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The Sims 3 Technical Help - Slow Game

How to Recover Your Game Speed

This article was written by RockinRobin on our Forum, who published it to the Technical Help board. I've put it here to give it more visibility to guide visitors. This info is really helpful if your Sims 3 game has slowed down since your last install, and most players who don't have large amounts of RAM will experience this. Cache files build up, and these can be safely deleted. Thank you RockinRobin for sharing this with everyone.

Over the last week or so, my game has gotten so sluggish that it was almost painful to play it. I had tried numerous things to try and speed it up and I finally found the correct answer so I thought I'd share it.

The first thing I did was go through my hard drive and delete any unnecessary files to free up some disk space, but that didn't seem to help. Then I tried Pam's suggestion and move all my screenshots to a different folder to try and free up some space in the game. That didn't seem to help either. I felt like there HAD to be something, somewhere that was slowing down my game, so I started looking in all the game files. I knew I had not installed any new CC or any mods so it couldn't be that.

I came across the folder called DCbackup located in My Documents--> Electronic Arts--> The Sims 3--> DCbackup. I looked at those files and realized that they were just a bunch of backup files of all the package files ever used in the game. I did some checking to make sure it was ok to delete those and found out that it was fine. Once any CC is installed, it's there in your game, so you really don't need backups of it. But if it will make you feel better, you can always move all of those files to another folder somewhere other than your Sims 3 folder. But the best thing to do is just to delete all of those files in the DCbackup folder. In fact, it's probably a good idea to clean it out weekly or monthly....depending on how often you play.

Once I deleted all of those files, I was amazed at how much better my game played! It's like brand new again! I think that folder basically acts as a cache to hold all the items that are used in the game for easier access. The problem is, just like with web browsing, once you get too much junk in there, it just slows everything down.

Edited to add the following from mtglady:

You can also delete your compositorCache file and your simCompositorCache file. Just delete them both as they will regenerate when you start a new game. They can be found in your 'Your Name' > Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 folder. They are standalone files so if you sort the Sims 3 folder by name, they will appear toward the bottom.

And please do as Pam stated, restart your computer, close all unnecessary background files and try loading your game again. Hopefully this will cure your problem for awhile.

I delete these two files every evening when I am done playing and my DCBackup files monthly.

Note: For Windows Vista and Windows 7, look in Documents, not My Documents.

Automatically Clear Cache

Grimsoul has additional information that can help you to clear the cache every time you start The Sims 3:

I keep getting little bugs like the consignment shop not working, missing texture file on the drafting board and find that I have to delete the cache file regularly to to fix them. I've been doing it each time before I start the game and haven't had any problems this way.

So instead of trying to remember to do this each time I made a simple little batch file to take care of it for me and thought that others mid find it useful also.

Open notepad and copy and paste the following into it. You will have to change the directories path if they don't match where your files are. Like if you are using Late Night instead of Ambitions you will have to change that. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, the path will be 'Documents' as opposed to 'My Documents'

Then go to File, Save as... and give it a name like Clean Sims.bat and under the drop down menu for Save as type: change it from Text Documents [*.txt] to All Files then save to the desktop or where ever you want.

When you click the batch file it will run and delete the four cache files then run the Sims.

@echo off
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\CASPartCache.package"
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\scriptCache.package"
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\compositorCache.package"
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\simCompositorCache.package"
start /d "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Ambitions\Game\Bin" Sims3Launcher.exe

Comments (79)

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Melinda says...
If you have purchased the multitab 6000 and delete the DCBackup file, you need to make sure that the ccmerged.package file is left alone or you will no longer be able to listen to tabcasts. I made a copy of the file on my desktop, deleted the DCBackup, and then moved the file back into the new DCBackup folder.
18th September 2012 3:03pm
ssaff says...
Thank You ~ Very helpful Melinda and to RockinRobin for sharing original insights and tips with Carl and Pam.

Also, it's great that Carl and Pam are so organised and leave posts for future generations.
13th January 2013 9:20am
Mia says...
I cant use the tabcast thing either how do i fix it ??
6th April 2013 2:10am
ssaff says...
Sadly, Mia unless, as per Melinda's solution (backup first), you may "no longer be able to listen to tabcasts". I wonder if this little problem would only be relevant to your current game. Have you tried starting a new game, or continuing another game you have saved previously?
16th April 2013 4:53am
Alia says...
don't delete ccmerged file in the dcbackup folder. You will need to download a new ccmerged file.
17th July 2013 11:52pm
Erin says...
what do you do if you accidentally delete it? just re-install the multitab?
15th March 2014 7:11pm
pascal says...
weird i just deleted it all and it just made a new one for me but thanks anyway.
oh and to make it go even faster go to your saves and delete the backups of your old saves definitely worked for me
30th March 2014 10:48am
Lydia says...
Thank you so much! This has been very helpful!
22nd September 2012 2:49am
Slayerof1000suns says...
I sure hope this works because I use a laptop and it was slow but not so slow that i can't enjoy the game...until I upgraded and then the whole thing went to s@#t I thank you in advance if this works.
19th October 2012 2:57pm
Vena says...
Wow I had 575 of those files!!!!
I hope this helps.
29th October 2012 11:44pm
Samantha says...
I had over 4000... I really hope this works because I've had problems with the game loading at all. The launcher would show but the game did not load and would freeze. I would have to restart my laptop to get out of it.
26th July 2013 8:26pm
Caitlin says...
EXACT same thin happening with me. i had over 4000, too. I've just gotten so much from The Exchange on the site, and I guess mods are messing it up. I tried this, and it still seems slow; though I haven't tried playing the game. My problem right now is that I can't download Riverveiw. Downloading is hard for me, and I have to do it over and over for it to final work and respond. It takes so long, and I can never get to playing. Can someone HELP with this?
10th January 2014 12:32am
vlada43 says...
tnx ,i lookd a long time for help fixing this problem and tnx to you i did ,wow i hed 3568 files ... tnx a lot
6th November 2012 3:48pm
isabelle says...
i can't find any of thoose files. i have vindows vista and i tried to click my computer - c - programfiles - electronic art - and i looked in all the different sim 3 folders but can't find a folder that is called DCbackup.
Go to Documents or My Documents/Electronic Arts.
14th November 2012 10:03pm
Erin says...
I tried creating the automatically clear file thing and when I saved it and transferred it to my desktop and clicked on it it gave me the message Windows cannot find 'Sims3Launcher.exe' Make sure you type the name correctly, then try again. I have Windows 7 as well as every expansion back excpet World Adventures.
It seems the path to Sims3Launcher.exe is wrong, you need to find the correct path based on where it's located on your PC so check those directory names.
15th November 2012 7:11pm
Azure23 says...
It's really helpful! Thank you so much! Now I can realllyyy enjoy playing my sims. :D
19th November 2012 4:49pm
brown1220033 says...
I could not find any of the files or folders with names like that in my Sims 3 Folders or files
30th November 2012 11:03pm
JR says...
On Win7 the start /d command from command prompt does not work.

I know path is correct as I CTRL-C copied it from the properties window for the exe file.
10th December 2012 11:34am
Priscilla says...
Thank u so much this work. Only thing is it says cant find launcher when try to run program for automatically deleting cache
26th December 2012 10:22pm
Popo says...
I need help!! You see, when I did this, I didn't realize that I should not move my ccmerged.package, and when I started up my game, a new ccmerged file appeared! Also, a lot of my custom content, including skins and what not, were not found. I went and put all the moved files back, but I did not replace the new ccmerged file with the one I had moved. Should I do that so my game works properly again?
29th December 2012 8:43am
Nervous Subject says...
The batch file seems to have helped a little but I think I still have a graphic issue to work through.

Just a helpful hint for Windows 7 users, the following line worked for me on the batch file: 'start /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin" Sims3Launcher.exe'

Thanks for sharing this info!
1st January 2013 3:09am
Dawn Smith says...
Please help my sim is dying because she if frozen and not responding to my commands. Is there a fix for this? can someone controll my laptop and fix her??
Use the resetsim firstname lastname cheat, perhaps?
9th January 2013 1:24am
ssaff says...
Yes Dawn - this command-line cheat worked for one of my stuck Sims.
Most helpful for Sims-related issues is

I just typed "stuck" into the search field at the top of their web-site and this came up:

All the Best Dawn
14th January 2013 8:01am
Jamie says...
this does work, for the issues I've been experiencing recently. I've been doing it and getting by for about a week now this way. I always make sure to start my game on a fresh computer restart, and then I clear the cache is before I start the game. I can get about 4 to 5 hours of total gameplay before I get to the windows crash. good luck guys
10th January 2013 6:18am
Jamie says...
hello again, 1 thing I forgot to mention that has been helping me also( and I'm going to look into why it is like this,) but I noticed I have to go to my task manager (Control Alt Delete) and click "switch to" for The Sims 3. for some reason it seems like It needs to be redirected to pay attention to my sims game instead of other things going on. I don't let my internet or anything else run and after I do the switch to ,I go back and close the task manager box. my fiance and I are looking into why it's running this way but I've been able to play my game now for about a week without too many problems. just after about 4-5 hours I will get the windows crash and I have to restart and clear my cache is and start over again.I have a really fast computer that's over what I need to run my Sims games ,and I have every ep tons of cc ect.. I don't use too many mods,just because. I hope this helps, dag dag!
10th January 2013 5:24pm
Madi says...
Just deleted everything you told me. Will clear out dccache every month and those two files every time I play.

Now to see is if works. I feel like I need to re-install things I uninstalled now. I had over 1000 dccache files ^^"
12th January 2013 3:28pm
Isaac says...
I just made a file that deletes both cache and dcbackup and called S3FWCA or sims 3 file without a cool acronym and thumbs up if the without a cool acronym sound familiar
13th January 2013 7:53pm
zonmoy says...
anybody ever have a sim just disappear, the other sims even mention that the sim is still around but the sim is gone from the list of sim pics in the household and is no longer playable, how do you fix it.
17th January 2013 1:47am
ggeeggee says...
I think this just happened to me. Did you fix it. Help
10th February 2013 11:33pm
zonmoy says...
ended up just deleting the family, nothing else that I knew to do, thankfully haven't had that problem happen for a while, though running into other pain in the rear game play bugs.
22nd February 2013 11:58pm
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