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The Sims 3 Supernatural: Fairies Guide

Fairy Magic Levels, Tricks, Inner Beauty and Bloom

The Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion
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The Sims 3 Supernatural Fairies  Inner Beauty makes a Sim very ugly on the outside.
Fairy using a Blessing on a Sim cursed with Inner Beauty.

The Sims 3 Supernatural introduces the Fairy, a type of Sim able to use magic to pull tricks, benefit themselves and others with auras, and have a natural connection to nature. All Fairies have the Green Thumb trait, so you should not select this on any Sim you intend to make a Fairy. This guide covers most things about this new Supernatural life state, and includes a list of all unlocks at each Fairy skill level.

The Sims 3 Supernatural Fairies  Fairies can Fly
The 'I Can Fly' Interaction Fairies start with.

Becoming a Fairy
To become a Fairy, make your Sim using the Supernatural type selector in Create-a-Sim or acquire a Bottled Blessing of the Fae for around $2000 in the Alchemy store. You can also make one yourself using Supernatural's Alchemy Skill. Fairies have the same basic needs as other Sims, but live five times longer with 100 days spent in Young Adult.

When creating your Sim, be sure to look to the basics tab in CAS so that you can select Fairy Basics, which allows you to choose your Fairy's wing color and design.

The Sims 3 Supernatural Fairies  Flying
All Fairies can Fly instead of running and will move at an increased rate.

Learning New Fairy Abilities
Fairies like other Supernatural life state additions can level up to learn new abilities. They receive experience any time they do something that consumes Magic Power. While running an Aura your Fairy is constantly gaining experience in the hidden Fairy Magic skill. So, continue to act as a Fairy and use those abilities and your Sim will level up naturally. Using Bloom while running an aura is perhaps the best, most useful way to level up but you do not unlock it until level 5.

Here is a list of all Fairy abilities and the levels at which they unlock:

Fairy Magic Skill Levels
LevelUnlock 1Unlock 2
0Hot Head: Makes a Sim's head heat up, blowing steam out their ears. The target will be singed.Chattering Teeth: Blows frost that makes a Sim cold.
0I Can Fly: Do a flying maneuver in place, pictured above. This gives a big, fast boost to Fun, and using this just a few times can fill the meter.Aura of Soothing: Gives a +20 moodlet that affects all nearby Sims including the Fairy. Consumes power while active and grants XP.
1Aura of Creativity: Sims perform better in Music (all instruments), Painting and Writing while under this Aura.Flight of Felicity: Bless a Sim, allowing them to fly like a Fairy. (replaces run)
2Fairy Trap Toilet: Causes water to gush when a Sim flushes the toiletFairy Trap Shower: Puts dye in the shampoo
3Fairy Repair: Magically repair a broken object.Aura of Body and Mind: Logic, Charisma, and Athletic performance is improved.
4Fairy Trap Trashcan: Makes trash explode all around when a Sim uses the can.Tummy Twister: make a Sim belch, embarassing them
5Bloom: Advances a Plant's growth one level or makes it harvestable. Subject of the Greener Gardens Lifetime Wish. See the section toward the bottom of this guide for detailed information.
6Fairy Trap Sofa/Loveseat: Makes a Sim fall asleep when this is used.Skivvies: Another embarassing prank, strip a Sim down to underwear.
7Gold and Toads: Sims will vomit gold or toads nearly a dozen times over six hours. Each pile of gold is worth $77, and they rarely seem to vomit toads. While Sims do make some money while vomiting gold, it may be interrupting a more lucrative activity!
8Fairy Trap Mailbox Makes bees fly out of the mailbox and attack the Sim.
9Fairy Trap LLAMA: The LLAMA teleporters that come with Supernatural can be trapped with this, which causes a Sim to travel to the wrong location - boring.
10Inner Beauty: Use this on pretty but mean Sims who need to learn how to behave. The curse lasts 24h and any time they use a mean interaction it is reset. The whole time, they will be horribly ugly and other Sims may gawk and make fun. There's a Lifetime Wish for this, Magic Makeover. Its goal is to cast Inner Beauty 12 times and reach level 10 in Charisma.
The Sims 3 Supernatural Fairies  Fairies stacking auras
Have Fairies use different auras for maximum effect.

Magic Power
Fairies, like Witches, consume magic power to use their abilities. Everything from the I Can Fly interaction you start with, to pranks and auras will consume this resource over time. To regenerate Magic Power faster, go inside a Fairy House or use the new Train Set which a Fairy can shrink down to ride. The bar will fill over about 4 hours' time on its own. Depleting your Magic Power results in a 6 hour negative moodlet, preventing you from using Fairy Powers.

During a Full Moon, Fairies get a +40 moodlet along with the +40 Lunatic boost. They are also able to get a +20 moodlet, and share it with all around with their Soothing Aura ability. The will also get some solid, long-lasting moodlets from pulling Fairy Tricks on Sims.

The Sims 3 Supernatural Fairies  A baby Fairy
Too bad the wings go through the back of the chair

Fairy Babies
Two Fairies would naturally have a Fairy Baby, but any other combination leaves a 50% chance the offspring will be a Fairy. Fairy Children can perform a few tricks, but cannot gain levels in their Fairy abilities until their Teenage years.

The Sims 3 Supernatural Fairies  casting Flight of Felicity

Fairy Dust, Flight of Felicity, and Interations
Fairies get several social interactions, such as bragging about wing color and how many pranks they've pulled. Those are great for varying conversations, with several found only under the Special category when picking Socials. The most interesting come from the other Sim's perspective. They can ask for a blessing, which gives the Flight of Felicity. This makes normal Sims float above the ground and move at the same increased speed as a Fairy. They can also request Fairy Dust through the Friendly menu, which has no value but allows you to use this blessing at will on yourself or another Sim.

The Sims 3 Supernatural Fairies  A Fairy shrinks down and flutters about a light like a moth.
A good shot of a Fairy in their smaller form.

Fairies can shrink and float into certain lights, like the mood light that comes with Supernatural. They are Drawn to the Light like a moth. This can shock them, and I'm not sure on the purpose although it's likely there more for autonomous actions and humor. There may be other objects Fairies can interact with share your revelations at the bottom of the guide in the comments section.

The Sims 3 Supernatural Fairies  A pretty picture of a Fairy House
A Fairy House

Fairy Houses
One of the new things you can buy is the Fairy House (or Castle), which is basically a little rabbit hole (find both House and Castle under Outdoor - Outdoor Activities). Fairies can demonstrate their ability to transform into a smaller form and enter these homes. Inside, they can drink Pollen Punch, which fills a bit of hunger and can give a 2h +50 moodlet. Not as good as a meal, though it is a bonus. Also, sleeping in the Fairy House does not give a mood boost from its Well Rested moodlet. Fairies can also throw a party, and may get a positive moodlet if it's good. When you throw the party, other Fairies on the lot may come to the House. The music will give a positive moodlet, and your Fairy can raise the fun motive by dancing.

As a reader pointed out below, Fairy Houses are portable and are the best item to pack while adventuring with World Adventures. This may make Fairies not only the best at gardening, but Adventuring as well. You have fun, hunger, and energy in one small package that often fits where a tent does not.

Forum member forloveofcake pointed out that a Fairy's aura doesn't consume magic while in the Fairy House, and confirms they continue to receive Fairy Magic skill experience.

The Sims 3 Supernatural Fairies  A Child Fairy uses a Trick
A child Fairy uses a hot headed trick against her mom.

Fairy Tricks
Fairies can perform two types of trick. First are the social interaction variety, which can give some skill experience and have various effects. Second, they'll learn Traps, which can be placed on objects like chairs, the toilet, or mailbox. When a Sim springs the Trap, your Fairy Sim will get a +15 12h moodlet. Not a bad reward. So, how can we capitalize on this?

Good Traits for Fairies
Since Fairies can do tricks at any age, the Rebellious trait suits them. Fairy Tricks count as rebelling and give a +15 12h moodlet (Fight the Power). Evil is also helpful, as Tricks will trigger the Fiendishly Delighted moodlet giving another +15 for 6 hours. That's a lot for one trick, but it takes up several traits. I strongly recommend Rebellious, but you can live without Evil. Childish was also tested but did nothing for the Sim, although we suspect they may perform more tricks autonomously with this trait. Big thanks to Forum Moderator samoht04 for testing these and feeding me results!

As mentioned in the intro (but repeated here in case you missed it) Fairies get all the benefits of the Green Thumb trait aside from bonus skill experience, so it is wasted on them. Instead, take Gatherer which will further boost the quality of anything you plant and give additional produce when harvesting them.

The Sims 3 Supernatural Fairies  A Fairy makes a plant Bloom so that it can be harvested immediately
A Fairy casts Bloom

Fairy Bloom Ability
At level 5, Fairies get the Bloom ability. This will make a mature plant instantly harvestable. What is more, it will bump a growing plant up one level. So, cast bloom a few times on a just-planted seed and you'll have the next generation of plants in your hands. Given the usually slow pace of Gardening, this is a big way to make money. Get to the Perfect level and start planting a large crop. You can then use Bloom and go for the Fairy Lifetime Wish Greener Gardens, to make 100 plants bloom and reach level 10 in Gardening. The Perfect Garden would also be an easy to attain LTW for a Fairy.

King of the Fae Lifetime Reward
You can purchase this LTR for 30,000 happiness. This will give you the ability to change your Fairy's wings and wing color at any time. Magic will also be consumed at a reduced rate when using Fairy abilities, and your Sim is able to summon any other Faeries they have met.

Comments (133)

OTree says...
Hi :)! Can be Sim Fairy and Witch together at the same time?
29th September 2012 12:20pm
Ioana says...
In this part of game, with fairies, exist any cheat or code or something for jump up on level 10 ? Please, I'm waiting for an answer.
30th September 2012 5:36pm
tornado says...
whats the point of fairy dust what does it actually do. i found some in the garden once but there's no interaction or anything on it??
1st October 2012 1:25am
Morgan says...
Hey, so my game may just be glitching, but my fairy toddler and child can both enter the Fairy Castle and sleep on command. This is fantastic for my toddler because normally I can't command her to sleep. In addition, the child and toddler can both drink the punch in the fairy house, and fix their hunger that way (and they get the moodlet!!). It definitely makes them much easier to raise.
1st October 2012 8:49pm
Arandomsimmer says...
Omg! That happens with me too! It's great for me because they don't have to be let out of their cribs, and can enter and exit at will! Your game isn't go itching, i just think its a cool "cheat"
14th January 2013 3:09am
glenchild says...
It appears that the human offspring of fairy/human couples may have a hidden trait similar to the children of foreigners in World Adventures. As a toddler, the human daughter of my fae/human couple would randomly float up off the floor as if she were flying. Or maybe it's a glitch? I'll have to watch to see if she shows any other interesting behaviors as she grows.
2nd October 2012 8:59am
Millie says...
Are the fairies wings always supposed to be there or just occasionally ? Because I have a fairy teen and her wings dont show ! It may be a glitch?
3rd October 2012 12:55pm
Wayne says...
I have the same problem. I can't see the wings on my fairy. I'm thinking it may be a glitch.
16th October 2012 3:57am
Anon says...
I had that problem too! I found it though. If you have the nomosiac.package installed, it takes away fairy wings. If you get rid of it, boom they are back (:
6th April 2014 2:33pm
MissWinky says...
Like someone else said, a sim can become a Fairy by Searching for Fairies at the Arboratoreum and getting an opportunity. The opportunity has 4 stages: 1)Bring a Bloodstone, a Moonstone, a Sunstone and a yellow gem; Reward: Flight of Felicity Moodlet. 2) Bring Nice quality or above Beeswax, Spotlight Mushroom, Glow Orb, Ghost Chilli; Reward: Pollen Punch Moodlet (and I think a bottle of Fairy Dust). 3) Bring Palladium, Iron, Silver, Gold; Reward: Fairy Gold (a coin worth 77, not sure if it has a special use but its value decreases with time). 4)Bring Moth, Monarch, Zephyr Metalmark, Red Admiral; Reward: Become a Fairy! Thankfully, markers appear for the things you need to collect (like in Adventures). Although, if you really want a Fairy just by the potion or make it with Alchemy, it will take less time than collecting all these things..(there where no Zephyr Metalmarks in Moonlight Falls for a week, I thought my sim would be an Elder by the time she turned)
5th October 2012 6:51pm
Deb says...
I'm not sure if it's a glitch on my game of if it's meant to be like this but, my fairy can only fill her hunger from the fairy house - anything she eats otherwise isn't filling it and it's really annoying! I don't know if I missed it in the info up there (I admit I was skim reading) but, is it a glitch or am I meant to do something else?
5th October 2012 7:30pm
CandyRain says...
Normally the Omni plant can grow fish, cheese, meat, etc. but for some reason, it's not allowing me to harvest the Fairy Damsel fish or Luminous Salamanders. The plants been in "harvest mode" for over 2 sims weeks, but the plants produce nothing. I've tried talking to them, fertilizing them, and "bloom". I'm playing as a fairy, and I know the fae have a built in green thumb trait, so am I doing something wrong? Or are those two items just not able to be harvested?
6th October 2012 10:15am
Julia says...
I think it's also worth noting that the mood boost from Aura of Soothing goes up with your Fairy's level. It starts off at +20, but as of now (level 9 I think? I'll have to double check later) my Fairy gets a +40 moodlet. I imagine the affect of the other Auras on skill gain might be similar, but I'd need to test it out to be sure.
16th October 2012 2:09am
Chilicheeezz says...
so for some really dumb reason my fairy has no interactions with her husband. I have no idea why but its really buggin me. The husband cant interact with her either so im clueless as to what it is. They can interact with other supernatural creatues but i just dont get this
17th October 2012 10:08pm
Julia says...
Do you have any mods installed that in any way affect social interactions? I've had that happen to me several times if I had an out of date/corrupt mod before.
20th October 2012 6:45am
Maya says...
Is the fairy house ony able to be outside? Y
24th October 2012 11:46pm
Scott says...
I am playing a fairy for the first time, and went with your suggestion to skip the Green Thumb trait. I found, however, that there is another part of the Green Thumb trait that fairies do not get: they cannot revive dead plants. while this is not normally an issue (my fairy takes good care of her garden) it does make cultivating Death Flowers troublesome, as you must revive the plant after the first harvest to get more than one per seed/flower planted. Therefore, if one plans on growing multiple Death Flowers, for whatever reason, they still need the Green Thumb trait until they have built up their desired stock.
10th November 2012 1:52pm
Moe says...
Is it all fairies or just mine that doesn't need sleep? Mine has the night owl trait so I was wondering.
20th November 2012 7:16am
Kaitlyn says...
Can fairies turn humans into faries? If they can tell me please.
20th November 2012 6:33pm
Bri says...
Does the wing color mean anything??
No, it's just for decoration.
21st November 2012 4:35am
VampireDiaries says...
I can't change my fairy's appearance as when I clickon the wadrobe or mirror, it'll state, "Your sim has been tranformed". And it doesn't allow me to change! Help?
24th November 2012 3:13pm
Adnaan says...
Can Female fairies and Male normal sims have children?
25th November 2012 10:09pm
Liz says...
My fairy married a vampire, but there is no interaction that allows them to move in together, and I only have control of my character,instead of controlling multiple Sims after they become a family. Is this a glitch, or a way to fix this?
30th November 2012 3:10am
jade says...
why can't there be a spell for you're human to turn into a fairy?
1st December 2012 1:23am
Ricalynn says...
If you look for fairies at the arboretum there is a chance to get an opportunity to become a fairy. Plus the elixir
16th December 2012 12:22am
Akino says...
I wanna ask, why does my fairy have a top wearing when having a bath? Eveni have put the no mosaif mods in the game. Could anyone help?
23rd December 2012 5:15pm
Amy says...
You may have a trait that doesnt allow you to be without clothes. That or it's glitching.
25th July 2013 6:05am
MignonL says...
My fairy has a 'want' "become a vampire" , will a fairy lose fairy traits if it is bitten by a vamp? Is it even possible?
23rd December 2012 6:26pm
Lucy says...
can someone help me, because i have a teenage fairy with the fairy power of 7 but is not going any higher and it has been ages!!! Please help.
26th December 2012 11:47am
Deven says...
You know how you have a list of friends, well sims who are supernatural have different colors around the box that their face is, well my question is what does each of the colors stand for which supernatural being??
27th December 2012 3:01am
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