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Nectar Making: Quality, Value and Aging  |  Upgrades and Process Comparison  |  Recipes and Blends

The Sims 3 Nectar Making Guide

Nectar Machine Upgrades and Nectaration Processes

The Sims 3 World Adventures Nectar Making: You can select from multiple nectaration processes which have different strengths.

Nectar Machine Processes and Handiness Upgrades - The Mechanics
There are four options you can select for how your machine will make nectar. The first is basic, which is unlocked at the start. This offers no modification to the process. There are three more that are unlocked as you go along:

  • Concentrated (level 4)- This will give you one less bottle of Nectar, but will raise the value of the other bottles. It's worse than basic unless you have one of the handiness upgrades installed, as you'll see in the chart below. This in combination with the flavor enhancement handiness upgrade will produce the single highest value bottles. However, it loses out to other methods in terms of sheer profit potential.
  • Mass Produce (level 7)- Adds two bottles of Nectar to every batch, and doesn't seem to affect quality. The perfect replacement for basic and concentrated across the board. This with improved pressing can help your Sim to make it to the 200 bottles required for the Master of Nectar Making challenge.
  • Extended Nectaration (level 9)- This gives the same number of bottles as the regular process, but takes longer and produces a nectar valued 15% higher in price.

Three Handiness upgrades are available for the Nectar Maker. Improved Pressing comes at level 5, Unbreakable at 6, and Flavor Enhancement at 9. My top choice is Improved Pressing, which causes the machine to produce one extra bottle of nectar. It wins by 8 and 1/3% in terms of overall profit using Extended Nectaration although the bottles it creates aren't as impressive in value.

Flavor Enhancement raises the bottle's value by 15%. At that, this logic should apply to any recipe produced: with the master of nectar making challenge completed, you'll get 25% more (one extra over the base of 4) bottles. 25% more bottles vs 15% more value. Simple eh? It's even worse for Flavor Enhancement when your Sim isn't a master. That'd be 33% more vs 15% more.

The only times you should use the Flavor Enhancement upgrade is when you're going for an extremely high dollar bottle with the Concentrated method. Or, when you have access to mass produced but not extended nectaration. But with just a two level window, who cares about bothering with this upgrade?

World Adventures Nectar Making Method Comparison Chart
Upgrade/Nectaration MethodUnupgradedImproved PressingFlavor Enhancement
Mass Produced6x321
Extended Nectaration4x523

This chart was produced using the best known recipe: 9 perfect life fruit and 1 pomegranate. The Sim had completed all challenges. The $653 bottle is my highest on record and I don't expect to beat it. However, if I were tackling the Bottomless Nectar Cellar Lifetime Wish or was taking a profit-driven approach, I'd use Improved Pressing with Extended Nectaration, the clear best combo.

Nectar Making: Quality, Value and Aging  |  Upgrades and Process Comparison  |  Recipes and Blends
The Sims 3 World Adventures
ChinaEgyptFranceMartial ArtsNectar Making
PhotographyMummiesPangu's AxeTomb Raiding TipsTomb Building


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