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Nectar Making: Quality, Value and Aging  |  Upgrades and Process Comparison  |  Recipes and Blends

The Sims 3 Nectar Making Guide

List of Nectar Making Recipes and Blends

The Sims 3 World Adventures Nectar Making: a garden will be necessary to produce the finest nectar.

Not all fruit combinations work well together when making Nectar in the Sims 3. You may try every single blend to discover that a recipe involving this and that fruit is just impossible. Adding a third ingredient may increase the value of a bottle by making it taste better, but you don't seem to be rewarded for complexity. There are so many combinations that tracking down multi-ingredient nectars is tough.

Contrary to popular belief as per the prima strategy guide, it does matter how the fruits taste together. You can make perfect nectar that is worth $200, but if the fruits are rare and the taste is great (both factored together) you can begin to push toward $500 a bottle and possibly beyond. So start with the basic combinations that require low level gardening then work your way up to using perfect quality uncommon, rare, and special ingredients. A dash of a low level ingredient may set off some other combination and produce a great tasting nectar, so experimentation is key! Share your recipes at our Forum's Nectar Making Thread.

When crafting your own recipes keep in mind that just because one blend of two ingredients tastes bad doesn't mean they can never go together in a recipe. You like a dash of this, a dash of that in your food, so it's not surprising that Sims often like their nectar that way! So try, try again, but mind your fruit stocks!

If you want to use Sims 3 Cheats to unlock fruit, it is possible. Open the cheats console, type testingcheatsenabled true, followed by buydebug Used in conjunction you'll be able to access the special menu under sort by function in buy mode. Simply click the (?) section and proceed to place plant spawners on your lot. Many will start with fruit, to make this an even sweeter for the frustrated/cheaters out there.

Here are some recipes, sorted by value, which you can try which give specific quality nectars:

Amazing Nectar Recipes
9 life fruit, 1 pomegranate - the highest value nectar
7 life fruit, 2 flame fruit, 1 plum
7 life fruit, 2 flame fruit, 1 watermelon
6 life fruit, 3 flame fruit, 1 cherimola blan grapes - A high value nectar that gives all the moodlets in a single bottle
5 cranerlet nuala grapes/5 life fruit
2 gralladina fran grapes, 2 cranerlet nuala grapes, 1 flame fruit, 1 life fruit, 1 cherry, 1 pomelo, 1 avornalino grapes, 1 meloire grapes
2 life fruit, 2 gralladina fran grapes, 2 cranerlet nuala grapes, 2 cherry, 2 pomelo
5 life fruit, 5 pomelo
5 gralladina fran grapes, 5 apples
5 apple /5 renoit grapes - Probably the single best bottle for beginners
Great Nectar Recipes
9 flame fruit/1 gralladina fran grapes
9 cranerlet nuala grapes/1 pomelo
9 pomelo/1 cranerlet nuala grapes
8 pomelo/ 2 watermelon
6 lime/4 renoit grapes

Nectar Making: Quality, Value and Aging  |  Upgrades and Process Comparison  |  Recipes and Blends
The Sims 3 World Adventures
ChinaEgyptFranceMartial ArtsNectar Making
PhotographyMummiesPangu's AxeTomb Raiding TipsTomb Building

Comments (13)

Robin J says...
I was wondering on how to sell the nectar after you make it, I am in the Nectar making profession but i don't know how to sell it to make money?
Please help me..thanks so much!
12th January 2013 7:02pm
Matt says...
Go to ur sims inventory, there is a money slot, sell ur nectar there, I hope this helped :)
20th January 2013 5:17pm
Sophie says...
You can sell it to the grocery store. You go in as if you were buying food but on the second column you pick sell food. You can select which nectars to sell. If you have ambitions then you can cosign them in the cosignment store.
21st January 2013 6:01am
Luna S says...
You can always sell it right from your inventory, but consigning it works too. To sell it in your inventory, drag it to the little box on the left.
22nd January 2013 11:09pm
Ed R says...
What happen if it is 10 life fruit?
You wouldn't get a good blend - you need multiple flavors to make something good :)
31st January 2013 3:58pm
Thanking sims player says...
Thank you this helps me so much on the game!! :)
21st February 2013 10:17am
Rainenm says...
Thank you so much for the beginner amazing recipe! It helped me finish a quest in France!!!
21st July 2013 6:28am
Nichole says...
I don't know if it's a great recipe because sometimes my Sim says it is but then the machine just says its really good or wonderful but 5 Cherry and 5 Lime is a combo I've done and another is 5 Lemon and 5 Lime but that one is just very tasty and the price isn't quite as high when you go to sell.
29th July 2013 7:08pm
Mikal says...
Found another Great combination that I call Purple Passion: 8 meloire grapes & 2 plums
10th October 2013 11:54am
Raven says...
You know, it's too bad they didn't add recipes using honey to the list after Supernatural came out. Mead Nectars is a natural progression, I think at least.
5th November 2013 5:24pm
Whitman says...
I Found an Amazing Combination: 6 Apples and 4 Plums.
15th March 2014 1:53am
Whitman says...
Strike that, it's 6 Plums, 4 Cherries. Sorry about the mix up
15th March 2014 2:22am
SIMMER says...
found a great combination for vampires 4 plasma fruit, 3 flame fruits, and 3 life fruit best to use perfect quality fruit and it is worth a lot of money.
2nd April 2014 1:03pm
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