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The Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion
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Sims 3 Supernatural - A Witch Casting a Spell

Witches return to The Sims franchise with Supernatural. While normal in appearance, these Occult Sims possess great magical power and can harness it to bless other Sims, curse them, or perform rituals. I'll teach you all about making your own Witch and all you need to know to get the most of this new Supernatural type.

How to Become a Witch
The simplest way to make your Sim a Witch is to select a supernatural type when initially creating them. If your Sim is already being played, check daily at the Alchemy store (Aleister's Elixers and Sundries) in town until a Bottled Witches' Brew can be bought for around $2,000 Simoleons. Drink this elixer to give your Sim the powers of a Witch. Upon imbibing this, your Sim will be given a magic power meter and classic wand to get started down the path of the arcane. You can also make one yourself using the Alchemy Skill.

Sims 3 Supernatural - Dueling Witches

A Witch involved in Woohoo that results in pregnancy will contribute a 50% chance of their offspring being born with Witch powers. Witches begin showing their powers in Childhood while playing with toys but may not begin learning magic until the Teens.

Sims 3 Supernatural - Toadification

Gaining Levels and Spells
The Witch's magic skill got a bar in a patch, so that you can now see your progress to the next level. Casting higher level spells gives more experience and will help you gain faster. There are other ways as well - skill boost elixers, incense from World Adventures and owning a familiar.

Note that spells can fail, and this is influenced by a few factors. Your wand, the level of the spell, and your Witch's skill level. When a spell backfires, the opposite of what you'd want will generally occur. Here's a list of all Witch spells, what they do, and what happens when they backfire:

The Sims 3 Supernatural Witch Abilities
LvlUnlock 1Unlock 2
0Conjure Apple - Makes an Apple to eat or Convert. Failure makes a poison apple that puts a Sim to sleep much like Snow White.Play with Magic - this is a basic training skill that will gradually drain Magic Power while giving experience.
1Conversion Ritual - Turn a collectible into one of another type.Good Luck Charm - Gives a Sim a +5 feeling lucky moodlet. Expect the opposite should it backfire.
2Fire Blast - Set an area of ground ablaze or singe a Sim.Ice Blast - Freeze a Sim, giving a -10 moodlet. There's a chance they'll be frozen solid. This can also put out fires when you target the spot of ground the flames occupy.
3Upgrade Appliances - Cast on upgradable objects, behaves just like Handiness, allowing you to choose. Use this on a Wardrobe to turn it into a rabbit hole adventure similar to the catacombs under the mausoleum. Any number of crazy things can happen while traveling another dimension...Spellcasting Duel - Find the duel interaction on the first menu when clicking a Sim. Winning gives you a +10 moodlet, losing -10. The Sims battling it out are a little entertaining to watch but it serves no deep purpose.
4Love Charm - The next Sim to interact with one blessed with this charm will jump high in relationship standing and become a romantic interest. You can easily turn this to a long-standing friendship with a little friendly chat.Toadification Curse - Turns a Sim into a toad until kissing them or using a cure potion to revert.
5Haunting Curse - Summon a ghost to haunt another SimBetter Witch Animations
6Hunger, Bladder and Hygiene Charms - Boost these three metrics on another Sim or your own with the flick of a wand, if you don't drain them instead!
7Hunger, Bladder, and Hygiene Curses - Drain these metrics on a targeted Sim. Failure means your Sim suffers the drain. Be careful cursing a Sim's bladder in public with a bad wand.
8Sunlight Charm - Removes Zombification curse and Pestilence. The latter grants immunity to the disease for two days after the cure. Pestilence Curse - begins a 1 day countdown to cure the Sim with sweet honey, spicy chili pepper or the Sunlight Charm. If the Sim isn't cured, they will suffer a nasty illness and -30 moodlet for 2 full days. This can spread from Sim to Sim.
9Restoration Ritual - This will clean the entire house, and fix any broken plumbing, electronics, etc. Backfiring can cause trash to appear all over the lot and many broken objects.
10Reanimation Ritual - cast on a gravestone or urn that houses a ghost that has not moved on to the afterlife. The Sim will rise up as a Zombie and potentially turn others into the undead.
Sims 3 Supernatural - A Witch casts the Reanimation ritual spell to raise a Zombie from the grave

Magic Power
Just as with Fairies, when becoming a Witch your Sim will be given a magic power meter. The Magic Power resource regenerates over time, and the rate can be boosted a bit by flying around in the broom arena. As your Magic Power depletes, your Sim has a growing chance of failure when casting spells. It's best to keep it above 50%. If you're chaining multiple commands, avoid running out of power as it takes 8 hours to get rid of the negative moodlet you receive, which stops all regeneration. Your magic power is boosted to full when this moodlet disappears, but it only takes 4 hours to recover if you do not bottom it out.

Familiars and Boosts
Your Witch will benefit from having a familiar around. These can be a Cats or any kind of small pet such as a lizard or rodent. While the Familiar is nearby, your Sim will cast spells at half their usual magic power value and gain skill experience 20% faster.

During a Full Moon, a Witch's spells consume half power and they are 25% more likely to succeed. Gaining levels will raise the success rate of spells. At level 5, your Witch will begin using more skillful animations when using magic.

Sims 3 Supernatural - A Witch uses Ice Blast to put out fire.

Wands and Magic Hands
There are several grades of wand available, which range up to $1,000 Simoleons in value. These can be bought in buy mode's Study tab - Hobbies and Skills. You can comapre the various grades of wand to see which suits you. The most valuable, Iridescent, will raise both Magic Power Efficiency and Success rate to High. Note that the slightly cheaper wands, Elegant and Crystal, have a Highest rating in Spell Accuracy and Magic Cost Efficiency respectively. The downside is their Medium rating in the other stats. Ultimately, you can't go wrong with either of these three for your training, using lower grade wants until you can afford to buy an upgrade. A High rating on a wand reduces casting cost by about half. If you own multiple wands, set one as preferred from the inventory to have control over which they use for a particular spell.

At 20,000 Lifetime Happiness Points, you can purchase the Magic Hands Lifetime Reward. This guarantees your Sim's spells will never fail.

Sims 3 Supernatural - Riding a broom

All Sims can ride Brooms, but Witches benefit from it most given they can raise their magical power regeneration. Brooms are found under Outdoor - Transportation in Buy mode. You need to first buy a broom stand, so that you have a place to park the broom. You can find the Broom Arena outdoors by the Alchemy Shop - you can also buy your own Broom Arena by heading to Buy Mode's sort by function - Entertainment. Sims can even ride a broom for tips, but this system is quite flawed due to the location of the Broom arena and brevity of the flight. Overall, Brooms are welcome additions to the game and serve as a great way to give your Sims some speed. The best broom, the Zoomsweeper Pegasus, is only $455 for speed 7. Compare that to the price of a VFN Kompensator at $36,000 that only has a 6.

Making Money - Conversion Ritual and Conjure Apple
You start with a spell that can make some side money, Conjure Apple. As your Witch grows in power you can eventually make perfect apples and sell these en masse, although the spell gives little in the way of skill experience. Failure at this spell produces poison apples. Either kind can be transmuted with the level 1 Witch skill, Conversion Ritual. This will turn apples or any other collectible into one of another type. That's right - you could turn an apple into a pink diamond, tiberium, beetle, or any other kind of collectible. This is a great way to get seeds, gems and metals. You'll even get fish, and can pluck them from the bowl then cast the ritual on the bowl to get a new item. It's an outstanding early money maker. Because fish bowls can only be interacted with while on a table, it's best to do this in a room designated for such rituals. Countertops can be annoying as the fish bowls can be put too far back for the Sim to reach. Recast the spell on any low value items you converted to get a chance at something better.

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Maddie says...
Make sure that the male werewolf sim is in his human form when they're trying for a baby or else nothing will happen
10th June 2014 9:52pm
w says...
I have a family (mother witch father normal daughter fairy son genie)and the fairy gave her father mother and brother fairy dust the father and brother used the fairy dust on self and then they had the yellow glow around them.the mother also used fairy dust on self but nothing happened.cant witches use fairy dust or is my game broke plz help
22nd June 2014 2:18pm
syahriz says...
how to pet a cat???
23rd January 2013 3:15pm
Jeannita says...
most likely in sism3 pets.
30th May 2014 12:56am
Heike says...
Argh, I SOO want the broom on the picture there, but where do I get it? I love Steampunk...
1st February 2013 11:23pm
championkg says...
Firblast trick for infinite money
-have a lawn water sprayer it costs about 60 simoleons
-activate the lawn spreyer
-use fire blast within the water spray radius
-get 350000 insurrance for each fire blast
13th February 2013 9:29am
MiLa says...
If you want your witch's magic meter grow back to full FAST, enable "testingCheatsenabled true" (before starting to play) ..then when you get the negative moodlet after using all your sim's magic just Ctrl+left click the moodlet and it goes away and the meter will grow right back. :o)
29th September 2012 5:11pm
Joline says...
Is it possible for my vampire to become a witch and will she still have some vampire powers if she does so?
Supernatural abilities can't be mixed. However, if you change your Supernatural type, you'll keep all abilities your Sim gained should you switch back. Unfortunately, it's an either/or decision since you can only have one type at once.
1st September 2013 12:21am
Tinagold says...
I have the supernatural expansion but the the showtime. My sim is a witch and has mastered alchemy. Shes missing one elixir recipe Vial of bottled genie no matter how much I research I can't learn it, do I have to have the showtime expansion to learn this?
1st May 2014 8:33pm
Zoey says...
Spellcasting duels do have a good purpose! You can level your spellcasting skill much faster by using this interaction. Faster than playing with magic, but requires two sims.
5th May 2014 5:31am
Bobio says...
Is there a way to cheat all witch spells in
6th June 2014 10:00pm
w says...
I have one question.Why is'nt here anything told about genie's!I made a family with a teen genie and i want to know more about genie's if you can then add something about genie's here OK.
22nd June 2014 1:23pm
Confused Simmer says...
So my non witch sim has a broom. But when I looked at his friend list, his broom was there. Why? I clicked on the symbol to see if there were any interactions, but the regular broom stuff came up. I wasn't sure where to go with it, and I was scared my game was getting back at me for overusing cheats. (I felt REALLY guilty when first using cheats.) And every other session, it's there. Not always, but it shows up regularly. Help? Should I just ignore it?
21st June 2014 5:10pm
sickwithsin says...
If a Sim uses a particular vehicle for a long period of time, they'll become friends with it.
27th July 2014 1:53pm
w says...
Um i have seen some talk about mermaids and HOW CAN I FIND A MERMAID!!!!!!I would also want to know that if you have a mermaid sim than where would it live?Will it live on ground or you have to build a pool or whaaaat where would it live?
22nd June 2014 2:03pm
Anonymous Simmer says...
As much as I love the Supernatural EP, mermaids, alas, are in the Island Paradise EP, which I don't have. Try checking that section.
6th July 2014 12:46pm
Paul says...
Why was my comment about being able
To use the freeze spell to boost easily boost
Your repair skilled deleted?? That's messed up you didn't delete anyone elses comments.
13th July 2014 3:04am
anon says...
where can i get the broom thats in this photo?
18th July 2014 2:17am
Alcina Svetlana says...
how do you tell what level of magic your sim is at because i dont believe theres actually a thing that tells you what level they are like skills or jobs :(
23rd July 2014 10:39pm
Ed says...
What are the clothes the toad is wearing during the duel?

Also, can a witch be toadified permanently during a duel?
2nd August 2014 1:51pm
w says...
Male witches are called wizards if u have read Harry Potter
24th April 2014 12:28pm
Rocky-roo says...
Whenever I challenge Beatrice to a duel, the action box thing only appears for a split second, and they dont actually duel, even if she says yes!! I think I have a bug augh, does anyone know how to fix it??
12th April 2014 7:02pm
paul d says...
Hi I want to share some info that isn't listed in the guide, the ice blast spell can be used on plumbing (sinks and toilets) and electrical objects (the dishwasher and washer). this is especially handy if you are trying to complete the handiness's repair skill challenges! :)
9th April 2014 12:28am
Joline says...
Is it possible for my vampire to become a witch and will she still have some vampire powers if she does so?
A Sim can have the powers of only one Supernatural at a time, but will keep their abilities should they ever get to switch back.
1st September 2013 4:13am
Pavarti says...
how do you make an animal a familiar?
23rd September 2013 9:46pm
Btw. says...
On thing you are missing there: The haunting curse kills the sim casting it when it backfires.

The ghost is dark green with weird floating symbols.
23rd October 2013 11:01am
Rose says...
If you bring a zombie back to life, then use the sunlight charm, will it bring the sim back?
25th October 2013 9:49pm
Rose says...
If you bring a dead sim back as a zombie and then use the sunlight charm on it, will it become a normal sim again?
25th October 2013 11:24pm
Life of the Dragons says...
Is anyone else thinking "Harry Potter" here??? LOL
Do u have to has the pet exp. Pack? --just askin' but I already has it.-- XD
6th January 2014 12:34am
Jessica says...
I know this post was from ages ago but I'll give it a shot anyway! I can't for the life of me find the magic skill bar as mentioned above. Has this been removed? Thanks for your help! :)
5th January 2014 5:22am
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