:20pm
Jack says...
I don't know whether or not you already know this, but Sims can also receive commissions over the phone. My Sim got his first one when he had level 2 Street Art skill
21st December 2013 9:43am
Juk says...
Guys how does my mural turns into a masterpiece ??
It's a random chance when you complete a mural. It's more likely to happen in the higher levels and with certain skill challenges completed.
9th August 2013 12:54am
garrett says...
are you clicking on the actual building of the dorm you want to live in or just the symbol on the window? the symbols are just for show you have to click on the actual building on the map.
7th June 2013 9:34am
chaoswolf says...
How the heck does one get the street art skill? I bought the bag, but it doesn't do anything when I click on it. I can take it out of my inventory, but that's it.
8th May 2013 3:31am
MarshmallowFluff says...
You have to practice the painting skill first bro!!
You don't have to have the painting skill. When you click on the street art kit, it's supposed to give you the ability to Tag a wall. You place the tag on the wall or floor and then your Sim will start painting graffiti.
17th June 2013 7:26pm
Annabeth says...
What is the age group for sims to start their strret art skil?? Is it just young adults or can be teens too??
25th April 2013 7:30pm
Ghastina says...
Hi Annabeth, teens can also have the Street Art skill. And teens can also be Rebels. I know out of experience with a level 7 Rebel teen and level 6 Street Art.
12th May 2013 10:04am
Katie says...
Off topic to the street art. However i have a huge problem. When i create a sim and send them off to university i choose a dorm but then the tick circle you click to enter the game doesnt work. Just like it was before i chose a dorm. Please help i paid 30 pounds for this game and its real annoying. Thankks. Replies would be nice! :)
31st March 2013 5:51pm
Randy says...
Do you need to have the painting skill to do this action?
28th March 2013 2:57pm
CHS13 says...
I cannot get the Precision Sprayer challenge. I have done 50+ tags around the city and still nothing. Does it want me to get commissioned?
22nd April 2013 4:36pm
Katt says...
Maybe it needs to be murals rather than tags?
20th May 2014 2:18am
Anubis1970 says...
I was able to raise my street art skill writing comic books. The option to write a comic book isn't under writing, it has it's own option in the computer menu.
22nd March 2013 2:19pm
John says...
My sim got to level 9 in street art but it is not levelling up ! HELP
17th March 2013 8:33am
Plantaea says...
Well, usually it takes a while to level up at high skill levels, even with those traits that help. But if your is is really not leveling up, try the cheat resetsim First name Last name.
27th March 2013 12:15am
Andrew says...
Hi John I suggest you cap out the logic skill first I found that my genius sim with this mastered was able to do 4 skill levels in 2 sim hours for low to medium ones but when I got to level 9 it took 2-3 sim hours

Hope this helps

6th May 2013 4:59pm
Megan says...
I was able to sell my large ground murals and got $4 out of one of them. I got really excited and made another ground mural, but it was worth nothing. Do they appreciate over time?
15th March 2013 5:34pm
Bruno says...
The guide says this is not a money-making skill and I strongly disagree.
Commissions unlock at level 5, they're worth $2,000, can be done as many times as you like AND the small mural pay as much as a big one, so in half the time you make a painting on a easel you make a small mural and get $2000 garanteed, no matter the size or where you tag it.
14th March 2013 9:46am
MarshmallowFluff says...
That's SOOOOOOO not true!! I'm on level 5 and I've NEVER gotten $2000 but maybe I don't know it... Carl, are you sure you don't get money??
Commissions are worth §1000 each unless you have the Opportunistic LTR which doubles the rewards. They are the only skill opportunity you will get for Street Art other than the one to clear your name. Or you can just walk down to City Hall and ask for one. It can be done over and over.
17th June 2013 7:19pm
Rob says...
Im suppose to pick a spot in town to street art but not sure whete I can do it and how
3rd August 2014 5:40pm
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