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The Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion
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Sims 3 Supernatural - A Zombie biting a Sim

Zombies in The Sims 3 Supernatural are perhaps the weakest addition to the game for one reason - excess. When the novelty wears off, you'll probably be left cheating to remove Zombies from your town. It's better to consider this a curable ailment than a true life state lest you be disappointed. In this guide, we'll discuss the properties of Zombies and how you can protect your garden, cure Sims of Zombification and trim the walking (and frustrating) dead from the neighborhood.

Zombie Features
The needs of a Zombie are the same as those of a Sim, and their life span is the same as the type of Supernatural they were before turning. They suffer a -30 moodlet while transformed which is either two days or permanent depending on how they're turned. They're essentially normal Sims only slower, with poor social skills and a bad complexion to match their moods.

Zombies' socials are restricted, but amusing. They can do a variety of things to other Sims, such as Arrrgh, Argh, and Arrrrggggh, which will all increase their hunger, energy, and social motives. Target Sims get a surprising amount of socializing out of this as well, but some Sims are known to talk to plants so it's not a huge surprise. Zombies don't socialize with Plants but will kill plants with their Graaains! Interaction. Read further to learn how to keep Zombies (and wildlife from Pets) out of your garden.

A Zombie can be a hybrid of Zombie + any other life state, so this is not an exclusive state of being. This results in things like Zombie Fairies and Werewolves.

Using the Brains! Interaction the Zombie will lunge for a Sim's arm. This may result in the Sim appearing to die and transforming to a Zombie. Fret not - they can be cured.

Sims 3 Supernatural - A Fairy Zombie

Zombie Spawning
Zombies were originally bugged, but this has been fixed by EA. Patch up to ensure Zombies do not get stuck spawning indefinitely, as though it's always a full moon. During Full Moons, they can pop up and really mess with your Sims and their gardens. Here's how you can fight back:

Removing Zombies
Cure Potions made from Alchemy are an option accessible to any Sim. They can often be purchased at the Alchemy store in town. If you're in any neighborhood other than Moonlight Falls, you might need to use Edit Town from the '...' menu to put this into your game. Another option is to become a Witch and learn the level 8 Sunlight Charm. Both of these options remove all curable diseases from a Sim.

Removing Zombies via Cheats
Regrettably, EA failed to give us the slider or checkbox we need most to control the Zombie population - although we hope for this to be fixed in a future patch. For now, the only way to trim Zombies from the game world is to use testingcheatsenabled true, shift-click the mailbox and choose Supernatural Population Control. Using this you can cause the game to remove a percentage of all Zombies (or any other Supernatural Sims) from the neighborhood. Do this a few times and there will be significantly fewer Zombies running around. Resetsim firstname lastname will also reset a Zombie and remove it from your lot.

Sims 3 Supernatural - Protect your garden from Zombies

Protecting Your Garden
Supernatural comes with Indoor Planters you can find in Buy Mode - Sort by Room - Living Room - Plants. These will keep Zombies from eating your plants as they can't invade your home like real Zombies. The better option is to build a fence or greenhouse. Go to Build Mode and select fences, choose one that's more than ankle high so it can't be stepped over, and place a gate. Once you've got that set up, click the gate and lock it to anyone not in your household. Now Zombies can't enter this garden, nor spawn there. A Greenhouse could be built with indoor planters but to leave exposed ground there, you'd have an unfinished room moodlet.

Comments (105)

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Madison says...
I freaking hate zombies!!!!!!! }:(
14th January 2013 10:44pm
Misty Cheque says...
My sim's house is all underground, but we have an above ground garden and garage. There's also a bunker. :) Works for me! The garden is protected by a fence, and the garage is locked 24/7, only accessable to my only adult sim! :)
25th February 2013 3:32pm
DelenaVamps17 says...
I actually found that the fence thing works around my house too. I fenced in my entire yard, put two gates in the front near my mailbox and now they can't come in. I did have to cancel my maid though, as she couldn't get through the gate, lol. I used to keep it locked only during the Full Moon phase, but lately for some reason the Zombie population has EXPLODED in Moonlight Falls, and they pop up everywhere during the day. Weirdly enough, it was right after 2 of my characters Mastered the Alchemy skill. Odd...
19th January 2013 8:09pm
NeilGraylockSIM says...
Thanks, this really helps. I like the idea of lots of Zombies but I want my sim surviving. I think I'm going to stock up on cure elixirs and fence in the whole yard. Zombies go die!!!
19th February 2013 2:22pm
Nicki says...
Hey to i have a other idea to keep zombies away you hold shift then ctrl then c hołd them all togther then type testingcheatsenabled turę then pause the game then shift click on one zombies and click object and then delete it then do it with the other zombies!
2nd March 2013 12:50pm
Kaosu says...
I once had a Zombie glitch that was kind of funny. This girl tried to attack my garden, which was inside of a fence. Since she couldn't attack it, she went after the Magic Bean Plant that I had outside of the fence. Instead of ever disappearing when the sun came up, she continued to stand at the plant and eat Magic Beans over and over again. I was kind of entertained by this, because she reacted to a few of the beans.
27th January 2013 4:03am
Michelle says...
I don't have Supernatural but I have a zombie walking around my town and I don't want him there or even know "how" he is there?? I assume he's a zombie. He looks normal but snarly & growling and has his hands out and staggers everywhere like a zombie. WT?
10th February 2014 6:43am
binah06 says...
One time my sim got transformed into a zombie from eating Brain Freeze al a mode.0_o
8th March 2013 2:09pm
Soggy Condom says...
i had my vampire sim get bitten by a werewolf then die and then the ghost got bitten and turned into a zombie SWEET
26th December 2012 11:58pm
Kat says...
Is anyone getting the feeling of plants versus zombies and can zombies get pregnant.
3rd February 2013 3:17pm
Rumi says...
i'm a witch and can do fireblast spell. I burn every zombie i've met,it constantly reduce the zombie population. But don't cast spell on the zombie, cast the spell to the floor where the zombie is standing
9th March 2013 3:47pm
shyanne says...
Zombies have been reallyyyy annoying me lately they took over my whole town >.< this page helps soo much thank you!!!
17th April 2013 4:41am
Laura says...
I've found that if you use the mood lamp and set it to green then any zombies near by walk towards it and stare at it. Also if you build a fence right up to the boundaries of the lot then they aren't able to spawn
22nd December 2012 11:11pm
Lisa says...
I have a glitch where my zombies don't bite anybody,they stop shake their head,the sim points and laughs and jeers at them and they shamble away. Ruined the Zombie part for me. I have no mods folder....
13th September 2012 3:06am
Wabby says...
I have a household full of witches and I find it hilarious to get them all out together in the yard during a full moon and cast the sunlight spell on all of them ... then killing them with the fire spell for spawning on my lot in the first place
4th July 2013 1:57pm
Hayley says...
More ways to get rid of zombies are you could use the testingcheatsenabled true cheat shift click the zombie and click object then delete it.
3rd January 2013 12:50am
no one says...
you can shut off the lunar cycle
11th January 2014 10:35am
RCaolsek says...
I kinda like the zombies - or maybe it's just the things they can do.

Whenever the zombies bother me, I just set the lunar cycle. Of course, I change the settings for every new family I make...

Happy simming!
28th April 2014 2:21pm
Diana says...
I've never had a zombie spawn in any of my games since I installed supernatural :(
17th January 2013 1:38pm
Ana says...
You can't play as a zombie, right? So what happens if a zombie attacks you and succeeds? Or they can't succeed? When a zombie went to attack my sim, I simply deleted it so I have no idea.
28th January 2013 2:43pm
Secret says...
Zombie Attack! Didnt do anything to my Sim. Only Braaaiins! etc. Do harm the Sim! (From personal experience only!)
2nd April 2013 5:54am
connor says...
how do you get zobies on sims 3
31st March 2013 10:30am
Secret says...
Even though it's not a full moon I still have zombies turning up in my garden in the middle of the night. My kids are stupid and do their homework outside (if I teleport them then they just go back :( ). Anyway they always come inside when they see the zombie-BUT I have zombies in my Garden day and night. I had to get my parents to quit their jobs because whenever they leave the house they are attacked. It 's getting EXTREMELY ANNOYING! Please help!!!
2nd April 2013 5:51am
Jessica says...
My zombies can't turn any other Sims into zombies! Please help me fix this! I really want the zombies to turn my Sims into zombies!!!
22nd January 2013 6:04pm
Gwen says...
why? but if they add that other people wouldn't be happy
4th July 2014 6:23pm
hunter says...
my zombies just sit their and play music and dance when they cant get in my garden their at times is like 10 or 8
3rd October 2012 5:12am
SevenOfNine says...
I would like to add that Moodlet Manager LTR gives you the option to cure a zombie. I have not checked however if it's a permanent cure or not.

Thanks for your great guides. ;-)
20th July 2013 4:57am
christy says...
If you put up the scarecrow[i used the more expensive one] in your garden,the zombies won't eat your plants. They were there all night and didn't touch the plants
25th July 2013 7:18pm
Ginny says...
I get zombies all the time on the full moon. It's like there trained on my house dozens of them would appear out of no where. At first I was ticked because they ruined my gardens but than I built a fence and locked it no more zombie. I once had my which freeze a zombie it stayed frozen like a stature for ever. i'm guessing that was a glitch lol.
24th May 2014 4:53pm
jhgakjhweuigri says...
I hate it.... who in the wor;d would wanna play this game!!!!!!!!Go Awayyyyyyyyyyyyy
19th May 2014 4:05am
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