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The Sims 3: Gatherer Trait

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Requires The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion PackGatherer
Lifetime Wishes: none
Gatherers always catch Insects, which can usually escape. They will plant at higher quality when using gardening - the quality of a seed goes up a few levels from this alone, pairing very well with Green Thumb. They additionally find better quality space rocks than other Sims and will have rocks and gems returned with a higher value when cutting and smelting them.

Game Description

  • Your Sim is more successful at catching bugs and harvesting plants.
  • Seeds planted by your Sim produce a higher quality crop.
  • When your Sim has ore smelted or gems cut, the results are generally more favorable.

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Comments (6)

Simone23 says...
Apparently, the gatherer trait includes an ability to get random money tree seeds while harvesting the money trees (so a gatherer fairy becomes a money maker extraordinaire!), but the money tree itself wasn't updated to handle this added functionality. Whenever your gatherer harvests a money tree, if it hits what should be the jackpot, the sim instead just pops away from the tree and the tree sticks in Harvest state, with no Harvest or Tend interaction offered on the menu. If you use Twallan's Debug Enabler, you can manually shift the tree into the next life state (mature) and they'll be fine, but short of that, there's nothing to do once it's frozen but to dispose of the tree.
2nd October 2012 8:42pm
Meril502 says...
Money trees conflict with the gatherer trait and so, you have to either use a sim that doesn't have this trait, or don't have this trait at all when you harvest the money trees...
26th September 2012 7:06pm
Sam says...
Conflict how so? Did your game crash/freeze or was the sim unable to harvest the money tree?
27th September 2012 8:33am
Mahmeya says...
Sims with this trait most likely gain more gem dusts when cutting gems - I've seen 5 dusts from single Tiberium
28th February 2013 4:03pm
Patrick says...
I created a sim with the following traits: Gatherer, Natural Cook, Green Thumb, Love The Outdoors and Angler. The lot I play with this sim spawns at least 12 seeds (including the Money Tree) and small plants everyday. I have the SwiftGro Gardening Station on this lot also and the sim mastered the Gardening skill in about 15 days! Patrick
15th April 2013 2:15pm
Kelly says...
Not crazy that you have to be good friends to drink their blood. Vampires never ask they just do.
1st May 2013 7:36pm
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