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The Sims 3 Story: Dreamweaver Immortal Dynasty

Chapter 1: - A Story by Pam Marsden

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Introduction by Pam and Carl

From Pam Marsden, Story Author:
This story comes directly from playing the Immortal Dynasty Challenge from Carl and Pam's Sims 3 Forum. Little did I know when I started playing the challenge that it would turn into such a popular and interesting story. The story literally wrote itself as it moved forward and the characters took shape and became real.

I wish to thank Carl for the honor of putting my story on the Guide. Another thank you to Tom Schluter (Metropolis Man) for creating the challenge. Last, but not least, a big thank you to all of my readers. You guys are the best!

From Carl:
A big thanks to Pam for letting us host this here. It would not have been possible without the help of Amber (gerrr00) on our Forum. She took the tedious task of harvesting every post from Pam's story thread and compiling them for me. My role was to adapt it to html and edit any leftover forum dialog. Because this came from the forum, the story may at times appear Pam is speaking to someone in response to a question. This story took months to complete and was very popular, so she received loads of feedback and interesting commentary. These infrequent changes in tone should not impact your enjoyment of the story.

Like all writers of Immortal Dynasty stories, Pam should be lauded for not only staying within the boundaries of the challenging ruleset, but forming an interesting and lovable cast. The storytelling is top-notch and any new readers will be very surprised how intricate the story was woven. With it here on the guide, I hope it will entertain our readers. Enjoy!

On to the Story...

I just couldn't think of a name that topped Dreamweaver for me personally, so I gave in and started my Dreamweaver Dynasty.  I also changed my mind about playing in Twinbrook.  The lot there is just too small and the town is dreary.  My founder, Carina Dreamweaver, much prefers the beaches of Sunset Valley.

Her traits are:  Green Thumb, Angler, Natural Cook, Bookworm, and Charismatic
Lifetime Wish:  Culinary Librarian
Career:  Gardener

She spent her first day fishing at the pond across the street, then headed to the library to get started on her gardening and charisma skills.  She spent the night at the fire station and got to slide down the pole.  Another day at the library learing cooking and another night at the fire station.  Life is good!

Next on the agenda is to start her garden, earn some money, and find Mr. Right.  She'll be hanging out at the Art Museum, hoping to meet someone artistic to paint her young adult portrait soon.

Carina's first jaunt to the Art Museum only turned up Gobias Koffi and there's just no way I could look at that unibrow every day, much less allow him to father her kids.  I don't know if he's artistic, but he won't do at all.  Carina made a stop at the gym for a shower and some cereal and met Christopher Steel.  I was hoping she could find someone else because he's such an obvious choice (single and easy to woo).  Alas, the heart chooses as it will and they got married the next day at the Summerhill Pond.  

I love the dopey look on her face:

He brought the household funds up to $8,000 and they were able to build a house for a tight budget.  It doesn't even have rooms and everything is black and white for simplicity.  No building challenge entry for this one!

Christopher wants to join the military, but he'll be much too busy painting for that.  One way I thought of to keep others away from the easel is to always leave it with an unfinished painting.  So, Christopher will always start a new painting before he walks away.  He'll also be making daily trips to the junk yard to salvage furniture and appliances, both for money and to furnish the house.  It'll be awhile before they have any real money.

Carina has made friends with Molly French and I plan to get recipes from her as often as possible.  She needs to look up Emma Hatch, too.

Christopher has already reached level 7 in painting and has painted Carina's young adult portrait.  Now they are tready for their first child.

Carina's up to level 7 in gardening, so she is now able to grow special seeds, looking for life fruit and money trees.  They are still very poor and have only about $2,000 to their name.  Some of the salavaged items from the junk are now decorating their house and the rest are sold.  

Carina is a little more than halfway through her young adult stage and her portrait is on the wall.  She's got three money trees growing and many special seeds planted.  Christopher is at level 8 painting and is all set to paint all the portraits he can until he dies.  My plan for getting recipes from other cooks has hit a snag.  For some reason, the interaction isn't coming up for Molly French and Emma Hatch.  There's no reason I can find for it, so it's a bit frustrating.  Carina resorted to buying two recipes at the bookstore.  The house is mostly furnished with repaired items from the junk yard.  What doesn't get used is sold.  I've made walls for the bedroom and bathroom so that they don't have to do everything out in the open.  I've also added a room to the house and put a junk yard crib and toybox in it.  Yes, it's time for the second generation to be born.  Carina got pregnant on the first try and is stuffing herself with watermelons!

Carina went into labor a couple of hours early, outside the grocery store.  She had just bought some eggs and cheese to plant in her garden after completing the Uncommonly Good skill challenge.  Again, I love her face:


It's twins!!  I was totally not expecting this.  Nobody has the Fertility Treatment and Carina didn't watch any TV, kids channel or otherwise.  Here I was merrily picking out the name and traits for the second generation immortal and BAM!  There's two!  I've only got one crib salvaged from the junk yard.  I sold the second one, never dreaming there would be twins.  I had just got through telling hubby that this challenge wouldn't have a bunch of kids.  Well, they sure showed me!

The second generation heir is named Nectarine Dreamweaver and her traits are Athletic and Disciplined.  She will pursue athletics and martial arts, with the appropriate Lifetime Wish of Physical Perfection.  For her sister, Indigo, I rolled random traits and took the first set that came up:  Excitable and Insane.  Because the house is black and white, I'm making the kids all have names related to colors and all of their clothes will have the appropriate hex codes to match their names.  Clever, no?  ;D

Carina aged up to adult the day before the twins aged up to toddler.  

Christopher aged to adult on the twins' birthday.  Both Nectarine and Indigo have Carina's hair and eye color.  Yay!  I think I'll be able to get both them to walk, talk, and potty, but Nectarine is really the important one for that.  Indigo can slack if needed because her traits will be random anyway.  Unless I change my mind about that.

Carina has reached level 10 gardening and is at around level 5 in her profession.  She's at level 8 cooking and getting recipes from other cooks is working again.  They've got about $25,000 in household funds, but that will get better as those money trees really start producing and as Christopher's paintings are worth more.  She's got three or four best friends and I bought the Long Distance Friend Lifetime Reward to make sure they don't decay.  I hope Molly French doesn't die before Carina eats Ambrosia.

Nectarine and Indigo both aged up well to children.  I gave Nectarine the Artistic trait so that she can take over the portraits when her dad passes on.  Indigo rolled the Good trait.  Carina and Nectarine didn't have much of a relationship, especially compared to Carina's Best Friend status with Indigo.  Carina rolled a wish to be best friends with Nectarine and I thought was a good idea considering they'll be spending eternity together.  So, Carina took Nectarine with her to the Consignment Shop and they had a nice long chat afterward which did the trick.

Carina bought a partnership in Hogan's Deepfried Diner.  I didn't want to spend the money for full ownership just yet, nor did I want to spend it on a property.  Money for the family is still rather tight with household funds at only $35,000 after buying Carina her first car.  Most of the furnishings for the house continue to come from the junkyard, including upgraded living room furniture, a dishwasher, and a trash compactor.  Carina also reached level 10 in cooking and the Ambrosia recipe isn't far off.  She invites Emma Hatch over to visit almost every day, nabs a recipe from her, then tells her to leave.  Did I mention that she's also at level 10 gardening?  I think I'll have gardening be her SuperMax skill.  I didn't want to make that decision at the beginning because I wanted to see how the game would go, but I think I can easily keep anyone else from gardening.  If nothing else, I'll put a fence around the garden and lock the gate.

In an effort to avoid the runaround bug from playing tag, I've been sending Indigo to the Summerhill Pond to learn fishing while her sister is busy with mom and painting.  Indigo is already at level 5 after only the weekend.  The girls played on the blocks table together Sunday night before starting school the next morning.  It looks like Nectarine has inherited her mother's ability to make me laugh with her goofy faces.

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