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Nectar Making: Quality, Value and Aging  |  Upgrades and Process Comparison  |  Recipes and Blends

The Sims 3 Nectar Making Guide

Nectar How-to and Introduction

The Sims 3 World Adventures Nectar Making: A more advanced nectary in my Sim's basement

The Basics

Nectar making is a new and complex skill introduced to the Sims 3 by the World Adventures Expansion Pack. Much like wine making (which is of course what "nectar" making is modeled after), your Sim will stomp grapes and other fruits to brew them into wonderful combinations that are bottled and aged in racks. In this guide, we'll learn the basics to making a good Nectar and recipes that might help you to make more money from aging these robust drinks. Let's learn some of the fundamentals: how to make a basement, getting started with nectar making and what factors affect the price of a bottle.

I'd like to deliver special thanks to Chrys from our Sims 3 Forum. Their input was invaluable in providing mechanics data and recipes which will undoubtedly help tons of players. Because of these contributions, I'm confident we've got an incredible guide on our hands.

Additionally, if you want to take Nectar Making seriously, you'd best make your Sim a gardener as well. Gardening is the best way to get quality fruit, which will be required for great Nectar down the road, and you'll want to get on the hunt for finding special seeds as early as possible for maximum benefit.

Nectar Making Skill Self-Employment Table
The Sims 3 Ambitions brought us the ability to label Sims self-employed in any of the money-making professions. To register as self-employed, simply gain a level in the skill and head to city hall. Here are the levels for this skill:

nectar making
The Sims 3 Nectar Making Self Employment Career
LevelJob RankNeeded to LevelBonus
1Grape Kicker$30-
2Tastebud Nullifier$75-
3Nectar Taster$150-
4Bottle Label Designer$250-
5Nectar Maker's Assistant$1000$500
6Ascendant Juicer$5000-
7High-Quality Nectar Pairer$9000$1500
8Chief of the Nectar Grounds$14000-
9Nectar Bottle Distributor$25000$2500
10Master Nectar CraftsmanMax$5000

What is Nectar in The Sims 3?
Nectar is a drink to be enjoyed by Sims. As you might expect, drinking nectar will give a Sim a powerful, long lasting moodlet. The moodlet you get from drinking a bottle of nectar depends on its quality (not price or taste). Therefore, save the horrible tasting "perfect" stuff for your Sim's consumption and the real, high dollar perfect nectar for aging and future profit.

Drinking Nectar gives a number of effects. First, you'll get two positive moodlets for drinking it: Sugar Rush (4 hours, + 15 mood) and a moodlet that can go up to 25 and last 8 hours depending on the quality of the bottle. Nectar produced with at least 1 life fruit will give a full of life moodlet which gives +50 mood for 8 hours. Flame fruit nectar will give a warm fuzzies moodlet of +15 for 5 hours. It requires at least 3 flame fruit to trigger the warm fuzzies.

Since Nectar relies so heavily on Gardening, it's worth noting that finding Death Fish will be the only obstacle standing in your Sim's way of Cooking Ambrosia.

The Sims 3 World Adventures Nectar Making: Making Nectar for the First Time

How to Learn Nectar Making in The Sims 3
To get started in this skill, you'll need to send your Sim on a trip to Champs Les Sims, France. You shouldn't do so without sufficient money to buy some equipment to bring home, so I recommend you bring at least $2500 Simoleons with you. The Nectar Maker can be bought at the Nectary in France. The vendor there sells it for $1500 Simoleons. More than one would be nice, but a single machine is enough to get you started. It's a large investment that will pay for itself over time.

You can find racks at home through the build menu so it's not necessary to buy them from the vendor in France. They can be found under sort by function in Storage - Miscellaneous. The most expensive rack likely gives a bonus to the aging rate of nectars stored within.

You can use the nectar makers at the Nectary to start learning the skill, but I recommend heading home to do a lot of the work there. You'll find your nectar maker and racks in the family inventory in buy mode.

Finding Grapes and the Other New Fruit in World Adventures
France is abound with wild harvestables that came with World Adventures. The locations of all the plants that can be found here are detailed in the updated plant list. If your Sim has Pangu's Axe or the Martial Arts skill they can literally get every type of new plant there but one: cherries. Cherries are located in both Egypt and China. They're rare and high value, so they're well worth the trip. I recommend China so your Sim can try learning Martial Arts as well.

How to Build a Basement in The Sims 3
In order to succeed at Nectar Making, you're going to need a basement at home. Enter build mode and drag out the shape of the basement you want to build. You can then hit page down and begin decorating the basement like you would a normal part of the house. Include a stairwell and place it where there are no obstructions on the floor below. Be sure to make your basement large enough for some nectar rack storage and multiple nectar makers.

Why is the basement important? Nectar that's stored in a basement-placed rack goes up in price to a greater degree each day. A rack can hold fifteen bottles, and racks can be stacked up to two high. A bottle of nectar sold early is a waste of money. They should be considered investments that earn interest over time. They do age while they're in your inventory and other places, but never as fine as when they're stored properly.

How to Make Nectar in The Sims 3
To get started making nectar, click a Nectar Maker and select add fruit. It takes ten pieces of fruit to make Nectar. Ideally, you should make them in a combination of two or more. Nectar made of only one fruit gets no bonuses (or penalties) for flavor. You'll need to come up with combinations that work well together. It can very to a large degree depending on the proportions of the two or more fruit you place into the machine. Further on, we'll discuss some of these combinations, but for now let's just get a bottle brewing.

Once the fruit is placed, you can then pick 'Make Nectar'. Your Sim will stomp the fruit and proceed to do a basic process on the machine. This produces several bottles of nectar. You'll see why several machines might come in handy when you're waiting on your first batch to complete. When it's done, you'll be given the option to name the new combination and told how it tastes. Now you can select take nectar then store the bottles in one of your racks. Sell them later when you have a good replacement. Rack space will be precious later if you're going for real wealth, so it's good to move out old bottles.

The Sims 3 World Adventures Nectar Making: Upgrade the nectar maker to produce better quality wine from your fruit recipes.

Sims 3 Nectar Making Challenges

  • Master of Nectar Making - After you've made 200 bottles of Nectar, your Sim will make an extra bottle in each batch. Very helpful indeed. This one will come naturally as you pursue the others. Use mass produce and improved pressing if you want to speed things along.
  • Flavorful Feet - After Squishing 40 bins full of fruit, your feet get so much better at the task that it boosts the value of all your future bottles. Since higher value bottles produce more profit each day as they age, this one really helps.
  • The Vizard of Vine - Look for Nectar Recipes that focus heavily on grapes to complete this challenge while making good money. It will simply give you more produce from each grape plant in your garden.
  • Mix Master - After 15 different combinations have been produced, you'll complete this challenge which gives you a chance to see the outcome of a fruit combo after you've filled the bin. It's not an exact science. Your Sim may say that 2 fruits are horrible in combination but you may find with different proportions this changes. It does give you a good idea though when you're really on the wrong track.

Related Challenges
Zeus and Hera's Nectar-Making Invitational

Nectar Making: Quality, Value and Aging  |  Upgrades and Process Comparison  |  Recipes and Blends
The Sims 3 World Adventures
ChinaEgyptFranceMartial ArtsNectar Making
PhotographyMummiesPangu's AxeTomb Raiding TipsTomb Building

Comments (10)

Tink says...
for Into the Future expansion owners, building a bot with the 'solar powered' and Robotany Gardner trait chips can give you perfect fruit of any type in 1 plant generation, the gardner trait chips also lets the plumbot produce perfect fertilizer. this took me two game days in the future to do, and saved me a week in getting perfect fruit for nectar. as well as having a master gardner in the house in a couple of days.
27th February 2014 4:50am
Gracefulclutz says...
I love that tip. So going to use that. Thanks!
26th March 2014 11:38am
Anastasia says...
The recipe for the Nectar Making that I preferred was the one with 5 apples and 5 Grapes :) It was really good, my compliments Carl
15th March 2013 3:37pm
Elize Henning says...
Hello, I would like to know if anyone can help me. My sim want to make nectar with the purple eggplant. How can I add the purple eggplant to the nectar machine? Thanks
27th June 2014 2:58pm
Garok Al-Alameed Jhabbaro says...
Can we make a nectar out of plasma fruit?
16th May 2013 11:43am
Taylor says...
Yes, you can make nectar of any fruit.
2nd June 2013 1:28am
sims lover says...
hey love your guide but can make one on buying a vaction home in france?????????
22nd May 2013 5:26pm
maryquitecontrary says...
Hello, I was wondering if they have changed the amount that you need to sell in order to advance to the next level? I have a total earned of 27,394 but it says that I am still at level 8 and will not be promoted to 9 until I have 2,111 more simoleons. Did I do something wrong?
It's possible my numbers were off or it was changed.
14th June 2014 4:12pm
maryquitecontrary says...
Okay, thanks, it was still a big help:)
29th June 2014 7:50pm
Jamie says...
I've made a basement and put the nectar holders in it but it won't let me put the nectar in the things can someone plz help me
11th August 2014 6:42pm
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