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The Sims 3 Supernatural: Werewolves Guide

Hunting, Wolf Packs, and Alpha Wolves

The Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion
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Sims 3 Supernatural - A Werewolf Howls with a Full Moon
Werewolf Howling

Werewolves are a new type of Sim that come with The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion. They're a much less detailed life state than Witches or Fairies, but have some great abilities in collecting, live a 50% longer life span and bring some fun variety to the neighborhood.

Becoming a Werewolf
You can become a Werewolf in Supernatural several ways. First, you can create your Sim in CAS and use the Supernatural type on the basics selector. If you do this, press the transform button at the bottom so that you can customize the look of your Sim in werewolf form. Next, you can buy Bottled Curse of the Lycan at the Alchemy Store or make it yourself with Alchemy. Finally, you can befriend a Werewolf and ask them to bite you.

Sims 3 Supernatural - Sniffing and Being Scolded
Werewolves can Sniff Sims Inappropriately and get Scolded

Werewolf Behavior
Werewolves get a few fun socials, to growl at Sims and Pets, joke about shedding fur or sniff Sims. When angered, they will transform from human to werewolf form where they're more likely to win a fight. They can tear up the furniture and find this to be a fun activity. If this is done enough, the object will end up with permanent damage and offer to be replaced - but is still usable.

Sims 3 Supernatural - Transforming into Werewolves
A Male and Female Sim Transforming

Sims can transform from Human to Wolf form at any time, but during a Full Moon they are forced to transform to Werewolves, during this time they'll get the +40 mood boost, just like other Sims but cannot revert to human form. While in Werewolf form, and growing hungry they get a Hungry Like the Wolf moodlet and can eat fish and other foods raw (though some are not edible for an unknown reason).

Sims 3 Supernatural - Werewolves Hunting as a Pack
Wolf Pack Hunting, Led by Alpha Wolf

Hunting and Packs
Your Werewolf can hunt the world for Gems, Insects, and Metals. Werewolves can make a lot of money buying one of the new Gem Cutting Machines. They are able to hunt in packs with other Werewolves, which increases the rate at which they'll finish hunts. Packs are formed much like groups, with Sims needing to be on the most basic friendly terms to accept. You do not need to have Sims in your household to form a pack, and the pack leader (whoever queues hunt with pack interactions) will get all the loot. When the hunt specific items ability is unlocked at level 6, your pack leader can pick a type for the focus of the hunt. Stay on the lookout for collectibles you can grab manually while your Werewolf is out hunting!

Werewolves benefit from the Gatherer trait if they cut gems, as they can make more money but it doesn't seem to affect the outcome of hunting.

Leveling Lycanthropy
Simply hunt for items and use other Werewolf-specific socials and actions, and you'll gradually gain ability as a Werewolf. They will find more and better items using collect and fail at howling less often. Unlike Fairy and Witch, this won't take a table for me to show you the benefits of leveling up. While Werewolves' Lycanthropy hidden skill has ten levels, only a few of them register and show a level. So, any stated levels will be there only to show you how far you might expect to go before unlocking each ability:

Levels 1-10 Hunting Improvements: As you level your Werewolf, their senses will be honed, allowing them to easier find items. You can find up to four items at once as a high level Wolf. So, while you won't see a notification for every level you gain, know your Werewolf becomes better at finding things as you use abilities.

Sims 3 Supernatural - The Cursed Bite will infect a Sim with Lycanthropy
Cursed Bites spread Lycanthropy

Level 3: Cursed Bite: Your Sim attempts to bite the target and curse them with Lycanthropy. This interaction can fail but will be guaranteed to succeed with the Alpha Wolf lifetime reward. After two days, the initial bite moodlet will disappear and the Sim will transform for the first time.

Level 6: Hunt Specific Items: This will let you find Gems, Metals, or Insects specifically.

Level 8: Anger Management: The Werewolf is less likely to transform when angered.

Level 10: Full Potential: I don't see any specific perks to this last level, although Werewolves will be less likely to fail at bites and howls than they once were.

Sims 3 Supernatural - Werewolves run at a faster rate of speed
Werewolves run faster

Alpha Wolf
This Lifetime Reward costs 20,000 Happiness and ensures your Sim will no longer fail at Cursed Bites or Growls. The Terrifying Howl interaction is added, which can be used at daytime unlike Howl at the Moon and can cause Sims to faint and take a -20 terrified moodlet for an hour.

Comments (73)

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Camibearr says...
I wish they would actually turn into REAL wolfs when they transformed! they look the same as they were in human form! It would be so cool to control a wolf.
18th February 2014 7:13pm
YZJay says...
Can you please add some info about werewolf children please?
30th April 2013 12:08pm
w says...
I wondered if a dog and werewolf can get a baby it would be awesome to have a dog and werewolf hybrid
3rd May 2014 4:16am
Trelow says...
No woohooing while in werewolf form with those who are not in werewolf form as well. You get rejected with a "There is something seriously wrong with you." or something to that effect and a negative hit on the relationship.
12th September 2012 11:12pm
Corvara says...
I've never had problems with that. My vampire never rejected my werewolf with that lines. Maybe their relationship level is too low.
13th September 2012 4:25pm
tabby says...
My werewolf and witch (roommates) woohoo all the time while in werewolf form. Maybe you need to live with the other Sim?
13th September 2012 6:18pm
Noel says...
If the other sim has initiated woohoo to the werewolf before, it works. My witch would not woohoo with her husband werewolf in werewolf form if he initiated it, but once she had initiated it once, she was okay with him asking. I was hoping it would improve the chances of a werewolf baby or that the full moon conception would have some interesting perk, but this is not the case.
15th September 2012 7:35pm
Trelow says...
Maybe. Same sim would woohoo with him when he was human form, but then freak out when I tried it after he turned. Happened with 3 different sims, could have just been something to do with that save file.
16th September 2012 4:02am
Lauren says...
Maybe the sim is a supernatural skeptic ?
14th May 2013 10:11am
Supernatship says...
I'm having a problem with my werewolf. I can't find the cursed bite interaction with any sim at all! Is that normal? because int he guide it says you're supposed to get that interaction before being able to choose what to hunt and i already have that interaction ...
7th March 2013 6:19am
Tatortot says...
Mara. What I do is I level up my werewolf then have him go to random people's houses. If they are wolves I used the testingcheat and get the relationship up so I can form a pack or turn them. It's really quite simple to create a pack. Although I still don't know how to become an alpha.
18th July 2013 2:05am
Niklaus says...
can you make hybrids in the sims 3 because i would like to make a vamp-wolf hybrid
10th February 2013 11:31am
FididlyDo says...
I set up two sims in CAS, a wolf, and a witch, but when i entered the household, the witch had all the wolf interactions, plus the conjure apple action from witch. however, she doesnt seem to be able to do any other witch things (ie, she cant duel, break appliances, or upgrade things, even though i have leveled the witch skill enough). So i think it is sort-of possible, but i think my game is a glitch, which also isnt very usable.
22nd September 2013 1:41pm
intheclouds773 says...
Where do I find the option to transform another Sim into a werewolf?
2nd February 2013 11:32pm
Lewis says...
Where do i go to see what level i am for my werewolf?
24th March 2013 9:46am
Xain says...
So, a werewolf gets the bite interaction around level 3. Supernatural skills are hidden skills, you can't check your progress. You can not bite a supernatural sim, so if you don't have the turn option, they're probably a witch and you just don't notice. Click them, there should be an offer to turn like with vampires. Just in case, check your werewolf specific actions; clicking another sim of course. Hybrids I believe we're in sims 2, but are not in 3.
9th May 2013 4:14am
XxTDouglassxX says...
Can anyone help? My sim got angered from the stinging by bees, and she turned to a werewolf. I was wondering if there was anyway to turn back to human form, but still have the option to turn into a werewolf at another time.
17th August 2014 8:53am
sam says...
So I want my vampire to get prgnant with a werwolf, I know I cant get her pregnant if he is feral, however I dont control him so I have no idea how to turn him back to normal. It isnt a full moon he went ferel cos he was in a bad mood. Any ideas how I can fix this ??
Is there a reason he can't join the household and then be removed after she is pregnant?
19th July 2013 4:51pm
Camryn says...
Psycho, there is a specific version you need. It's the sims 3 supernatural exspansion pack
25th July 2013 9:53am
David says...
I have a female werewolf that there's no "werewolf" interactions for, but I can check her in CAS and it states she's a werewolf. Now her twin brother does have the interactions. How come she doesn't? I don't have anything new added and she's not pregnant. . . she did just age up though??
Are you sure she's a werewolf and how did she become a werewolf? Changing them in CAS does not change their life state.
30th July 2013 12:19am
SnakeSimmer says...
I am not getting the option for Cursed bite i only get it when i bite ghosts :) PLS REPLY I NEED HELP
30th January 2014 6:48pm
Sayia says...
SnakeSimmer- It is not working when you bite a ghost because a ghost can never get bitten by a werewolf, ok??
7th June 2014 6:36am
Liz says...
For some reason, I cannot turn my child werewolf sim into a human on create a sim. I do not want him to be a werewolf anymore, but every time I go back after changing him into a human, he is still a werewolf. I have no clue what to do. If anyone knows why this is, I would be greatly appreciative.
29th November 2012 2:28am
Marie says...
You can't do it that way. You *MAY* need to make it a teen and use the Potent Cure Elixir. Trying to do that via CIS can corrupt your game.
17th May 2013 3:56pm
Karen T says...
I have a household, witch wife, werewolf husband, two witch children, two werewolf children. After my last baby boy was born (werewolf), the mom and daughter (both witches) keep getting the terrified moodlet and faint. This never happened until the third werewolf was born and it even happens when all werewolves are in human form. Any suggestions/help?
11th December 2013 9:59am
Z says...
If werewolves fight better while in their wolf form, how do they do against mummies in tombs? I really dislike it when my Sims get cursed.
22nd September 2012 11:41pm
Michael says...
I cant transform from human to warewolf even during full moon nights...i have also tried to make my sim angry but nothing there any other way i should also try?
11th September 2012 11:53am
Negar says...
Try "practice fighting" with other werewolves.
19th September 2012 3:47pm
Kathryn says...
This happened to me to. I havent tried the practice fighting tab, because in my town i cant find another werewolf
25th July 2013 2:32am
Corvara says...
Sorry for my bad English, but a curious (and annoying) bug had just happened to me. While my werewolf was in France, he was forced to turn by the full moon: but his appearance had randomly changed from the one I set when I created him. Not only his clothes, but also his hair and facial structure. Even after he returned to Moonlight Falls, his appearance continued to change at random every time he turned. There's a way to fix this?
10th September 2012 9:39pm
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