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Sims 3 Supernatural - A Zombie biting a Sim

Zombies in The Sims 3 Supernatural are perhaps the weakest addition to the game for one reason excess. When the novelty wears off, you'll probably be left cheating to remove Zombies from your town. It's better to consider this a curable ailment than a true life state lest you be disappointed. In this guide, we'll discuss the properties of Zombies and how you can protect your garden, cure Sims of Zombification and trim the walking (and frustrating) dead from the neighborhood.

Zombie Features
The needs of a Zombie are the same as those of a Sim, and their life span is the same as the type of Supernatural they were before turning. They suffer a -30 moodlet while transformed which is either two days or permanent depending on how they're turned. They're essentially normal Sims only slower, with poor social skills and a bad complexion to match their moods.

Zombies' socials are restricted, but amusing. They can do a variety of things to other Sims, such as Arrrgh, Argh, and Arrrrggggh, which will all increase their hunger, energy, and social motives. Target Sims get a surprising amount of socializing out of this as well, but some Sims are known to talk to plants so it's not a huge surprise. Zombies don't socialize with Plants but will kill plants with their Graaains! Interaction. Read further to learn how to keep Zombies (and wildlife from Pets) out of your garden.

A Zombie can be a hybrid of Zombie + any other life state, so this is not an exclusive state of being. This results in things like Zombie Fairies and Werewolves.

Using the Brains! Interaction the Zombie will lunge for a Sim's arm. This may result in the Sim appearing to die and transforming to a Zombie. Fret not they can be cured.

Sims 3 Supernatural - A Fairy Zombie

Zombie Spawning
Zombies were originally bugged, but this has been fixed by EA. Patch up to ensure Zombies do not get stuck spawning indefinitely, as though it's always a full moon. During Full Moons, they can pop up and really mess with your Sims and their gardens. Here's how you can fight back:

Removing Zombies
Cure Potions made from Alchemy are an option accessible to any Sim. They can often be purchased at the Alchemy store in town. If you're in any neighborhood other than Moonlight Falls, you might need to use Edit Town from the '...' menu to put this into your game. Another option is to become a Witch and learn the level 8 Sunlight Charm. Both of these options remove all curable diseases from a Sim.

Removing Zombies via Cheats
Regrettably, EA failed to give us the slider or checkbox we need most to control the Zombie population although we hope for this to be fixed in a future patch. For now, the only way to trim Zombies from the game world is to use testingcheatsenabled true, shift-click the mailbox and choose Supernatural Population Control. Using this you can cause the game to remove a percentage of all Zombies (or any other Supernatural Sims) from the neighborhood. Do this a few times and there will be significantly fewer Zombies running around. Resetsim firstname lastname will also reset a Zombie and remove it from your lot.

Sims 3 Supernatural - Protect your garden from Zombies

Protecting Your Garden
Supernatural comes with Indoor Planters you can find in Buy Mode Sort by Room Living Room Plants. These will keep Zombies from eating your plants as they can't invade your home like real Zombies. The better option is to build a fence or greenhouse. Go to Build Mode and select fences, choose one that's more than ankle high so it can't be stepped over, and place a gate. Once you've got that set up, click the gate and lock it to anyone not in your household. Now Zombies can't enter this garden, nor spawn there. A Greenhouse could be built with indoor planters but to leave exposed ground there, you'd have an unfinished room moodlet.

Comments (97)

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MarianT says...
I have a glitch that works to my advantage. Every time I start up a game, it's at the waxing crescent point of the lunar cycle. If I play for two Sim days and exit before the evening of the full moon, then I don't get zombies at all. EA will probably fix this eventually, but for the moment, it works.

For people who don't have the glitch, going off the lunar cycle and setting it on a gibbous moon should eliminate zombies except for the ones created by potions.
11th September 2012 6:30pm
Emma B says...
Me too! I haven't had the zombies yet, it's a good glitch but I'd like to try it at least once for the novelty.
12th September 2012 9:35pm
Angel says...
I didn't get them much at first i fixed it to where i could get them just to see what it was like but, they are annoying and always trying to attack people and now i can't get them to go away and STAY away so in a way i wish i had you glitch but just letting you know they kinda suck
17th March 2013 8:42pm
Smz says...
I make sure to lock my sim's house as well during a full moon because I have had Zombie Attack! pop up on the sim if they are home, and the zombie in question is heading for the front door.
11th September 2012 7:13pm
Secret says...
One way of fixing this (I know because it always happens to me!) is look at the Sim that is about to be Zombie Attack!-ed and just delete the action. The Zombie stops and just walks away. Although it's annoying beacuse they sometimes come back. But this sseems the best way for now!
2nd April 2013 5:47am
bklienhart says...
I prefer to use resetsim on them. It gets them out of my lot, and doesn't delete a sim I may need later.
11th September 2012 7:22pm
Blackluck says...
I had a significant bug where zombies spawned all day, every day - in my first game two and three at a time. Using testingcheatsenabled turned them into humans, but it never stopped the hordes of zombies spawning. I moved that Sim to a new game, which initially worked - only for it to happen again, except with less intensity (one at a time instead of three at a time.) It turns out from the official forum they think this issue is caused by saving and exiting the game during a full moon. I've moved my Sim to yet another game, and so far, no zombies other than then during a full moon.
11th September 2012 8:11pm
robyn says...
I have the problem of zombies every day every hour of the day i usually have 10 or so in front of my house, got so bad that i built a fenced in yard to keep them out, i used the cheat to turn off supernaturals (ie zombies) but that didnt work either more just sprang up, like they were laughing at me lol
18th September 2012 8:18pm
Thunder says...
That is a glitch it has happend to me , if you were in the evening of a full moon when zombies began to come and you exit then it will show as full moon still also it can happen with werewolfs where they are stuck a werewolf if you exit when its evening full moon.
29th October 2012 12:34pm
Amy says...
Actually you can turn zombies (and other supernatural afflictions) off if you so wish under options.
Zombies are not included in the options menu - their omission from that list is the big disappointment. We install Supernatural and are then forced to micromanage Zombies if we don't want them.
11th September 2012 11:25pm
Hannah says...
Not anymore!! We can turn off Zombies!
18th January 2014 1:20pm
terryT says...
Zombies will also be compelled to dance if they have the music moodlet.
12th September 2012 12:15am
Tasha says...
Oh man... I thought that it was a funny glitch on my part. I had about 4 of them having their own party on one of my Sims' deck!
23rd November 2012 9:42pm
Tsuki says...
I've noticed that with the peashooter it seems to cure zombie state? because i watched as it knocked a zombie out and the zombie kinda did a change and then turned into a normal looking sim? please correct me if i'm wrong
12th September 2012 12:41am
Mugs says...
Yes it does, but not everyone has the peashooter. Although it would be way better if with a mechanical upgrade or something the peashooter became automatic. If anyone knows how, do say it.
22nd September 2012 7:08pm
LadyGwenna says...
I was supposed to have gotten a lot of free content because I preordered Supernatural. I should have gotten the Pea Shooter, and some other stuff. Where should I look for it?
3rd October 2012 4:41pm
Kenleigh Dean says...
When I registered my SN game, I had to go to the rewards section in the sims store and download my "special" content from there - my pea shooter, t-shirts, etc. were all included. (It had the extras from each expansion pack I've gotten listed for download as well.) Hope it helps! :O)
10th October 2012 4:12pm
Sarge says...
Zombies are another reason it's great to have a playable genie sim in your household. Simply get the genie to banish them.
12th September 2012 1:14am
Paolo says...
You can also cure zombies with the Moodlet Manager LTR. :)
12th September 2012 11:11am
xp194 says...
Managed to get rid of all zombies unintentionally with my game by using NRAAS' Register mod. Seemed to assign all the homeless sims in the neighbourhood to have other jobs which stopped them from being zombies shambling around on my lawn.
12th September 2012 1:33pm
Selena says...
there is another solution... buy a wall with an electronic gate around your home. zombies will still spawn, but because the gate blocks access to all non household sims automatically they will not be able to enter your lot. They will just wait outside the gate getting the "cannot move here" status as they try, and fail to get in.
12th September 2012 4:38pm
Flannila says...
If you want to build a greenhouse without the unfinished moodlet, just don't put any floor tiles on the roof... the game classes that room as being outdoors if there aren't any floor tiles on top of the room.
12th September 2012 6:14pm
kiwitea says...
I understand there is actually a bug where, if you save during a full moon, the "spawn heaps of zombies" alarm in the background keeps running forever on that save game. NRaas is looking at a fix, EA patch will be a long way off.

Just so it's clear that random zombies all the time aren't intended as normal game behaviour.
12th September 2012 6:34pm
Lisa says...
I have a glitch where my zombies don't bite anybody,they stop shake their head,the sim points and laughs and jeers at them and they shamble away. Ruined the Zombie part for me. I have no mods folder....
13th September 2012 3:06am
Amryin says...
You just have turn on a music player near the zombies. :)

They'll start dancing, and they won't have time to eat your plants. :D
13th September 2012 12:18pm
sawcat says...
My zombies brought their own boombox with them
15th September 2012 2:49am
Zimzimzim says...
Like 5zombies spawned out side my hose and started dancing to theyr music and when I was in Paris the zombies came in and started playing chess with my fairy 0_o
1st February 2013 4:35am
Siesie says...
The zombies left a radio, so I got a free one
12th July 2013 9:16am
Isobel says...
I have to constantly shift-click and delete them! I was making a cure for this zombie, but then he ate my garden.
14th September 2012 8:49pm
MIke C says...
I get at least 2 Zombies at a Time 24 Sim Hours a day 7 Sim Days a week.
15th September 2012 2:23am
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